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Living Books: Arthur's Teacher Trouble - Full Gameplay/Walkthrough (Longplay)

Jan 04, 2022
you, our first problem with the


by Mark Brown Hello, my name is Arthur, welcome to



to have the story read to you, click here to play inside the story, click here okay, the bell rang, the first day of school ended, the children ran out of all the classrooms, all except room 13, here the students slowly left in alphabetical order until tomorrow, said their


, Mr. Ratburn, you, cool, cool, cool, whoa, baby, we had fun today, didn't we?, we had fun today, didn't we? Good afternoon Mr. Ratburn yes mr. Ratburn this is going to be a long thirteenth year. "I can't believe he gave us homework on the first day," Arthur said. “I had the rat last year,” said Prunella boy.
living books arthur s teacher trouble   full gameplay walkthrough longplay
I feel sorry for you making one wrong move and being put on death row. warned Binky Barnes, he's really a vampire with magical powers, Chris said Oh Oh No, boy, I'm sorry for you, boy, I'm sorry for you, excuse me, he's really a vampire with magical powers, make a wrong move and It puts you on death row. Everyone was leaving. The director came out of his office. Are you ready for the September marathon? He asked The crowd cheered Who is going to win this year He asked the director Everyone shouted If I entered this year Will I get my name on the trophy?
living books arthur s teacher trouble   full gameplay walkthrough longplay

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living books arthur s teacher trouble full gameplay walkthrough longplay...

They asked twice Prunella No, if I can help it, Francine whispered, Are you ready for the September spell? Athan. I won last year. Wow, what a great trophy. Wow, a trophy. I don't foresee it being a problem. I will certainly be prepared since everyone was leaving. The director came. outside his office, are you ready for the september spell? Athan asked, yes, he applauded the crowd that he is going to win this year, he asked the director. Wow, everyone screamed when Arthur came home, he closed the back door, what did the school mother ask? I have the strictest teacher. the whole world complained Arthur just for a minute just for a minute have a chocolate chip cookie said mom doesn't have time said Arthur I have tons of homework I'll eat Arthur's said DW you don't even go to school said Arthur DW smiled these cookies are really good these cookies are really good these cookies are really good one two three four boom boom boom boom I don't have time I have tons of homework one two three four boom boom boom boom oh I guess I'll just have one okay after dinner Arthur I was still doing homework, what's that?
living books arthur s teacher trouble   full gameplay walkthrough longplay
It's a map of Africa, said Arthur, it looks like a pepperoni pizza, said DW, grey, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black, you, Africa, Africa, next year, when it's in the Kindergarten, I won't. I have homework the myth maker never gives it mom his name is Arthur DW is being a pest bedtime said mother can you finish your map of Florida in the morning Africa said Arthur I have to do this I have to do this salt salt salt salt the next day Sir. Ratburn announced a spelling test for Friday. I want you to study hard.
living books arthur s teacher trouble   full gameplay walkthrough longplay
He said the test will be one hundred words. Buster turned pale and continued. Ratburn, the two students with the highest scores will represent our class at the spelling school in Prague. I don't even know 100 words, a hundred words, just a hundred words. I'm going to have to study a lot to be a pronoun, maybe my computer. can you help me September is fun that week everyone in Arthur's class studied harder than ever you guys good luck charm hmm good luck charm good luck charm Arthur spent a lot of time looking for quiet places to study mom wanted me to say a few more words study thanks DW Oh cute baby Oh there are so many words stay away yeah sure there are so many words suddenly it was Friday and time for the exam.
Arthur could smell Miss Sweetwater's class making popcorn and he could hear the lady. Fink left for the last time for a trip to the aquarium he whispered to Francine he slipped it's cute you d squid squid s q you the squid fish yes you this is easy the next word is vacation this is easy the next word is vacation pencils down please Bring your papers to the front, Mr. Ratburn corrected his work during lunch class. He said that most of you did very well on the test, but only two of you said every word correctly. Muffy smiled.
Francine hiccupped. Buster patted his good luck charm. Ratburn cleared his throat our class representatives for the spell athon will be the brain and Arthur there must be some mistake Wow Arthur you won I did it Wow Arthur you won I did I thought I would win That I thought Plus you all did very well, congratulations brain and Arthur, thank you. I can't believe it, mr. Ratburn gave Arthur's brain a special list of words for each, just study these and you'll be ready for the spell marathon in two weeks. He said Eskimo, yeah, okay, I'm Eskimo, banana, banana, goldfish, g o l d-i, plane, hey, our plane, balloon, know lol.
Oh. balloon ambulance Hey and bu L see ambulance trumpet P you are m PE p trumpet tap Hey see II tap umbrella umbrella umb r e LOL umbrella turtle pur TL turtle glasses GL hey glasses uu-aah ar ar e squirrel your astronaut as a dinosaur d AI n a you mmm dinosaur cookie look oh okay ah cookie Acrobat a look our o b.a.p Acrobat sickle be I see why end Oh bicycle good w8o good Lightning L I g8 p n i ng chicken lightning c8 I see hey chicken okay I basket be a sk8 ep basket seagull s e-g you L wheel Seagal W wheel vacuum v-a see you em vacuum parachute p.a are a v8 ute parachute snake okay snake helicopter 8l I see Oh P P er helicopter cake see okay cake tomato pm8 he tomato monkey Mo that him And monkey fly bu p PE r FL and butterfly scissors see I yes Oh ah scissors photo P AI p c8 C are photo Pelican pl I see a pelican Beryl the a our our barrel submarine his BM a submarine octopus Oh look oh your hammer 8 a-m e you are hammer Arthur's the family lo helped study grandma asked Arthur his spelling words now spelling problems honey TR o u BL e that's there how's your HOMEWORK? father asked I will do it after I finish my homework dad, have you done your B EE D? mother added yes, mother now spell equation oh I mean bicycle be I see why CLE bicycle Arthur c om p UT er computer that's right son Arthur spell sister PRA T brat Arthur sister sister Arthur's family helped him study grandmother asked him to Arthur his spelling words how about your CH or R?
The father asked if you did your B EE D. The mother added that DW also helped when Francine and Buster came. DW opened the door. I can't play but I can. She said dad. I will never learn all these words in time. Oh my god, he's working. difficult, he should know all the words by now Well, have fun studying Arthur, I can't believe Bella Thorne is finally here, Grandma said, maybe now we'll have some peace and quiet. DW said good luck, Arthur said mother and father, artist of the week Picasso not yet dear auditorium take a seat please I wish it was over oh I don't think it's ready just do your best son you're going to do well dear don't worry dear "It's going to be okay, honey.
Hi Arthur, we're backstage. Arthur could hear the whole school in the auditorium. Well, today is the big day," Mr. Ratburn said, how are you feeling? "I feel good, the brain," Arthur swallowed. He wishes he were still in bed. Oh, forgive me, oh, forgive me, when I memorized all the words, the auditorium is


, isn't it so exciting? I'm sure I memorized everything. the words good luck guys the director welcomed everyone and explained the rules the brain had the first turn he approached the microphone the first word is fear said the director fear said the brain a little fast sorry said the director That's not right Are you sure you asked your brain what dictionary you're using?
Nice try, brain. Nice try, brain. I can not believe that this is happening. Hi, Wow, brain fog, doesn't my hair look beautiful? I thought you said not skin. My hair looks beautiful the brain was not the only one to quickly abandon the representatives of Miss Fresh Waters and Mrs. Fink's class left in an instant, before long only Arthur and Prunella were left, they were TLA pronouns, turn the word is preparation, he said the main pronoun 'he looked at her feet, could you give me the definition, please, he asked After a moment of preparation, the director repeated. the preparation process of course said prunella P r EP she paused er8 tion I'm sorry, that's incorrect said the director now Arthur has a chance to spell it Arthur are you ready?
Yes Arthur looked at the audience and took a deep breath preparation said p r e p EI r a TI on correct said the director all in mr. Ratburn's class applauded, I won, way to go Arthur, way to go Arthur, I'm so proud that he's my grandson, that he's my son, that he's my grandson, so mr. Rathburn stepped up to the microphone. I am very proud of Arthur. He said that, in fact, I am proud of my entire class. They worked very hard. what a great job everyone did a good job smile please could you smile for the camera? thank you kids, congratulations Arthur, thank you, this is the last third degree I will have in the Athan spell, but next year I am looking forward to a new challenge. teaching kindergarten, let's have a big hand for everyone in this beautiful thon Ratburn, he is very handsome, excuse me, excuse me, please, excuse me, that's your class DW, see you next year, DW, lucky for you, DW, use me, excuse me, please, excuse me, excuse me, thank you. everyone to come, see you at the Athan spell next year see you later.
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