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Lufthansa A350 Cockpit! Eine fantastische Crew zeigt ihren fantastischen Flieger -

May 30, 2021
hello my name is Ola Norman I am the captain of Lufthansa seven one four from Munich to Tokyo Haneda we are flying today on a 350 and the reason you can see us is the fact that eclipse comm will be joining us yes hello everyone my my name is andreas or i am senior first on a flight to haneda now we are under a flight operations center munich or for


german airlines this is the building where the release operation is planned where we have our staff where we have for the scheduling of the flights and we also have information about new products for our cabin


etc this is the munich hub good afternoon I'm Matthias kilkis I'm the first office on this flight today to Tokyo we're also going we'll take you to the cabin breathing we will walk you through a few steps before the flight and i hope you enjoyed this video today's lh7 on the 350 x india we will be 40 minutes into our cruise schedule will be in v ivo 39.0so for once yours which is pretty high normal is Reef if T with 10 hours and 10 minutes flat time yeah and remaining fuel five point seven tons said Tokyo plant which no it's so much the alternative is tokyo narita now if i talk to you even look like you said the weather is pretty good just a bit windy from thoughts which will probably be a Lda abroad for track two three today in tokyo anita munich , we just seen outside we have better and retail also nice weather subtle winds which is fine subbu is fine and also guys are fine too just some usual beautiful temp notes here which is fine been here last week so it was looking pretty good all in Tokyo some taxiways will have a detailed look at this later yes let's do it in flight yes in the At first we have some turbulence when we leave Munich but more to the right, not one severe turbulence in some storms in Poland and then we have a little severe turbulence above half the flight times around 6 hours. urs i guess only till 3:40 yea ok so up this is ok and the rest some always the same you are there east coast of russia also they always have some currents in jet that could be a few, but that's ok. right now let's take that zero zero because ok i think there was some kind of storm over the Yellow Sea the Dead Sea of ​​Japan would get clogged up yeah we got some thunderstorms yeah we can take some fuel to rest yeah , technically we don't have practical items to kill so we can go and I can't land the plane I'm watching this match between you and the materials during the flight hello Emily hello fluffy thug hello Willy hello Willy today we are going to Haneda and the reason why we are speaking English two reasons we actually have some regional flight attendants and there's someone from Eric Lipscomb joining us on the flight today and because the audition is international we're speaking English okay now ten hours and ten minutes will be a f light time is very fast and good actually i like it because then i get to haneda on time during the flight there may be some unstable moments not so bad and , as it seems, after the service and before the service, so let's move on.
lufthansa a350 cockpit eine fantastische crew zeigt ihren fantastischen flieger   cockpitfilme de
Let's cross our fingers that it is like that and it is a smooth flight at least during service times, as you always know, Siberia there are not so many airports to land, take a good look at the passengers if they are healthy so that we all have a smooth flight. yeah let's go back to the briefing and leave you alone do your job do your secrets cause we tackled something something to talk about yeah ok thanks see you we sorted out the


bus now we were looking for our flight number, you see a lot of flights leaving Munich at this time of day here are the tons of seven one four - you need a bus from Tokyo we are going to be great at your job don't tell me anything else but the plane is fine in good condition invite all the restrooms that work here alright boy so we're going to do the exterior check now and i'll take you guys when the guys that started the front generally let's check the overall condition of the plane basically two rings two motors here can clog the gears that the wheels have checked. it means the parking brake can be released so the brits conclude from the first try mate they're great they're developed like sometimes 300 300 degrees celsius and they have to clear that's why it's important that those rubber blocks block the circle or antenna. kyrios i will show you later that especially in this rain there is a multifunctional thing new on this plane 330 330 did not happen they mention three things to measure temperature pressure inside angle of attack you will see when it actually does be daytime when you learn and talk to him about some experience.
lufthansa a350 cockpit eine fantastische crew zeigt ihren fantastischen flieger   cockpitfilme de

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lufthansa a350 cockpit eine fantastische crew zeigt ihren fantastischen flieger cockpitfilme de...

I can tell you that they are really very bright when you turn them on. It's like a light went out. no ice Trent xwb ATP one of the most modern and powerful engines on the market right now delivering eighty four thousand tons of purpose very impressive thing what are you taking leaks if still coming from hydraulic or grain mass services hole that's not there would be none there is the wrong tank there are two elements of a very beautiful thing about explaining the winglet his method is on the wing gives in this unique form


- stronger here does not affect the outfit the mass comes from the air conditioning is also quite warm you stand here that is comfortable in the winter not so much in the summer if there is any Sears and he was any Ison is stuck in another baby we fix the brakes the big class again all the hydraulics all the lines when I graduate from Mikado checking the dahlias again, they fit perfectly what's here is the ram air turbine the limited and since the same here is without here the engine is brand new too guys you are m oops important, it's me and all the planes. you to configure the fields very important that they are open they are clean miraculous buy those hands WebSockets and thousands on the coast loading things hey guys that was what was outside - let's see the other guys messengers that are coming sir oh they can't carry Said network about you about okay done all okay done she's ready to bleed guys yeah okay yeah we're under 350 900 right now the xray the plane is technically perfect we don't have this launch message in our message from sales today the sun is shining is any big lance better yes we have some boards love 7220 it's just the door we order it's bothering yes it's totally in danger yes we have the Coconino for the guys who can't speak german I usually hang a list there every half an hour whoever is there will come and check on you ok that's how i usually do it mostly with me and if you need anything in between then call me please yeah i'll do my best i guess i just want to let you know ok so just going into the dojo it's just receiving yeah that's right it was like a hundred and seventy eight point weight six build 32.0 this and remove this to tune more than zero voila yeah 350 900 technically we just discussed that all is well until you weigh the stair climbs we check the fuel to 72 tops with 3.4 additional tones 40 minutes of interest a lot fuel taking into account the climate is a good amount of fuel that we have when we arrive in Spain I calculated to take fear of at 52 tongs so in reality we have a weight of 250 my mother Thomas Restless to with expedition abroad and we are 1 5 2 3 2 1 5 7 next 43 laps to take off we have 290 knot freenode in the 3,000 foot region for the clan very good crypto rates hope for the best to call the runway exit six left starting at the echo Of lta my crew six to the left and the earthquake point delta mic 0 to 9 attend we also have great confidence in the other marks 0 5 0 to 10 knots the music may come back live level seven zero and we carry out culture 47 and six point eight to $4,000 situations 4,000 feet so one thing that's brief is the era of failure yeah straight to the point it's called most extreme we have 3000 foot acceleration before they save about every day from Pluto and we are light enough to return to munich atlanta ladies and gentlemen welcome aboard my name is celine i am and i am your captain on our flight to tokyo haneda a few moments later have been formed by my colleague first mate mr.
lufthansa a350 cockpit eine fantastische crew zeigt ihren fantastischen flieger   cockpitfilme de
EDA and I think it is good that this information is carried out, so before learning to give you the opportunity to sleep a little on board, now I wish you a pleasant stay, we are children over Tokyo, calm down reduceleft, we have a serious problem . the gap is 36.6 and the star according to Kay's up to what rate for co-star Stan Checketts Tiffin's covers 150 lbs Jimenez one zero one six fourteen 1706 forty seven eight in line below line course clothing heartbreak on file for call star review these complaints as soon as it appears on the front we offer pushback ok so push bikinis minions always sam much heavier than zero for existing projects below seventy one to test place cows then one more would be the wrong one now we're going to take the two six mostly from him so take him south a short way east and from there as standard yeah because it's synchronous either tribe is fine insult done You can continue to be offended, I'm sorry. and not as a push stick starts that would be an easy time as always -- would come back thanks would be nice engine stop engine one star now we are starting the most powerful engines that are in the air right now eighty four thousand pounds each mention two stones friends premises and presentation that is a lepke gazette jean style speed in the city surfing in the census penis can you read yoga moves?
lufthansa a350 cockpit eine fantastische crew zeigt ihren fantastischen flieger   cockpitfilme de
I'm asleep, man, the janitor can raise a testy security system. I want to continue with us at the bottom of your hands I said - anxious people choose a good photo it is a very fuel efficient plane by the way yesterday the same lomar route 3 4600 same passengers same loads today 100,000 kilograms of fuel were needed we' Lo I'll do 72,000 grams of hitter, just as an option for it, pull up, right bro, anything, we're coming right after star Chiklis. 4 contact one to 180 has finished a good practice then one more wonder 183 is forever click services and m14 heavy plus senior 807 one for several of sexy 2125 five seven five one five water vapor about 1 5 ok then everything is clear is ok so Lotus 49 so we have five minutes left.
I guess ten, yes, exactly ten minutes, Kevin's story, working on the preparations. We wanted to be together so we told them we can turn around in some parking area so maybe I told them someone might come through that's not a problem they cut again one by itself for a second I've done some recent studies and that shows that coffee keeps me awake. I have done some recent studies and it shows that coffee just keeps me alive. yes, exactly, you can sleep with coffee. I haven't found anything to stop me from a coffee Robert yet. We didn't anymore and the m14 elephants we have someone who hits as good as ever until cut one waits in contact with the woman through the old 5:05 stuns them before we propose to get one one one zero five two five seven what? in agreement? people connect our Devils under seven one each ready to go all good kevin is ready thank you sorry for that perfect neutral ready so i think flaps controlled to pick up speed frustrating one five two one five two one five seven six forty three one five seven five seven five seven flex forty three akemim oh no glue takeoff kevin guru get down well below line runway two six down fully to left phalanx double thread and pack for takeoff complete checklist clear for the witness takeoff of three one zero slight strong and six restaurant full rights of advance has calculated I bring the plane in a few short years abyss interference radiate Thresh 3000-4000 beautiful weather we could go back to musical me your control panel controls takeoff and flex plus 43 there unbale distressed poke blue hundred bucks check one mutate i'm setting you up for the whole push acceleration is set from restriction im not a fan of innocent wonderful my generator looks good and so f-14 3600 time limits and for some important to local implicit level 1 minus M 1 4 9 platinum and a Niner zero 90,000 blue and excellent uploaded that's a control that two minutes have not elapsed his first speed control laughs zero ten lights with five two five two standards I want to do some project we never do anything never about you I forgot next time yes the party size so if i break it down straight we'll keep you posted it would have been very difficult yeah definitely who's dead jurisdiction up to 50 knots so we can't take down rookie chase seven one four debug mode directive I will return the onefor three speeds admission rate from one to nine a triple five service with b-29 double five books and a top m14 yes much bigger please doors open seven one four five seven one one nine exclaiming happens 100 servers our father identified several coming to class lab here at the same time pad rightly another two three just extenders rich fun off altitude so So that people have noticed it longer I think you have enough already partially wrinkled yes the Bavarian sky is beautiful isn't it so from above?
From above to continue the 300th ascent celebration, okay guys, now I show you the hidden and secret places on the Ektron. a view of our perfect crew list if you just got into this captain site this is first on the officer side but since everyone is alone here you can change anyway it's a perfect place because compared to other planes , it's a very very quiet place, on other planes there is always noise disturbance and you have to wear earplugs, you don't need them here it's perfectly insulated, yes the combination makes flying a bit more comfortable, welcome to everyone, as we reach a cruising altitude of 37,000 feet, we are in the vicinity of russian airspace, we will be near st.
Petersburg soon our further route is ok we take off at Finnegan - six left we made a graded left turn - it's Brock and then across Poland along the Baltic Sea to Riga and now we are near st. Petersburg in the ring continues via Russia Sea of ​​Japan to Tokyo we have a remaining flight time of 8 hours now which means we will be on time on the sunny day Haneda airport my tears only speak of him again he is in Lufthansa fleet management and my marginal management and he is a special specialist for the performance of the 350 900 myself myself for the manuals of the 350 900 330 and 340 and I could tell you something about the performance of the takeoff from Munich airport yeah guys maybe some interesting data for we left munich at around two hundred and fifty two tons we have a performance calculation module and we calculated the take off weight of two hundred and fifty two points which gave a speeds bet of about At 150 knots, which is approximately 270 kilometers per hour with which we took off, we have 286 passengers on board today plus the crew and yes, as we mentioned before, very efficient planes.
Fuel Efficients Single Tank 73 Tons Today Comparison 2 03 4600 It's About 30 Tons Less So It's Really Very Fuel Efficient. We have a good policy that if we have manual flight, the pilots must also use manual trusts. today and i will try to get the head edge off early ok its an on board position so its recommended to fly it quite a long time without a pilot but at a certain stage we will be able to fly it manually and if i take the side stick manually i will also use the trusts manuals, so this is one of the policies we ask the manuals we get from Evers, see now.
I don't know if you can actually see it because the feel is out of the question here, but it's a little bumpy here a little rough yes st. The skies over St Petersburg are a bit windy today with just the tops of the clouds so yeah that could be one of the reasons yeah so what is it like when I think when I'm done with you at the European Academy of Flight, can you actually go to any airline? Actually I think here right now there is a PLN 80 MPL course, the MPL or multi pilot license is for Lufthansa Austrian Airlines and the DPL is for Euro Wings, ok, and you change on the way because you are a Swiss , there is a government sponsors become pilots so they need to do their own training but you can apply for government sponsors if they pay for part of the training Wow oh great yeah so you need you can apply and flag European is a place for every airline I think but then you can decide where you can go maybe that will be even easier later on if you have the same procedures yes if you ally say for remittances or foreign airlines and somewhere moment you want to change for loop of course this would be if its one of the best you use it actually its really amazing yes if you had the same procedures for all airlines yes if you are interested in becoming a pilot there will be a link in the video right now i wake up and can i get more info about the european paddock like me? becoming a pilot at Lufthansa Airlines eurowings all Lufthansa troop airlines, yes, developing myself.
I did the classic way to become a pilot. Why did I become a pilot in the first place? My decision became firmer when I flew from Chicago to Munich and I was 16 years old and at that time there was also the possibility of access to the flight deck and at night I asked and said if I could visit the pilots and fight in the years CID, of course, no problem and so I went on. the Boeing 747-400 fighting an eight foot Boeing and then you said for seven years I want to stay a pilot yeah because the


is so yellow you saw the Boeing and you thought they would reconsider it when I was sixty it was very awesome everything The screens and all the buttons etc and yes and the captain was a very nice guy and he lent me the stars that are in front of the plane and all the way. very good job from Chicago so they fly back and operate and machine or the plane that today weighs 20 50 tons and you are lucky to be able to fly this is the plane so good that I applied at Lufthansa when I finished school and then I could start my training in the technical way that is now called nff for the Sofia group and I started it at the flight school in framin when in 2002 April 2002 and after six years of theory, a URI of six months we flew to Goodyear this is It's the Arizona airline training center as part of the Lufthansa European flight academy and we did practical training there for half a year which was a very interesting time because we have very nice people in North or of course they all say which is a great moment of integration but it was a swimming pool it was barbecues there was a basketball court so we had all these fun parts and you have fun flying the bonanza or the Piper Archer which are small planes very nice where you start to learn to fly planes or planes like a campus living at University College in the United States you live in a place you have a great kitchen so this is great all the young people who jumped at the chance to make that dream of becoming a reality in pilot and everyone is very motivated so it was a really great time and after six months in a Goodyear Arizona we went back to Bremen and then we did theoretical training again for a year, which was the last part: writing the tests hvl, airline transport pilot license and then we did some flight training at the so called cyan which was a jewish company on support aircraft and this was the part where you got used to the european rules often fly the Phoenix, it's a very, very wide area, not many, not many, not much traffic. c not much ATC you have to talk to when you come to Europe totally different because you go to higher airspace you have airline traffic a lot of airline traffic and you fly IFR with the fiber I was 13 so yeah it was pretty interesting and 92 and after that which is about to take about two or two and a half years to do type rating under 320 right now you have a choice between a 320 and a 737 but at this At the moment you only have the option to go to 320 and already at the end of 2004 I guess everything was done for the first time and as long as they lie full of tons not bad yeah what about you because you did otherwise?
Australians can tell me about that. I trained with Austrian Airlines and I trained in Florida actually how cool we were in Vero Beach going through this EE and it was really nice and then 2007 and I switched to Lufthansa that was around that time when we were looking at many many pilots and the arrangements I want say its actually pretty amazing g because the chance to fly is 350 I mean you dont get a chance with a lot of airlines yeah its really true and I mean its the most fun plane out there right now training is a challenge I would say but yeah nothing you can't manage I mean oh yeah study hard of course but you can handle it and I also want to say you don't have to be like a doctor or know like a scientist when you apply because I i mean me i for one did a business academy so there was no technical school before i went to firefighting and i was able to make it too you know it's just a little more study my other no F because they know when they knew the machinery and everything I started but actually it's also fun you know skipping all this everything that ended with flying is interesting anyway like Plato Anita you can fly to Africa , South Africa, East Coast, New York, so actually everything around the world was so attractive, it's so interactive, I also think it's one of the great advantages of the European plan I get a miracle send a group you can live in Brussels you can live in Vienna you can save in series you can live in Hamburg you can live in the Munich where we are living also in the meantime all the drawings you have a330 fleet where you can fly to the Caribbean destinations through the ranges and you know I don't know what will come in the future such maybe you can change between the airlines you never know it's the effort it's leaving it in our LRH we still have about 30 years to fly so you know see wonders lately yes the change is fast and it's good if you have a good pilot, we include additional training, yes, I will say yes, because we have been fighting the enemy, you are prepared for everything that only you can do.
You know, go for the short range if you like just the area, you can go for the long range if you want. I stuck around, yeah, and if you're interested, there's going to be a link in the link in the video right now where you can get access to it. to the Lufthansa application websites for maybe just find out about the types of stores you can apply for pilot stores, the difference is a lot from the Lufthansa Group. I'll show you our crew restaurant it's a 350 bath so follow me ok we have a couple of birds there are beds for every flight. attendant and they are coordinated as to the position they are working in behind you there is a space for the cabin member who is in charge on this side there are two beds and we have three more in the rear area they all have a separate sleeping place the privacy there are curtains on each of their single beds they all have pillows some comfortable sheets and blankets also they all have also there are individual reading lights if you get a little closer you see one of them here so you turn them on and off yes, I mean, have you been to the spa the last time I went there?
I went to the spa well it wasn't the new hyatt regency hotel only once here it was again that's why it was in april and i was at the beginning of the month but at that time we flew to tokyo with only one night in the hotel so that i didn't have 1000 time to see this bar is what i got reviewed but very nice to say really nice clean rooms very impressive lobby yes thats true did you review this part here yeah we went there because the second night they couldn't really sleep and then I thought instead of just staying awake yeah I'm going to a sauna I tried that ok and then I was tired enough. to sleep, yes we are planning to go to shibuya crossing, oh great, which is only two stations away by subway, it may affect.
I read that 2500 people cross the street the few times, yes, but every time the traffic goes by, yes, big time three and a half. a thousand people every time it falls into starbucks coffee and they never look down so funny when we're going to have when they all start to move from I think it's for four or five places and how did they manage to escape has everyone then how many people living in Tokyo ye ah, forty million, I don't know, prayer, maybe, yes, that's the first time in Austria, five times Austria, that's half of Germany, ultra star, yes, and when I return, when I walk back from the crossing to the hotel is about 10 kilometers. walk and there is a park and in the middle of the park there is a shrine you can go there and see the japanese pray when you enter there is a hand washing ritual and i always do it you always do it very funny yes and then at night i think we should go to the sushi restaurant you told me oh yes when they make this excellent sushi and the whole sushi bar you know it's not there's no one running sergey yes i noticed yes as you know it from Germany or from other parts of the world they are working huh? you think they have it in japan too but this is like a sushi bar so you are sitting at the bar and the chef makes the sushi right in front of you yeah really fresh is it really nice? eating with your beer you have a chinstrap chat you speak your k now conversations good sushi i like it a lot so which is the favorite sushi hard to say i think tuna yes tuna yes medium fatty tuna is very very delicious i know tomorrow Wooley told me because he is a real to me yes he wants to go tothis french restaurant its a christian mission art work my heart told me oh ok bye its a twister restaurant and he was there before and then they have an open kitchen concept you can tell look what the guy looks at cook thats great how your food is being prepared and they have all these little pieces yeah very interesting little piece is very creative and well we should have a nice bottle of white wine are we bored or something and are you drinking wine white? sometimes not too much just a glass just a glass just walk there is a class they have a lunch menu which is not as expensive as you might expect going to a two star restaurant so yeah its a good shot if you say its too quiet maybe time to try once on your laugh yeah we can try we should try it i saw it when i passed by but i was never right yeah i know be there to accommodate everyone in the last time i saw the lunch deal and i I go. it's ok to produce the restaurant yeah well we'll have to try the japanese bridge.
I only thought of Japanese breakfast in European hotels when they loved Japanese customers. I never tried it in Japan and we have miso soup with some fish, well why not? in the morning, yes, a massive body drop. I said yes it's late because you know you have a definitely better hour and it's going to be interesting it's going to be interesting and it's probably going to be very very good the hotel is so obvious. true we have to try it japanese breakfast is also one of the nice things for the pilot or the stewardess shop they make fu sushi again in tokyo and your hamburger at the end of los angeles and your steak in cape town for example from one of the iris la The way I started to become a flight attendant happened by accident.
I used to be a professional ballroom dancer with my own dance school, but it was a customer service oriented profession and that is something I desperately wanted to keep doing and the opportunity to become a flight attendant. he grabbed me by the throat and certainly has even more to offer when it comes to customer service including travel as i used to live in a foreign country the USA i didn't have to give up that cultural part of my personal life and professional, so now I can combine my private life in Germany and travel back to us and many other cultures in other countries.
Shortly after being a flight attendant, I also found out the opportunity that I can take some responsibility within the cabin crew activities, so I decided to become a Venom Kevin responsible flight attendant that way I could take on some cabin crew activities. more responsible crew throughout the flight taking care of the passengers and their individual special needs come preparing situations that focus on emergency situations or first aid and simply coordinating a team, so within all that I found the perfect profession for me Lufthansa also helped me it provides a solid workspace that makes me not worry about my future and i can say i'm perfectly happy here i wouldn't miss it or say anything else and i'll certainly see it for quite some time if not until the end one of the things i I really love.
What I have about working as a flight attendant for Lufthansa is that I work with a group of people Different people with a different opinion and a different reason for being here too, but the unique part of this is that everyone respects each other's opinions and work. together it works that way it's different as we are all our customers are also very different so there is always something for each of them with a team to find too and we have fun and love to create that special atmosphere with our passengers and also within from the


and without going to different cities and getting the most out of it Matías is the instructor and a bully and I am an instructor for these three types of buses: it is easy for the pilot because they are so motivated yes because they get into the cockpit and they are like lovers they are in love with this cockpit with this plane because when they change for 350 what they do is in four days of ground training where they study all the theoretical all the systems procedures standard operating procedures performance and then they come they go to the simulator yes through a training simulator that asked for four sessions of four hours each and you know, the first session is to get to know the aircraft, you know. get comfortable fine buttons ok maybe use them because it's a little different than conventional planes through the 330 340 and then welcome to the training progress and at the end we train all engines off yes we train well not at all according to a hydraulic train which is electric yes so it solves one of the great advances of the 350, the 340, the 330 and even less than the 380, if you have dual hydraulics or have an emergency electrical problem you can't use autopilot so one of the two pilots is very focused only on flying the plane. when taking the air on the 350, of course, it also focuses on how the autopilot is handling the plane, but it's not much more interaction between two pilots during abnormal handling because both pilots have the ability to take a look at the camera which is the screen where it shows it will show you what you have to do during abnormal driving and there's a big step up from the 350 that even if they have a lot of my features the autopilot is Brooking so we feel a big step up i think finally the factors for you now guys our cabin pressure is now actually cabin altitude is now five thousand three amethy compared to three 4600 where 330 actually 1500 zero word is normal so it's ok for the subways you can really feel the difference yeah I also have to say I mean I don't know how you feel but when I fly those long routes Hong Kong Haneda I get busted yeah definitely. there is more humidity in the plane.
I'm really not that tired, yeah, it's really amazing. I mean, it's just a top here, but you can't really care, so I guess a little bit of juice paper. I don't remember which one I was told this is the welfare plane because it's no well when you leave it yes but it's true yes if the user is wider it's wetter yes Kevin is also shorter it's really, really this is because carbon fiber is so stiff that they don't need too much structure and more isn't it's lighter and stiffer than a conventional plane so where we are now we pass Petersburg yeah and it's Russia yeah , i checked the weather of the airport, the one in moscow which is south of us is pretty good and we also have straight ahead it's called car changed so the weather there was also good so in case any problem , we have options at the moment to go to the best place with music against Petersburg or maybe health in Kenya for the moment, I'm already tired, yes, like him, yes, it's time to go to bed will end because the sound it rings soon and then yes and I have the second break Matías yes some time to spend take the flight deck I'm in a very bad posture yes and out two hours until my break starts two hours right but I promised you if w We will do another Eclipse video it will be the pilot who will fly and land.
Yes, now I have insurance to be there. Eclipse CEO, yeah, we might have to fly to Cape Town and stuff, maybe yeah, yeah, yeah, it could be a good project. a right turn west across table mountain robben island all thats a beautiful outing good morning guys yeah we saw nancy as this was a wake up call for all of us not just kidding so had first break today , that means that on the flight like that we are three pilots and each one has a three to four hour break because the flight was pretty sure today was a short three hour break only well how did I become a pilot? it's pretty easy it was a coincidence my mom just read and if w Can in a newspaper that said it was looking for pilots and I was studying mechanical engineering at the moment and it was pretty hard work for me a lot of work so I thought it might be a good idea to do something with little less work there is more fun I was not a pilot from the beginning of my life dreaming about it to be honest I was not what so I applied and it worked out I started in the late 80's as a pilot oh yeah I am pretty old and i came to


after pilot school at 89 so yeah you're right twenty nine years now is a long time i started on a 737 as a co-pilot two years i switched to the airbus a310 which was a great plane in these days a fairly modern aircraft stayed there for only 7 years and then had the upgrades to become a captain.
I was quite young at the time, 32 and had. I was very lucky. you never have the influence on that is enough this is that you had was between 10 and d 20 years, depending on the economic situation, yes, and I had a perfect situation, the whole world was growing and expanding, yes, yes, well, I became in captain and i started with the condominium building which is a shorter line adds a lot of fun flying little ones. island airports airports many manual flight approaches visual approaches so it was a good time to learn how to fly a plane after four years I went back to Lufthansa with the mother and stayed there for another four years on the 320 and the eunuch and got a chance to switch to the a340 oona just turned 41 ok i thought now is a good time to do it because i know this will be the last plane of my career so at least 14 maybe 19 years flying for a long time the flight, but it was a good decision to do it and after three or four years no, actually after two years they convinced me to apply as a czech pilot.
I applied everything went pretty well. I became a czech pilot trainer on the a340 and two years later I was again asked to take a challenge, actually I became a marine captain so I was responsible for about 150 pilots, three captain is something like yeah, he is the assistant to the fleet chief and two years later I got a new additional jobs in the fleet captain which is the technical pilot 330 340 technical pilot and that was the reason why with the final service change of the 350 I became technical pilot or 350 too and that was the best job you can get in an airline oh sounds good just good yeah so this is the mini schnitzel that has some fruit on it.
I think I just put some fruit in, yeah I made you some fruit. 3 already 600 again and I did it I did most of the acceptance lines for the 350 great slides the same as you if you're going to buy your car you just do an acceptance test drive well you do a test drive and say yes or no same with us so if th plane is not behaving as it should we should say no this time fix that fix that and we will be back in a week let's see if everything works and on these flights we do some control checks too of flight and where we do it have fun I found the mix I was looking to do something in the office I have wanted two flights a month training or checking in the simulator gives me a perfect impersonation hello my name is Tonya I am the PTO on this flight which means Lufthansa that I am responsible for the crew and also for the passengers on board and my main task is to lead a team to build a team in a very short time the most colleagues I have never seen before we meet in munich we do a call briefing and then we have 10 to 15 minutes to build a crew to build a team.
I must point out what is very important for this flight and what is very important to me, which is mainly to make the passengers happy. very good impression and also having fun at work so we get on board and we have a lot of tasks before takeoff that no passenger will ever see and which is very good because this is the time when we are really stressed so it is always time is critical and there are so many many things to check on the ground things come asking us questions and the gate is getting closer they want to start boarding we start boarding then when finally all the passengers are here on board and the doors are closed then we can breathe take a deep breath and take and we have to go, but this is, I would say, the most stressful time for us of the flight.
I've been working for Lufthansa now for 20 years, which is a long time, but to be honest it seems like two years to me. I still love my job, I love it very much and every time I go to work I am very happy and excited because every flight is different, different passengers, different destinations, even though you always have a favorite destination, they also try to fight against flying. often, which for me is Tokyo today, I like the culture, unlike the Japanese, I really like the language, the food, so I still have to say that I have never regretted becoming a flight attendant.
I joined in the year 1997. I used to work in a bank which is pretty boring compared to this job I have to say and I started very unflattering in munich and it was very clear to me in the few months that I want to get to Being the lead flight attendant I want to pass my spirit on to my crew and they have a huge influence on the well being of the passengers on the flight so overall I would saythat if I am in a good mood and I manage to transmit it to my crew, the passengers will be very happy on the flight.
I fly because they can feel it if the spirit is good yes so I managed after two years to become chief flight attendant in the short haul flight and then another two years later I already applied for the p2 position I'm in now and finally in the year 2007 me too what made me its per engine happy perfect engine very very little fuel flow is only 2700 right now per engine it makes flow less than six terms of horsepower how it works thats the easiest explanation or the main reason is the fact that this is a composite airplane So if you want to know the main differences between the legacy airplanes and this all new 8350, I just give you a few examples, first of all you can see my arm.
I can't reach the window if I sit in a 340. The windows are already here. so it's for pilots it's the most comfortable plane you can imagine then you have these fantastic monitors in front of you well I'm over 50 and on a 340 I've yet to switch from reading glasses to non reading glasses and it's really a disaster. I can tell you that in this plane everything is so big that it is very easy to see that everything is perfectly organized. h to another system this is our our communication to the ground the landline or through an OCA oCSS here is our main instrument this is pretty comparable to the legacy aircraft but as you can see here is a vertical profile this is brand new so this is the side profile that any old plane has and this is new so if we have a weather radar image you can see the two dimensional image here and the 3 dimensional here so it compares to new old planes that have three . dimensional picture of a storm in front of you, which is quite essential that you can see if you're aware, if you're in the middle, or if you have to comply, sir, because there's no way you can find out.
That's a big big advantage. This is quite similar to the inherited action. off you can change the system that way which is pretty new first invented on a380 it's the trackball we call it KCC you who curls the controls the control unit all of these you have callicles preloaded all the units yes the keyboard cursor control units and what can you can take both to navigate on the screens you have in one hand and see you have you have the mouse on the pad and like on a computer or you can take the cases alone I change the same by taking the trackball and moving like this we can change there how to see I'm here in the center screen I can change to that screen I can get information about this point I can even navigate to this point by clicking on this feature many new features and what it does is a bit, shall we say, tricky for those coming from a legacy aircraft so what we always emphasize is that we need to keep in mind that we built this aircraft with a lot of commonalities to let's fly did you give pilots a chance to fly an a330 and an a340? the common type rating which is a huge business benefit will be alive having a pool of pilots for two planes we only need for simulator missions to train 330 pilots down to 350 so it's about half a month of training in the simulator and theoretical training and then you go to the so called online training where you do some flights with a czech pilot as if Olli was on the real line flying yes after say six to eight weeks everything is done and again smear to planes.
I can tell you that essentially a great job was done making this behavior completely similar to 3:30 if you have a 3:30 pilot sitting on this plane for the first time and telling him that he just flies a traffic pattern in this F at this airport landing this plane he will I do and he just won't have any introduction he hasn't seen it has in it harsh flavored Secours everything he needs so if you tell them to fly from A to B this is another story because then you walk in in the interface. and there are a few different ones here so this is another story but just fly it by taking it to the air spring menu fly it's the same story i couldn't use like a330 is really an interface it's more like a380 yeah yeah yeah that's it all yes We even have the checklist down here so now we don't have paper checklists in this book that we have on a conventional airplane.
We have two electronic checklists, so for example this will be the landing checklist. or you read it and click on it and even the aircraft send some points so if you turn on the seatbelt signs if you thought landing gear turn green and say you did so checklists they are all electric if the aircraft and other their specialty is usually the quick reference manual there is some performance information which is already information but also some normal information and you can see it is very thin compared to conventional aircraft the reason is that most abnormal behaviors can be handled why yes you can put it eg if you have if we encounter severe turbulence yes there is a pilot flight command control normal nonsense only severe turbulence so we activated this page nonsense abnormal we checked there until the nonsense abnormal procedure should be there absolute turbulence in cruise and then you asked me to act it Let's go and say yes or no we can do it as a procedure we can actually command it to activate and if it activates we will see what to do if we had severe turbulence that allows us to see human ions flying faster than three or not so much a green point a minimum of five which is the minimum clean speed we have here tuned for rt comfort and then we'll even keep the autopilot on because olive oil is very reliant and it's good to keep the autopilot on if you have severe turbulence on the yaw but to be honest , if we come across severe turbulence, the hardest thing is to read these things yes, so it's good to keep in mind what are the correct correct effects and what do you do, yes, because severe turbulence is something you can't imagine if you don't I would have had them before in real life, yeah that's definitely fine where we'd handle it. any abnormal situation or technical malfunction is not that it is not detected by the aircraft that is why it is called abnormal nonsense and as we acted we did not find severe turbulence I deactivated again and everything returned to normal we are in one of the business classes Kelly's this is a Airbus 350 a very modern plane that has two kitchens that's what we call our kitchen for business class and on a flight to Tokyo we have the first meal which will be a dinner I'm done with it and the second meal will be a breakfast because by the time we land in Tokyo will be 10 o'clock in the morning in Japan, so people expect us to have servants for breakfast.
It's all very tight here, as you can tell, it's very shallow. here you have to be careful and when we do our service we are three to four people here so it is quite crowded if you want to take a look I show you for example this is how we steal our carts this is what we are going to serve. for the second meal for breakfast, this for example will be a Japanese breakfast, these are only the cold dishes, the hot dishes are already in the ovens and need to be heated, this is for western breakfast, this is what warms our roads, cross our sauce. hot meals for afterwards we also have hot soups depending on which destination we are flying to deserve different components that means sometimes we have to bend down we have extra rice packs it is a lot of prep a lot of things to buy renters have to know and a lot of very small containers so soon as our service starts Nakano prepare tea drink carts here and in hand reserved business cups deserve hot drinks cold drinks with other passengers like we are an espresso machine my colleague is making a fresh coffee Here we have a coffee maker for the hot water kettle for tea and we also have an espresso machine in business class of course right away guys yes we said about the descent. approaching the star while being robbed we are safe from five thousand and three thousand later below them is an east tokyo haneda ready for briefing with yes sir or am i still sleepy sleepy no no not sleepy sir all crews yes we are still on the 350 900 x-ray India did not change the air corona now we do not change the plane and technically everything is ok we check some notes in Haneda referring to some forms of Tech but it is not in our area yes No should be a problem for us so fuel wise we still expect an extra five tons which is an hour of extra fuel in tokyo the weather is pretty good we have two runways with the LDO brush so which would also be a good plan B for the first no and then the other end we would have a narrator by the track so we could think about going to Narita maybe when we get to 8 tons of fuel but right now everything is b Well in Tokyo we are waiting for a Lda approach runway two three which is issued special why is arrival data so arrivals start at Waypoint one stone 11,000 feet and 2050 knots the next weapon is threats above 8,000 feet the next Waypoint is Denny and then we turn right to the LDA the datum for half a thousand dairy feet or four thousand five hundred feet disk four thousand five hundred feet or ten points and then we have the Denon Dini waypoint and then heading to 4000 feet in the demo we will have a 277 the localizer and a 3 degree flat step will fried handle d selected since the non flat step mode, initially we will descend three degrees up to 1000 feet, then we don't have a 3 degree descent teacher when it levels out a bit and then just has the mission Li, a turn to the left to be executed by two three yes when it is important to mr. addressing it's important that we're not going to overshoot to the west so at 420 feet or mr.
George Valley will turn left intersecting the 177 two or agha course and in tweeds that will lean and climb your foreign five hundred feet in regards to the learning yield we calculated for a three way track with the track as a length of two thousand five hundred meters, which is not too long, never less, we have a speed of one hundred and ninety-two tones calculated, so if there is a headwind and five knots, we fly with a margin of a power of 1000 meters, so landing and landing is ok we reverse completely and we will have a runway k2 on the right ok landing Exodus Delta 3 we select it on B TV and we talk about a taxi we wait for a take through the five that will be yellow Romeo and I offer initially if any questions no no finally we'll end up at papa fall and 106 as a parking spot yeah ok so other ads turn on super science you're in control I'm in control person Z, person C, is making the announcement, your senior first is a legend, man, yeah, we.
Alabama most committed Tokyo gets flattened now Brooks potpourri 35 minutes that means you'll be done there at 10am. m. local time which is way ahead of your bland time the winner chocula now a 31 degree celsius temperature and the same letters you can see us coming out we have some clouds in tokyo. I hope you learn and enjoy the service and I would like to wish you a good remaining day in Tokyo or maybe a safe and pleasant trip thanks for the flying vests and until next time vertical speed flying over two eight zero yes great idea you are in control of the control i'll choose blue yes i'm looking forward to the sushi tonight yes i'd look first before i'll get some sleep and then i'm looking forward to the sushi yes maybe i'll eat some sushi first then go to sleep yes i don't know , so Summer Seminar for the context of your own soul without support for tomorrow left in a sub 1 to contact one two four one back mm yes check tokyo check okay morning left under seven n one four flight descending level 280 going into level two 905 come in control sure you are having trouble finding bizarre by Dino our choices are 7-1 for continuous ascent flight of a250 to be level reno our nhoa era seven minutes os and all no problem that never too far so yeah there might be some weather Anita you know some little green echoes beautiful scenery down there yeah or Krista our team star so what are we looking forward to today it's a good non precision approach from under the ass yeah and especially one because the initial landing direction won't be the final the final turner's will be very short on a short final actually yes and that's the reason why he's nervous very nervous i expect some turbulence maybe in the final yes i'm not kidding he's not nervous they'll understand achieved but there's no pressure on me no pressure no no no pressure well i'd see what you can't see is a beautiful blue light down there it seems a crater lake no i don't just see a river there and that's the east coast i It's not a white country that's not free it's just a countrysmall and very long, yes, it's like Austria, some very narrow and long mountains and mountains.
I think here is a little longer than the order here. That's true. total table hello, that means we are exclusive, you know, yes, there are many of us, we meditate in monterrey, only new to the left and there are seven one for the back. under surveillance for humans we are clear that they seem to pay you generally 1 to 1 and after 7 months they were present in the direct ocular quality position as they were not at 2 1 0 either so our style is open descending or blue feather both one zero yes If you come across us, you should let it land where it's easy.
You will get the following. You landed in Cape Town. Don't forget our last floor to get a product. even some more beautiful a I went up to Cape Town and said I had to sit in the back there was an interesting fact the 340 remembers yes she 4600 and begs it was like the report is 300 dented you know no I think we need NTS not too shallow yeah that's yeah this time Olivia's samurai powers pheromone increases 1/1000 per thought in her three Niner Niner seven left under seven one four descending one thousand two Niner Niner seven arrival of data through stone in a short film in one a head I left it at seven one for Kristen one thousand good one thousand and finally we two Niner Niner seven twenty two thousand six hundred to nine ninety seven twenty two thousand six hundred you see these waypoints you think which is a coincidence stone brett bloodstone not intentionally yes yes bread yes redstone the other is danny datum dario what was the movie gladstone is more your generation of mine no no no not great technique porn identity Jason Bourne J was born and the show was called Gladst one ok yeah do you think the director is a pilot and he saw treadstone in tokyo and named the project after the focus because after a long night the pilots are talking bullshit , so the lemurs of the indian tango were identified, but then we have to turn off the LS for luggage they approach cattle four consecutive courses one one native report woman Anna for solutions a segment for bed no we do not live in Lebanon or for ILS pregnancy yes yes tokyo control morning of 1007 1/4 and is sending one thousand two passing 16400 capitalist good morning you want even there to see wait a tertiary speed just to see after all connection I know I know hidden under 7 1 4 qh 2 Niner Niner seven waiting brought a whiskey rum with 2/3 decree a direct order only under seven one four director Denny good shortcut yes she visibility is really good yes such a clear sky well at least weather conditions everyone can fly this approach yeah no problem i did it before so speed check speed prophase kicked in let us both courses there yeah because the signal for details especially in six atoms since seven one four descending 6,000 foot thrust ILO descent or blue six thousand there midtown yeah turn on landing lights Thank you unless I'm not okay what did you give me? 10 o'clock yes yes mm forty put here direct order to do focaccia 107 one for direct datum holding 6,000 ok to land i guess full reverse and let the PT go back to work yes definitely because the defenses 4505 am really going to see about there is no friends are 7 -1 five to seventy four thousand five hundred by tatum and we are licensed for LD a scotch two three focus well so a fact i enjoyed the 3,000 we can send handled this should be makuhar me there yes there was an estate agent roots it used to be exactly yeah i see cheap stadium a lot yeah ok this car is supposed to have speed for ten selridge it's not the diss will be at 1245 3ls or local acidemia india tegra lima identified there's something too traffic for the whiskey ok it's on top of us looks like 787 so again it's important like if we do a mr beaudry has to make a left yeah heading south there's a disc oteca ok now we can get down to 4000 so when you talk to all 4000 blue all stars yeah sin starts in about six miles and we definitely bring you localization is coming how can i finish it lock blue rockstar speed is handled and we can keep track flappers i know because the civil context for coke 154 is murphy five one four three five four ten thats m14 bye tokyo tower good morning thunder seven one four in ld a whiskey two 3/4 of along with history continue to improve fuel control in which we look at parking number verse number seven one three a parking stone is 1:06 get flaps one speed control flaps one and left Ernest m14 confirm kyun age may ooze that a little thick no 7 1 4 2 1996 thanks its a 1960 oh so 15 miles will drop to 14.6 insert three degree flaps to speed flaps checked to fourteen point six pizanno flat then check all tube be thirty miles three five ninety thirty mi le three five ninety is ok twelve miles three at 70 I can see the airport yes me too 12 months get to 70 is ok go down Rahway u don't take left a creative juice of just put on put on mindset step 3 inject that's three left in check so ten miles with 6:30 landing checklist landing an automatic brake vtp branch condition triceps take a note now they're letting two people maybe 35 7 make liberality come true I wasn't allowed on the bus except the 30 hit the road she's the laugh I belong to her relationships minutes away a long way yeah 'cause they know the way to get closer to the system is now relatively create from a relative on the way at 12:07 one is eventually the friction is right the wait increases by ten for us to get down. slowly with disgust a hundred over ah director's minimum continue one side of a trick yes let's check a thousand so you don't like it though yes what is potentially good i don't know yes correcting again 400 yes 300 100 70 50 40 30 20 five the mayor - five seven wins at 3008 becomes a 1 the next one percent of people fall off right there there is a cab of five makes we can tell who will get the delivery because jarrett's brother town movie is actually three buy free sarees sarah romeo does all three series three sierra romeo looks and one for itunes the truth to people for therapy sorry mr non-elastic therapist the tragic story is a segment 24 full thickness well well this well points well this night i think definitely correct that president matthew 7:7 kolkata 50 departed apparently five seven minus twenty four thousand three in the future of zero advantageous travelodge except critical stage now it is clear par to the takeoff on the prescription for the hotel no no so throw me the next left the way we report now we have to change the text insurance very good approach very fun fly to Matthias look at this is amazing so with us since the wall for three on vacation the main for three tokyo tomorrow a cyclist safer than h from the office walk away once registered on the road for four five nine ya 2005-9 a tokyo tower over the photoelectric detectors for two thousand four five nine point four four zero three context foot context the philosophy of the skipper which is the school flight the home with delivery by ship is older than the oil tanks, yes I don't understand why we come home well full contact old contacts to grant since 1842 to do not only for 660 ithaca terrestrial bacteria classifier of ecological cities Kozue this was only four six six two took their ground a good days 2007 one for heavy in romeo good morning los angeles even 1/4 I get sensitive a romeo left in the range 746 available romeo left i am gold gold in thirty five six anions where they succeeded mwanza will align with me now, we want to try the top 30 Marshall and Republican-Snyder receivers that are near Valley Occidental to contact on a fort 25 2007 once incredible to ground one one one six two dinars for an angle I'm elevated Okay yeah sure Silas too I knew not, going to Val 2007, one for a heavy crossover, was not right. one to the right makes sense, okay, yeah, I think it's caging our position, yeah, yeah, that's right, perfect timing, good ideas for the previous frame, a 7 for thanks, boss, thanks, you don't know, Corrado us strips everyone he gets respect 4+0 to 0 delta vector and that 7-3 5900 yeah great great had trouble with that he's out of it maybe he was running good thumbs up from all parts forty four eight five five Rika sexy only 4805 of hybridoma or six rekt xcd our Papa Papa the whole show is over Mike hurry around six microwave parts once it's okay in a boy by five cabin crew backed him up mark usa money ok hello good morning good morning to you processor work till tokyo toxic request thank you very much perfect aircraft design parking checklist park complete parking checklist to stop parking that was easy l and well done, so now we're on to beer and sushi.

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