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Live at Met Gala 2024 With Vogue

May 07, 2024
For months, designers and stylists have been collaborating with their celebrity guests to achieve social glory for this first Monday in May and now, after thousands of hours of planning and fine-tuning, their creations are about to be revealed. It's Gwendel, Christie and me. I'll be with Ashley Graham all night interviewing some of the world's most notable figures who will be lining the tunnel here as they wait for their big moment. You will climb these stairs while photographers, journalists and even other guests shout your names and capture every detail and once you are at the top you will meet our co-host La La Anthony.
live at met gala 2024 with vogue
That's right, we're here to talk to everyone from this year's co-chair Zinda Bad Bunny, Jennifer Lopez and Chris Hemsworth to the entire guest list that's been kept under WS until tonight This Is the


Met Galla Red Carpet the former costume institute's newest exhibition Fashion Sleeping Beauties Reawakening opens to the public this Friday, May 10 It's such an exciting time that everyone in attendance tonight is going to get a first look at the exhibit, but first they'll make their grand entrance right here. Tonight's dress code is the garden of time and we expect to see a wide range of exciting performances and here to tell us more about the whole evening is a Woman who has been co-chair of the Mech Gala since 1995.
live at met gala 2024 with vogue

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live at met gala 2024 with vogue...

She is the incomparable Lady, my fairy godmother Anna Winter is here. How are you? Thank you. I'm excited to be here tonight. It's such an exciting night. What's something people might not realize? about the planning of the Met Galla, maybe how long it takes, a garden of time, but it's a huge amount of time on the part of so many people, whether they work at the museum or all the Vs, a lot of people from Condas and I'm very thankful. to the army of people who put this together and we started planning it over a year in advance we are already on the 25th and 26th so God is in the details yes absolutely now Anna, do you have a favorite Ele from this year's exhibition?
live at met gala 2024 with vogue
My favorite element of the exhibition is always the pleasure of seeing the visitors who come and see the exhibition and understand the magic of what Andrew produces each year and that is really the greatest reward we have, of course, tonight is wonderful and really fun. and I can't wait to see what everyone wears, but ultimately we're doing this for the museum and the great work that Andrew and Anna do, speaking of the museum, what's your favorite part about collaborating with the museum for the


yo? Working with the Costume Institute is a great pleasure. Andrew has the most incredible team, but everyone at the museum has worked together for 27 years, so we know each other quite well, but they are always very helpful, accommodating and enthusiastic.
live at met gala 2024 with vogue
It's a great partnership. It's going to be a fabulous evening. I am very excited and I am having a wonderful time. Thanks to you too. Good luck. Thank you. Okay, let's talk to Gwendelyn and Ashley and see what's going on at the end of the day. carpet thank you Lala watch while la la la holds it at the top of the stairs gelin and I have a front row seat to all the arrivals at fashion's biggest and boldest night and with a dozen cameras on the carpet we have you covered , there is much to admire each year, starting with the decoration itself, the


organizers always create an atmosphere based on the exhibition that perfectly represents the theme of the night.
I'm obsessed with tonight's theme because I think we really need to go explore and have fun with the archive and the floral and really think outside the box for this gathering. I think also with regards to the decor it's definitely a sensory experience and I was excited to hear that Baz Lerman was involved in generating it along with Katherine Martin, it was exciting news, yeah, arrivals. have officially started and as always this year's co-chairs are the first to show their appearance there's the absolutely stunning Zenda oh my god she never fails what's on her shoulder is that hummingbird on her shoulder floating around I'm really obsessed I think we're in for a real treat tonight with Zen's look, literally anything Law Roach does with Zena, she slays it, she's on all the red carpets, best dressed, oh the makeup, she let her eyebrows go, this is sensational I think this is John Gallano's Marel and it's yet another piece of stupendous genius oh wow oh and I love the back drama absolutely gorgeous Jennifer Lopez is also one of tonight's amazing co-chairs and she already headed to the steps of the Met too, let's take a look at JLo never disappoints and of course Jennifer Sensational looks like a Hollywood Vision as always look at her body her dress the shoes the hair the tan oh she has so much light inside her doesn't she?
She really she does it how does she get you there? Lala, it's always like this. exciting once arrivals begin and I am beyond excited to be back here hosting the Me Gala for the third year in a row gwendelyn and Ashley this is your first time hosting the Met Gala what are you two most looking forward to Are you craving tonight? I'm really having a great time meeting so many different people that I had never met before finding out about them and overall I'm just vibing with Ashley, oh me and Gwendelyn are vibing, we're having so much fun here Lala, we miss you.
Although I miss you too, you guys look amazing, so yeah, and we know tonight's dress code is the garden of time, so we're definitely trying to embody that, tell me a little bit about what inspired you both . look tonight, well my look is uh M in Mella by John Gallano, it's inspired by blood oranges. I know the entire Marel team worked incredibly hard to find this extremely rare type of color and, uh, I'm also wearing a water cage coat. I'm also giving a little. I'm evoking something from the show that is very close to my heart and I think it was a glorious celebration in recent fashion history.
It's your hair from the pageant, maybe oh oh, it's me. I'm using ludvik and it actually took him 500 hours to put all these little crystals together, we went a little dark, we went a little mysterious and sexy with the flowers. I can breathe a little, that's all that matters, but Lala, we are very excited. to hear about your dress and what inspired it, thank you so much, you are both stunning as Visions when I look at you both, so my dress is McQueen and I just wanted to embody the darker side of the theme and I was also very excited. find used vintage accessories that I found on eBay, they are stunning and just the way I look and I feel confident that I can't breathe either, but who needs to breathe, we just have to be here and do our job, a great job, and that's What am I trying to do tonight?
But they both look awesome. I feel great. It's going to be an incredible evening. Now let's return to the red tent to be accompanied now by a woman who needs no introduction. One of my favorite people. the world Jennifer Lopez is here how awesome are you? I looked at you from bottom to top and thought: "Oh my God, please tell me about this look, this is scaparelli. It's 2 and a half million bugle beads, approximately 800 hours of work. The real couture creation is for the butterfly wings." , obviously, escapeelli, the DNA with the butterfly and it's been a part of your house for a long time, so I have to talk here and um, yeah, I just wanted to perfect for the sleeping beauty, the butterfly sleeps, wakes up something more my. mouth I'm trying to work out it's so awesome now that you're co-president here tonight talk about what it means to be co-president because I know it's a lot of responsibility, you know it's actually not that bad and he calls you, you have a lovely dinner the night before , you are the host, you go to greet all the guests, you make a little announcement and let everyone know for the entertainment, it's not that bad, it's actually quite an honor, it's absolutely nice now, this is your fourteenth time. .
I know she told me that I was like, I think I quit tonight. I think that's it for me. Is it still as exciting after all this time? You know, it's lovely, it's beautiful. At night, so many people gather, so many artists of different genres, from music, movies, fashion, there are businessmen here. Private equity, there are all kinds of people here tonight, so it's not often that you find that mix of all the different types of society, so it's really good, it's a nice night, well, I'm very happy to that you stopped to chat, awesome, have a night, thank you, thank you very much, it's good to see you, thank you, this way and all the other boys, Felix and Bank, now they're the Stray Kids and Tommy.
Hilfiger day and his beautiful wife bangchan. This is his boys' first Met Gala. It's our first time. We are happy to be here and if it wasn't for Tommy we wouldn't be here, so thanks to Tommy for inviting us all. Eight of us, what was it like dressing in Tommy Hilfiger? We had a lot of fitting sessions but they all went really well and I personally really like everyone to be in shape so yeah I'm seeing a lot of sexy men around here yeah. but you're the queen always and Tommy, I think you're Tommy, your spring


campaign revisited your iconic modern prep style.
What inspired you to work with street children? They are as modern as you can get. Wow, they are modern preparation. and they're global superstars, they're a Kpop band from Korea and they're embarking on a 40-city tour and filling stadiums with 880,000 people, oh wow, and they have a wild fan base all over the world, just a little bit. popular What are you most looking forward to when you walk into Tommy? Because this is not your first meeting. What still excites you about coming to the Met each year? Well, this is the event of the year and it is full of energy.
We love. See what people are wearing because this is the only opportunity they have to wear whatever they want as long as it's on theme, we want to make sure Anna absolutely approves of it too. Yes, it's lovely to see you all. see you all have a great time inside have a wonderful evening thank you gone I'm joined by the sweetest Soul Mindy King is here I saw them walking up the stairs and I thought wow this is a look you have to tell me what inspired this amazing look tonight thank you. I'm wearing gorav Gupta who is an amazing Indian designer genius and my jewelry is shukra jewelry and they are both Indian designers that's amazing so it makes me very happy to represent such talented geniuses who happen to be from my community It's amazing AND this dress has a name it's called the melting flower of time the melting flower of oh yes it makes sense on the C you can see it looks like a flower that once bloomed and is now so stunning Wow this is an amazing look, one of my favorites for you for sure, thank you very much, and what I also love is that it has a little bit of shimmer, yes it does, it's me after all, exactly, I love little shimmers.
By all means, tell me what you're most looking forward to tonight. I mean, I'm really excited to see Zena. I was that person who was on my way here. She was already like looking looking looking well, it was impressive, like unreal. I sure do, and Anna is amazing and she's also a genius, so for me, if I can see Anna and Zena, then I can sit and have dinner and feel like I've done my job, then you're good, yeah, exactly good. I hope you have an amazing evening, stunning, my favorite look, thank you, of course, of course, because now I'm here with the world famous and My Girl Aaliyah bot, how are you feeling tonight?
I feel great, I feel very excited, months of preparation. a lot of talking, everything you know builds up in this moment, it's so real, but it's also so special. I can't wait to walk the carpet because it's pretty impressive, I know, and you're here representing India and I'm sorry. beautiful I'm sorry for who designed this so this was designed by Sabas Sai mukarji uh it's my second time at the Met but it's my first time wearing a sari um and when I thought about the Garden of Time dress code I felt like doing it. I needed something timeless and there is nothing more timeless than a saree and how long it took to make your saree.
The work on it is truly exquisite. So all this is hand embroidery, of course, it is necessary. Let me get this number right because it is extremely important. When you talk about craftsmanship, 1.95 hours of work and 106 63 artisan embroidery workers, all to make this garment, it doesn't surprise me because the work is truly sublime. What's in the dress, you can see so many years of experience and talent, and uh. You enjoy meeting the people who made it, I haven't actually had the chance to meet them, but I've seen a lot of videos and I'm very excited to bring all of that to the world for everyone to see because it's taken a lot of love and work and a lot effort and everything that has been achieved love and time lasts forever I am obsessed like the garden like the garden of time the garden of time you look crazy I mean you are equal to your beauty It's surprising me, it's not really oh, Fanning fan over here.
I can't wait to see you inside you. Sensational, you guys look absolutely sensational.doing with Khloe. I have watched him with such fascination and adoration. You brought a real freshness to the house but at the same time you recognize the codes in a very modern way. What has been your most exciting challenge? About being at Chloe, first of all, thank you very much for all these kind words. I would say it honestly. I feel like I've come home. I have loved the house for so many years and I am very happy to be there. I'm extremely happy to share the feminine energy and you know dressing women intuitively and you really know I want them to feel great and really themselves and I think that's really the most exciting thing for me.
You have embodied it if I can. I can't believe you came out of a baby. You're on the red carpet. What's going on? Yes, it's a really beautifully draped fabric. Yes, you look comfortable and elegant at the same time and Greta, we have to congratulate you on your phenomenal success with Barbie, truly deserved one of the most original, exciting and unique films of recent times and now you move on to Snow White. Can you tell us a little bit about this in a minute right? And I also have to say what that is. The magical thing is that Emma was also in Barbie so we got to be here together and it was so exciting when she texted me and said "you're going" and I was like "My Barbies, yes my Barbie will be with me "Um, no, really." I can't take credit for what it would be because I spent a very small amount of time on it, but I'll take credit anyway, do it, no, but I um.
I love making movies, it's my favorite thing to do and I can't believe I can keep doing it and then I'm going to direct with a cape. Oh yes, it suits you. I had overalls that you ladies have. a big mat to get to, yeah okay, everyone looks perfect, no one needs a paddler, the lip is awesome. I'm so happy to see all of you, you can't wait to party inside, too, yes, it's a pleasure to see you all having the most wonderful f. Bye, bye, the one here with me now is Matt Damon and his stunning, beautiful wife, Lucy, is also here.
How do you feel now. I know we're hot, but how are you feeling now? Oh, really, really cool, yeah, yeah, it's a fun night. so tell me what you expect on a night like this, the most important night in fashion. Well, I have a lot of friends who will be here, so I'm looking forward to catching up with a lot of people and, you know. We're seeing old friends and having a great time. Can you tell us what you are preparing and working on these days? Well, I have a movie coming out this summer. Yes, there is something that Lucy produced and that I.
I'm on uh uh with the director of born identity and Casey Affleck called the instigators so it's coming out in August on Apple that's awesome congratulations Lucy on that that's awesome well I hope you two have fun tonight. some air conditioning, have a good time and I'll see you, of course, I'll appreciate it, okay, sure, Sabrina Melle SM SC Beau, sure, Dr. C, lead the way, look at cardi, she's hit the red carpet and to the green carpet. the Gala carpet impressed me I love this look everyone was waiting for her to arrive tonight and wow look at that dress look at the details look at this this is impressive this is absolutely stunning this is the way you close a Gala carpet M for Sure, Whoa, whoa, okay, so we have to go in right now.
I'm still stunned by this sick look. We have to get in right now, so let's conclude our


broadcast. Gwendelyn and Ashley. It's been wonderful to be here with you two tonight and thank you to everyone at home for watching. You can actually check out Sleeping Beauties Reawakening fashion when it opens to the public at the Met this Friday, May 10, and don't forget to check out Vogue World Paris. on Sunday, June 23 and with that the Mech Gala red carpet has come to an end and the garden of time is officially out of time, so we have to get in now to have a great night.
Yes, thank you very much.

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