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Listen to 3 year old's emergency call after pregnant mum falls down stairs - BBC News

May 02, 2023
ambulance service come exactly what happened to take off katanas for fun or for your mom baby just made mom and babies fall down


at the same time ok darling let's help mom ok , can you discover your mom for me your wish mother is ok mom breathing or mom is breathing is ok - fear stay on the phone i will not hang up the phone is ok how is the baby the baby is in mommy's tummy it's ok darling it's ok my love that's ok so you know where mommy say why didn't I mean that various parts of my head to see it in another place it's not ok it's mommy mommy has her eyes open she's talking to you she's back to sleep is fine now but has the ambulance ever come - oh i'll stay on the phone with you ok honey i want you to keep an eye on your mom and make sure mom is breathing you know what i mean?
listen to 3 year old s emergency call after pregnant mum falls down stairs   bbc news

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