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Lili Estefan y Raul de Molina Sale a la luz sus salario de El Gordo y la Flaca

May 10, 2020
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or an ipad come to light hello hello hello let's family today I want to welcome you to the channel where we put an opinion on the trending of the show when I told the story to one of my Mexican friends and I told him Can you believe that this is what the federal index of Molina receives in millions annually, he told me hit the jackpot, referring to a saying that I was unaware of that he says was very famous in ads for the lottery or dollar or here in the USA on the canal canals In Spanish, Raúl de Molina and Lili Estefan are one of the most successful and long-lived hosts on Latin American television.
lili estefan y raul de molina sale a la luz sus salario de el gordo y la flaca
Their extensive career allows them to be today in a privileged place that few have access to and with 20 years at the helm of the program El Gordo y La Flaca. Without interruption, they have managed to become one of the richest celebrities on the small screen. The years in between have given them enough experience to act as presenters, companies and billionaires. Raúl currently has 50 million dollars and his annual salary is around 15 million dollars. He started out as a renowned celebrity photographer and appeared in magazines such as Time Newsweek Like Nothing. to this day those images or photographs for which he took at that time are his property and were exhibited as an art exhibition but tomorrow and recently some perhaps were sold no I'm not very sure but I kind of heard something like that for many thousands of dollars and at the beginning of the 80s he began his career on television first on telemundo and then on the second edition until in 1998 it merged with línea stefan who at that time stopped being a model on sábado also a very successful program on the Univisión network and they created this current program that continues to this day for driving Coordinates Skinny Raúl earns 63 thousand dollars a month to Approximately, this does not include I think that figure was from last year, that is, now we may be talking about an increase that he could receive very soon or that is already in force, but not only that, it is also said that he is a shareholder of the television station and that is added to the special events where he is hired as restaurants and also luxury hotels Raúl, in addition to being good at what he does, knows how to make money and enjoy his work, in 2003 he published a book with his best interviews and photographs that he has had over the years and the success was that in 2008 he launched his second book called the fat man's diet in networks he is followed by more than a million users and there you can see all the trips he makes around the world he says he is He currently takes three vacation trips a year from Bordeaux. $11,000 a month ad has an art collection worth millions and an extensive watch collection worth a million dollars his millions allow him to hobnob with celebrities or politicians like he just recently was with i danced Democratic presidential candidate and what is the fortune of lidia stefan according to the standing lily currently has 121 million dollars her annual salary driven by a skinny is one million dollars her fortune and most of it comes from her businesses such as multiple car washes multiple properties I think even He has a hardware store or what is it called as an interior design something has been used very always has something to do with that part of the industry and he also has his liquor called miami with brawn after his controversial divorce there had been speculation about what would happen to Lilly's fortune, since the businesses she did during their 25 years of marriage also belonged to her ex-husband Lorenzo, you do the certain things that pa It seems that they reached an agreement because she is obviously doing very well but because they are paid so much, they will wonder why I also wondered and unfortunately for many who do not like to listen to it, "El


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" is the most watched program on Univision during the week, as you know, listening to it sometimes doubles in numbers in combination with other channels, that is, the rating that Telemundo makes, which could be made by combined American channels, is the rating that makes the silver goal, so much so that we are talking about high numbers more than a woman television so when there was the movement they remember the massive layoffs that the fat and the skinny or sean and stefan and corporal de morir were threatening the jobs negotiating their contract again and to affirm that they would not move that many have told me to go to the farewell party says something about Molina, no family, they are not going to fire him because it would be like removing the heart of the chain division since the one who was number one before It was a giant Saturday but that is no longer the case now the number one program is still the skinny goal even though it hurts a lot and now that the Univision televisa movement was back I understand that the salaries for them specifically will be much higher because they were doing I work contracts with Televisa in addition to the Univision network and if you can also list that sometimes you drive the carpets or are sometimes in the conduction of programs and special events, they also pay you money apart from your regular salary in the Univision network The million dollar question is what do you think it seems to you to listen to those large figures, I know they will ask me, it will be that it does not get out of hand, they do the same, they earn the same, I can tell you that it is not like that, they do not earn the same, but we are talking about people who has been in any program for 20 years but it is very interesting to hear the amount of money these people can make for being in a program for so long and that it continues to be so successful to this day, what do you think about neon mouth and leave me your comment, we have more videos for you, subscribe, make the cream ready so you don't miss them, and if you liked this one, you know, I give it to you, the naivety until the proximity to the next beautiful family subscribe now your robotic recommends these other videos
lili estefan y raul de molina sale a la luz sus salario de el gordo y la flaca

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