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Las donas buscan lugares para esconderse | Canciones Infantiles | Video Para Nios | BabyBus Espaol

Mar 23, 2022
pipes now subscribe and I need to rest today we are going to have fun in the field I don't want to take the eggs they look very tasty and very sweet but eat the zones in the love of light and nothing else with him where are the balls the yellow zone contuy in the wolf look that place everything is yellow as the white one sometimes calls you on her cell phone thanks what happened hey you are stealing my gifts the direct ones sorry what are we going to do today let's take a look at what mr. tiger prepared for us what is inside grains of corn let's make popcorn oh corn kernels butter and some seasoning and let's make popcorn let's get started these are the kernels to make popcorn add some butter then the kernels chill the butter makes them smell too when the kernels turn brown cover the pot and when it gets hot enough the kernels will start to pop and turn into delicious popcorn pops pops the kernels will con they poured in popcorn not religious popcorn they're funny corn all flavors all flavors on delicious first country tours but it's by piece butter and kernels butter and kernels to remove and here it is here it is and artists with some sugar and face good or pink popcorn not for those who don't know the today shake shake and shake with colorful sprinkles smell so good got more people i want the flavor of butter cranberry and butter beans and plain here it is and there it is here it is and here it is with some sugar and blueberry face when blue or blue popcorn or blue popcorn come and shake shake and shake with colorful sprinkles they smell so good and i love me my friend of mine i'm so busy prettiest and grains butter and grains mix and mix mix and mix with sugar and secret face colorful palms for the dead colorful like this for me the date shakes and shakes with colorful sprinkles it smells so good love love and what what i made and chocolate caramel cheese and sweet potato flavor purple mix it up now we have colored popcorn let's take a picture too ok great popcorn ready daddy i'm the surprise vending machine you have to try to be happy i feel sad i feel very sad the color blue is my mood the patches for the surprise to make you let's open it i feel great thank you vending machine i feel upset i feel upset the color gray is my mood and here is the surprise to make you happy and let's open the cause i feel great and stop being thank you vending machine and divide and i feel delighted i feel angry the color red is my mood here is the surprise forever now let's open in the water i feel great thank you vending machine and scared the color purple is my love let's turn on the water i feel great thank you vending machine i feel great too guys how does it feel and are you going to pick me first because i am the best no they won't they will choose me first you are all wrong for sure they will choose me first someone comes what things should I choose here I am delicious burger look I have meat it looks very tasty you waited for me choose me delicious burger ready to go hello because it is acb rita i want to eat rich hamburger look the meat looks very delicious I put the coin and press the button rich hamburger pity look here I am delicious fries I am crunchy and I smell great expected choose me rich fries ready to go fries I want to eat delicious the fries look Crispy and they smell great I put the coin in and open the button Yummy chips come here yes although I'm yummy orange juice I'm very fresh and very sweet I waited for you choose me yummy orange juice ready to go and the orange juice I also want to drink yummy orange juice orange looks fresh and very sweet i put the coin in and pressed the button rhythm orange juice come here look i have a lot of delicious food ok you know i heard what p or here is a thief stealing chest of drawers let's close the door very well as he did 4 I am very afraid that it is more than fasting it seems so we should hide to play hide and seek I like it and I want to play too it is too small for nothing everything if the boys you are very small I really think they can scare it away I think today maybe it came back here no no no no and that hurts it seems there is a lot of delicious food here I am going to fill up today and a delicious burger m cupcake and nothing else there is something else total and fries my favorite a donut kidnapped the colorful adults a is empty ah the wolf took our friends he owes you many we prevented them from saving them but all of them are so small and the wolf is so big that we can do I have an idea listen to me what is that sound me me h I don't know what that is and if anything it's a small flag today what's up development no and we can 2 good 2 and there we are going to save our colorful sweet friends you are here and e the thief faints that hurts now come on colorful eye candy look what we can do here come on come on and we catch up with the big ones and together with eye candy with short brave lionidas and doors we beat the big wolf in this case my hands are tied too that He did it to me or what happened my mother is he a thief or the police station and I would never steal things again I would never look down on them just because they are small thank you even though each one of us is small we can be powerful when we join forces they are right now hey guys you want some balloons these are not that pretty i just like the pink one no wolves wolves i'm the boy you want is a slave no thanks shop at the colored balloons there for the colorful nails they're not that pretty so black gray and brown they are more beautiful I have an idea that a little changes a little changes I'll change all the colors to black gray and brown turned off the color wizard the color of the donut changes changes changes already ha ha ha adorns it turns black patrol patrol 24 a place to hide ha ha ha ha ha ha ha where are you where are you hey wolves at the time efe was right because it turned black I am the magician the magician of color the color of wine change change change already travel him and he does not turn gray patrol patrol 2 what is a place to hide lame ho ho ho ho where are you how are you hey wolves at the time he was close to me and under the colored frame the color of the carousel change now the carousel travels turns brown patrol patrol 24 a place to hide ho ho ho ho ho where are you where are you hey wolves at the time that was close and they found me I'm very tired I want to take the train also watching him be seeing here it's very hot help to stop coming out of it they must sleep with a happy gesture because they make so much noise what's wrong oh and we don't dance the ies tomás dance together turning turning a donut will fall today the red chocolate 9 donuts dance together turning and turning a donut here in the today the yellow chocolate 8 zones dance together turning and turning a donut falls into the pot of blue chocolate 72 dance them together turning today the green chocolate six zones dance together turning and turning a monarch in the pot the purple chocolate all dance together turning and turning a donut falls into the pot the chocolate does not dance together turning and turning a donut falls into the pot of yellow chocolate they dance them together pulling turning one in the chocolate footprint there are two zones dance together turning and turning one zone in the chocolate footprint therefore the street has been lasered to you where am I no outlaw hot hot hot big obviously help hot hot doubt someone help me and continued I melt from the fire look we can use them we are going to put out the fire but no about an art I don't have the day tell me well and I melt help nestor for example and good job or no I don't agree and yes or yes or I almost turned into salsa d e chocolate thank you and what are you and where are your colors I don't know why 10 2 I am yellow no no no blue or not the reds yellow now so I was trying to put our colors back yes city ah your schools of roses good sweet lands wars fly sweet valencian sweet rice balls sweet irons good and sweet rice balls who wants to eat sweet round rice balls sweet rice balls come and try a little you will like rice balls sweet round rice balls while you love me sweet balls of rice have have have have today the wars sweet round rice balls who is sending those bullets so why am I talking about the cultures rice schools who wants to eat with six sweet round rice balls rice balls come and try what you They will like today the earth school is broken with illusions and in mine my speeches I go those of the have have of the have rice balls round rice balls days and sweets I came to Miami to sweets for the dogs and you don't know so dance you faces schools lands I eat sweet rice balls where I am six rice balls that come and try a little will show them good and rice round rice soles and sweets very well they sold sweet rice balls have nowhere to come from good iron sweet round rice soles and they send already had sweets dance i or not what do we eat together in game sweet rice balls visit cameron then fly up ri captain come to my change of pizza I am a great pizza chef they live what I can do this I make a delicious pizza is that there is a mixture when the dough I am going to make a life look for more and more to the dough I am going to do with the capital come to my pizza truck I am a great pizza chef very well what can I do in a delicious pizza roll up the dough I'm going to make a delicious pizza I'm going to make a capital law come on I'll change pizza I'm a great pizza chef look what I can do I'll make you a delicious one, the brand doesn't matter, I'm going to make a delicious one thinking, paper for the tomato, I'm going to be a hospital ruin and there's nothing, they'll change my pizza, a big dream of pizza, what can I do with a delicious pizza? a little a little actually I'm going to be a captain and I'm also starting to be a rock when I have to buy I want the kingdom the phone is ringing answer and take the order or the delivery man steele bottom will answer a moment to show what you want to order I would like a pizza to drink and sausage a pizza with cheese and a soda so that your order arrives at the plant the food delivery man will save moments when the road I am in peace the food is ready or delivery man the food that for a moment sir very soon the delivery man will arrive the food you will take the moments years very plant that we will arrive and when the option also leaves I have no time or wane little delivery man the food will take the delivery man running you are little party in the small street dream of the correct party you arrive and here it is thank you here there are many sides of various flavors how are they very tasty do you want years ah e the ice creams the ice creams this is milk white milk is very rich the ice creams the ice creams this is strawberry red defense is very delicious ice cream ice cream this is blueberry blueberry blueberry is very delicious ice cream ice cream this is banana yellow in the morning is very delicious ice cream ice cream this is purple grape juice is very delicious ice cream ice cream this is milk plant milk is very tasty ice cream ice cream this red strawberry defense is very tasty ice cream ice cream this is blue and blueberry blueberry is very tasty ice cream ice cream this one is yellow banana banana is very tasty ice cream ice cream this purple grape juice is very tasty thank you have not heard that crunch I heard that someone disappears every time there is a crunch I really did not know about that and a crunching monster I'm not afraid of it d bu eno I leave it that sounds so scary silence us being will listen to you i here it was not you you got scared i feel that it does not come down to me too not because you are looking for it or we were building a castle to the left to the right please say what is it i think we need something else that we need or that they are and from cc.oo I called from what I brought where are you has to be hiding somewhere you go to me it is not there I could find it the monster creaking it must only have led to that it does not eat me there for when you meat me m d no now what should we do let's see he's in danger let's save him if we have to go now but we can't save him I have an idea let's look for some weapons weapons or we have an entrance through the castle ok if we follow the creaking sound we will find amber ok for this it's not so mine and I hope and be careful with it our creaking I don't think the sound comes from there it's very loud how can we get in look we can get in with this is calera let's go there to see in the big house big house big house in the big house there is a big monster roars creaks creaks or the big monster big monster creaks creaks creaks or the scary monster the big monster monster monster don't be afraid it shows you scary of its nest to treat and they are doing here where is the monster crunching a monster frei and I were just here eating chips hello guys I eat chips and so that was the monster crunching the crunch was not from the monster I still have a lot with her although delicious I don't have nothing for the teeth and then let's brush our teeth ah making pieces of candy between my mind the child today the hard dentist what opens his mouth and day time to clean all the johnsons are are their session upper upper are clean lower lower god am the dentist I am addicted all the teeth are their upper upper sessions are already clean lower lower up to two clean the teeth of clean the dentists just open your mouth and day and the teeth and they will shine rooms if you feel you do not have I am the dentist only what opens your mouth and day time to clean all the teeth are are are areyour sir superiors superiors will be clean superiors inferiors are clean all your clients now we are the dentists just open your mouth and tell Libya start living 7 sanctions until you smile you have health you have breasts to smile yes hello everyone I am today let's go to the mr molt's candy shop and we will help you baby bass let's own the candy shop in the candy shop there are many kinds of candy various values ​​no taste to be popsicles too wow there are so many candies welcome everyone want a dulce de leche or eat cotton candy there are many kinds of candy they are all very delicious in the candy store there are many kinds of candy various colors and flavors there are lollipops I also like color lollipops in the candy store there are many kinds of candy various colors and flavors try the ones together and guys who want a spiritual one please 6 enjoy please in rainbow colored candies please here they are come again kitty and i'm on come back sir many friends came and bought sweets thank you for helping me today city and mine helped me sir modo let's give them some medals benitez and can you help me ok chi chi chi let's play hide and seek I'll be the first go hide everyone one yes where I should hide once i and oh but no or not 910 ready or not here i go my work 2 i'll catch them where they hide i found them three more sweets the blood or against you it's not possible you won't find me easily it's not fun you found me too fast and that the box now only remained or where it will be what sound is that maybe it is for or should be around here somewhere look rich I still can't find where it's hiding downstairs we need to find it I still can't find it we've searched everywhere today it makes us want to salt saves or you are the winner let's take a look somewhere else ok let's open the together or and that was close we have to find another way i don't have an idea 2 12 34 come all together let's get the friend out we know the points we have the remaining points but we have almost finished the points and we have the critical points and boys that was very dangerous hiding a bottle again boy you have to be careful when you play the game hide and hide only safe places 12 ah are ready ready when i go there and i found you found too much graphic or where is it i can hardly find it one afternoon and ah please give this cake to rudolf ok no problem and what should we do like that let's go to save her or that way faster no problem at full speed more to the right of the pp very well let's drink we don't run out of battery what should we do we can't recover in return she must be scared now hey look she's over there and let's go and we can cross when the light turns green and we go or not one more hello what's going on i understand it's so green let's go and the modes close let's go please Please come save me this no and that was very scary it's free we are here to save you thank you I knew you would come save and of course we are good friends or not today and come out guys let's rest and ready and brave my good friends physics ha ha ha haha they are cute and brave my good friends swim ahead if your friends are in danger be brave and think of a way to help them but always remember to be careful your food is here i joined where you went and i will put it on the table oh no or no everyone a new friend yes and today you scared my butterfly sorry no the wool cancels behind wisely a castle la la la la a beautiful castle and me all castle castle if you are a very good singer you can help me sing of course listen carefully to the castle well it's ok try again very good one more time ah hey new friend trying can you help us we have a race can you be the referee 2 today sorry I didn't mean to do it on my back of our career it was all your fault I'm sorry but for when I'm nervous and hello guys I'm you said I like this place everything is our good I have no idea what it is for dad hello and that's it again hello or with the educating educating with plant no 3 bad pizzas all the cabbage gets dirty the brave says what I should do let's see what she discovered at the bottom of the tail let's go with the brave fight with the bomb with the bombs we're going there we go with the brave with the usa singing with whom he sings and classes and how much I can help others also guys want to be my friends
las donas buscan lugares para esconderse canciones infantiles video para ni os babybus espa ol

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