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Lucy Letby: UK NICU Nurse On Trial For Horrendous Crimes- Part 1

Apr 18, 2023
alien welcome back to my channel and thanks for joining me on another True Crime deep dive. We haven't really done a deep dive like this in a long time. a lot of cases from an episode but this


icular case is so completely messed up I'll probably need at least two


s to cover it to the depth I want and I really don't even know how to open this video because this case is so messed up like those are the only ones Words I have and it's been hard and maddening these past few weeks going over every detail as closely as I did so I guess I'm just going to start with a short introduction before January 2015 the Countess of Chester Hospital in Cheshire England had a mortality rate in its neonatal unit that was statistically comparable to other units in the UK, but everything changed over the next 18 months when the hospital suddenly saw a dramatic and alarming increase in the deaths of newborn babies, all of a sudden, The death rate at this hospital was over 10 percent of the average for maternity wards and upon investigation, hospital authorities and law enforcement discovered what they believed to be the common denominator in many of the deaths and that common denominator was a 29 year old NICU


named Lucy




studied nursing at the University of Manchester and after graduating began working at the Countess of Chester Hospital caring for babies who required a wide range of support after birth in 2017 when an investigation was launched into 15 deaths and 17 life-threatening incidents of babies at the hospital between June 2015 and June 2016 three million pounds for their unit staff doctors noted similarities in the deaths of these babies and These deaths were determined to be no accident by several independent medical experts.
lucy letby uk nicu nurse on trial for horrendous crimes  part 1
The only person who was present at all suspicious incidents was Lucy Letby, who would later be described as a malevolent presence at the bedside of these innocent newborn babies. Lucy letby has been charged with the deaths of five babies and two girls and has been charged with the attempted murder of a further ten babies and if she is found guilty. She this young woman would officially become Britain's most prolific child murderer, but Lucy and her defense team say she is completely innocent; she's just a wonderful caring


caught in the crossfire; they say it's the negligent hospital she worked so hard for that is pointing her finger at her so she won't be blamed for what happened to these kids.
lucy letby uk nicu nurse on trial for horrendous crimes  part 1

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lucy letby uk nicu nurse on trial for horrendous crimes part 1...

Lucy Letby is currently on


and has been since last October and the


s are expected to last at least another month but I wanted to talk about it today because there is already a lot of information that has come out since you know this case broke down since trial started and when it's over I can do an update video but I really wanted to talk about this now so it's easier to keep up to date as new information is released and like I said a ton of information has already been released more than Enough to talk about, but before we dive into today's video, let's have a few words from the sponsor of today's video. at your favorite restaurant or maybe you're shopping for a carton of eggs and trying to decide if an omelet is worth as much as an arm or a leg, inflation is definitely hitting us all where it hurts and these days it feels like it really hurts and it's which is why more people including me are using upside upside is an amazing app free and easy to use for anyone buying gas or going out to dinner which is right every one of us does at least one of those because with every purchase you can earn cash with upside and it's fun because when i started working with upside they told me you know your viewers might think this is too good to be true and that's why we really want you to use the app to yourself so you can I see how useful advantage can be and I was skeptical of course you know I'm a skeptic but using advantage has really been a joy.
lucy letby uk nicu nurse on trial for horrendous crimes  part 1
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lucy letby uk nicu nurse on trial for horrendous crimes  part 1
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Lucy Letby's attorney, Ben Myers KC, disputed all of this and claimed that this was all just a coincidence. Lucy was a dedicated nurse who in no way wanted to harm her patients and said that as a young woman with no immediate family commitments and someone who built her life around her work on a neonatal unit someone in that position is more likely to be caring to more babies with clinical problems and more likely to be there when deterioration occurs, but that doesn't mean it made it happen, end the appointment, and I guess this is a fair argument, right?
You say that Lucy Letby worked in the NICU unit. This is a unit where you know that babies who are struggling after birth are going to be cared for, so you would anticipate that compared to babies who are born completely healthy, these babies may have a higher incidence of collapse, death, illness and infirmity, so like I said, I suppose that's a fair and understandable argument until you look at the fact that Lucy Letby had been caring for these babies with clinical problems. since she started working at the hospital in 2011 and you know there wasn't a very high incidence of deaths for these babies until 2015 or 2016 and there's also the matter of certain sticky notes found in Lucy's house when the police sought her arrest in one of these Post-it notes Lucy had handwritten some messages and some of these messages were just words like the word hate written in dark capital letters surrounded or the words hopeless Panic fear lost and why did she write me too quote I am a horrible evil person i'm evil i did this i killed them on purpose because i'm not good enough to take care of them not good enough i'll never have kids or three older ones i'll never know what it's like to have a family end of quote ok so those things are worrisome, I mean even the single words you're scrolling on this Post-It note hopelessly hate lost things like that not as suggestive of a super stable or healthy mindset or emotional state, but Lucy's attorney, Ben Myers, insists that these statements that are the ramblings of a young woman who is completely overwhelmed and devastated by the charges against her and he argues that Lucy made other statements on these Post-it notes statements that she described as protests of innocence she said this she wrote you know what accusations have been made and by who do they have written evidence to back up their comments i have done nothing wrong and they have no proof so why did i have to go into hiding and this is like two contradictory statements right? she has a statement that Lucy wrote where she said I did it I killed them on purpose I'm not good enough to take care of them and then she has another statement where she said I have nothing to hide they have no evidence and I haven't done anything wrong now listen to the statement I have done nothing wrong and the statement that they have no evidence are too different statements and I just don't think that as an innocent person who has literally done nothing wrong that I am thinking to myself and writing and they have no evidence would be something that it would occur to me because i haven't done anything wrong so i know there's no evidence so in my opinion possibly that statement was written just to cover their ass like oh i haven't done anything wrong in case someone either you see the post-it or you know she's trying to convince herself that she hasn't done anything wrong because, as we're going to see, Lucy does things that don't suggest she's thinking. all the way and I think someone like that could easily say something like that to herself or write something like that until she almost convinced herself that she hasn't done anything wrong because she might not believe that she has done it or maybe part of it. of their justification for doing what they did was because they felt like they were doing it for a good reason, that's how they justified it in their head, but I think the statement that she wrote on the Post-it note like I did this killed them purpose because I'm not good enough to take care of them is pretty indicative of a guilty conscience, whether that guilty conscience stems from her actually being guilty of these charges in these


or that guilty conscience stems from many babies dying under her vigilance because that has to be difficult too.
I'm trying to be fair here. I have a gut instinct about what happened, but I want you to know that I want to go over each charge. I want to go over each one. charge with you and the details of each incident and work it out together to see if the prosecution has enough evidence against Lucy, that there is enough evidence to convict her of these egregious charges and when someone is facing charges like this, you really want to make sure they are safe of her guilt beyond a reasonable doubt because if there's any chance that Lucy Letby didn't do these things ifthere's some chance she wasn't responsible, which I'll admit there's a small chance she wasn't responsible, this could be a huge coincidence.
I'm trying to be fair but if there's any chance she's not responsible she's really a hard pill to swallow thinking they could be sending this young nurse she did nothing wrong. prison for the rest of her life and she will always have to live as this horrible person with this infamous reputation that will go down in history and stay long after she has left this world that is really hard to deal with so if she is really guilty of these charges, we want to be sure now that Lucy's defense in court is that the reason the babies got sick or died is not super clear or medically clear and in some cases the babies were clinically fragile and in where their conditions could change rapidly, they could deteriorate rapidly. compromised babies and sometimes it was the low level of care in the hospital neonatal unit but either way it wasn't Lucy Lutby's fault and no one could prove it was simply because they couldn't find any alternative to what had happened to them .
So let's go through count by count, but first some basic background on how the neonatal unit at this hospital operated. There were 25-30 nurses and 15-20 unit nurses working in that part of the hospital on any given day and on any two days. or night shifts, so there were usually more nurses during the day, but the nurses would still be out at night with the babies. The day shift would begin at 7:30 a.m. m. and the night shift would end at 8 a.m. m. and this allowed for a 30-minute handover period during which a general debriefing would occur between the night shift nurse and the day shift nurse and this is true when the night shift ends and the day shift begins or when the day shift ends and the night shift begins, the two nurses are Basically, I'm going to go over the condition of any child or children that have been assigned so that the nurses taking over know what medication they've taken, when they've taken it taken, when they need their next feeding, when they need their next medication stuff. thus informing the nurse of any change in the child's situation or health during the shift, etc. leader and he or she would be responsible for assigning specific nurses to specific babies and would then write this information down on a sheet that listed all the babies in the unit at the time along with their corresponding and assigned nurses the neonatal unit in total had four rooms the ICU , which is the Intensive Care Unit, the hdu, which is the high dependency unit and then two special care rooms for babies, so basically if the babies are in good condition, they're just being monitored, they can go to a of those two nursing rooms now.
The ICU is obviously for babies who need the most critical care. The HDU is between the ICU and the general care nursery. It's kind of transitory. the children and there would also be doctors at the Countess of Chester Hospital who would also be available and their shifts would cover both the neonatal ward and the children's unit the hospital also had pediatric consultants working 9am to 5pm and in the evenings one of these consultants were always on call basically just 10 minutes from the hospital plus they have registrars who would provide senior medical cover overnight and as far as i can tell in the uk a registrar is like a junior doctor someone to who we would call as a resident here in the United States, so he's not an intern, he's not like a primary doctor, like something in between, you know, but he's perfectly capable of handling anything that a doctor can handle and the reason why I went through all of that is because all these people doctors and registrars and pediatric consultants and other nurses and lead nurses are all involved in this case and you know they would testify during the trial they would testify about what they saw they would testify about what they did they would testify about what hospital protocol was and when maybe it was broken and their stories paint us a picture of what happened here ok let's start with the first charge Lucy letby is charged with the murder of baby a who died on June 8, 2015 a day after his premature birth baby a was the younger brother of a set of twins had an older sister a twin sister and baby a was listed in good condition at birth initially was taken to the neonatal ICU and 13 hours later baby a was breathing on yes only without the help of a medically administered oxygen, so he was doing well now.
Lucy Letby was Baby's assigned night nurse one night June 8-9 and Baby A's day nurse, Melanie Taylor, informed Lucy during the 30-minute handover that she had given the baby a milliliter of milk, I think, through a nasogastric tube at 4 p.m. m. and then again at 6 p.m. they discussed baby A's condition with her night nurse Lucy let baby a be stable but had not had any fluids for a few hours Melanie Taylor and Lucy together started an IV of fluids for baby at 8:05 pm. m. according to the graph but at 8:20 PM Lucy Letby was calling for help from baby A's incubator because the baby had crashed collapsed they call it um one more time it was a bit confusing because I think they just say things differently in the UK I think here in the US we call it crashed but it seems like in the UK they say collapsed to me collapsed means you're upright then you collapse um so it's hard to really imagine how day old babies collapse but for the purposes of this video I'm going to say collapse and just understand that if you're in the US it means you crashed as if your health had deteriorated even though you were fine at 8pm. m. when day nurse Melanie Taylor handed him over to Lucy Letby, but Melanie Taylor was still there and said typing notes on a nearby computer when the baby began to deteriorate the baby was reported to have white hands and feet, his heart rate and the blood saturations had dropped and Melanie Taylor said initially I stayed by the computer because it was pretty stable and Lucy was there when I really realized she wasn't recovering.
I got up to help finish the appointment, so a doctor was called to baby A's incubator at 26 p.m. m. and this was Dr Rob Jeram and when Dr Durham arrived he said that Lucy had an oxygen mask on the baby's face because the slow heart rate and low blood saturation just means there's not enough oxygen in the blood which means the baby is not getting enough oxygen at the moment the baby was not breathing so they gave him adrenaline to stimulate his heart and the Doctor Who was looking at the baby and noticed a strange discoloration on the baby's skin baby A, specifically on the skin of the baby's abdomen.
The doctor referred to it as an unusually mottled pattern of well-perfused pink skin all over the boy's body along with patches of white and blue skin all over his body, so mottled skin and in another staff member described it as patches fluttering pinks on the blue skin that seemed to appear and disappear now during the trial. Nick Johnson for the prosecution said citing that this turned out to be the first in a series of similar presentations on the skin of babies who suddenly and catastrophically collapsed in the neonatal unit of the Countess of Chester Hospital over the ensuing months is a hallmark in some of the cases where Lucy let injected air into the bloodstream of some of these little babies end of quote and basically I'm going to go into a little more detail on this in a second but injecting air into the stream causing an air embolism causing a blockage leading to poor circulation causing blood to not get to the places it needs it to get to including your heart which makes you know your blood saturation the oxygen in his blood slows and then his heart rate slows, so you know mainly why they think some of these babies were injected with air as the medical staff desperately worked on the baby and his parents were rushed into the room and they claim that a nurse, believed to be Lucy, approached them and asked if they were religious and wanted to pray.
Dr. Jerome explained to the baby's parents. to that, um, you know, basically, even if he could bring his son back, get his heart started again, know the blood is flowing again, his newborn son would have brain damage and therefore he needed your permission to stop the CPR. Baby A's mother said all I could do was nod. One of the things that bothers me the most is that I never had a chance to hold my son while he was alive End of quote and this is very common with babies that are born premature with babies that are born with health problems basically they rush as soon as you deliver as soon as the baby comes out, they rush in, take the baby, start as vitals, start on oxygen, and basically don't give you the baby directly. because they want to make sure that the baby is stable and in better condition, um, and it's so hard, right, it's so hard for a mother to carry a child for so long, go through the hard labor of childbirth, and then not even be able to to pull that child against your chest and hold that child against your skin when he or she is born is very difficult so what you understand well when you are a parent you understand the net in that position as it is okay my child is sick what are they doing what they have to do is not ideal but i want my son to be healthy and they know as soon as their son is stable within a day or two they will be able to hold their baby but this mother couldn't do that because the baby a was pronounced dead at 8:58 p.m. twin sister baby bum a hot cat is something they use when babies are, you know, when newborn babies pass away or when a baby is stillborn and this allows the parents to have some time with the baby's body before it is take it the Lord of course the parents of baby a and baby b these newborn twins were absolutely beside themselves with shock and grief that this was so unexpected the father of these twin babies said quote they told us it was ok , who breathed on his own. and doing the final appointment right it was basically like they knew they were surprised out of the blue they knew the babies were going to have some health problems but they had no idea this could happen but these parents were so thankful for a nurse , Lucy Lattby, who 'had been very kind and attentive to them since they arrived at the hospital after the twins were born.
Lucy had explained everything to her parents, including how the baby monitors worked. The father of baby a and baby b said he was nervous about all the knobs and buttons and beeps and glitches and all that stuff, so Lucy explained what everything on the machine was doing to make him feel better and what he did. made her feel better and after the baby died Lucy took him out of the warm cat and handed him over to his mother so she could hold her son for the first time against her bare chest before letting him go forever but Lucy Letby did too kind of weird after his shift that day, so it was 9 a.m. on June 9, basically as soon as she got off her night shift Lucy looked up the parents of Baby A and Baby B on Facebook and when asked later by the police why she did this, Lucy said she didn't remember doing this. done, but accepted that he did it if there was evidence.
If she had done it on her computer, she just couldn't tell why she could have done it. Baby A's case was referred to the coroner who was unable to determine a cause of death, but the prosecution's medical expert, Dr. Dewey Evans, felt he had a better understanding of what may have happened to Baby than Dr. Evans is a pediatric consultant who provides expert medical advice on clinical matters where child abuse is suspected or where there are other allegations of clinical neglect and was approached in 2017 by the National Crime Agency and asked to review 33 cases of deaths in the neonatal unit where Lucy letby worked, so I think it's important to point that out because we often say, oh, Dr.
Evans is the witness for the prosecution or he's the witness for the defense, so it can't be very trustworthy and we can't really trust everything he has to say because he is paid to say what the person paying him wants him to say but Dr. Evans was actually part of the initial investigation into these deaths and was hired by the police and has a lot of experience. in this Arena, so Dr. Evans said he noticed a disturbing pattern in these cases. Dr. Evans suggested that Baby A's collapse was consistent with the deliberate injection of air into the baby's circulation just a minute or two after the child deteriorated.
Another expert pediatric radiologist Dr. Owen Arthurs,at least it's rare for it to happen accidentally. I read a 2006 medical journal article about this and the article said that the case they were discussing in the This Journal article was only the eighth case. reported in the English literature on infant death from air embolism, so it seems to be something that doesn't really happen accidentally often, but it can happen accidentally, but again, not often, I don't eat regularly, so what can happen sometimes when you know a needle is being used to inject something if the needle was not placed correctly or the medication was not placed correctly and there is air and things like that it can put air in the bloodstream but i feel like it's obvious that this doesn't happen accidentally a lot because people are trained to make sure that doesn't happen and you'd be seeing so many incidences of this if it was very common and like people were doing it accidentally all the time around 1 to 25 in the morning Baby D is a contract nurse and Lucy Letby started an infusion for the baby and then at 1:29 a.m.
Baby D improved and at 2:40 a.m. m. Lucy lat B and the nurse assigned to baby D administered medication to the baby. no one else was in the room, the baby was resuscitated, and the baby's notes show that Lucy started an infusion for the baby at 3:20 a.m. 45 am Baby D suffered his third and final collapse, at which time CPR began and Baby D was pronounced dead at 4:25 a.m. So, of these three collapses, what is the same in all of them? all of them are just before the collapse, Lucy letby was injecting something or putting in an IV or giving fluids or something to the baby, so Baby D's mother claims that she went to the nursery to see her son hours before the collapse babies collapsed and saw Lucy. letby hovering over her son's incubator mother said citing she had a clipboard to take notes and she was looking at a machine but i didn't understand what she was doing i asked her if everything is ok and she said yes she is ok .
She would have expected her to leave us at that point, but she stayed and just looked at us. She wanted to tell her to go away to give us some privacy. End quote. So this is a mother who just gave birth. you know the NICU and she wants to go into the NICU and spend some time with her son and, um, Lucy Letby is kind of in the room and it's like watching the mother and child interact and this makes the mother uncomfortable and I will say from my experience, this is not typical, right? Maternity ward nurses are in my experience, just my experience.
I mean, I'm sure everyone will have things to say from their own personal experience. in my experience, the nurses in the maternity ward are often the best for the baby. nurses are usually the best they are very self aware they are very aware and sensitive of their body language of their condition what they are going through because i mean they are going through hell physically hormonally everything emotionally sucks and add to that what a baby sick is just going to escalate this even more so they are very good about you knowing to go out when you are with your baby and understanding that you want your privacy and you want alone time with your child they are very good about that they will stay close in case you need something or in case something happens, but they're very good at giving you the space you need and, um, Lucy letby just didn't want to do that with which she seemed to have a certain fascination. these babies and their parents now, the coroner initially said that baby D had died due to pneumonia and acute lung injury, but the prosecution believes that Lucy let air be injected back into the baby's bloodstream and Dr.
Dewey Evans stated that a child exhibiting a near-recovery window on two occasions followed by another collapse was not consistent with the fatal course of antenatal pneumonia, so pneumonia in children said: collapse and bring back and stabilize collapse again bring back stabilize and then collapse a third time which is not consistent with what it looks like when babies have pneumonia, he also said the nominal discoloration was indicative of an air embolism and another medical expert claimed the girl's condition D before her death was not that of a deteriorating baby who would be dead in a few hours none of the medical staff on duty the night of Baby D's death had been present for the collapse of Baby E baby b or baby C in addition to Lucy letby the trial has also discovered messages sent on June 22 via WhatsApp from Lucy to another nurse and these messages were sent immediately after the shift during which baby D had died.
Lucy said quote we had such a bad night our job is too sad sometimes we lost a child D end quote the other nurse replied quote what but she was getting better what happened i want to chat i can't believe you were back you're having such a time hard ends quote and then Lucy let B answer quote sometimes i think how can babies so sick survive and others die so suddenly and unexpectedly guess that's how it must be i think there is an element of fate involved there is a reason for everything end of quote imagine a nurse talking about your newborn son so he just died imagine there is a reason for everything there is an element of fate involved everything happens for a reason sometimes life has a way of working out later, when police questioned why Lucy had become involved in Baby D's care when she was not the nurse assigned to the babies, she said she could not remember why she had, but she admitted that she had given Baby D medication with a syringe at 1:25 a.m. m., five minutes before Baby D's first collapse, as well as other medications and other infusions before the baby's next two collapses.
The police also asked Lucy why she looked up Baby D's parents on Facebook after the baby died and Lucy once again said she didn't remember doing that but accepted that she had if they had evidence that she had. done and couldn't explain why he would have done it. she did it on July 21. Baby E and Baby F were born premature twins. The baby weighed less than three pounds at birth and was put on oxygen before being moved to a different room where he was started on antibiotics, IV fluids and caffeine due to his risk of NEC and that's that necrotizing bowel thing we were talking about. before, it is a serious but common gastrointestinal problem in newborns.
The twins were born 11 weeks premature by caesarean section, but had progressed well and the twins' mother had been told. that she could soon transfer her children to a hospital closer to her home nursing notes say baby was stable on a small dose of insulin to correct a slightly high blood sugar and was drinking small amounts of milk every two hours that takes us to count five Lucy let B be charged with baby e's murder on the night shift August 3-4 Lucy was baby E's assigned nurse and around 9 p.m. visit her children and bring her expressed breast milk to feed them because it was time to feed them as soon as she entered the nursery, in fact, before entering the nursery, the mother heard a terrible sound, the sound of one of her children crying children no screaming she said quote i could hear my son crying and it was like nothing i had ever heard before i walked to the incubator and saw blood coming out of his mouth it was a sound that shouldn't have come from a small baby it was more


like a cry that like a cry I could hear it in the small corridor and an appointment and other nurses that were there that night said the same thing they were like we had never heard a sound a cry a cry come like that from a child it was completely really, you know, as the soul trembled as if it was strange to hear a newborn baby cry like that and when the mother walked into the nursery she was standing by the baby's incubator E while this concerned mother rushed to none other than Lucy Letby the mother told her asked Lucy what's wrong why is my son crying like that why is there blood coming out of my five day old son's mouth and Lucy reassured the woman that it was just a feeding tube that the feeding tube had rubbed down the baby's throat causing inflammation.
Lucy told the mother not to worry, believe me I am a nurse and then she asked the mother to leave the nursery and return to the postpartum room. Lucy promised that she would call a doctor to see how she was doing. baby and check but she never made the mother did leave because she said well what was i supposed to do like the nurse was telling me to leave and i thought you know thats what i had to do so i put the milk down and i i went back to the postpartum room and when she got back to the room she called her husband a call that took place at 9:11 p.m. m. and lasted about four and a half minutes.
This will be important in a second because later, when Lucy was asked about tonight, she stated that she did not remember the mother arriving at 9:00 p.m. m. She did not believe that the mother would arrive at 9:00 p.m. m. and said that if the mother had been there, she would never have told him to leave the next time baby E's mother saw her son after being told to leave the nursery, he was in a terminal condition and this mother wholeheartedly believes that she came in and discovered Lucy and attacked her son which is why that blood was coming out of her mouth at 11 40 PM Baby E suffered a sudden desaturation in her blood of oxygen desaturation and her stomach developed a conspicuous discoloration with white and purple patches and was pronounced dead at 140 B.C. the notes were written by Lucy letby she said the mother of baby E had been Pres not at the start of the shift so around eight and she had visited the nursery again around 10pm but like I said Lucy doesn't mention the 9pm visit in her notes and that's because you know she doesn't want us to know that the mother came in and saw blood coming out of this child's mouth now the mother insisted that she was there at 9pm and she knows she was there at 9 p.m. because it was when the Twins were to be fed and her call to her husband right after supports this she went there heard the baby cry she saw the blood she asked Lucy what was going on Lucy said everything is fine get out of here trust me I'm a nurse and she was Back in the Maternity Ward, about 10 minutes later, she called her husband.
This child was not autopsied as per the parents' wishes, but Dr. Dewey Evans once again states that the death of Baby E was the result. from an air ambulance combined with bleeding that he believes is indicative of trauma, bleeding medical expert Dr. Sandy Bone agreed with Dr. Evans' conclusion, concluding that air had been deliberately introduced into the baby through an IV so we know both the doctors believe it was the air in the bloodstream that ended up killing this baby but let's talk about the bleeding indicating trauma this baby actually lost a lot of blood and Dr Evans said there was significant bleeding in this baby's upper GI tract somewhere between the mouth and the stomach.
Dr Evans said: "I think the child sustained trauma from some other type of injury and there was a series of pieces of equipment in a neonatal unit that are relatively rigid end quote so Dr. Evans basically says this child's throat area and things like that the gastrointestinal tract where there is inflammation was deliberately injured by someone Lucy supposedly let the doctor say that you know plastic tubes could be used those rigid plastic tubes or even a medical instrument called an introducer which is a thin wire surrounded by a plastic tube that can be used to intubate a baby when he asked if there could be an innocent explanation for the bleeding in Baby E.
Dr. Evan said no, the only other explanation for this kind of bleeding would be a bleeding ulcer and said he had never seen a bleeding ulcer present like this. Dr Evan said: I can't be 100% sure what caused this trauma, but it had to be some kind of relatively rigid piece of equipment that was enough to cause this extraordinary bleeding. because the mother was too broken and devastated to do it herself at the time baby E's mother said quote Lucy letby bathed him in front of me in the neonatal unit after bathing him they put him in a white robe and I just remember being so thankful because we didn't have clothes for him because he was very small.
End of date and after that, Lucy, let's show her mother a picture in which she had taken a picture of Baby F, who is Baby E's surviving twin brother, holding a teddy bear that had belonged to her. Baby E and Lucy said to the mother hey you know I got this picture for you like it's so cute. Baby F turned around and hugged this bear and I thought it was awesome so I took this picture and speaking of baby F that brings us to the count. six, where Lucy let B be charged with attempted murder of baby F, baby E's twin brother, baby F was the younger of the two twins and required some resuscitation at birth and was later intubated, ventilated andgiven medication to help his lungs, baby F was also recorded as having elevated blood sugar, for which he was prescribed a small dose of insulin, as well as intravenous fluid nutrients and small amounts of milk so a prescription for a tpn bag for baby F was given to the pharmacy on August 4th of the same day that baby and baby F's brother had died now tpn stands for Total Parenteral Nutrition and is basically a bag of baby feeding if they can't get enough milk on their own each tpn bag is usually what they call custom that's what they that's what they call it in the essay at least one custom tpn bag which means that It is specifically formulated for each baby and their individual needs and this tpn bag was delivered to the neonatal ward at 4 p.m. m.
As of August 4, there were seven babies on the unit that night and five nurses working, including Lucy Letby, who was not yet Babyf's assigned nurse. Both Lucy and the assigned Babyf nurse signed the prescription box to show that the bag of tpn that was delivered at 4 p.m. m. started via a long line at 12:25 am. Lucy letby has been accused of purposely adding insulin to Baby F's npt bag and the reason they believe this happened was because Baby F's heart rate increased to over 200 beats per minute and her blood sugar the blood went down shortly after he was given the npt bag now I am going to read directly from this BBC article to explain this as I am not a medical professional and I don't fully understand it and I don't want to say the wrong thing ok , so this article says that there are no babies in the unit. they were prescribed insulin at the time and three of misledby's former colleagues said they did not give the boy the medicine jurors listened as boy F's heart rate increased to over 200 beats per minute his blood sugar blood slowed after feeding was started shortly after midnight on August 4, Professor Marsh, a pediatric diabetes expert, described the effects of prolonged low blood sugar on the body.
Writing said lower readings could lead to seizures, brain cell death, coma and, in some cases, death. The professor told the jury that a graph shown to the court showed blood sugar readings for the death of a child during a 17 hour period through August 5 with readings initially dipping to 0.8 before fluctuating to low levels the 0.8 reading was extremely low and a very significant change the professor said it was absolutely cause for concern told the Referring to the graph, the court said the hypoglycemia was persistent throughout the day the readings remained low despite child F receiving glucose and dextrose equal to twice the normal requirements for an infant, he said in discussing how the insulin, Professor hindmarsh said the drug could not be taken orally as it would be broken down by stomach acids.
Injection into the skin would not match the 17 hours of hypoglycemia. this would require repeated injections he said infusion would probably be the most likely way to achieve the blood glucose effect we have observed professor hinmar said this would fit the time course of events very well and was consistent with measurements made after stop the feedback A bottle of insulin was shown to the court and the professor explained how a health worker would need to use a syringe to carefully draw up the fluid. The court previously heard from Anna Milan, a clinical biochemist at the Royal Liverpool Hospital, who explained how the blood tests were analysed. said test for child F showed high levels of insulin along with low levels of a hormone called C-peptide, confirming that insulin had been given to him as a drug rather than naturally produced by the body, so basically these tpn bags they would never have insulin in them. don't give them the insulin because something like the insulin sticks together and sticks to the sides of the bag like it just doesn't work so they never really do that they would give you insulin a different way Somehow all the theory is someone put insulin in this baby's feedback someone got it right ok so at the end of her shift Lucy texted a friend from work and talked about baby F and her low blood sugar by saying that he knew something was wrong.
The right and the death of the child were a concern for her later that night. Lucy texted another friend from work, Mina, and asked her: are you going salsa dancing tonight? Lucy and her friends made plans to meet up and go salsa dancing, and one of Lucy's friends from work texted her that night. updating Lucy on the baby's F condition saying that he was a bit more stable and that they were running various tests to try and find out what had happened to him. Lucy thanked this friend for the update on her, but then texted her again saying that she was wondering if she had an endocrine problem. so i hope they can get to the bottom of it on the way home from salsa with Mina feeling better now i've been out of the date so happy you're feeling better baby F would recover hopefully um though i mean i'm looking forward to this happen as a baby, a very young baby would be traumatic and could lead to future health complications but at least the baby is alive but the tragedy that befell the babies at Countess of Chester Hospital was far from over and I am going to continue with the rest of these victims next time and so far I have to be honest I don't feel good about Lucy Latchby obviously innocent until proven guilty and all that jazz but it feels wrong feels gross something doesn't fit here we still have yet i have to listen to the defense and their claims about what they say really happened to these babies and we will get there but as of now and i already know what the defense claims are so for me personally from now on i im getting big michelle carter vibes remember michelle carter the theme of i love you now you die huh how she sat on the phone when her boyfriend counts red roy took his own life and encouraged him to do it and told him he better not chicken out than michelle carter the way Lucy let me insert myself into the lives of these babies in their parents' private moments of mourning and sadness and we're not even done talking about all the ways she does it, the way she takes sympathy from others like yeah i know its parents lose their babies but this has been really hard on me its giving munchausen power i mean rights big time for me look at the case of charles cullen a nurse who admitted to killing hundreds of ICU patients by overdosing them on a drug called dickason or digoxin, regardless of whether he overdosed on the drug and admitted it, and we have Elizabeth Tracy Weddle offering a nursing home Woodstock, Ontario long-term care who was accused of murdering eight residents of the Elder center starting in 2007 and obviously Beverly chose that's another example of a nurse-turned-serial-killer working in the maternity ward and children's wards at a hospital in Lincolnshire while there he killed four children by injecting them with insulin and attempted to kill nine other children while sucking and approaching the parents of his victims a group of parents were so grateful to Beverly for helping them and to be there for them that they asked her to be the godmother to the twin sister of one of their victims, Becky Phillips, so Katie Phillips was the twin sister and once she was Katie's godmother.
Beverly injected this girl with an overdose of insulin and potassium, leaving this girl with brain damage, partial blindness, and partial paralysis, so she not only attacked and injured Katie's sister, Becky Phillips. Not only was Becky Phillips victimized by Beverly, but later the parents were so grateful to Beverly for being so good to them through everything she went through with Becky. She was asked to be Katie's godmother and then she hurt and attacked Katie like she was crazy, so it's not like this doesn't happen. that's right you know who's out of the ordinary and this never happens and what could be their motive and we're going to talk more about those cases and their similarities and what could be a person's motive for doing something like this in the next video because it could be Manchester by proxy there could be other reasons you know something Lucy wrote on her Post-It note i will never know love i will never have a husband or children that caught my eye why did she do it? let's say there was some resentment here clearly she's not mentally well if she did this right but the point of understanding her motive is to try to figure out what reason she did this and hopefully that will help us understand minds . of these people much better and being able to spot red flags in healthcare workers sooner because you know there are multiple cases where this happens, not just the three or four that I've talked about briefly, there are multiple cases, multiple cases of this is happening and they say there's something in the personality of some people who seek healthcare as a career that makes them more susceptible to munchausen by proxy so that's just we'll discuss that I generally talked about that and I know that there are going to be people who are too general.
I know I can't go deeper right now because this video is too long. We'll talk about that in the next video, so thank you very much for being here and sticking with me. this, i know, it's horrible, it's horrible, it's a horrible case, but once again it's important, it's important because you can't, I guess, always trust a nurse who says I'm a nurse, trust me, you know why nurses , doctors, police officers and lawyers and all the people out there who we think are supposed to protect us and care about us and care about our mental or physical well being are only human and that means they are susceptible to being defective to being mentally ill to maybe being a good person and not a good person, they are as susceptible to that as the next person and you shouldn't know that just because they are healthcare workers or public servants they are going to care about us at the end of the day because they are only human and human beings are flawed and they really know they can mess up a lot and things can happen to them that cause change and hurt other people they know hurt people hurt people all those things there's a lot of things happening that we have to talk about so stay tuned for the next video thank you very much for being here don't forget to click like if you like this video do you think it's worth sharing subscribe if you haven't already and also I'm going to put the links to the Michelle Carter and Conrad Rory videos I made in the description box below if you haven't seen them just in case I haven't seen them so until next time stay kind stay beautiful and stay tuned except.
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