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Luigi's Mansion 3 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Luigi's Vacation! The Last Resort!

Jun 14, 2021
It was another spider that I can Although we don't fit in here, I guess we don't have the ability to crawl yet. I'll keep that in mind, but let's definitely get the rags out of this stuff. Oh, some more mice couldn't catch them. It's okay. so those boxes didn't have much, but there's a treasure chest back there that I can't seem to track down. it's weird ok i can walk around and inside there's more money not too much that time remembering free stuff is free stuff but a little weird i don't know why i can't grab oh oh these are the steps of the puppies yes he stopped by well we did what we could hello he wants to come back this way so with this we should be able to bring him back professor is that alright Marius oh not the most elegant fall oh, should we have been ready to catch him?
luigi s mansion 3 gameplay walkthrough part 1   luigi s vacation the last resort
I'm sorry hmm you're fine so happy to see us oh if it's not Luigi you're just the


person I'd expect to find here hold that thought now is not the time now is not the time to catch up what matters is that you'll do well come on , Luigi, take me, get me out of here. leave them here you say of course you're not your usual self i see a handful ok i'm not excited about it but i Professor Alvin GAD i have an idea as always first things first we G's gotta get to my car, will you take me there, hey, the new Poltergust G, zero zero, you're wearing it, he took it out of my car, right?
luigi s mansion 3 gameplay walkthrough part 1   luigi s vacation the last resort

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luigi s mansion 3 gameplay walkthrough part 1 luigi s vacation the last resort...

We have to do it let's go back to the underground garage come on okay I love his little run just look up throw his head back. hey weed take a look there the other vitter will take us to the garage in a flash let's hurry before the ghosts find us ok i'll do what i can you're coming with me omg i love them with the trash cans and the lights let's use this little move there hey Louise look it's money and lots of it even with all the dangers here I'm sure we agree money is still important ghosts They don't seem interested. when grabbing it, what's the saying? you can't take it with you well i definitely want it anyway keep your eyes peeled and take as much as you can while you catch ghosts and save your friends by multitasking yeah i've been multitasking a lot we've already won a couple of thousands of dollars and let's open the door so you can Look we can get in here and we just have to go to be one of all the ones that someone took all the buttons off the elevator.
luigi s mansion 3 gameplay walkthrough part 1   luigi s vacation the last resort
What's going on here is a mystery for later. we have to go, have you been keeping them busy? to need the elevator buttons or to go up the stairs, it is getting very close. I don't know what it is, so I guess we have to go left now. If we see more photos, don't laugh at me, that's rude. Is there maybe something else not quite right? Let's keep moving then uh huh here we go that's going to be one of the gems an abode take a good look at that professor we're pretty good at this it's almost like we've had two other adventures okay I can't get these coins for some reason. whatever here is the parking lot Wow now huh I don't know who scares us or him more oh he's a lot more scared than I expected hey look what you're doing with that stuff don't hurt the teacher he's everywhere right now let's make it a big mess can you stop him oh god good he also has a lot of health there come on let's go get him take him there come on that should be good then slide them this will show you how to treat people's baggage poorly no tip for you , okay, where did it go, oh, it's over here. he was just trying to trick me ok he didn't get that because he's got the thing in his hand he's blocking us so wait for him to throw it then catch it we've got him almost half boom now we're over half way of the way amazing so where is he going to show up this time right in the same place again ok what was he waiting for me to give that One shot there's a lot of toilet paper in that come on come on this could be he made it nice oh don't you dare yeah I thought so he has to take his hat off of course wait wait what Are those little cups that I love? all of Luigi's dance skills in the game so far, what are they?
luigi s mansion 3 gameplay walkthrough part 1   luigi s vacation the last resort
They are buttons one and five. I think that's one or seven. I've taken them, I mean who else would have, but there's only two, maybe there are other ghosts with the rest of the buttons, never mind, let's go to my car, I have something very interesting that I want to show you. free to keep them for now so i wonder what he has to show us has to be something ng cool he's already in the car Wow is that a helmet? Don't touch it, I got it. Wait, is that what I think it is? now we'll get to hunt ghosts no matter where we are he's so happy i love everything good let's go inside he's so wonderfully quirky so i guess we'll just go ahead and go through his stuff quite an operation here seems to be home hey welcome to my lab this is another one of my brilliant inventions, a portable laboratory, is sturdy, safe, and air-conditioned.
I always knew I would need it one day. hotel, it's a bit of a long story, but in short, I was fooled, Luigi knows all about it. I received an invitation from someone who claimed to be the owner of this hotel. They said they had a precious collection of ghosts gathered from all over the world. they don't respect themselves. ghost investigator would pass up such an enticing offer, obviously i accepted his r invitation, but when i arrived, the invitation was just a ruse, i was captured and took away my precious collection of ghosts which includes all the ghosts you would try so hard to catch for me before that even kingboo, losing him really bothered me, he's my favourite, yeah.
I know that he captured all our friends what they released King Boo, ah, the owner of the hotel, what has he done? ghost collections, why don't you give me all the ghosts you've captured so far? Ok well there haven't been too many but there have been a couple let's get them in there and this time make sure they stay there we don't need them. a Luigi's Mansion due to happen right away, maybe in a couple of years, so hold on for a bit, okay, keep catching those ghosts, and be sure to head back to the lab.
I will prepare the gallery so that you can see the ghost. that you've captured well this is perfect so we'll take a look at the gallery before we wrap this all up for today's episode what's up with that bougie look? Am I forgetting something important? to explore this hotel to help you. Oh, it might be one of my greatest inventions, but a virtual cockpit. I call it virtual boo VB for short. boo or the this that was I forgot the game boy horror that's what it was and we just mentioned - it was like the scare of the nintendo duels or something like that I forget the names it was the ds this happens a virtual boy is a status- The latest generation virtual reality headset equipped with a stylish red screen.
Really cutting edge stuff and renting is all the rage. shelves you could I would use the VP to contact me at any time. Hey, maybe we can test the communication system together or later. for you it's quite helpful oh and i have one more thing to give you Wow the first thing you need to do is install this elevator tracker inside the elevator for me ok eppie elevator tracker as to what it is i will I'll say later go and install it head to the elevator I'm counting on you Luigi very very cool so we can talk to egad I could play multiplayer I could go back to the title screen I can take a look at the map let's take a quick look at this this is b1.
I can't take a look at anything else even though I've been there before I caught it and I can select something and then zoom in so yeah that's interesting let's talk to egad again. the guide oh interesting those little details and all oh look at this aww this is so sweet we should look through this we win the game its always fun umm and then anything else in the gallery this is what i was looking for ghosts or gems let's look at the ghosts so i wanted to read through the description of the ghosts we've come to kubb is there any description for them though oh i don't think that's a shame there are many different types of ghosts though it's ok these are Bosko rare ghosts so that was a boss this was the butler seems pretty worried about being there ok well that's great so hopefully we find more ghosts along the way but for now that's over for the Today's episode umm Luigi's Mansion 3 before you go Be sure to comment on the zebra


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