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LSU vs. Florida State Game Highlights | 2023 ACC Football

Sep 05, 2023
play action on first down thrown out of the backfield and the catch and run three is made is a great play by Trey Bradford still making progress near the 20 yard line. Zone Daniels on the Move throws a short throw to Taylor and the tight end makes a man miss. and he hits it inside the five-yard line, fourth down from the two-yard line. Daniels scans now trying to believe that he will be returned to the 15 yard line. The catch is made by DJ Lundy Benson follows some blockers and Trey Batson one of the hardest guys to face one of the best in the country turned towards the yards after the concept A year ago, third and 14.
lsu vs florida state game highlights 2023 acc football
Game clock at two, Travis blushed, working on his health, delivery underneath, it's Wilson again and Wilson has now made three catches, all of them for first downs. for LSU 40. This time he wondered where they would put Perkins, they spy on him, they're not going to bring him here on third down, they're going to spy on him, so he's got to try to keep that quarterback problem going if he commits too much. let Jordan Travis create and then they find the open man for that first down all the way to First and 25, he's a potential Drive killer and they get to First.
lsu vs florida state game highlights 2023 acc football

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lsu vs florida state game highlights 2023 acc football...

Travis has been flagged on third down tonight. Here's some perspective on the first down catch. made by Coleman Deron Coleman his first touchdown was sent all the best he hits the goal line and scores on his first possession Florida State fans this is what they wanted to see Keon Coleman the great receiver from Michigan State 6-4-2- 15 Josh Williams takes a look at the back then runs up the middle and Daniels dives for the first secondary down inside the 35. Bradford is the back. Daniels looks and finds a receiver on the edge and that's Kyron Lacy and Lacey makes her way through. near the goal line, stop just short.
lsu vs florida state game highlights 2023 acc football
The dynamics with the ball made the play much bigger than it seemed. Flipping the tackle was so cool and what a shot by Daniels and Lacey's effort here to get the hand down. Jarian Jones tries to take him down and the heel holds. Knowles' defense was not prepared, they played fast and scored on Dre Bradford Barrels and the Bayou Bengals responded with a 75 yard strike that took him down to near the goal line and then this time the offensive line opens up and creates space Instead, it's Daniels with a role and they corral him with another fourth-down stop by the Seminoles.
lsu vs florida state game highlights 2023 acc football
Shaheen Brown made the entry, the fall is deadly and the monkey master said hello and stepped up to make a fair catch another month. the


scandal the Florida State team has LSU thinking oh no no again Travis had to fake it throws it into traffic and returns it to LSU Jay Bramlett it's a pun he's not particularly good he'll bounce and get a good LSU rolls and it's Coleman who didn't get on the field, he wasn't a pub returner at Michigan State, he's new to the role and he breaks away and Daniels right in the middle of the field, but he's a guy he's finally dragged down at the 11. this time he darts into the end zone and LSU takes the lead making use of that excellent field position. 50 yards, click on the ATT 5G watch so they can go up and look at that left side, just collapse, push it down. room to get up and outplay respect to Jayden Daniels there in an efficient start to this


pressure from the edge and the finishing hit behind the line there's Coleman Deuce brown with the tackle unless he backs off now late pressure from the edge has been picked up and they're down the middle at that point the big guy makes the catch and Wilson drags people into LSU territory unless you're rushing just three playing coverage Travis has plenty of time and throws a throw up the middle Winston right Junior the transfer from West Virginia did not come after he showed pressure on the left rim shot for the end zone battle.
Coleman's touchdown went up and passed the ball over the elder Burns and that's even more exciting to have it coming from East Lansing, where Coleman may have a chance. to adjust back even though it's a little poorly thrown, it's a tough play for your safety, one on one, you get a receiver and you move him over there to help chip, maybe and they're going to run the ball and just give it away. and he has some space, goes out and makes his way into Florida State territory. He's knocked out with plenty of time to operate and he passed it that time.
Nabors gets moving. Daniels looks to his left and takes a long, wide shot. it's Brian Thomas, they lost it easily LSU in less than a minute before halftime drives 67 yards in 10 quick plays made his reputation, but you have to do it all, pass back, look at his throw, in fact, it's a problem to retreat now trying to create. he flips it over the middle and Wilson makes the catch. Wow, a lot happened there when Duke turned to the receiver again. Bell is a blocker, but he has nowhere to run, as Braden Swenson just blew up the play, his first attempt this season since the 33rd. the space only once fair by Jared looking as athletic as he is couldn't take down quarterback Rodney Hilde these two can't make this running


big Jordan Jefferson Travis against the three-man rush should have time and goes for middle Coleman makes a beautiful catch, beat Chestnut near midfield Travis is a runner, always a serious threat, but he's trying to get him away, they go running to play he turns it over and spreads his toe wide open feeling with a convoy makes a cut still on fourth down the conversion puts him on the break to claim the lead but they brought everyone they brought Craig Brook Brooks' book saying Blitz here this is the key, right? here they take the pressure to the outside, they tell Billy he slides to the outside, there's no one there to pick him up and now you see a good effort downfield and a great block by Johnny Wilson and now playing fast, just walking in the end zone There's Jordan.
Travis looks at this read, feels it from behind, takes it out of there and ends up walking into the end zone. Knowles presses again. Daniels can't escape his timing game in that situation. You just got your whole team together to start this fourth quarter, what was the message you delivered, you know it played, you've got 15 minutes, man, go put everything we've got on the line, you know, we've got to make sure we're playing smart, I mean, guys, we're playing with hot races, he's got to make sure. We're playing smart and we don't have any silly penalties.
We are in the last quarter, now we win seven. These drives become increasingly important. Summary of the drive presented by Camping World and now the transfer to Benson, who is released, is beginning. to get some traction with the running game, see who wins this fourth quarter in the trenches, it's a different look, but still there's two back, put the gun with that blocker on the right side. Benson this time has to escape and we will fight and lose only about three Andre Sam from his safety position would not happen at that time Travis taking off has blockers and Jordan Travis jumps out of bounds inside the 30.
Travis from the pocket does a long loop and the man again King on Coleman has a hat trick in his first game at Florida State, recognizing the matchup, Coleman 6-4 can fly in the air being a basketball player, drags down his Bradford Gilbert Edmond, one of those Reserves again , the two back sets that have been so effective in getting the running game going here. the second half and work his way through his Benson and just drive a 12 yard gain in LSU territory, it's been months and months of Jordan Travis and Keon Coleman struggling to have chemistry, that's a good point, Holly .
Here's Travis on the move and he opens it wide. He may have plunged the dagger into LSU. You will see as the play progresses. Look at him, he's actually showing that he's blocking and then he ends up releasing. That's what affected the safeties who just ignored it. that can get excited, you saw the beginning last year in a continuation now this year Daniel is desperately trying to create a big play to make a dent in the main neighbors make the catch and throw him out at 37. that "It will be the message, but with a three-point halftime lead was completely out of hand.
FSU is more physical, just punching, bullying LSU here in the second half. He's been a survivor. He got booed in the first few home games. He volunteered "volunteer to change positions and around." hitting the end zone and they add more, Jaheem Balor scores as a running back after the touchdown reception in the previous backfield and it's been a different game from that point on 100 yards rushing in the second half alone, there are 24 Alexander getting in the way . and I'll shut up so you can get the audio because that's part of it, they're full voice here there's a long throw and the catch is made by Brian Thomas who escapes and LSU is going to break the 31-0 scoring streak with their first points after halftime a 75 yard play ends in a 21 point game with LSU's late touchdown mutual respect for these two excellent quarterbacks

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