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Luigi's Mansion 3 Trailer Analysis

Jun 08, 2021
Hello and welcome to what will be a rather unique video for this channel today. I'm going to take a closer look at the


for Luigi's Mansion 3, but not just an ordinary closer look. I'm going to analyze the


to see if I can find any additional details that perhaps Nintendo hasn't specifically revealed yet, so without further ado, let's jump right into it. The trailer begins with what appears to be a very scared Luigi waking up. What's the matter? Luigi, you seem to have seen it. a ghost, oh right, the strange thing about opening this trailer with this scene is that they immediately follow it by showing the scene that takes place immediately before seeing Luigi falling asleep in a bright and shiny room and then waking up in a dark and gloomy room well let's take a look at what appears to be the title screen, the most obvious detail is the title Luigi's Mansion 3 originally a working title appears to be the actual title of the game now if you look up here at the top of the tower it is possible whether you see a friendly face or not so friendly.
luigi s mansion 3 trailer analysis
A little later in the trailer we get to this scene where the Ouija is attacked by a trio of ghosts dressed as maids, but that's not the interesting detail I want to point out. If you look here on the left, you'll notice that there is an image of the poltergeist G is 0 0. This image really stands out because most of the images we see in this game are framed images of spooky paintings or Luigi's wanted posters, in others In other words, it seems more like the ghosts are the ones decorating the building, so why is there a random picture of the poltergeist on the wall?
luigi s mansion 3 trailer analysis

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luigi s mansion 3 trailer analysis...

It's the ghosts, maybe studying the technology of the egads to see if there's a way to defeat it, regardless, let's move on. To this part of the trailer where Luigi is shown getting the Poltergust, we actually got a better view of this room from the live footage of the treehouse later that day. If you look next to the Ouija board, you will see a car, but not just any car. It's the same car that was in the garage of the gloomy


back in Luigi's


dark moon moving forward we direct our attention to this bathroom scene did you notice the grille only visible in the reflection of the mirrors?
luigi s mansion 3 trailer analysis
This seems to indicate that the grid is invisible and will need to be revealed using the dark light device. Perhaps this is the part of the game that introduces the dark light device and the mirrors here to guide you in using it. Next we'll see this brief shot of Egan's new lab. We can't see what can be done in the laboratory, but if we consider Egan's bunker on the dark moon, we can make some guesses. The top two screens on the left are labeled B 1 and basement, respectively. This is most likely where Egads' laboratory is located.
luigi s mansion 3 trailer analysis
Located in the basement of the hotel, as for the purpose of these screens, they are probably used to select which floor you want to go to, in the same way that Darkmoon had a screen that allowed you to select which mission you wanted to attempt, in fact because of this similarity I have to conclude that the missions will return in Luigi's Mansion 3, however, it seems to me that each floor of the hotel will act as its own mission, so you will not retread the terrain as you did in the dark moon, but in the same time, you won't go up and down between floors like you did in the original game;
In other words, it looks like this will be a hybrid of the previous games; The top right screen will most likely be used to access the scare scraper, while the screen at the bottom left and the screen behind Egad's head will probably only be used to add additional details to the scene, so very similar to how Dark Moon had an entire screen dedicated to just showing you how many dark moon pieces you've collected and finally the last screen here on the right will probably be the equivalent of the dark moon glitch, so you'll use this screen to look at the ghosts you've captured and the gold you've captured.
I've collected it and this big container here is going to be really easy, deposit the contents of your poltergeist into the vault. Okay, that's all I have for egads lab, so let's move on to the next scene. In this scene, the trailer shows GUI G. skills by having him slide between the bars into this store, but did you notice that above the door is a picture of a dress? This is an appropriate image because as we can see when GUI G enters the store, this is a clothing store, this store really connects. To this other scene where we can see what appears to be a floor of the mall-themed hotel, the clothing store is here on the bottom right and there are three other major stores in this shrine, each of which has a symbol large over the entrance indicating what type of shop it is, for example this door here at the bottom left has a giant pair of scissors indicating it is probably a barber shop, although we could have figured it out just by looking at the rotating barber pole. the barbershop. those things are called anyway Oh, a barber's pole, okay, anyway, the shops on the top floor are a little harder to see, but I've determined that the shop on the top left has a diamond over it. the door indicating it is probably a jewelry store.
Meanwhile, the store at the top right is a little harder to figure out, appearing to be almost empty and present above the entrance. I'm not sure what this would mean, maybe it's a gift wrapping station covering the main floor shops. in this shot, but there is still a shop between the two shops on the upper floor, you will see a cafe. I'm not sure what this could add to the mission, maybe coffee themed ghosts, watch out for the booing Reese does from this. is the only shot of this area we have in this trailer, it's hard to say if there will be more to this floor than just these four stores, but I think that's unlikely because you'll notice that each of these four stores is actually marked by a second symbol a spade a diamond very different from the other diamond a club and a heart the four suits of a deck of cards as such adding more stores would ruin the motif, let's move on, let's take a look at this GUI G scene in In the bathroom, This scene shows GUI's weakness to water, but if you look to the left, you'll notice something else: there's a teardrop-shaped gem in the toilet.
Here there were 13 gems hidden in each of the five mansions in Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon this seems to show that those gems will return in this game, although I find it hard to believe that they would hide 13 gems on each floor, so I think they will separate the hotel into sections and each section is You will have 13 gems in total, this makes sense when you consider that Mario Peach and three toads are captured by the ghosts. You'll most likely rescue one of these characters every few floors, and each section of floors will have its own set of gems.
There will most likely be five sets of gems once again, while this specific gem appears to be hidden behind the flowing water, as we just learned. GUI G melts the instant he hits the water, meaning you won't be able to just walk up and grab this. gem, so how do we get it? We use the burst function to jump over the current. That seems unlikely because we've only seen the blast send the Ouija or GUI G straight up, meaning you probably can't jump over additional things. It seems like this sort of thing would require a bit more creative thinking anyway.
Well, now let's take a look at the pictures of the scary scratcher they showed. They often talked in detail about the scary scratcher during the treehouse, so I won't focus too much on this. There's one thing in this scene that isn't shown anywhere else: this long, skinny orange ghost, based on his appearance, appears to be this game's equivalent of the ghosts of the dark moons and we have evidence of that if you watch this scene. . You'll see no, let's take a closer look at just a few frames from the trailer. You can see the ghost as he climbs on an object acting in the same way as the ones hiding in Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon did.
We never see these ghosts jump to throw. something in Luigi, so it's hard to say if they'll work exactly the same as in Dark Moon, but I'm guessing they will now for this elevator scene. It's a very short scene, but first we get a lot of details here. You notice that the arrow above the elevator is shaped like a movie camera and once we move down we see that that motif continues on the elevator doors with the camera here on the left door and some film strips decorating the right door, this design. It's fitting because, as we saw in the treehouse pictures, this floor is themed around a movie studio, but there's a lot more detail here to discover - for example, if you look back at the arrow, did you know that these notches do they actually accurately represent the floor?
You are on, if you notice that just below the arrow there is a stylized number 8 that indicates that we are on the eighth floor and if you count the notches, you will find that the arrow points to the notch that would correspond to the eighth floor, but wait. You say it's the 10th notch, so wouldn't it be pointing to the 10th floor? Oh yeah, nice trick but not because you are forgetting about the basement floor or should I say floors, as we know egads lab takes place on floor b1 which means at least. one of these notches on the far left would be for b1, but there are two notches here, which means there's probably a b2 floor and I have some evidence to back up that claim, which we'll get to in a second, but first.
I should point out how many notches there are in this image, assuming that each of these notches actually corresponds to a different floor of the hotel, which would mean that we could count the notches to see how many floors there are in the hotel, which I did. and it turns out that the hotel goes up to the 16th floor now let's move on to when the elevator doors open because there is even more information here behind Luigi there is a mirror reflected in that mirror there is a panel of buttons here we can count how many buttons there are in the elevator To determine how many floors you can reach according to the notches we just counted, there should be enough buttons to reach the 16th floor, but there are actually 17 buttons on this panel, so where does that last button lead?
Well, I'm pretty sure it leads to the 15th floor because well, yeah, it's button 17. If you change all the buttons to take into account the two basement floors, suddenly it's just button 15. Also, these buttons are the evidence I was referring to for a potential B 2. floor given that Egan's lab is on b1, it's safe to assume we have access to b1 fairly early in the game, but here we are halfway through the game and the floor most below is still inaccessible, which to me seems like pretty solid evidence that there is in fact a floor beneath egads lab, this floor is we can only speculate maybe this is where King Boo is hiding or maybe the King Boo is hiding on the elusive sixteenth floor, it's impossible to know for now, so all we can do is move on to the next one. period and if you thought we were done with the elevator you were wrong because there is still one more thing I must point out as I have already pointed out that Luigi is currently on the 8th floor but he also has access to the 9th floor which indicates that he is probably already over the 8th floor and yet when the elevator door opens we can see that this floor is still dark and creepy, this implies that you can revisit the previously cleared floors if you want to clear them again, maybe you missed a gem or assuming You're still in the game or maybe you just like playing on that floor.
In my opinion, this detail reinforces my theory that each floor will act as a Dark Moon mission and, although there is no evidence of this so far, it would not. Be surprised if you receive a grade for your performance on each floor when you complete it. Okay, we're finally done talking about the elevator. There aren't many details in the following scenes, but we do get a better look at some of the things. themes for the different floors of the hotel, including a castle theme and an overgrown greenhouse theme and the movie studio theme mentioned by Afra and now, for the final scene of the trailer, if you look very closely here, you can barely distinguish the corner of what appears to be King Boom, this opens up the possibility that King Boo may appear at some point on this same floor.
Well, on a more serious note, if you look over the door here, you'll see that this is room 503, indicating it's on floor five, which would mean it's probably pretty early in the game; in fact, I'm almost sure this is one of the first parts of the game because Luigi doesn't have the Poltergust g00 yet. I'd bet dollars to donuts that This scene takes place immediately after the scene at the beginning of the trailer, except now the salary runs in the opposite direction and King Boo is here. There's another detail in this scene that may be hard to notice because King Boo is so distracting here. but when he flicks the Ouija board with his tongue, its crown lights up, releasing some spirit balls that cause the door at minute 5:03 to open.would disappear.
This is our first concrete evidence that the darklight device is indeed returning for this game and we haven't been able to see it in action in single-player mode. I think it's safe to assume that it will work pretty similarly to how it did in Dark Moon and that's the end of the trailer, but there's one more detail to this. Right now I want to point out that even though King Boo misses the Ouija, he hits the peaches' luggage, causing it to fly across the room and causing Luigi to stumble. This is just a little attention to detail that I wanted to point out and with that I've reached the end of the trailer or so I thought, but as I went through this trailer frame by frame I realized that there was one frame that really stood out afterwards. this scene looks like Luigi not only tripped but actually falls allowing King Boo to reach him and well it doesn't look good and that brings us to the end of the trailer for real this time you think?
I'm misunderstanding some of these details, did you catch something I missed? If so, let me know in the comments below, thanks for watching and who knows, maybe I'll review another trailer one day, but for now I'll wait for GameXplain to show me everything. I missed this trailer so until then, bye.

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