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Longest Kickstarter Scam in History

Mar 24, 2022
Okay, what's going on? Everyone, welcome back to Realm technology. I'm your host, Doug Demidone aka Dallas aka Infernus. I have something to reveal to you, but there seems to be a pattern emerging here, it hasn't really been emerging, it's been emerging since the beginning of time, all


s seem to have a main epicenter where they all seem to have originated in or at least most concentration of


s in a given place on the internet


if any of you are familiar with


to any extent then you are probably also familiar with the fact that basically everything on there is a scam, essentially, it's pretty cheap quality, You won't see any top 100 company billboards going in here and there have really only been a couple of successful examples of legitimate projects getting started. here that ended up being a real thing afterwards but to get straight to the point with this context of this situation let's go a step further because it turns out I found probably the


running kickstarter scam ever this is literally a world record and in It's actually pretty scary how deep this is, so basically kickstarter is a pretty old website.
longest kickstarter scam in history
Usually it is on this particular website called trustpilot that you can read the very intellectual ideas of people who have experience with certain websites. One review in particular caught my attention. This is of course from Kickstarter. A star. seg shoes project and they never gave me shoes i promised 45 bucks and after nine years still no response i will not retire until i get my 45 bucks back they take my money and not even a seg shoes product never send money to kickstarter or seg shoes them they rip off negative stars now none of this was really too different or stands out or stands out against all the other one star reviews as the whole website is like a 1.1 star rating or something until you went and looked at the shoes sec to give you realized that all of this went deeper than Alice in Wonderland in real life. 2011.
longest kickstarter scam in history

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longest kickstarter scam in history...

Let's see the snapshots of what this project really was. This is the only thing left because as of this point, the page has been suspended on Kickstarter. I guess it only took them about a decade to figure out that something. was suspicious about it. seg shoes are the new revolutionary shoe that will change the way you live forever after almost a decade of on-again, off-again research for the best shoe-based technology, we have finally come up with a pr project that will allow you to run, walk , compete and stay constantly connected all at the same time with a mobile charging station with built-in wi-fi modem and a USB port. everyday necessities, we've taken the cutting-edge design of all previous shoe models, including optimal adjustable arch support cushioning, and layered it all together with a new, lightweight, fiber-based structure that allows your phone and accessories to grip safely underneath everything while providing free charging and internet connection, every step you take, every move you make, i just added that there provides power that charges the shoes lithium battery sec, essentially guaranteeing infinite power with more exercise, okay, right away, I'm blown away at the same time.
longest kickstarter scam in history
You may have to wear a bag over your head if you wear it in public. Personally, I haven't entertained the idea of ​​wanting to keep my Samsung phone in my shoe. I pass it hundreds of times every day, but if you could be a walking wi-fi receiver, if you could get all the basic girls to snuggle with you all day to upload their Snapchat, then maybe it's really worth it, I'm serious . It's 2012, after all, it's something else entirely because this project was released in 2011, but it's really just started. They started advertising it in 2012, so they announced that they would send it out to people for $45 and that's going to be very relevant. very soon when we get into this of course they go into more detail on how this is supposed to work if you really dig into it it doesn't really add up in terms of how it is possible for them to say that if you even walk or run charge your phone because of the power Somehow I guess that works but let's not jump to direct conclusions never judge a book by it's cover of course they had a roadmap where their first design was 2010 then 2011 you know everything else. s tuff 2012 and they start sending it out to people that's when the whole kickstarter thing happened beyond future issues that will make shoes seg the shoe of the future shoes seg wow ok this is where we meet jimmy jimmy the legend of this video Mar 10, 2012 this is all i ever needed in my life literally just yesterday i was thinking how if you exercise you could make more energy and then i found this amazing thing i promise 45 bucks if i can get these stuff before the start of the school year i would be so excited because it would easily be instantly popular they say they are still working on making the upload work but i hope it can be very soon i cant wait for us to see who jimmy was actually the first comment on this kickstarter page and it gets better March 19th it's only a couple of days and of course Jimmy is still here because he had invested 45 bucks because he wanted a shoe s eg.
longest kickstarter scam in history
I'm reviewing because I just got a new pg perfect for my birthday and if I can get these shoes soon maybe it could be a belated birthday kind of present and I could wear them even this year for school not sure how their situation is shipping currently but they said they will send them to donors now i'm so excited jimmy is of course a bit foreign but it's ok because sex shoes were heralded as a global revolution so there shouldn't be any problem on the 1st april 2012 hi i wonder when exactly should be to get the shoes maybe a hard time period of course jimmy had just passed his birthday and wanted to know where his shoes were it was getting a bit late on the 5th July 2012.
Okay, it's summer now and I'm still looking forward to the sex shoes. i couldn't show them last school year but ok they said now shipping is slow due to high demand and understandably all these updates on the page keep my hopes up for a summer surprise in my mailbox soon hopefully i can be a walking wi-fi b Before I knew it lol Jul 10, 2012 I just made my brother and dad pledge 100 for their own shoes. Now they are offering bigger sizes in my country. beloved sec shoes arriving 20 aug 2012 quick question what is the signal strength for the shoe wi-fi i wonder if it would be a good enough signal for outdoor walks i am so glad you cleared up the fact that i was going to hike outdoors in case there is any confusion but regardless there was no response neither from anyone else in the comment section nor from a developer because no one else was in the comment section and neither was a developer on sep 8, 2012. still no shoes on i wanted to impress my crush on the first day of school with free wi-fi but i guess i have to be more patient, good things come to those who wait on sep 21, 2012 .hi, can i have an update on where my shoes are sec? of course no response to that either the next day jimmy comes back am i the only person who really cares about getting these shoes? where is the developer? can you give me an answer?
Still has correct orientation Still has composure Everything still running smoothly Dec 24, 2012 International shipping is now resuming after it stopped in my country so maybe that was the problem. jan 1 2013 happy new year everyone i would be happier if i had my shoes sec jan 7 2013 approaching nine months has anyone else received their shoes yet at this point jimmy now trying to ask someone else to confirm what exactly happened here because well you obviously just want to at least know the general time frame when you'll get your sec shoes after all who wouldn't want a sec shoes but clearly no one decided to reply because the page had been down for almost a whole year March 15, 2013 now it's been a year where are my wi-fi shoes? he just threw out the full name of the seg shoes i wasn't playing anymore jimmy wants his wi-fi shoes anymore i don't even care if they're sex shoes anymore just give me wifi shoes on june 1st 2013. when i get the shoes the wifi will cost money a month because 45 bucks is already expensive for the shoe at this point we have a very very rare occasion something very special happened the only time the developer would show his face would be right now they came up with a simple quick answer , no, wow, thank you so much for your response, I can't wait to get them this clearly instantly restored Jimmy's faith in the Seg shoes and he was ready to dedicate his entire life to hoping to find them one day in his mailbox Oct 9, 2013 Where are my Seg shoes?
Nov 24, 2013 Where are my Seg shoes? Nov 30, 2013 618 day update. looks like it's been cross ng off every calendar day since the day you posted your first comment still awaiting my delivery i was wondering if the lithium batteries would have caused the sex shoes to get stuck in the transportation so i asked the postal service and they said no my brother and dad got really mad because they lost money and they want a refund but i still have faith please seg shoes can you reply on dec 25th 2013? not handing over my shoe sec where are my shoes 5th Feb 2014 ok im starting to think this is a scam wow right there might have been the most astute observation i have ever seen someone still no response from developer or kickstarter and There are no new updates on this page for 350 days. hi literally someone has to wear sec shoes.
April 4, 2014. Hi, November 5, 2014. I want a refund. s money returned at this point 12 Nov 2014 please update me on the status of my shoes 14 Nov 2014 please reply before I call the police and close this entire page 31 Dec 2014 is this a scam bend over when I realize that it certainly hurts? July 31st 2015 day 1226 i just want to say thank you thank you for taking one thing i wanted so much in my childhood and crushing it all i wanted was to be able to keep a phone in my shoe and have wi-fi connected but you just had to be ripping off.
Now I've graduated and gone to college and still don't have sex shoes. I'll be contacting the authorities about your scam lawsuit so have fun with that happy face, well apparently calling the police last time wasn't enough so now you're resorting to calling the authorities instead of that so maybe that will help on august 8th again. if anyone here gets a report all caps seg shoes is a kickstarter fraud does nothing because they are on the scammers side call the police sep 1 2015 kickstarter finally replied to me they say they need reply from sex shoes for refund policy where is my 45 or my sex shoes will not reply on 8th sep 2015 i want my money back on 28th oct 2015 i worked so hard to win my 45 bucks and these motherfuckers took it on march 17, 2016. it took a while but jimmy wasn't done yet he still had the burning anger of rage for not having sex shoes four years dodging where is my money i will call the fbi to investigate these bastards because they are scammed all the money i want what i paid and now we have a real answer for once you are so dedicated labad saint they took the money a total of 28,000 and they didn't deliver anything they didn't give me i'll hold until i get it back jimmy you deserve the world i'm a hacker i can hack your money i'm not sure how that would work huh it's likely and just another scammer to be honest with you either way nov 6 2016 hi 18 from nov 2016 i want my refund dec 3rd 2017 a whole year goes by jimmy still not over day 2080 no seg shoes no refund i want my 45 bucks jan 30 2018 i did some research on these thieves.
They never had sex shoes all the time. It was all for money. I'm going to have my lawyer look into it during the week. I'm going to get my money back from the bastards one way or another. this is what you get for ruining my childhood dream Feb 1, 2018 I'm suing your ass May 29, 2018 hello someone please jimmy just wants an answer scream in the dark the emptiness the emptiness emptiness more particularly emptiness no shoes sec Jun 15, 2018 You know all I wanted was Seg shoes and I'm officially done with this. I have never seen a company as incompetent as Kickstarter and these idiot scammers.
August 20, 2018 enjoying a drink at Starbucks without the portable wi-fi. I would have had if these people would not have lied, I have to use aunsecured network to do any work fuck you aug 22 2018 day 2 300 still marking my calendars just reminding myself to get back here and warn anyone from using kickstarter i don't give a word if this happens to


in a fucking museum people need to see the truth and people will indeed see the truth jimmy you will not die for nothing jan 19 2019 jimmy with his last breath of dying hope just call nothing can i get my 45 bucks back ?
February 19, 2020. I never had sex shoes. March 20, 2021. Just checking back in so you know how much better I am doing without you or your idiot shoe design. The last words spoken on the matter were not from Jimmy, but rather a response to Jimmy's last comment, April 10, 2021, holy. Word is that it took 10 years for Kickstarter to finally suspend the beloved sec shoe page, as it was pretty obvious at the time that it was likely a scam. Unfortunately Jimmy never received his seg shoes but luckily due to his amazing review on the website i was a able to find him and hopefully do him justice for all the effort he put in over the last decade the man literally had a son , actually two kids, he grew up he went from being like a high school student to an adult with kids and a family and he just wants some sex shoes and he never got them and this is horrible this just shows what can go wrong on the internet basically , the moral of the story is never kickstart thanks for watching i'll see that in the next you

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