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LOWES 90% OFF!! $760 worth for $76 - VLOG #2

Jun 06, 2021
Hey guys, welcome back, I had a lot of fun making the last video so I decided we're going to make another one today. I'm not sure exactly what we have planned yet or what we're going to do. I definitely have to get this dog. However, to the groomer, Banjo will go to the groomer and you guys can come and we'll see what kind of fun we can find and have a 70 pound dog that won't get in a car, come on banjo, here we go. oh, this ain't my side, that's your side, get off, but here you go, okay and I'll see you guys, you'll call me when I'm done, yeah, okay, perfect, I'll see you later, bye, banjo, I've got things to do what I'm supposed to do and then I have things that are fun like a 10 leaf blower.
lowes 90 off 760 worth for 76   vlog 2
What's more fun getting a 90 leaf blower or cleaning out the garage? What do you want to do today? I'm going to go get the leaf blower. Okay, let's go to Lowe's because I saw a craft leaf blower. It was a hundred and ten dollars and it should be like ten dollars and some change, so ninety percent off a leaf blower and let's go see if we can. find it, how are you doing?, what do you have, hey, nice to meet you too, how many of you have. I'm going to take the open one because it's ten dollars.
lowes 90 off 760 worth for 76   vlog 2

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lowes 90 off 760 worth for 76 vlog 2...

No, did they get some? How many did they get? Do you have four? and you got three from someone 16 in this store these are 90 off craft leaf blowers we came to get and you can see we almost lost them but we ran into people we got an open box I'm gonna take this one for 10 .90 something cents I think 1094 I think it's 1009 it was a 110 leaf blower and you can see everyone's scoring well we have a 10 leaf blower we go there we go ten dollars and so is 1006 so 1089 with taxes for a $110 long blower We bought a new leaf blower, we still have to get to big lots and we still have to clean the garage, but that was a lot more fun than cleaning the garage.
lowes 90 off 760 worth for 76   vlog 2
Okay so let's go big batches now, the Christmas clearance should hit 90. but it's currently discounted to 70 so I want to go ahead and get some pictures, post them on Instagram and let everyone know that the big Christmas clearance lost is 75 off and we'll see what they have left too so basically I'm What I'm looking for right now is Christmas clearance obviously but where you're going to want to look in the store is look in the seasonal section most stores They have a seasonal section just for Christmas stuff, like we look down this aisle right here. I can see it in spring, generally the same section of a store is recycled for each season, so Christmas was probably here first.
lowes 90 off 760 worth for 76   vlog 2
I haven't been to this particular big lot. Christmas was probably here before, so I'll look at these hallways and see if there's anything left in this area. Oh, here we go and what I normally do when I'm looking for clearance and I'm trying to get an idea of ​​a category in clearance, like this sign that says 50. But I'm going to move on. and I take one of the items and I'm just going to ask for a price check, it says eight dollars. We're going to find out with this one if the food is 50 or 75 off, but in general the signs aren't always.
Just when it comes to settlement, I never really trust them. I always check prices just to make sure I know what's going on. This will give me an idea of ​​the decoration. This will give me an idea of ​​the food and us. I'll go ahead and bring a candy for the holidays and we'll see which one this one is. Can you check the price on these trying to see if they are 50 or 75 off? Okay this is confusing 75 off so all the decor should be 75 percent off basically these candies are 75 off but these food cookies for Santa obviously Christmas has only 50 off so some of the food will be 50 and some will be 75 and if you want to check the price just ask for price checks if there is no price scanner I don't think large lots have price checkers, I'm just always going to ask for a price verification.
I am always very nice to the employees, it is never a problem to ask for a price check and I do it all the time. So one thing you can do with large items when you want to check the price. There's a little trick I always do because I want to check the price on the Christmas tree, but I want to bring a Christmas tree to the front to get it. check the price, so what I'm going to do is take a photo with my phone of the barcode, I'm going to go to the register and ask them to scan that barcode and they can mark the price on the photo on my phone and not I have to load this big box in there so here is the image of the barcode which was 180.
So I'm going to have this scanned and then we'll find out the price. Someone just found a 20 weed killer on low price so we might have to go back to Lowe's okay so Christmas trees are also off 75. We just checked the price so I'll grab some photos, I'll post them on Instagram and let people know. Hey, Christmas is 75 percent off large lots, so Beckett Lowe will be checking out the clearance again to see what else we can find. There might be a pressure washer here for ninety percent off. Let's see if we can find a pressure washer with a blade.
Honestly, you win some and you lose some. This is a store I'm about to walk out of with nothing, it's not what I came for most of the time when I go to stores I don't walk out with. anything, so I know a lot of times I post on Instagram, tick tock, all that stuff and it can seem like it's so easy and it seems like everywhere I go I just pull out the clearance, that doesn't happen, you know it's not going to happen. I'll be here, but if you have a pressure washer, do you have one?
No, they have some with a 90 percent discount. Well, I could go see them. I'll show you what they were like. It's been about a year, so I'm buying all of this. Things I'm calling my brother like: Hey, do you need one? You can have one in my car. No no. You can really have it. Yes. I'll give it to you. I will give it to you. It's a housewarming gift. you're a housewarming gift happy house to me let me get you a magnet too so one thing I do when I'm looking for deals too is I always look in everyone's cart leaving the store so I can see in that door over there and I saw the box and no one has any craftsman thing in their stuff and no one has the garden cart either so we might have a chance that no one is currently paying with it so we'll see oh I don't know where to go first.
Do I want to go get the leaf blower or the garden cart? We'll go over here to the leaf blowers and see if there's anyone here looking for it. I am looking for a leaf blower and pressure washer. "You left, okay, you were half an hour late, almost someone beat me to it, thank you, how many people are asking her about leaf blowers, she knows the whole state, yes, the lowzap will apparently press, I can store, so I opened ". The Lowes app went ahead and scanned it four dollars and six cents, ninety percent off was forty dollars and ninety-eight cents, thanks, okay, come on, banjo, done, so we're back at Lowe's for the third time.
A follower just sent me a message. They have some turkey roasters at Lowe's for 90 off. They had about 139, they should go down to 13 and I'm pretty sure I walked past them at this store so let's see if they have them and I might get them a turkey roaster. Can I check the price of this? Yes that's fine. Oh, I'm fine. I'm very well. I need a cart. The price checker. I tried using the app to see if the price would go up. The app said 79, but I know what people are getting. is on sale for 13.6 cents 139 turkey roaster.
I just went there, I scanned my photo of the barcode to check the price at the register and it's 13, so we have turkey roasters, roasters, rotisserie, is it a rotisserie, a rotisserie, a deep fryer, oh no? cook a turkey for 13 90 off I think these are all here we go so I got three for 1306.39.18 that's normally $139 so I got three for the price of basically I got three at 75 percent discount, that's what it adds. up to 39 for five four hundred and twenty dollars


of stuff four hundred and thirty dollars we're officially done shopping because there's no more room there's stuff in the front seat there's stuff in the back seat there's stuff in the back seat and there's barely any room to sit so Lowe's is fine, guys it was a crazy day, so much fun, taking the dog to the groomer turned into Lowe's 90 off all this stuff here.
I got $766


of stuff and paid for about 76 amazing deals, if you like. deals and want to learn more about how to save money, be sure to follow me on Instagram and also Freebie Guy. I post clearance offers in real time and can get information much faster if you enjoyed this video. Subscribe and subscribe with your notifications on and I can't wait to see you in the next video, gift boy.

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