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Mar 17, 2022
Hi, I'm the deal maker for YouTube. Matt Granite, welcome to CES


to all the amazing subscribers to this channel. You know I usually do


unboxings, deal reveals, and give away everything I try for free, but today is a little different. I want for all of you to


, this is our badge together. I was the first reporter in the world inside the Consumer Electronics Show today, well now that I've spent a little time here I want to take a


at the trends. What is fashionable. Come on, go ahead, it's a little busy, a little congested, but I don't know if you can see around the corner, one of the first things we're going to see is one of the major trends at the Consumer Electronics Show this year and that's driverless auto-navigator every brand you can think of that's really into a lot of


nology right now we're in the Intel area and one of the new trends this year is cars that can predict what drivers are going to do when n the driver is behind the wheel where its a fully autonomous vehicle what does that mean?
live from ces 2018 exclusive look at ces tech
Well, a fully autonomous vehicle, the car drives, which is similar to what would happen here, but Nissan and a few other brands are working on new technology where they can actually read what's going on inside the driver's brain, so if You want to turn left the car knows if you want to turn right it knows that or if you are like me all over the place and you want to run an errand. and go find bubbles to eat yes he knows and he can also make sure you don't stray don't fall asleep lots of tech to make the road safer so you can see BMW personal co-driver one of the other Vehicles around here are a very big thing, but once you get beyond the cars and the brands that are really trying to push that and by the way, that's another Intel experience, I want to show you the most affordable technology, what's going to change. you af rld your life the accessibility by the way we are


is amazing sorry i beat you but its my youtube channel they are great people i promise they are very nice so thanks for watching what sorry i hit you so is he but I'm not that adept at walking backwards or forwards immersive gaming and media is another big trend here too so it's not just VR but ways you can really feel the game and then have someone else who can also play with you on a different system so you both don't need to wear virtual reality headsets that's one of the big friends we're


ing at if you take a look here this is augmented reality which is different than virtual reality brooks reality obviously you wear something in your immersion in a different environment augmented reality allows you to interact more and you can recreate spaces so this gentleman here is actually inside the consumer electronics show he's giving it a different view of that, which is a very strange thing to do, but if you work in health architecture rather than a field that the game focuses on, this allows the user to interact r more with the environment that he or she is in now as we move towards here and I have some really exciting things to show you walls of televisions and all these other crazy experiences.
live from ces 2018 exclusive look at ces tech

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live from ces 2018 exclusive look at ces tech...

I want to take a look beyond 5g charging and some of the 5g networks that you talked about in a moment and break through. into the new world of television Laser television is something that I'm going to show you at a really excited moment because what we're seeing here is a whole different level of integration when you think your television is smart What do you think of fire television? Apple TV Google Chromecast Alexa is now being integrated into other TVs made by other brands, so without the Amazon associations you normally see on some of the TVs sold on Amazon, Alexa has had quite a resurgence at Consumer Electronics. cs Show this year she is all over the place and I have to be honest.
live from ces 2018 exclusive look at ces tech
I have sympathy for her, but it's interesting to see how much she integrates. I'm going to show you some smart home technology in a moment. Let's keep going. This is Awesome, I'm so excited to be with you, okay, we're going to work our way to laser TV now. I know many of you are looking at this red laser tv if its an 8k tv. it means the 4k tvs that everyone is buying right now we're going to go even lower in terms of price we're talking about 30% price drops by the end of the summer that's because all the new technology is coming to market .
live from ces 2018 exclusive look at ces tech
Market 4k Laser TV What you're seeing on some of the TVs here just delivers a new level of brighter, sharper cinematic quality. where the brightness is a bit more controlled and the ambience whether or not there is direct sunlight on your tongue it's not as susceptible to some of the changes you would see if you had light exposure on a 4k tv so that's about it what you need to know about it ok let's keep it up about each other stuff oh you know what sorry i wanna go 5g for a second i have the most amazing videographer with me right now he's following me around because i'm not so optimized in terms of what I'm doing but 5g obviously 4G LTE is the fastest speed available to a lot of people looking right now for their smartphone 5g will bring speeds later this year to a lot more people than I've ever seen available great for playing in ghost streaming but another kind of real way to cut down on the time you spend interacting with your smartphone for mundane tasks like buffering you're charging how often you're with n that dead battery and still relying on power banks and all these other pieces of tech where its good to see some innovations on the charging front so mark my words right now charging systems and charging systems fast charging are going to overtake the summer markets so we're talking about wireless charging available for Apple and Android and we're also talking about very, very smart wireless charging options for not just smartphones but tablets and many more. other departments in your home so that's a very exciting thing for me because I really think we need to focus more on batteries rather than just pieces of technology so this is the innovation that is within this framework here now I want take them for a little ride with me we're going to get into some smart homes and the big theme this year at the Consumer Electronics Show is integration everything is talking to your whole fridge is talking to your smartphone just talking to your shopping list, which can then go shopping for you when you run out of something and I apologize.
I'm avoiding eye contact a bit. I'm really trying not to. kill myself as i walk back but we're going into a multi-million dollar screen at the Consumer Electronics Show a lot of these plays here are fifty thousand one hundred thousand and the screens you're looking at in this area right here and I just want to show you another cool thing this dude check this out right here this is another trend that we're seeing in a consumer that has live right now not just robotics but people actually wearing the augmented reality suits that allow them to interact more with one of those who I showed, so it sounds crazy, but it's really amazing in terms of what we're seeing this year and that guy is actually my friend that we dated before, so we'll move on. okay let's go back and I apologize I'm changing a bit but there's a lot to see and do and we're going to walk into a multi-billion dollar space so a lot of what we're looking at here these are the least expensive screens the 5 0 the $80,000 that a brand may have paid to exhibit but there are some multi-million dollar brands we'll look at in a bit let's stick around here we're giving a lecture I'm sure that's basically all you see you get stuck in these smart homes which is pretty interesting so you'll either be stuck in an LG smart home or you'll be stuck in a different house that you didn't really realize you were going to find yourself in and it's interesting in a way . they force you into their environments.
I'll show you this in a moment. It is very interesting, but we are going to see here only the typical technology of every day. Retro consumer grade audio. and if you're heading over here, we're going into the most expensive, most coveted area of ​​the Consumer Electronics Show, there are three halls, there's the South Hall, there's the North Hall, and there's the central hall, which is where we're going to go right now. and around these s in Las Vegas, I don't know if you've ever been, but this year's Consumer Electronics Show is so big that it actually exists as side conferences at hotels like the Venetian and Caesars Mandalay Bay, so you might being at the Consumer Electronics Show but not necessarily being in the areas where I'm going to show you what we're going to see okay so we're just going through the ultra series right now and we're going to get into what I call these multi-million dollar systems where all of a sudden you're in a whole house that's smart LG, one of the major brands here, Panasonic, one of the major brands, but the way they've been able to integrate everything is kind of mind-blowing and I'm going to show some of which I see in a moment, but I want to mention that the gaming monitors and projectors that I showed you are projectors that are part of a live video on Tuesday.
This is something where projection is taking a bit more head on as well. seat because people aren't always in front of a TV and they want to share their content or maybe you're in a business meeting and that's one of the things we're seeing in a lot of projections so you're inside a smart home now smart pots and pans that can better sense what's going on inside them is a big phenomenon at this year's Consumer Electronics Show and one of the other cool things is the way your appliances will not only be able to talk to each other, but they will also let you know what's going on with your clothes, so we all know you know the smart fridge obviously tells you what's inside the fridge, then when you run out of milk you can deny it to a smart device but it What's going on here are ways to replace what you would do on a typical dry cleaner with different ironing systems if you can see now that you're scanning the coat and panel the firm on this to figure out not just how it should be washed but how fast it can be accomplished so this is a very interesting thing that we're looking at where instead of paying somebody to do it you'll have some kind of artificial intelligence or a robot to make that very interesting and obviously robots are a big thing at the Consumer Electronics Show, they come in all shapes and sizes. the robots were seeing that this year they're much smaller you can see the LG robot right here talking about the demo but that's not really my favorite robot there are some bigger robots that are just around the corner and so fact there's one here where it would be a robot intelligent control of any of the other washers dryers dishwashers in your home and it can give you live updates on that you can also connect it to your social media.
I don't know why you would want to do that but that's one of the smaller robots one of the larger robots let's see what comes here and again when you hear robots sometimes you think of a face but there are smaller robotics that we are looking at which helps with accessibility s to move around a bit more so we're looking at things that don't look like your conventional robot which is very different and then we're also looking at the giant ollie-like robots and of course this one isn't moving all right. now, but they're touring the Consumer Electronics Show and they're interacting with some very interesting people and visitors.
I have a couple of photos and more screenshots that you can see as well. I'll show you more of that on Sunday, so if you're not already a subscriber, feel free to do so. I'm also giving away a lot of the items I've unboxed and presented so it's still inside the LG. living room so you can see some of the great stuff we're looking at here LED TVs plus the laser TV I just showed you and also a way to make all your appliances talk and talk but something everyone lines up for I'm going to take it through it because I want to know if you think this is awesome or worthy of the line it's a tunnel where with the power of pixels and music and surround sound audio the world's largest natural oleo screen it's next to us and you can walk on forever.
I have seen people respond differently to these people lining up, although it is very strange. I have seen people clap when they finish the trip. It'll take you a couple of minutes but you can see the number of speaker selfie sticks right now we're inside the biggest TV in the world and this isn't a bunch of different screens this is unified they're all projecting and working on set to display some of the picturesmore beautiful than you will see. you walk through it, you're immersed in this environment, it's very noisy, but you have the idea that I'm going to take them out here, but it's very beautiful and you'll hear in a Second, people are going to clap because they get so excited.
I want to take you right now here to another area of ​​the Convention Center where we see some of the brands and some of the other things going on here where fitness technology is driving the show, there's actually an entire convention center in the Consumer Electronics Show dedicated to fitness in healthcare technology which is a big topic at CES this year if you head to the Venetian you'll see a lot of that but come this way and I want to show you what's going on and you'll see the right where they think of sports and health technology they probably think of some kind of heart rate monitor but really it's ways to help you interact with sporting events get to where you're actually working enough leave it so come here you'll see the Samsung screen, you know, Galaxy, this is a little different, the treadmills, the ellipticals, the systems that allow you to not only lose weight, but also they let you sweat it burn some calories or my favorite which i have done come take a look at this and it takes them here sorry excuse us and you can see behind for me this guy is on a trip right now back to la Ice Age and it's seeing that you can look right above it.
The dinosaur is all sorts of fun stuff, but it's flying through that in this Samsung kit that recreates one of the most immersive environments around. you might see an absolutely amazing big fan of that and then as we work our way up here I just want to show you some of the great smaller consumer tech, more affordable options, one of the biggest things for me this year , it's not just to show you all the cool stuff that you're not necessarily going to be able to afford because it's not even development and it costs several million dollars to acquire the technology, but I wanted to show you the smaller items, the items that anyone can take, which is cool and These are the smaller screens once we get past Panasonic, where many of the items I'll be featuring on the channel this year have been tested here. much improvement for your life better audio better integration better picture better video quality guys remember a few weeks ago i was showing these time lapse cameras they were amazing it was actually a consumer electronic device from the previous year so a lot of the stuff I find that here not only connects your world, but it allows me to further connect with you to showcase some amazing pieces of technology over the course of the year.
It was nice. He got nervous. pushing them as we head to the quieter area anyway an audio you guys have seen them there I think they're actually developing some really nice wireless speakers that integrate a lot of Alexa the Bluetooth wireless speakers what's interesting is that in They're actually removing the design from some of the echoes, you guys can see that it looks like an echo, but I don't know how they got away with it, but that's one of the things they're doing. voice controlled really very important and a big part of the show experience amazing headphones turntables obviously i showed you that a little retro come back guys remember the G shocks those Casio watches air con very interesting but the smart technology those survival kits also doing a great I'm coming back, we actually got to experience some of the displays here, but one of my favorites is showing you the snowboarding wristwatch. which are being integrated into a lot of the new smartwatches that don't let you capture beautiful video but let you play it back which is actually the internet so there you have it absolutely amazing big fan of what's going on. ng there I want to take you guys a little further back here before we say goodbye because I want to show you some of the other items that you're going to see on the channel this year 360 degree flies are very, very popular this is part of a nerdy ghetto V and what I'm sorry guys if this broadcast continues to drop reception a little bit inside the Consumer Electronic Show room, there are so many people trying to connect to the internet at the same time that it's been buffering a bit, so I apologize if I got interrupted.
I promise I will have new videos on Sunday and throughout the week. If you missed any of this I'll post the replay as well so before we say goodbye now that we've got some reception audio obviously still a very important audiobook as part of that and some interesting changes within the smartphone market for which this year might tell everyone some of the brands that would be very familiar in China, where they're building beautiful smartphones at a fraction of the price aside, these are consumer-friendly displays running some really nice Android operating systems and many of them are integrated with Amazon.
This isn't certain either, but you can see that screens on phones have gotten really cheap, which is important for a lot of people to focus on, so don't go out, thank you very much. I really appreciate it and actually had a chance to use these phones. Some of them are subsidized through Amazon Prime. which is great which is a wonderful thing but you can see the screens on these absolutely gorgeous so I'm just trying to get to the home screen and it's nice because at prices that are well under 200 bucks you can get some good smart phone unlocks and I'll tell you if you actually head over to Amazon in a couple of weeks you'll see more promotions tied to these phones at CES but these are very durable and I'm a big fan of what they bring to the table as well thanks for letting me hold that big fan thanks you're welcome and some cool stuff we've seen here at blackberry i don't know how i don't say this because i'm canadian but they have got a screen that a lot of people as you can see are lining up for.
I thought it was kind of a done thing but blackberry also keyboard caters to people looking to type on the go that's something i was really surprised to see consumer electronics show I can usually predict what's going to happen, but the BlackBerry booth threw me off, so before we say goodbye, I want to know what else they're looking for to see what they want to see more joy see more robots will you? to see some more smart cars that will make you happy because I want to make sure I keep bringing you that content throughout the year so if there's anything you want to see more of that's great behind me as you can see kind of smart displays and everything it continues on roku tv 4k 8k and some of the other bigger brands but what i'm giving you right now is at least a good look at what's out there for consumer electronics that is showing up as very good. you getting a glimpse of the way the vendors have been set up really lets you see more of what's going on in terms of very accessible technology you come in and you know what's going on in the world and that's why I'm asking if there's anything you want find in your world, please leave me a comment, I really appreciate you watching.
I'm sorry we had some streaming issues and I ran into a few people and it might have been a little shaky but that's what happens when you do it over video and you're at the Consumer Electronics Show and it's been amazing to be along for the ride remember that we're not done stay subscribed via notifications turn on we have a new video coming sunday tons of freebies and giveaway deals and i love you guys it's been so much fun from you in vegas and it's just getting started thanks for watching

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