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Lions vs Chiefs CRAZY ENDING!!!

Sep 08, 2023
29 drop Montgomery with some momentum to the end zone for the touchdown David Montgomery behind the Lions strength offensive line an extra point lead for Detroit here in the fourth I get it again kick lead up the diversity of this running game has just taken hold, they are no longer trying to perfect anything with the Chiefs, they are taking their best asset, this offensive line, and taking it directly to Kansas City, look who threw that block there, the tight end, the ball , what Dan Campbell. Tell us he wanted a tight end who could also line up. He had the key lock.
lions vs chiefs crazy ending
Riley Patterson adds an extra point. David Montgomery. Five touchdowns last year with the Bears. He's coming to the Lions. Three years. 18 million dollars are paid with land. There the extra point was added and back at Ford Field, those Lions fans who have created a season ticket waiting list for the first time in Ford Field history in hopes their team can return home 1-0 if they can hold on. check out our next generation stats powered by our friends at AWS and it's been Patrick Mahomes who's been dancing around and getting some time, which has really been the only thing that's worked almost always for the Kansas City Chiefs, he's been the leading rusher . most of the night here tonight and continues to haunt that shift of the Detroit Lions defense to a more Zone-driven approach in the air towards Justin Ross, the Clemson second-year man who was on IR all year last, that's at the 30-yard line to start the series with a gain of five injuries, not Brian Branch, who left for Detroit, suffered cramps, received treatment for that second attempt, Branch returned in 34.34, even Sky Moore, the man of movement, Pacheco, the first down runner. will be third and one Liam McNeil Detroit's forward tackle I'm telling you Mike, you pointed this out and it's so true Juwan Taylor you can tell when it's a run and you can tell when it's a pass running right at him and he's basically on the police line of scrimmage for that home game ready for the trick while they throw rice, rookie Josh Pascal shows up and catches it and it's fourth down, try it with a bell touchdown before on the college quarterback in Oklahoma to his Haskell in last year was ready for a big play but they might as well have had a first free snap at the nose tackle for the Lions, they don't throw the ball there and this play blows up in the backfield, the


are starting to put it together they say. stay away from the worst pick of the night, only 35 yards, it's not Halloween yet, just a holiday, it's the start of the NFL season and the


are entertaining their fans at this point.
lions vs chiefs crazy ending

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lions vs chiefs crazy ending...

The Chiefs trail by one at home. 507 to go and the lions take over at their own 34-yard line a chance to take the game right now they have a chance to not give the ball back to Mahomes back them five starters all but the five-year-old penalty center first down and that usually it means it's all down the middle unless four guys are wrong right oh boy it takes you out of your running game a little bit I'm sure they were thinking let's let our offensive line take over a little bit harder now that there are two images of newbies.
lions vs chiefs crazy ending
The field of the tight end in motion gives him the back running to the right to the edge and he stays standing, makes the first down and goes out of bounds right at the 46 yard line, Gibbs' strong run tells you that It's nice when you have a center that can come out and get that block that's pretty good from Frank Ragnell, that play is only made if he's athletic enough to come out and hit the Loftus car and then it all happens after that. The center didn't break it on the last big block on that Time Pro Bowler, so good up front for the Detroit Lions, picked up the first down, four and a half now to go to the 49-yard line, two, which would mean this game.
lions vs chiefs crazy ending
For Detroit's push, as mentioned, talk to the players about the number of times they got hurt in the off-season, about the preparation, the anticipation, are they the same old Lions who find a way to disappoint their fans or have they doubled down? the corner towards something different? Big butt here, big help without Chris Jones and Travis Kelsey, they are in position to get a win on opening night of the champions. Montgomery was benched and stayed on the field and tries to do that, yeah, at the 48-yard line, yeah, really. Good job, that moment to basically see him just bend at the boundary and put that knee on the ground and now third and five and for Ben Johnson this is where he's traditionally been among Saint Brown's crudes, although I will say this, Sam.
I think Laporte is making a bit of a case right now for being a potential target here at the 48. They'll go with the inside run and they'll be two yards behind Montgomery at the 45. Let's look at the clock here, so hold on. Old timeouts with Dan. Campbell, that's Dan Campbell, here, he got hit from the 40-yard line earlier. I mean, does it really make a difference? Here's the argument about going for it. Does it make a difference if you give Patrick Mahomes the ball with two and a half left? the 10 or the 45, while you have the opportunity to run it yourself, count for sure here 42 out of the shotgun with Montgomery on the back and the lions are going to try it, they are going to throw it and it takes down Justin Reed there right around the line of scrimmage the Lions gave the ball to the league MVP at the 45-yard line with 229 to go, just one, here's Reed, he's going to come in right there and keep trying.
It's possible they were trying to fit the tilt in there. We've seen a lot of safeties, corners and slots bombing all night. Spagnolo has truly done a masterful job without Chris Jones. I'm trying to cover up any problems he might have. Well, he needs 20 yards to reach Harrison Buckner's field goal range, while Holmes has a lot of time looking in the middle, Tony falls again, who has had a really poor life, it's not a sure catch, so generally you'll see him really put his hands out there and you just know that when you have a bad night, no matter what it is, sometimes it can build on itself and Darius Tony is really struggling right now again he missed most of camp with that torn meniscus in second and ten got the ball at the 38-yard line, but the flag is back for the pass protecting and I think this one comes back holding the offense from 79. 10-yard penalty in second Donovan Smith, who had penalty trouble blocking Tom Brady last year with Tampa and is a nice inside move right here. for Harris and gave him a good call and he had some serious issues with penalties a season ago, here we go, this is where you expect these pass rushers, Aiden Hutchinson, back inside, he's going to run again on the card, that's where he's had hit 220 Mahomes throws it in under once again incomplete CJ Berger Johnson shows up and catches Sky Moore and that guy that wide receiver from Kansas City who's going to be fine right now none of them are making the big plays they're not there and It's easy when you have Michael Jordan on your team, you know where the ball is going, there is no doubt right now, you know where it is going.
Tyree kills Travis Kelsey right now, the Kansas City Chiefs don't know where he's going, third and 20. .10 back to protect Mahomes throws it up the middle it's incomplete Carter Johnson went up he was trying to drop it in the rice Rashi is under nine left boat full of timeouts everyone looks at Andy Reed look what he's going to do to you You gotta punt right you got four guys Alex basically no I'm going to go for it wow that means you got Patrick Mahomes like you quarterback and then we got to the Lions' 45-yard line. CJ Gardner Johnson almost had his hands on that.
He lit up the league in Pitch with six last year, so Andy decides to try it here from his own 35, beating 20. On fourth down, Alliance presses flags again for a false quarter start and 25 Landy reconsidered starting the offensive number 74. five yard fourth down penalty wow, it took all night basically the same type of operation out there and there you see Juwan Taylor playing slot receiver finally got busted on a slot machine so interesting lines put pressure on Third and 20. They put pressure on Fourth and 20. Now they play more like a preventive defense on Fourth and 25 in the houses looking to make a play, he swings it along his body, Watson took full advantage of it Sky Moore took advantage of it and no one took it He understood, we reached two minutes warning the The Lions have it in the 30th.
The Chiefs have the three timeouts, the game is not over yet. Chris, how many difficulties are there tonight on offense? Do you think it's Kelsey's absence, but many more have been poorly played balls in the passing game? They just hadn't made their typical plays from the wide receiver position. The lines were for the fourth attempt. 15 yards to recover the ball. The Chiefs are going to be the timeouts here. Montgomery is being pushed, so you get five yards instead of three and need a couple more ticks. timeout off the clock Kansas City this look at some of the big plays of the night brought to you by Google and Chris on that first touchdown drive started with the fake punt yeah you gotta give Dan Campbell credit right off the bat one of You'll See the bravest calls, but areas Tony with the fall Branch with the touchdown, but all night long it's been the opportunity to make those plays that will get your team back in the game or extend the prize that just hasn't happened here tonight. 53 left second and five KC a couple of timeouts Ryan is trying to get a first down that will take them to the brink of victory it will be a running play Montgomery inside gets three yards from that 32 there is a second timeout with a dollar 47 To go Dan Campbell has had a team with bad starts the first two years, 10-1 and then one and six last year and you talked about difficult decisions that he had to make and there was a lot of preparation, but when we spoke to him last night he told him four times: I have confidence, I have confidence in our guys and you've seen it with some of the plays and the execution here tonight, they had a lot of tough practices, double practices against the Giants.
We were there in Jacksonville and here we go, although if they don't do this, it will be a really interesting decision for Dan Campbell, additional offensive lineman Matt Nelson, fullback also on third and two Montgomery advancing has the first down at the Kansas City 20-yard line takes their final timeout with 42 minutes remaining of timeouts on the Detroit Lions are right there, I mean right at the point of attack, this offensive line continues to win check out this play right here by Jonah Jackson this is a wrestling match free that they are grabbing throwing hooks to anything that is the one run game and this offensive line a little applause for them because they lived up to expectations it was a perfect night for the skill positions no, but yes The Detroit Lions They are going anywhere this year and this is certainly a fantastic start.
It's those starting five right up front and that guy over there, Dan Campbell, with his special way of doing it, that are going to lead the way and behind that Detroit bench here. In Kansas City, there are a lot of blue and silver Honolulu jerseys of fans, golf takes a knee on the first try and Goff tells those fans to let me hear you and hear the cheers of the lions at Arrowhead, an impressive turnout in Road by a fan base that has longed for a moment like this on a stage like this Chevy after the game Melissa talks to the stars of the game we will preview the Giants Cowboys on Sunday night when this one ends Mike, the The only time you can get a ticket to the Lions game this year is when they're on the road, that's it, that's it.
You have to be happy for this team. You have to be happy for this organization. They have old school techniques with a modern game design and they are a soccer ball. team that really just wants to get physical and Mike, I'm going to say it again, there were some fights there, yes there were at the end of the first half and that's what this team feeds off of and certainly when you add CJ. Garden for Johnson and some of those players, but look at the reaction now from this football team. This is a historic moment for them to come here and get this, because they are not the same old lions, the ones from all the lines, that came to Kansas City on opening night. and beat the Champions who saw Buffalo do it in Los Angeles last year against the Rams, but we saw the Chiefs go to Foxboro in 2016 and win on opening night and that announced to everyone that the Kansas City Chiefs were going to be a factor that has an asterisk because I know Chris Jones and not Travis Kelsey after what you saw late last year and what you saw tonight, get a thumbs up or a thumbs down in this league and right now the Detroit Lions They got the go-ahead.

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