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Lippes Leselust – Staffel 3 – Folge 1 Jürgen von der Lippe und Torsten Sträter

Nov 20, 2022
Thank you so much, that's not necessary, oh you already stopped, yeah we're not required to, we recorded this wonderful thing for my channel, I can't tell you how happy I am that it finally worked. we were supposed to be at this point three years ago and the guy i'm going to spend tonight with no matter where i tune in he's already there without him culturally in this country just by the time his candle is burning five points that's all Of course it's nonsense because the tips of the candles must always be divisible by two without remainder Yes, it is a great pleasure for me and also a great honor that I can celebrate today with the most hip comedian cabaret artist of these days, ladies and gentlemen, welcome Thorsten Sträter thank you thank you I'm not the most modern but at least they announced to me that sometimes linguistically you are the most modern that was also the only one how are you how are you oh I feel wonderful that's now we've been doing a very long program without that it doesn't help or we're doing the second one and it's a lot of fun I sound like a naturopath but it's a lot of fun it's fun you can't imagine what it's like when you're with people who with oces on TV so I didn't know what you meant when you said I smoke another yes I've only pulled twice there yes and at the same time one more is enough if you continue like this then let's start the show we'll start with Paul Bukowski yes I did on both numbers of this Lippe Lippes so this businessman had and in the meantime to my delight he has made his way into the top group one can say established yes and above all he still has paul walkows he still has the man or woman who is no longer known today in day the commercials made back then he stood there displaying his humor with creeping violence he commented correctly to his colleague malschauer yes but there has to be a relative clause there he is right in the new book he says he is back with a calm force and dignified that he is insurmountable so at least he has it grammatically he has learned to do this strong is sebastián still is I would speak of an insufficiency of attributes or adjective so with the propaganda you have to see it so we started with the boat and it also had great titles Bukowski it's just less together but that will be finished I'll tell you right away I don't know if I can contain myself or if I'll get wet again when the next book comes out yes the second bombshell you already want it full of spoilers but I want spoilers that he is the king of titles is that you have to say I see the other book oh that's here that's here so tell me if it's called something like that other book please I withdraw my hand.
lippes leselust staffel 3 folge 1 j rgen von der lippe und torsten str ter
I will not come. I actually come the way like this, but I mean, if we go to a book title competition now, that's fine, of course, Nils Heinrich isn't bad in the running with Be Glad You're Not Yogurt. You have page 20. So it's about them. What do you actually call that cat customs? Yeah, that's the cats setup. That is a bilingual program. It's the cat setup and I'm only doing it because Professor Dumbledore is here today. I see you dead again what is not dead we can ask him I didn't realize you didn't realize that it's great so it must look good so let's hope he doesn't have his route with him then I start and you basically read and I do all the other voices it was planned like that, yes well, it's about a young man who comes to take care of an apartment for a certain time with a cat just for V understanding Maxi Maxi look Maxi that's Paul I think it's an early but sure sign of madness when the voices people introduce their pets to other people he says hello briefly I'm not sure if the 40-year-old editor named Sabine with her cat her partner or more insecure I stand on the threshold of a Schöneberg apartment and stare down the stately hallway that at first I thought it was ankle length but on closer inspection it turned out to be a floorboard almost completely covered in cat toys, with a fat waist in the middle house The cat he is lying and playing snow angels without motivation.
lippes leselust staffel 3 folge 1 j rgen von der lippe und torsten str ter

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lippes leselust staffel 3 folge 1 j rgen von der lippe und torsten str ter...

You can't check it now. No, but I didn't say she said snow yesterday because I didn't immediately recognize the word snow angel. Next, I think that sometimes you are too strict with yourself. i should have overlooked it i said yesterday in the first snail text strangers people and was bitterly mocked for it all night and then no one urinated bitter on me well now let's just say the internet don't forget we shouldn't keep reading right now let's say in a period of time before before short-term memory says no with me you have snow angels said more carefully it turns out to be a floorboard almost completely covered with cat toys on which the house cat with a speckled obese bunch is lying and playing snow angels pretty unmotivated you don't want to let Paul in Sabine and Daniel have piled their luggage next to the door of the apartment in three hours it's the flight to Mykonos for seven days I'll stop here apartment hat flowers Gießen feed the cat for 30 euros a day that's right dear children when you write books I'm still not quite clear how Sabine and Daniel met me of all people you Frieda said she was absolute mind excited about you Sabine totally devoted Daniel pushes behind which Frieda I think for a moment I'm afraid Sabine might talk about this light gray greyhound when I had him in my care for three weeks last year who talks to cats who also swears by personal recommendation of diabetic breeding dogs diabetic breeding dogs breeding diabetic dogs are you good with cats ask Sabine briefly I have to think briefly about the unfortunate event I have to think briefly about the event muesli we processed into a bumpy polish that's cultural appropriation in contrast to reading books you haven't written is of course cultural appropriation thats true paul bukowski is actually polish yes now we are standing here for a moment what a twist in short i have to think about the unfortunate event when , at the age of eleven, a pure white rosette guinea pig fell on me from a footbridge onto the A40 has fallen hard what i can super s age i thought it was my turn but i haven't marked it yet because you are not everything to me Nietzsche by the way that's a position on Nietzsche I never understood god is dead that would mean it was given to you only what I will say because the upstairs is being completely renovated I can use Schöneberg quite well for a week you Maxi that is very good says Sabine very kindly confirm Daniel play the cat you Maxi has never been bitten Sabine assures me on the Balcony note the age of the watching couple the first reading text is always the hardest for many i have to synchronize next week certain certain in the certainly this text is in eight parts by fax recovery on the balcony watch the cat and I like Sabine and Daniel their luggage in the car rental shop when the sports car starts to move slowly and shortly after disappears around the next corner, I turn h Maxi for a good cooperation d I go briefly the cat makes sure the rental car is really out of sight then bites me the first day after I was able to flee to the room last night with a bleeding ankle and Maxi scratching and damaging the door around 4 o'clock the morning what apart from the Spanish tourists in the holiday apartment next door was an extremely quiet night at dawn i found the cat in the bathroom the proud animal was sitting gracefully and cunningly on the large dressing table while i approached with wariness Maxi defended her territorial claims by saying she vomits gracefully into my open toiletry bag with slow, deliberate steps I found my way back to the kitchen brushing my teeth over the sink with baking powder and index finger after initial hesitation does business via photon part of the FAZ the warm package with the face of akivirinci lies in a zip l bag in the freezer unfortunately I noticed too much late that a cat flap was installed on the kitchen door impromptu wound care with kitchen paper and cling film maxi has now licked blood mine ok text ok so kowski has sunscreen on his back and that his is for beetles or a blocker on the back so no blocking you say but also not a bed like in backpacking yeah ok got it so today that was one of the genres yeah a pastry blog would say one and again the same debate we have at the table, their specialty and that's why I head to New York Cheesecake and carrot cake cookies you could have said carrot cake cookies and then it's exactly and focal point cheesecake instead of New York Cheesecake is one of my favorite cakes and Sacher cake on top of each other but sometimes there's a piece sometimes I don't think it's great.
lippes leselust staffel 3 folge 1 j rgen von der lippe und torsten str ter
Paul Bukowski will also be the Woody. He called all the weddings. This is probably the cl. appendix get married but it's the district here in berlin they would like to be called ellen waltrops because i just don't have a foster but i still want to get married personally that's a funny thing with woody allen or is he twice acquitted first class two different trials by judges who weren't heavy I'm just saying yes but even so it doesn't seem like a good framework for a marriage yes but that can be acquitted twice well but I mean two processes take two yes but it's for the other The hand is also definitely the best in the invitation wedding.
lippes leselust staffel 3 folge 1 j rgen von der lippe und torsten str ter
I'm on probation. You know it wasn't bad. Unfortunately, it sagged a bit. show it on Youtube well but that's um that's really cool sorry Oliver Rosental wrote a book with what it says in it like or there's some kind of diary in the book the title of the book is nothing anyway it's a diary in which essentially or very often pays about your relationship your friend doesn't know you are married no matter if you start it definitely is like this Literally Diary Entries Sunday November 27 2016 what a night in bed with a man who wakes up in the morning is normal waking up in bed with a strange man in a strange apartment This is supposed to happen once in a while, but then you ask your lover where the bathroom is. and he replies I know but that would not be your apartment so things will definitely get out of hand Wednesday December 7, 2016 my boyfriend is leaving for work for a few days and I miss him I can't order a pizza at least it won't be enough the order value wednesday 4th january 2017 is really strange the older you get the more irritable in everyday life i often find myself while talking to myself and then we both laugh thursday 19th january 2017 ikea furniture store not only sells furniture but also fabrics, among other things, the textiles have been cut to size, they are simply weighed to determine the price, that's crazy practical, but it can sentence I just bought two kilos of fabric lead to misunderstandings in everyday life Friday the 20th of January 2017 Today I was briefly at my bank branch to settle some financial matters There was an accident right in front of the customer service desk I lost one of my glasses Contact s no one moves I called my Panic in hindsight was not my best idea Tuesday 24 January 2017 it was time to visit a good friend in Hamburg again stress free and comfortable I sat at the metronome so the conductor entered the car after a while I saw him and he ran out the young man immediately chased him we ran to the middle of the way When the train arrived in the car ahead, I first shouted and showed him a valid ticket.
Unfortunately, I couldn't understand his sense of humor with one of his books, yes, with the title when I was my age, right, yes, that's from Of course, also a very nice title that I just didn't have because my agent didn't want this one. extra paint for the roaming whores denominator so keep calm in the context lately it's getting more and more restless outside but I'd also like to write below that inner peace for example comes from realizing that you don't always you have to answer everything right away everyone demands quick answers usually you are not court martialed if asked to take something take time to think and if thinking is not how things are now take time to pretend just pretend yeah i can't resist it come on put umlauts on words as often or never what that doesn't mean no i couldn't feel good practicing that for a long time like you once said that yeah but then you stopped it and it was a shame now i'm completely out now everything is broken yeah while one is doing exactly that and you don't say anything while the other thinks i would meditate in peace can you? sing a thought, for example, my grandmother rides a motorcycle in the chicken coop and if at some point later someone asks you again if you've thought it through, then you stand up, bow slightly and say I'll get in touch. contact and then they will go home unless they are home and then go somewhere else.
The quick acuity is the same. The need to respond quickly just stresses us all out and the effect lasts as long as a fart. kick for the Just do it now In 1981 I went to the basic course but a dance school called Brinkmann Linde in Lünen had a dress code for the first time in my life Tie jacket and lace-up shoes I print them a narrow leather tieblue today a damn nightmare back then as an avant-garde accessory with her the girls wore skirts and suit jackets with shoulder pads as if the hanger was still there that no one can imagine today that has nothing to do with the text, but remember that yes, she walked in girl yeah through a frosted glass panel which is the shape of George and then the door became amazing what kind of angular ladies they were and that was incredibly much in the foam area. the girls wore skirts and suit jackets with shoulder pads, suspenders with the last as if the hanger was still in it but that doesn't matter now at least it can be sometime tonight so schad in a green Lacoste polo shirt with a tied a rope to me, my dance partner released me and said very loudly and with disdain everyone laughed.
I didn't say anything, but then I looked up their names. I watched him and then called him. 80 ring told me yes I said and with your crochet whip I wouldn't even wipe my ass and it lights up at four in the night 26 years later and I was sure but will think about this phone call for a long time so it's ok now I understand , thank you very much, yes, our friend with the giant fany, but it's ok, I'm going, that's exactly what is actually explained, what you are doing now, it is a fact that can hardly be denied, the biggest drawback of travel by train is the colorful variety. of very annoying travel companions and there, on a train journey between Munich and Berlin, it is very rare that you have the fortunate circumstance of sharing a private compartment with a Passau association of deaf-mute stamp collectors.
Your counterpart digs up the hard-boiled eggs of his travel backpack and strike up a conversation about him wanting to impose Israel's foreign policy is exactly the right time to start clipping your toenails if you also feel annoyed by other fellow travelers in the extended environment it is recommended to have a nail c


r and a corneal rasp shouldn't be missing from any luggage you take with your partner when you travel, so just treat each other to each other, it raises the not entirely unfounded question of whether food poisoning isn't a bit of a price to pay for a seat together to the window in the direction of travel.
I don't think so, so I personally have had the best results so far with a thermos of warm apple juice and that clearly visible 80's pee. One Very Special Juice says regular small sips and occasional gargles can do wonders for the area of relaxation of a spacious compartment. This method is especially for passengers. con coiffure send this method is especially for passengers with confirmation and the blisters, it is always important to take the thermos with you when you go to the bathroom and take a new deep drink shortly after returning to your seat the biggest leader in all common ICE routes and therefore also the biggest competitor in mine Young mothers with children are looking for a quiet seat.
A colleague from Baden recently recommended that he use the so-called Rhenish maneuver to beat those fellow travelers by drinking large amounts of alcohol. This may work for Cologne singles or conscript groups, but for people like me, it's a completely useless tactic because I'm from Alcohol just makes you tired and very sensitive to smells, which in turn, mothers with small children with poop know very well how to take advantage of it. I already fixed it briefly with the baby. elephant so you have to take the animal with you everywhere at home you can't leave it at home take the baby elephant I don't know what technique he used to amplify it so it's made out of a toilet paper roll and he built a little equalizer and shot it or too I was exactly impressed that he already successfully tested a tactic at Christmas 2008 that has been used ever since my constant companion has become my trademark before every trip, no matter how long, I stop at the train station when I put down the dirtiest and most explicit erotic magazine I can find on the well-stocked shelves, I arrive at my seat and am surrounded by loudly chattering lively marginal housewives, anti-authoritarian mothers and businessmen who are constantly on the phone, I start by cutting out all the primary and secondary sexual characteristics from my magazine with red children's scissors, sorting them by size, sex, and color, and gluing them on. os in a little red collector's book with a Pritt pen but they can perfectly read pennies in the really big tennis clause so now the bridge pen and a little red note.
I'm also jealous, mainly, envy eats me up because these are just fantastic ideas coming into the book from a completely different kind. I'm a big fan of Stefan Schwarz and they've been for many years the author, the columnist for the famous magazine that's been around forever and I've probably written 15 books by now or this 17 17 and mostly it's about the fact that it describes the contemporary family from a masculine point of view. view also has a number of novels, several were also made into movies, all great books and then he had bone marrow cancer and wrote his book to the core.
This book took me quite hard because he is extraordinarily ruthless, but he is one of the best humorists. in the countryside you can't imagine it but there are also hilarious passages in this book if you don't have to cry you think about your life after all the program amm one of the most exciting books i have come across in recent years and we are not doing the sad parts now we're doing the fun ones and the others think about it and when the book comes out you buy it and then you get it an overview because it's not out yet at the moment that's why we have a blackout period but if we do that, if we go to the channel here, then it's available, I'll say the title again, holding underwear on the iPad. the book is out that's exactly what I wanted to say we started with one with another story the 138 has one there he's already in the hospital and we would say roommates and he has his roommate this this room with two beds called jo his name is not a Roommate himself, but he's a room divider which I find very funny, so he mentions again that his sweater gently covers his stomach.
I have to be a little careful because of the hernia. Explain hernia hernia. no, what is the gentleman here take a breather sincerely that is that it is still early my second propagation I know that not all the medical pipeline is more careful let's explain it now I don't know that I don't know what is the marriage of a gentleman exactly who The sentence came first when i knew how to pronounce it i burst so to speak my jo caught me building the house and the abdominal wall broke through the intestines it leaked very ugly i guess not but it's all back there don't worry there's something in it now jo cleans her closet my last room divider wasn't as nice as you but i wasn't nice at all i say amazed i see when someone is nice i'm always in the hospital my last room divider was a crack yeah we got it that's it a little marked psychotically, so where I don't have a line, that's what I thought, we don't read because we are yes, we are all the time me In the conversation that you understand, you reach into his suitcase and take the some sandwiches and a coal that he puts by the window.
There was always a policeman in the room even at night you have to imagine he hasn't had chemo yet and he's throwing up inside of you and the policeman is sitting right next to him with a gun why wasn't the policeman sitting outside in the hallway ? dangerous, don't come and say to turn down the music, he would have killed you immediately because of the opinion of others and if you said to turn up the volume, also because you have nothing to say, he was generally allergic to other opinions Hence the police. he's in bed and stuff like that now he's getting full medical treatment well otherwise it wouldn't have been a life sentence but the death penalty yes he's very funny nasty he finds an ending that's important to two in the room that doesn't you keep. saying something that was already one of the thoughtful passages i look forward to the bone marrow in the name we read it too or we didn't present it well with the noise but that's crazy read this story again what's next now we're reading the next one so dietmar Bittrich dietmar Bittrich is a thousand yes, a jack of all trades literary, he's written 120 books on all sorts of things, he's got radio plays, plays, plays, satires, but he's also got something like 1000 places to go that you can fold Attention benefactors oracle of gummy bears and he has posted so many and here he has done something great he has scoured the wonderful world of dating and found someone else's quote that says otherwise. goethe often contradicted himself, for example, saying that you can kill yourself that makes you great and at another time he said in the limitation show the teacher we wait until the applause dies down there it is nn we do that you just have to clap your hands a lot of people until Tuesday at home yes mil aser by the way is a hypostasis of an 18th century French interjection that was originally a decoy call for hunting dogs Sassa added very nice yes you have to take advantage of that where we are then what page I page 77 harmonious union or well you can turn the pages I'm on every page you want but yes I'm on page 8 look at the pages yes up there you're also on page 8 well I have the book unfolded I can see seven and eight yes , that's right, I don't want to tear up the cover so much now, but you're absolutely right, we have different perspectives on the weird outcome you mean, but left on page 8 I don't want to say yes to the left is ok but page 8 is all the way to the left because right is nine i wish i would have sent that on the pillow in black to blue yes ok new testament dear from In the next Patricia Cornwell the next can be skipped if the next it's more attractive so i'll start now martin bonhoeffer the way of love for people is the way of freedom now on page 9 go here so next to page 8 it's not marked for me make it normal we also read that yesterday yes but then do it you're right it's not marked yes i should do like a deer in the headlights i stopped here yes we need it now i think we can take up to 8 minutes of material from tonight martin bonhoeffer the path of love for people is the path of freedom Al Capone sometimes you have to get someone out of the way to achieve freedom as much as Jean Jacques Rousseau respect means giving others time and space Maximilian and Pierre respect yes It means that those who are under the guillotine lying do not wait too long to make Abraham asanta Klara who forgives his neighbor has done well my apostle Paul revenge is the LORD talking more than one shady thing me Friedrich schleyermacher you can talk to anyone as long as you understand how to listen Lisa Fitz who listens to others is co-responsible if they keep talking on the side great 21 I'll start right we have to oh so Egon Bahr that's what Egon Bahr said look we have to pick up people from where they are from Friesland we have to pick up people from where they are and row to where they can't stop now oh look now we can erkan dortelück can there is a german teacher from the börlitz school in Düsseldorf and he has done it too he drives the subway all day and listens to dialogues or just sentences that often it's a lot of fun it's real authentic sentences that's good yes except yes except for the not pretty ones some also don't look where e let's start, on which side 44 yes, you want to start at the top top I don't like that below with great pleasure which one below here that lifts me up I read the one above you should have a good time here André 26 the truth is that I don't care if it's vegan or no the main thing is that he shaves underneath if he has to do it they always hear you on the S-Bahn they hear it from other people on the S-Bahn Heike 39 from Pepsi I have a completely different diarrhea than Cola completely if you are not 21 years old he just must not have gotten rich he was in a coma for three years because of the car accident and he was saving all time Katrin 36 my dog ​​is absolutely beautiful and he knows it too Mara 19 my mom told my sister she should have a baby to save me now she's already three and honor is still shit where were you with her because she too no that doesn't matter can you open the book it's a dream if I'm 21 if her grandmother dies this week we don't have to go there at Christmas she's happening that would be great because of the ista party i totally lost myself i am now on page 66 now page 70 is coming ok you want to do that i dont expect to want to do that i want to do that you are on a completely different page no yes that is yes you do that i will do that with ma chen actually it is my one of my favorites you always have to imagine that your train is stopped and it says that on the phone or something Christel 70 when i saw the squirrel at my husband's funeral i knew about right away it was Carola 40 we are against anglicisms in children that is why now we say pumpkin ST instead of Halloween for me anglicism will remain a logo I will definitely have to wait 84 so Kai 18 no Püppi and me that has always been and so but stillI'm looking for something on the side try something like this 94 you have Luisa 16 Laura you want to be Laura so start Luisa I love the video they both do voices I love hearing that I don't know how to qualify that as a compliment definitely Luisa 16 Laura also 16 they are the same age 34 together Melina thought that if she lay on it she wouldn't get pregnant because she's the brain anyway just decoration Celine 18 we are u


tly looking for a wife for my brother right now I don't have to be nice it's enough if you breathe Wiebke 29 I don't need a boyfriend anymore my bed now it's next to the heater if you want to talk to Claudia 40 now although Inge spoke Inge 45 Thorsten talks to Claudia 40 the youngest I also made her a little younger Yes please, you're younger, look, bachelor party, which is because the girlfriend is always the ugliest it works but sorry she is pretty Hendrik 23 too so I will emphasize that other people said we are doing this Hendrik 23, the pedagogue is not as ugly as he used to be now everyone needs thongs u


You notice how he is going absolutely nowhere. means obey Jana 21 if you have a deep tan and lie in the sun and you won't. You simply have no other goals than to accompany him.

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