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Lionel Messi HIGHLIGHTS from Inter Miami’s MAGICAL win over FC Dallas | Leagues Cup | ESPN FC

Aug 07, 2023
to land in Mercy an early goal in 10 minutes for Lionel Messi and in Miami so good from Gómez so good to come in now guess whose left foot is on the left side his best friend from La Messiah his best friend from Barcelona 23 assists on Lionel Messi's goals in Barcelona his first start his first shot so now all the players are called ball watching all the players are aware of the runners inside the 18. and that's why he is late remember the goal against Orlando City was a late run not a late goal Robert Taylor cut it almost identical to the goal remember when Messi scored against Madrid at Burner Bay he took off his shirt and showed it to the crowd it's almost identical now José Martínez in an offside position they needed to go to the VAR that is in my opinion, the correct decision, obviously, it will be in accordance with the disorder that is coming, except for Messi with the ball at his feet, a gift here from FC Dallas, it allows Lionel Messi to face the two center backs, he has simply extended that streak. half a yard more is on his side now Messi advances from Miami Robert Taylor making a messy run Robert Taylor is on Robert Taylor saved by Paws and the rebound is there for Messi Robert Taylor there for Finland and running the 400 meters honestly I say It's a joke but How many times have we seen him get on his horse?
lionel messi highlights from inter miami s magical win over fc dallas leagues cup espn fc
He just runs a straight vertical line to meet everyone. Long time cutting it towards Messi. You have to decide. You have a chance. Where will Jordy Alba go? Messi is going to fall. the eight or nine defenders of FC Dallas, how about the first touch to lose the defender? Lay It Off bus. The Scots have to be better there. Dallas, who paid hundreds of dollars to come here. Alba cut it short for the last goal, but it's also just understanding. Which race is going to be more impressive, look at the spacing, the rotations of the triangles take the players out of their position, but look at Jordy Alba Leonel Messi Giorgio, they have known each other since they were teenagers, they understand that it is not the space where I am. it's the space where I want to go play behind, cut it in and the 18 year old kid from Weston FC is going to try it


ly, he's going to cut it in, oh my God, but I'm as surprised as anyone that this ball was hit, I think the images. tells the story better A torrent of blood in the head just once World Cup Barcelona Paris now in Major League Soccer for the


ior of Miami you need something you want something called Lionel Messi he will deliver 4-4 he is in life you have to pinch yourself and tell it yourself, this is real, it's not a video game, the seven-time winner of the Ballon d'Or, that is, no goalkeeper in the world is giving him a hand, I love that, although he immediately says: wait, wait a minute, it's 4-4, let's win this game. now we have the momentum, we still have, we have stolen the game from FC Dallas, let's get this over with, he scores and they score, carry on well, thank you so much for watching ESPN on YouTube for more sports


and analysis, make sure.
lionel messi highlights from inter miami s magical win over fc dallas leagues cup espn fc

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lionel messi highlights from inter miami s magical win over fc dallas leagues cup espn fc...

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lionel messi highlights from inter miami s magical win over fc dallas leagues cup espn fc

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