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Lincoln & Grace: Why Abraham Lincoln Grew A Beard | KIDS BOOKS READ ALOUD!

Jun 11, 2021
He replied my my Lincoln actually wrote a letter to my little sister, aren't you proud? he asked Grace's mom, yes, I guess I am. You'll guess for sure in a minute Grace ran up the stairs and into her room, oh she's going to


it. alone, all right, she was satisfied with every word of Lincoln's letter until she got to the last sentence, why as for the mustaches she wrote, don't you think people would call it a silly affection if she started it now? Hmm, sounds like Mr. Lincoln won. He won't be growing mustaches Grace thought sadly, that's a shame, I thought he was right about that hmm, so maybe he's thinking that it will seem silly to him and, but I don't know, I mean, he must be thinking about That's it, look at his room.
lincoln grace why abraham lincoln grew a beard kids books read aloud
It's a little snowy outside because it's upstate New York, so it's al


y cold in late fall and there's her poster and there's her doll and her


and her coat and her desk where she wrote the letter in ink. and his little lamp. illuminated by an oil well the election took place on Tuesday, November 6, 1860 that is an important date that will come up in your schooling the election took place on Tuesday, November 6, 1860 Grace hoped with all her heart that Lincoln would be the next president When Grace finally heard the news and Lincoln had won, she jumped with the light and a few months later on the morning of February 16, 1861 Grace woke up to the sun get out of bed with sleepy heads she said shaking her two sisters older President Lincoln is here on his way to Washington DC remember yes of course huh Helen said rubbing her eyes but his train won't be here until later in the day I know but let's get ready now Grace said oh she was so excited along with Grace and her sisters thousands of people gathered at the Westfield train station hoping to catch a glimpse of the new president oh I hope he has mustaches Grace said as her train arrived, Lincoln stepped out of the last car to address the crowd as she spoke.
lincoln grace why abraham lincoln grew a beard kids books read aloud

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lincoln grace why abraham lincoln grew a beard kids books read aloud...

Gray stood on his tiptoes right there, right on his tiptoes, there are too many people. Gray said I can't see him there. This is Alex, he explained, he exclaimed. and he has mustaches, he's very gray, he said let me see, let me see, let me see, because there it's so tiny, tiny in the distance, let's see here, oh wait, you probably want to see what this says before you turn the page . It's okay, because here. This is his inauguration in March of 1861, but it says here that before he was inaugurated he had a few weeks to get his business in order before going to Washington DC, so he got on a train in Springfield, Illinois, that's where lived and did. several stops in cities along the way to New York and one of the places he stopped was Westfield New York to meet Grace Bedell.
lincoln grace why abraham lincoln grew a beard kids books read aloud
She specifically went to meet her. Oh, I guess that's in the rest of the book. Let's see, she arrived in DC. February 25th now in modern times says the president's inauguration is always at noon on January 20th, but when Lincoln was inaugurated back then the date was March 4th to coincide with the date the constitution of the United States came into effect in 1789. At that time Lincoln gave his speech about how difficult times were in America. Seven states had already seceded from the union, meaning they had seceded from the union and formed the Confederate States of America despite this turn of events.
lincoln grace why abraham lincoln grew a beard kids books read aloud
Lincoln desperately wanted to keep the union together. to avoid a war between the southern and northern states that would be the great challenge of his presidency and would define everything now after a short speech narma were in westfield and he is making his train stops on the way to DC after a short speech Lincoln looked out at "The mass of people, I have a little correspondent in this place," he announced, and if she is present, could she come forward? Who is she? shouted one of the spectators. Grace Bedell responded to Lincoln. The crowd parted and a man led Grace to Lincoln's train car.
He came down and shook Grace's hand. You see, Lincoln said pointing to his mustache. I let these grow for you Grace, oh, cheese and crackers, that's a great moment, I don't know, I don't know what he would have done with myself, oh. I know, I know face to face with the new president of the United States of America telling him that he followed his consulting advice. A thunderous cheer filled the air as Lincoln kissed Grace's cheek and returned to his train car and waved an American flag as a train pulled away goodbye Mr. President blushing with embarrassment but you know, the excitement too Grace hurried away from the train station running between horses and carriages and even crawling under a wooden carriage left her sisters and ran all the way home I can't believe it, she told her mother that Abraham Lincoln wanted to meet me and he


a mustache just like asked.
What a story Grace's mother told. This is the most exciting day of my life. Grace said I can't wait to tell dad. Oh, do it. you know what we have here, we have the actual letters, okay, you're ready, okay, this is Grace Bedell's letter to Lincoln on October 15, 1860. Honorable B Lincoln, dear sir, my father has just returned from the fair and brought home his photo and Mr. Hamlin's. I don't know who Mr. Hamlin is, maybe he was another local political colleague. I'm only an 11 year old girl, but I want, I want, but I want, you should be president of the United States, so I hope you don't.
He thinks I am very bold to write to a great man like you. Do you have girls as big as me? If so, give them my love and tell them to write to me if you can't answer this letter. I have four brothers and part of them will vote for you anyway and if you grow your mustaches I will try to get the rest to vote for you you would look much better because your face is so thin that all the women like mustaches they see that she likes them. is giving women's advice and they would make fun of their husbands to vote for you and then you would be president my father is going to vote for you and if I were a man I would also vote for you but I will try to get everyone to vote for you It occurs to me that the fence around of your photo makes it look very pretty.
I have a little sister who is nine weeks old and is as clever as can be when you address your letter directly to Grace Bedell Westfield. Chat Chat County New York. I'm not from Chautauqua, so I'm not sure if that's exactly how to say it. I shouldn't write more. Reply to this letter immediately. Goodbye Grace Bedell. Well, then what did she say? Miss Grace Bedell. My dear little one. Miss, your very nice letter will be received on the 15th. I regret the need to say that I do not have daughters. I have three sons, one of seventeen, one of nine and another of seven years old.
They with their mother constitute my entire family. As for mustaches, I have never used them. Don't you think people would do it? call it a piece of foolish affection if i started it now your most sincere good wishes for a


and this is how you would sign a


and this is how she changed the face of history, it says here in the 18th year of later life, i'm curious to know read about her later life if you want to stay here with me I want to see what happened to Grace in 1867 at the age of 19 Grace Bedell married George Billings a civil war soldier who fought for the north and they resumed their roots with bravery in westfield new york and not sure what would happen to them they moved west, remember that's where they established all the new territories and future states in delphos kansas and lived difficult pioneer lives, that's when they went and covered wagons and they had to till the land and built their houses by hand when they started their only possessions were a small house and a team of oxen as a pioneer woman now Grace made bag curtains for the windows and mended clothes when it rained she fought to keep the water from If rain came in through the door, beef jerky and corn bread were examples of foods they ate.
She died on 2 November 1936 in Delphos at the age of 87. She lived a long life and lived to see women vote in the 1990s in the future. Now the letter Grace wrote to Lincoln when she was 11 was put up for sale for a million dollars, it's not that incredible and if you're ever in Westfield New York there is a statue of Abraham Lincoln and Grace in town to honor what amazing That happened thanks to a little girl who was willing to write a letter and get involved because she thought she had a voice, that's right because we all have a voice and you should definitely use yours to do good things like vote for the green bear . good things i write better letters beautiful like


lincoln and sad for the truth the american way thank you very much thank you thank you thank you all for joining us here in this vote for the green bear edition oh, it's not about the green bear edition it's an edition presidential well I mean it's the same thing uh anyway thanks for coming to story time that's right and subscribe so we can always be together and read it well yeah yeah because we like them you come and hang out with they. we, yeah, yeah, it's so much fun, okay, see you next time, see you next time, see you next time at cake time, story time.

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