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Los Dos Carnales - Yo Soy Rico (Video Oficial)

Apr 28, 2023
I am rito because I have those who gave life to my father and my daughter will get I was lucky convinced that nothing is forever so soon I do not give up I go straight ahead and here we still eat for five hundred with beans and here we continue down being poor but a case of my mother makes me a millionaire my old man's words are not in the dictionary with jobs there are coins in the pants and things turn out well when this heart while we kill hunger the rest is worth mother and we continue down better instead of just true, they are only my old people, a hug, a caress or the advice of a sincere family is worth more than all the gold and they will see that for me having money is not everything, jobs there are coins in my pants if things go well when I am heart while we kill hunger the rest is worth more to me but this is not the time
los dos carnales   yo soy rico video oficial

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