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Letting Celebrities DECIDE What i Eat for 24 HOURS!

Jan 14, 2022
Hi guys,


's up? I said last time like this was going to be my last self serve challenge video. I've done a lot of these self-service challenges, but it's a lot of fun for me and when I was doing the first one, I'd let


pick my food. for 24


like i got 20 and only about four responded like i guess five and then i dont know if the expiration date was coming up but all of a sudden i felt a warm side thats ok instead i wasted the thousand bucks i spent on these cameras, which literally was probably like a couple thousand, like five thousand total, but this was probably a couple thousand dollars worth.
letting celebrities decide what i eat for 24 hours
Can't Tom get a little six? I don't know how much I'm going to be able to eat, so spoiler alert, but we also know that I can eat a lot, so let's start with these cameos that we'll start with. Chris Harrison because I ordered him breakfast and I have to say as a disclaimer like I think it's really cool I'm in cameo cameo TOCOM slash famous I think cameo is cool I think it's a little weird and like a little salad but it's actually so exciting to get cameos from people like i got dizzy when i saw charlie sheen responds and chris harrison says my name like its really cool so shout out to the


for doing this i think its really awesome and some of them are going to a good cause , some like to do charity work and stuff so even if they don't like it good for them I love that they're doing this so let's see


Chris Harrison who doesn't want me to have breakfast hey Trish Chris Harrison, here for The Bachelor, I've been asked to help so many. aspects of people's lives kids sports breakfast coffee something to eat probably the turkey bacon sandwich something for everyone pretty simple pretty clean oh me booking another camera right now my boyfriend broke up with me what do i do?
letting celebrities decide what i eat for 24 hours

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letting celebrities decide what i eat for 24 hours...

I love him and want nothing to do with him. I'm literally going to see that cameo. I love it, first of all, it looks good if he is almost half a century old. The years have parted. It looks so good. how he personally made it really long. I love that he liked to think about it. I appreciate it being my name, oh my gosh, beyond bachelor. I like the previous version. I'm literally too old to be on The Bachelor. like under 28 or like 30 they're literally like yeah once you're over 30 like there's no hope for you okay so you could at home UNIX you got a Cotter toast I don't even know how to do right I live in LA so thank god there's avocado toast everywhere and it sounds like a blast so im going to go ahead and go to starbucks after i wanted to go dude breakfast orders both.
letting celebrities decide what i eat for 24 hours
It was like something I don't want to eat. but we all know my taste buds that i'm five so i guess if you want to start attracting me i mean you start dating again so i want to date a celebrity. I only buy cameos from people I might think are single, actually married, I really have no idea. I'm acting like I know these things. of celebration cakes they are eating like a celebrity maybe i want to be a celebrity like a celebrity thats healthy avocados is healthy thats too la too LA to go out kotteakos i dont even like avocados whats like a vegetable is looking at me avocado was pretty good that's tired hi either to know alot avocado well not bad though come on I want a warning okay say go ahead and skip these starbucks orders for breakfast because obviously I only had one piccata toast and that was a lot.
letting celebrities decide what i eat for 24 hours
I don't want to get any more sick, so now we're going to go and talk to Norma MacDonald, who was on Saturday Night Live and also Billy Madison. I actually got into her podcast show on Netflix a lot. him and then we watched h is the show and i really liked it so i got a cameo from McDonald's why not? Let's see what I can get a beef which is actually please some cheesy pickles says we see anyway. how to make a joke tout godfrey i was making jokes that slipped out of my head that one almost where my head is like theres a place called greasy food in los angeles so i know maybe i have to go greasy spoon why you don't need a storm it's fine so let's go to McDonald's and try to order how even McDonald's ordered is too much.
In fact, I've never had a Big Mac either. I'm not being that person because I only like a simple bun and meat. patty again taste buds of a two year old so okay let's have that you know have a drink and you've got fries so let's hope this Mack is good let me try new foods I like to imitate Donald I don't know if I should ask I like how he was dressed today I feel like even though it's not like I lost weight k it's funny but also this particular McDonald's doesn't get me this is the one I went through the first time I ordered what the person in front of me is going to get and as you know do something so I think we really maybe just try it I don't know I get really scared The menu items are from different countries Oh why can't I be skinny Institute anxious every day of my life ok update I've been sitting here now literally six minutes in this person this hater of a car is still ordering so I think this is a little confusing for people so I think that we'll just try to go with the big rear end and I'll make sure that all the things that McDonald's doesn't put on their Big Mac are coming too. on mine, unless it's just a traditional Big Mac.
I really don't know. I'm saying, okay, we'll heal. How about a mother? Oh yeah, can I get a Big Mac? I'm going to get the two burgers. canned patties and it comes with lettuce like sorry it comes with lettuce like they come s to Big Macs our scientific invaders and their people and Jesus to the party okay I'll take that yeah okay thank you oh my god she he literally listed everything he's going to order for the other stuff this is so you stopped him yeah. It's like never being a comedian. I am very afraid of rejection and humiliation.
I feel like comedians are fearless. They are just anticlimactic to learning a Big Mac. Well, let's try new foods. That is the point of this. I also really appreciated the length of it and like again the similar purpose behind it, but I like the APRA as long as it was very nice. I've been doing my own cameo so be sure to follow me. I don't know how to look at my profile. I showed you what's cool, but cameo comm/made is not sponsored. I start to make my own cause. Very well. Awesome. Nothing like anything else in Big Macs.
A double burger seems excessive. We love. is a celebrity is that celebrity McDonald's l Like Ashley Tisdale I had a message from Jim through this McDonald's on the paparazzi that followed actually hi wrestling equ one day a big one they travel with who It doesn't work unless you're ok thanks yeah turn around guys we're gonna try a big back I don't know if avocados sat that long in my stomach to be honest it's a good idea to try something I normally wouldn't I like it, it's like a combination of foods and similar items, this is the Big Mac I've actually literally never had one like never in my life. this great burger the pickles are with sauce the pickles need you to bite and heat i'm going to make it pass my taste buds buzzer sorry pickles and sauce that's good thank god we have two more celebs left to choose me for dinner i'm having a late dinner ok , so the next celebrity let's see what when he wants me to order it's going to be Charlie Sheen smashing and obviously from Two and a Half Men I know I'm from big league movies right away I see he has a selfie stick so I really like that I think he's doing this on his own I think that's great John I'm a lawyer I like the timing of doing this so it looks very Charlie Sheen in the thumbnail so let's see what he suggests it's long this is the longest cameo I've ever had oh oh I totally meant to turn up the volume on the eggs for him it's Charlie so I get you want me to tell you my favorite fast food order so you can asking for it, that's great at least it looks like a pizza oh yeah pizza food food delivered but it usually gets there in a timely manner so that's ok as it totally sucks so far.
No, don't ask me a question, I'll answer it. and always jalapeƱo along with some pineapple Wow why together one if it's a very fat burger they have that where you live but if they do it around the corner you have to get a double king chili queso con huevo with that the fried egg is is is served with an apron Randa not just an animal the post mortem with your mouth oh oh yeah i love that he is not himself to me ok i love that honestly his was the longest and i really like it i love it I appreciate, that was great, okay, so I'm going to go ahead and try that pizza that sounds like something different that I just had. a burger with a bunch of stuff on it, so I don't think the burger is a good choice.
I don't even know where there is no point in going. I live in the West Hollywood area so I don't even know if there ain't no oil around here that you're warned Ally orders pizza from dominos let's see what she says about it sausage mushroom jalapeno I'll forget it because I was timed last time for getting frankie grandma it was ordered wrong sausage mushroom jalapeno pineapple literally stuff no one likes their pizza ok so let's go ahead call domino's we're going to pick up this order because ya We're out, so why not okay? Hmm, no round failed, try this again, three yes, members to order a large pizza. pizza with sausage, mushrooms, jalapeno and pineapple. it's like right in the corner we love cameos ok this one's for alyssa music happy birthday maryland is perfect in maryland my maryland hair is up so high the guy was kinda cute ok illicit chicken turns 21 and booty dance i love it ok hi alysa what is it Upstairs it's Trish I hear you're going to be 21 very soon 21 has an amazing image you can finally be legal and drink look it sounds like you're abroad so I think you can already drink there actually I have no idea may be totally wrong but hey rd you're a beautiful fun sassy and you like glam and pink and sequins in styles to tea dance in a butt shake and lovely and ratchet I hear you're loved by family and friends, which is very valuable. money can't buy and i think this is already the best gift you could ever get but i hope this cheers you up on your birthday or makes you a little bit happier gets you a little excited i started booking some videos and i was like yeah this is fun , this is exciting, something, you, happy birthday. -Let's read to them, what is it that people have so many flavors in their mouths? basic whiskey oh ok wait so i picked up the pizza and that guy there was so nice he gave me the pizza for free.
I feel like once you start eating like a celebrity that we're treated the same way he watches you watch us that was great so congratulations Domino's so this is Charlie Sheen's favorite pizza the sausage it's really the part that really scares me, like mushrooms, I don't know if. those taste like anything but but the pizza the sausage i don't even know what sausage tastes like spice in phoenix sausage they all make starbucks chu is like let's get you sausage oh my god this is like a little bit with ha oh that's so hot and lots stories i ran away i'm going to break my mouth i guess i just took some time to let this pizza get cold we're trying to find the one with the least amount of sausage it's so good it has a lot of toppings it just fell off that's good me I like the must I can already taste the spiciness of the sausage but if that's little official I'll have to eat it you see you see yes the sausages I try to hold on to my last relationship I wish I taste that piece of sausage it's a pleasure oh um mmm Milan well i got a sausage ne i had to do something with math i knew oh hey are you busy?
Release the heat in the different textures Charlie if I knew where you live I could leave you this but alas I can't eat that being so picky I love her. I won't do more, he's Rios, I'm the pickiest eater. I just failed. and it also has an impact in the future, so it's a little cameo, so let's see what Billy Zane would order for fast food. Hi Trish, my favorite fast food restaurant in Los Angeles Olympic, even though it comes from the East. beef in weck which is this atomic horseradish oh hopefully that was the big order i don't eat in my head but it's alright alright it's the name of Billy Zane sure he's so busy that no need to give me fast but order the main route he said it was a small brand we are here in the gray as a lot of our restaurants nowadays run the brand so its very close to me which is great .
I love being in Los Angeles because it would be horrible if I loved it. A piece of beef. I'm just not a beef person. I'm going to try to find this, I hope it still exists. I have never heard of it.I lived in Los Angeles for 13 years. The name specifically lived in that area. actually, the germ passes a million times. I'm always driving passes. I have never seen this place called the upper round and I was right. mysterious is billy zane he is on the other hand he seems to remain mysterious if we don't need like we never know his sexual preference like he ever dates someone like you i just never heard of him but i'm sure he wants that Chef-driven fast food, oh no beef in the car? they already brought it and helped the bars in the way of that and right here next to the dumpsters fit for a trash queen like me okay so we got some round roast beef.
I had to go to the border, but it was very fast. say it literally took like three minutes to get my food just gotta do it so I'll get it so we know I've done this before where I have some Barbies and I'm just not a roast beef person again I'm a texture girl so it's pretty basic it's like meat and some seasonings don't sound already he's feeling queasy from all the things i ate that i like it doesn't sit well with my stomach but let's try it anyway honestly i'm not working for him. I have to assure you that I really like turkey.
Scones really got this. season, I forgot you, the color of rusty beets mystifies me. I don't like dark meat, so I write as dark, but look, I'm not a nice girl. All these guys like sandwiches. today a bow charlie sheen and i love the pizza segments here food something you might really like remove the sausage pretty good pineapples then stir fry a neo mushrooms they are kind of whatever i thought the abacos was a pleasant surprise i felt like if I wanted to go and impress someone a little. Look how healthy I am. I would get it, but it was really messed up.
A Big Mac is classic but I don't like it because I'm a freak and then this is a very busy fancy thing I went here I almost thought I saw a fiery one in there but I almost like how scared Lenny wasn't so scared anyway , thanks to the celebrities for once again collaborating with me, basically paying them to give me the best food suggestions I have. to take a break from these i was like i just feel like i'm getting s sick from food i'm just eating things i really don't like so i go on a diet i always think you're gaining all your weight i like the night now but that was fun while it lasted and i hope you enjoyed these i cry which was good but i'm full and i'm fine so thanks for all the recommendations thanks guys for watching and see you in the next video

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