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Lindsay Sloane - She "Outflirts" Craig Ferguson - 4/5 Visits In Chronological Order

Jun 17, 2021
because this is what you give to the golden mouth organ, you give nothing, there's no golden awkward pause, well, it's just with the joy of doing it, which is incredibly joyful, but I don't know, I like to listen mix it up go up a little bit so maybe we'll do two out of three or I'll do a lot I think you're right hey it's terribly wrong okay let's get the balls up okay the votes are going in I got it got it ha. ha I think we can plug that end in we call command or just see what happens now I think we should improvise our way through her memories all you have to do is suck blue suck blue okay suck blue. it's going to be a little awkward this is a romance rug at the powhatan in virginia how do i know how to pronounce that virginia or a fire hazard i guess it's wrong you've probably been fired it's ok go ahead read that's ok dear


steve steven wright no he's been on the show for a while what is he? doing now yeah steven wright music one help me read emails i don't know i wish we could have but how dare you here kidding can you check id you know how is steven yeah he's pretty good yeah i have guests it's not going to be good you're giving me and i'll be Steven, ask me, so what have you been up to these days? in midland ok come on steven how are you okay? ok that's it
lindsay sloane   she outflirts craig ferguson   4 5 visits in chronological order

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