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Liberal Democrats unveil 'bold plans' in their manifesto | Election 2024

Jun 11, 2024
Cooper is with us now launching his Manifesto today, give us the headlines, well the Liberal Democrat Manifesto is a Manifesto to save our NHS and social care. We will make some big,


promises to increase the number of GPs and improve cancer survival rates. Ending the crisis of access to NHS dentists and all this we say will cost an extra £9 billion a year and we are going to increase that figure by looking at the big banks and the billionaires, that is, by looking at those who know about these things they say. n billion rescue packages are certainly light.
liberal democrats unveil bold plans in their manifesto election 2024
Well, I think this is a very significant investment that will help us recruit an additional 8,000 uh GPS. If we believe it can end the crisis of access to NHS dentists, these sums of money could have a really positive effect. transformative effect in terms of improving our public health and primary care so that, fundamentally, when people want to see a GP and a dentist and they need to see a GP and a dentist, they can see a GP and a dentist. Um, you've ruled out increasing revenue. National insurance tax and VAT, so what will increase? Well, we have long said that during a cost of living crisis it would be wrong to seek to make struggling families pay more taxes and that is why, for example.
liberal democrats unveil bold plans in their manifesto election 2024

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liberal democrats unveil bold plans in their manifesto election 2024...

This £9 billion that we want to spend on the NHS and social care, four billion of them would come from reversing the tax cut that the Conservatives gave to the big banks, and the other £5 billion would come from closing down what is affected. a loophole in the capital gains tax that would affect the richest 0.1% of people in the country. Tell me more about that. Yes. So, the capital gains tax. At the moment, it only has one type of tax. It has two tax rates. What we want to do is. We will actually simplify capital gains tax and make it much fairer, so we will separate it from income tax and treat it in its own right.
liberal democrats unveil bold plans in their manifesto election 2024
We will make it fairer by allowing a larger allowance to introduce an allowance for inflation and increase. the tax-free threshold of 3,000 to 5,000 and then we will make sure that the people who earn the most or get the most out of capital gains pay a higher tax rate, so they will be the top 0.1% of people The rich are the ones who will pay more. So who will that affect and under what circumstances? Well, capital gains obviously occur when you sell an asset. If you sell your shares, for example, or have a property portfolio, your own home is not included for people selling those shares. or something from


property portfolio, depending on how much money they get in a particular year, they will have to pay a particular percentage, but what we want to do is make it fairer and I think most people, if you look at the capital system current Income tax I would be very surprised to think that a nurse, for example, who pays around 20% tax on her salary, is paying the same rate of tax, is someone who could make a million pounds in profits from capital after selling your shares or property and We think that's unfair, which is why we say there should be a higher tax rate for people who receive those really large sums of money contributed by the richest 0.1% of people of the country, so pensioners who potentially make money from the dividends could be impacted.
liberal democrats unveil bold plans in their manifesto election 2024
I think that the majority of ordinary pensioners would not receive the sums of money that we are talking about, the way they would be affected would be that in It would actually be fairer for them, because we are introducing an inflation subsidy and we would increase the tax-free threshold. In reality, most people who are paying capital gains at the moment would see it, two-thirds of them would see that amount remaining the same. the same or would decrease; It's the richest 0.1% of people who would end up paying more, tell me about your boss and some of the stunts he's been doing for the last two weeks, falling into lakes, sliding down water slides, playing with dinosaurs, Do you think people see the happy side of that or do you think you think they think it's a crazy party, you don't want to have anything to do with them, well I think a lot of people have seen this


as quite contentious between other parties and when They watch Ed dve do tricks from what they can see.
It's just that we take our policy very seriously but we don't take ourselves very seriously and every time we do a trick it comes with a message, so when he was falling off the boards at Lake Windir, it came with a very message. serious about how we want to put an end to the discharge of raw sewage. When Ed was at the water park, he came with a message about mental health and the fact that we want to put a mental health professional in every elementary and middle school. um and so these tricks come with a message, but fundamentally today what we are saying is that our Manifesto is a Manifesto to save v&s and social care, you shout loud for sure, but I mean, after the boundary changes only you're um you're just defending eight seats eight seats in the entire House of Commons out of 650 well we're second behind the Conservatives with 80 seats across the country and we're very hopeful of winning as many as possible so I know that there are millions of voters right now who are deciding how they are going to vote, but we are very hopeful that we can make progress in those areas of the blue wall where the Lib Dems are the main challenges to the Conservatives during an


that looks like a tactical voting during a general election is seen as a wasted vote no, I don't think that's the case, if you look not only at our electoral victories, we have had four surprising electoral victories.
We did very well in the local elections too and the way we Liberal Democrats campaign, we often use our track record in local government to take advantage of that and then win parliamentary seats and on the last day of the local elections we got some results really good in places like TBD Wells and Wokingham and Winchester and South Cambridge here, so we're very hopeful that in places like that we can make some progress in this general election. Just a thought before I let you go. The Prime Minister is getting a kick. Has he found out what happened?
Normandy beach at the end of last week is that fair. I think it's fair. I think it was something scandalous. I think he has embarrassed the Prime Minister's Office and anyone who has had a family member die and uh. Who do you know who fought and died or fought and survived? I think they will find it quite a personal insult that I actually turned my back on some of the veterans who were there. Okay, J Coop, good to see you this morning. Thank you so much. good luck with the launch later thank you very much

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