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Luggage shopping ! Elsa & Anna toddlers are packing #suitcase #bags

Apr 12, 2024
vacation vacation vacation whoa calm down girls I know you're excited, let's try to make this quick just look for the


find a carry-on bag do we have the package? Yes, that's just where we're going. I like


Elsia. Is that so? Do I or do you just love the feeling when someone says we're going on vacation and then we pack up and then get on the plane? It's just amazing, yes, since we were children, okay, let's look around us, there are so many different colors and shapes. sizes everywhere mommy, look what I saw, what did you see?
luggage shopping elsa anna toddlers are packing suitcase bags
Look at these giant clear


s they fit so much in, let's take a closer look oh yeah you can literally see everything you put inside that luggage. It may be too heavy for me. But let me try to get it out, how does it feel? Oh, it was pretty easy. Oh, it's because it has four wheels on the bottom that are light and you can just slide it around, but this luggage is big, so it's for you, mommy, we have to look for something. Otherwise, oh girls, it's okay, if you really like it, you can have it.
luggage shopping elsa anna toddlers are packing suitcase bags

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luggage shopping elsa anna toddlers are packing suitcase bags...

Hmm and I was thinking that you two can share it because it's big enough, right? Uh oh, if that's okay, I mean, I would love to have this for myself, but that's just it. I want something for myself, come on, what are you going to do with such a thing? I want that other one over there. Can we have separate ones? Listen mom, um, snowflake, mind your business, what do you know about big kids? things, well snowflake is just listening to us and we're right, it's too big for just one of you, yeah I feel like you're right Elsia, because if we both had one then we could push it, it's big right?
luggage shopping elsa anna toddlers are packing suitcase bags
Yeah, okay, we'll share a look at the back. I see they come with a sticker pack. Do you want to get those stickers? Yes, so we can decorate. We are going to place the stickers inside and this way we can see how the transparent luggage opens. Ah, then. Spacey, I can tell that with that we are going to fit a lot of things in here, close it and now we can see everything we have inside. Good job girls, we love this mom, snowflake, honey. Have you seen anything you still like? I want Mommy, you don't look like a flake, I'm sorry Mommy, oh honey, it's okay, it happens, but be careful next time, I'll help you put this on, it's okay, Elsie Anya, can you help me?
luggage shopping elsa anna toddlers are packing suitcase bags
Snowflake and snowflake. I don't think it's a good idea to get them. because look how long the handles are, yeah let's find something smaller for you. I want this one, look mommy, look, yes, I'm coming, I want a pink look and it has a little handle, oh, yes, that's right, are you sure you want that one?, yes, okay. bring it here, it's your first luggage, snowflake, yes, this is your first vacation on the plane, actually, yes, well, Elsie and Anya found a luggage, snowflake, they found one, now it's our turn, Elsa , yeah, let's look around, oh, look at these


, we sure need a luggage. -in a bag to take with us oh I love that blue one, you should get it well if you like it, oh how come I didn't notice these cute


up here, look Elsia, wow, those are so cute, I call to the lemon and call the Rainbow Oh, but do you think mom will let us get them?
Don't know. I mean, we can have them on the plane and we can put all our activities on them. Sounds like a good idea. Yes, I like that too. Mom should. Okay with that, let's ask her, so we have that, mommy, mommy, uh, Anya, why are you pulling my skirt? Elsia and I were thinking we can take these on planes and they are super cute and we can put all our activities on them. what are we going to do on the plane good idea as a handbag yes oh that's what it's called yes I think it's a great idea girls and I like those designs too oh really so do you agree yes I agree yes thank you mommy yes um, You're welcome and stay still for a while and I too choose, okay, okay, Anya, I see with my little eye something that is white and has dots and it says Travel diary, wow, there are a lot of details, hmm, what do you see?
Oh. This is a travel diary, right, what do you think of it? Do you like it? Well, yeah, let me see if I want it too. This looks fun. Oh wow, these stickers are so cute shiny emojis and lots of travel stickers. Oh pink paper, oh blue. paper oh look at all these colors it has so I think all these pages are for coloring and sticking stickers and writing where you've been yeah this looks like fun we can use it as an activity to do on the plane I think these are Perfect they match but they are different colors and now we just need to find the


You have something else to wonder about, so check out this beautiful travel diary. The trip comes with stickers and we can write where we have been. It will be yes, yes and we will have many things that we can do in the work. Does that mean it's a yes or a no sometimes it's yes sometimes it's no yes but what's happening this time Elsa what do you think well? It's a great idea, we can put photos and memories in it, so yes, let's do it for the whole family. Yeah, oh, I like it even more. Thank you very much mom, yes, thank you. package, yeah, I want it, huh, what are you saying, snowflake family, okay, let's go there, mom, mom, mom, mom, what, Sammy, I want family time, you want family, what?
What are you talking? I know, Sammy's family pack, I don't understand, Sammy, this, you mean? fanny pack, yes, family pack, well, it's cute as candy, yes, and I can wear it like this, like this, like this, like this, and I take it seriously and play with it, oh, snowflake, how nice of you . Say but you also need a little bigger bag. Do you want to go get it? Yes Elsa, don't you remember? She already has a little luggage. She doesn't need any more bags. Oh, oh, she's okay, no, but please, please, one more. I'm sorry, so don't think we can't buy all the bags, you already have enough, please, look, look here one more thing, like we already have enough bags, no, hey, no, no, no, we can't do an attack in the store, no.
Snowflake just listen to mommy, it's not fake, let's look, you already have this pretty pink luggage, remember, yes, but I want one more. Well, snowflake, well, we can't take the whole store with us now, and by the way, what other bag would you want this? hot dog hmm huge choice, let's ask mom, so it turns out mom wanted this bag. As you like? It's actually better if you get that snowflake because it's smaller, but you have to put away the pink luggage. Yes, you can't get them all. What is the hot dog? I don't want this one.
Okay, good choice and Elsia, I'm proud of you for being a nice big sister to try to comfort her. Oh, thanks, no problem, it's fine. Well, Anna and I saw the


s we want. a pretty blue one for me, quite pretty and then this pink one for Anna and I think we're ready to do one last thing: who wants a comfy little travel pillow if you want pillows, oh, you like this blue kitty, meow, meow, meow, yes, look. It's comfortable, right, yes, yes, yes, it's okay, you can hold it girls, do you want one? We have this one, oh, that worked well, yeah.
I guess we each have our colors. Come on, my pillow doesn't have a cute animal face on it. but you, but you know what I can carry with me, then I will have a little animal, mommy, I put everything in here, oh, my, my, silly luggage, he turned around, let's see, look at us, we are pushing the big things in the luggage. we have, yeah, I mean, we're a big family, we're back in our room and let's pack up what should we start with first, um, I think our clothes on our shoes, that's the most important thing, you go straight to the closet, we go so many. dresses that she was and all these shoes also listen Elsia, to make it faster since there are two of us, we take the clothes and the shoes and you put them on, I have it, I'm already on it, check the pajamas, so I We will use on vacation.
These outfits we are wearing now so let's get one more oh this one is good for Elsia here you go Elsia lift up and one for me Shoe Time plop let's get some brown shoes because they go with any outfit definitely pink pink, somewhat light. Blues and greens, they're all different colors, right, Elsia? I have a lot of shoes that will come to you. Club flop flop and pull up and yes, Elsia, do you want our mini bags? I say we buy them, yes, yes, yes, of course, too many bags. Come on, plop and now let's change the rules.
I'll go get the items and you can put them on the dresser. I think we need everything from here. What do you think? Anya, we need clips. We need brushes. Yes, yes, I'm sure we'll do well to sleep. masks eye masks we will definitely need brushes to brush our hair and our buns because we love putting things in our hair Vanity we will miss you when we go on vacation drop all these bows here and our brushes shiny vanity things done next our things electronics to play in the hotel and on the plane we will need our headphones, okay, here it goes, yes, I will leave them here and then I will buy too, oh, cameras, we will need to take a lot of pictures, of course, tablet.
And okay, our cables, I have the perfect little spot so the tablet doesn't break the camera and we'll just put our headphones on top of our dress, no, no, don't put that stuff there, wait, wait, but why? w


. so they can recover, yes, but no, no, but Elsia, please, oh, but oh, we need our tablets or headphones. Anya, stop, stop, stop, that's not what I'm trying to say. I'm saying we're going to use them on the plane and this big luggage is I'm going to go to the belly, remember the belly of the plane, oh, now we know what you mean, oh yeah, so we have to put them in these, um, okay, and my TS camera and we share the tablet in our favorite part, now the toys, but it will be better.
Don't take the big ones because we'll be distracted with our vacation, so I'll take my little duck, I'll take this one for me and which one do you want, this big strawberry bear, if not, it's too big. It's not going to fit in our luggage, yes, you're right, then I'll choose, oh, my little squirrel, look, plop, he'll put them safely between the clothes, of course, it's stuffy to sleep in, I'll take an owl and this little bird, um Anya. That was too big. Are you sure you want to take it right? Let's see how it fits with the lid oh oh yes that doesn't close we should definitely take another one funny then I love it hmm well it looks like we're done we have everything yes but it seems like something is missing toothbrushes Anya oh yes of course let's go quick to the bathroom, okay, here are our beauty bags, toothbrush, toothpaste, drop the toothbrush and drop the toothpaste, why am I laughing?
I bet so. I'm so excited for the holidays, yes, I know we're leaving tomorrow, oh oh yes, and sunscreen, let's see if we have room for all this, but this luggage is big, I'm sure it will fit. Let me put it on top, just like this one. and then the sunscreen hmm, it could stay here, okay, pat it all over and then we can close it to see how it fits. Did you get juice? I'm glad it worked. I saw how good it is that we have this big luggage. Oh, and us. We are missing one more thing: the stickers, of course, we put the plane because we will fly with it.
The luggage, the passport, I'm just going to put one in each corner, oh yeah, the camera, of course, we're going to take a lot of pictures there. They're all packed, I'm sure we have a lot of things and don't you think the room is empty? Well, yes, that's because we packed almost everything, ladies and gentlemen, now we're boarding the pilot. Yes, let's see more videos, go to our channel and subscribe.

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