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Let's Rewrite the End of Game of Thrones [ Part 1 of 2 ]

Jun 01, 2021


the ending of Game of Thrones. A general idea about the last few episodes is that while they hit the right pace, most of the pacing was off and there wasn't enough setup for much of it like the writers made it. They knew where they wanted the characters to end up and did everything they could to make sure they got them. Damn, his story was good, even great moments and there were less great moments. There is nothing in the world more powerful than a good story and who has a better story and saves the broken one, the only restriction is that we will only


the last two episodes, since doing more than that, like the entirety of season 8, It means speaking in fairly broad strokes, which is much easier to do than writing the details of a good ending and doesn't get into the problem of writing too much or too little without knowing it for these six episodes that we have.
let s rewrite the end of game of thrones part 1 of 2
I'm trying to work within what we were given to make this feel like it really could have been possible and I want to be clear that I harbor no hate towards the writers, this is just a fun thought experiment for me to give the series I love a perhaps more satisfying ending, consistent characterization is maintained, especially for Denny, which generates more character arcs. and it gives a more thematically resonant ending, so with each character, when I get to the end of their story, I will explain why I feel this is a bitter ending for their character, so let's do this scene by scene.
let s rewrite the end of game of thrones part 1 of 2

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let s rewrite the end of game of thrones part 1 of 2...

Did you know I have a The book is coming out on May 30th, yes it's incredibly close, it's crazy now but it's true, it's about writing and building a world, and thanks to the hundreds of you who bought it in the last few weeks. Thank you very much, it has


s. everything from how to write a first chapter to how to build polytheistic religions in the world, all based on my writing and worldbuilding series on YouTube and maybe you can win a free copy by joining my patreon because a new patron will win every month. Game of Thrones season 8 episode 5 the bells the great war against the dead has been won and the armies of the Dragon Queen the north and the Vale advancing south lord she has lined the walls of King's Landing with scorpions and the citizens are They are crowding into the red cloak to protect themselves against the foreign invader and his savages Jaime the dog and I are heading south ah Daenerys and the gray worm have just seen their beloved Musante die before them scene 1 the small council meeting winter has arrived at King's Landing and it is snowing a small discussion in the council of John Terry and the gray worm of Davos.
let s rewrite the end of game of thrones part 1 of 2
Royce and Varys meet to plan the attack. Wine is brought for Daenerys, but she asks an unsullied to drink at first, a growing traitor paranoia among her when she discovers he is not poisoned, she takes it. John raises the point that his men are exhausted by the great war in the long weeks of marching and Lord Royce points out that seven hundred northern men have already abandoned the cause along the way. John fears that more will do the same before the battle. John is challenging his authority on the small council and seems equally concerned. Daenerys doubles down on her position and points out that traitors to her queen will be treated the same way Robb Stark treated Lord Rickard Karstark.
let s rewrite the end of game of thrones part 1 of 2
She then states that the battle will take place quickly and then they could return home. Vary's score is more problematic, but Tyrion hardens his resolve. The gray worm mentions that Jaime was caught trying to trace immaculate lines on a hood identified by his golden hand, suspecting that he was after his sister. We should use it to persuade Cersei. back off says gray worm in hopes of saving him Tyrion intervenes no Jaime and my sister are not as close as you might think since he lived she to fight for us tarry Indian redirects the conversation to drogon who, although powerful, is still young and vulnerable to scorpion rays as such, arms have appeared on his chest and neck in recent weeks, it may slow him down, but they will save him from the fate of the Rhea girl.
He says he then analyzes the strategy. King's Landing is based around three hills that have been converted into defensive fortifications by Circe's forces, Red Keep Business Hill and Rainey Hill armed with scorpions and the like, all of which would have to be taken for the city ​​fell. Varys notices that, like little seed birds, Cersei is up in the red keep. They gather with citizens, men, women and children around them to protect it between John and Terry and decide that their plan is to take Rainey Hill first to establish a defensive position within the city, dismantling the scorpions on the walls of the hill. to bring. drug in turian also suggests bombarding them with ballistics all night long forcing the enemy troops to stay awake while allowing me to fight in turns to give them dolls, keep morale up and prevent them from giving up like John worries.
I think it's important that we have to see. Terry and the strategic and conscious intelligence that seems to have lost a little lately seem to Terry and frees Jamie following very much what we saw in the episode Terry and frees Jamie under a similar but not identical pretext, to stop the massacre, ring the bells or do what you have to do, he says, knowing that only the death of Cersei or Daenerys would bring unrest to the conflict and that Jaime was the only one who could get close to her scene 3 Jon at the camp Jon is walking through the camp when he He encounters a soldier who says that he hasn't harvested his runestone crops yet, that they may be gone, and that he just wants to return home.
My son was born a year ago and I haven't even seen him yet. I've been fighting ever since for this Lord, that Lord, that Queen Juan finds out his name is Edwin Talia Tov, how it's still the same house as Dolores, her night SWAT friend who died in the long night, sings for Jamie , arrives at King's Landing and actually manages to survive. the doors with the help of the Lannister Guard who recognized his golden hand at the same time we see that the Hound Anaya has entered King's Landing and is now walking the streets. Jaime meets Cersei and the two embrace closely and begs her to knock on the doors. bells and promises that Daenerys will be merciful to which Cersei responds that no mother is merciful to those who harm their children, realizing that the battle is inevitable, there is a shot of Jamie clutching a knife at her side knowing full well that Circe's death would mean a peaceful fall in the city but she does not dare to do so Jaime kisses her and drops the knife unable to defeat her most ingrained demon the Queen's Guard then arrives with Qyburn and Euron in the distance the allied armies scene 5 the battle begins and There are a couple of changes to the initial setup, unlike in the show, the golden company is located behind walls and there is an emphasis on how the lens domains are cool and well supplied, while the unblemished Dothraki northerners in the Vale are exhausted from marching and battle. before there should be consequences for having an entire army in the south, especially during the beginning of winter when food is already scarce, the battle begins at noon, now the strategy Denna uses against Euron's fleet in the show flying in front of the sun to catch an enemy by surprise is actually a tactic used by Dragon Riders India's A Song of Ice and Fire law, but it is only good for a single tactic, as such, you will not use it to destroy the iron fleet, which generally it doesn't do that. much for the fall of the city, instead she will use it to break the walls of King's Landing.
This scene is told from the perspective of one of the Lannister men driving the Scorpions along the walls. The sun is high. A man looks up to the sky. when he sees a flash of a shadow squinting before realizing that the Dragon is descending upon them, he shouts at the scorpion to point up, but it's too late, so he launches himself from the sky and opens the gates to Landing. of the King, giving way to his armies. He launches himself up and away from his chest armor deflecting a single beam from our Lannister man as another hits his garter, painful but not fatal, Drogon glides to safety, the allied forces flood King's Landing and begin. to take street by street of the city.
Cersei refuses to surrender is a bitter and horrible fight while barricades, abs and women and children hide at this point in the baedal was seen from the perspective of Davos, credit to Ridet for this idea, who observes how the horrors of war unfold before him, though only we see the Golden Company and the Lannister forces being overwhelmed at this point. Davos watches as a gray worm mercilessly tears a


Lannister men somewhat statistically, and at the same time, our Lannister man we talked about earlier stumbles onto the battlefield protecting women and children as conflict rages around him. he escorts them to safety as the battle progresses into its first night, the forces of King's Landing retreat towards the barricades around Rainey's Hill that proved difficult to breach.
The Davos John Vigilantes order a halt after a dozen men are killed trying to breach the city's barricade. It will fall at dawn, he shouts, lay down your weapons and you will be allowed to pass. The gray worm cars look darkly at John, reluctant to comply with such an order, at first the men refuse, but then they hear a roar in the distance from Drogo. The Gold Cloak, Ironborn, and Lannister forces in the area dropped their weapons one by one. he arrives and announces that a series of glasses that the soldiers have surrendered to, he takes a bloody hand from the dragon's wound heading towards the crimson that runs down his arm for a second, he climbs on top of his dragon and then goes towards them , one hundred unarmed and terrified men.
Varys and Lord Royce emerged to watch from afar Torian begins I thought you should see your queen before you return to your homes it has been a long war and not just for us then he looks at his bloody hand and mutters fire and blood they have drawn blood and they I will set fire Tyrion begins to protest before saying that they will return home half of them unsullied she orders my queen these are defeated men much like what we see in episode six they are free men she says that they chose to fight for Cersei and the soldiers will fight a war again unless they see their fires a Sunday attack all my children have blood on their hands as much as Circe's they fought for their home Terrance also laid down their weapons for it but Denny brushes him aside riding drogon Drew Carey's fifty unarmed soldiers, men, children and grandfathers, are burned alive while the other fifty watch as they return to their homes, she says, gather your crops and tell your people that the tyrant Cersei Lannister will be defeated.
Their battle resumes on the streets of King's Landing. Jon receives a messenger from Varys explaining what Danny has done, what is it, my lord? A stern standard bearer asks nothing. Drogo was wounded and the Queen discovered that her justice brought the next turn and relieved the others. Turan's strategy seems to be working and we see an immaculate shot of fighting along the battlements destroying scorpions one by one. This change is important because there is a massive jump between crucifying cruel masters and committing genocide, killing enemy soldiers, or setting an example for your enemies. It is much more aurélie gray and even understandable these are the soldiers who crewed the ships that killed the real walls where Musante died scene seven we return to the red key that has closed its doors with the dog and the anger inside along with thousands of civilians who They hope to take refuge from the battle that is King's Landing. smoking many of their buildings have collapsed Cersei and Jaime observe the destruction Qyburn then enters and asks to speak with his queen in private and Jaime looks at her suspiciously as she leaves with him my queen says Qyburn they have taken Sisters Street and the hill From Rainey, I'm afraid they should be at the gates of the red fortress alongside Dawn, if you think it's time for us to use our final defense, not yet, she responds at the same time as you join Jaime, which brings A man like you.
Back here Jaime Lannister you're on the winning side down there I could give you a death sentence right now if that's what you're after Why are you here? You have your ships and the guards might be twisted, but they wouldn't. put something like you on the Iron Throne oh you'd be surprised how pious I am you've served seven gods but I've served ten thousand when men see my candles they pray I've killed kings and set their


before hmm everyone feels it same, although that one might be a little thornier, you know, if we lose tonight, I'll give them Cersei and leave, find somewhere else, someone else could take you with me, tongue or no tongue.
They say the blood of a king is valuable imagine the blood of a Kingslayer look at Nate Varys the Antarians are together watching the battle from afar you saw what she did says Varys I know it says Tyrion I warned you I know I worry about her I worry for us all traitors will die the death of RickardKarstark Karstarks ESSEC you should also mark a blood trail to the red wedding she shouldn't have burned those men but my father did worse things and people called him the greatest statesman who ever lived you wish your queen would be Tywin of course No.
I killed the last Tywin. I fear she will do more and worse. Fire and blood are a promise rather than a threat. We must talk to her. Yes, let me talk to her and meet this friend. I do this for you. No matter how much people do what Baris miles c9, the battle continues and the streets fill with blood, the scene is told from the perspective of our Lannister man from before, just as Davos, the Lannister soldier stops a northerner before let a charge of screaming Dothraki ride. Massacring the soldiers first and, to their horror, the stories were true: they killed and raped civilians.
Also similar to the scene where Jon stops and Northman rapes a woman in King's Landing, the Lannister man walks up and does the Even when another northerner runs into a civilian house and can see the Dothraki doing the same, he runs through the northerner. with a sword to save that girl, but he can't save them all, he escorts her further behind the company's golden barricades on Neighbors Hill, one of the largest fortresses in the city still standing, the scene is important because the Dothraki are known for brutality like this. and the shows never really explored it.
Daenerys never had to account for the fact that the Dothraki have these kinds of war customs. Having a scene like this goes a long way to show the kind of flaws in the dominant view of her. Dothraki war customs are that sort of thing. that she wouldn't realize that she wouldn't really treat him like a ruler if it also allows us to support the Lannister side here seeing what foreign invaders are like blurring that line between what up to this point has largely been a good fight against evil we returned with Danny who was settling down dragged to ride again torgo nudho has taken the hill of Rainey's my queen lady.
Phares arrives with a jug of wine and a plate of bread, please my queen, have some bread and wine and it will be a long night and I know you have not eaten or drunk. She pours him a glass and another for him. Wine dulls me. senses she says little it will only ease the nerves he assures her Daenerys looks at the glass with concern before Varys himself takes a drink proving that he is not poisoned the traitors are many my queen but I am NOT one Daenerys smiles and takes the chalice putting it to Daenerys had only pretended to drink, suspecting that the traitors are as many as John expected. the poison taking its toll as Denny climbs to the top of Rogen he died a traitor you freed your brother I did it hmm she looks up at the sky I'll take care of you when I sit on the Iron Throne while she flies away turian kneels o Varys my friendly part in the forces of the Dothraki, the unsullied and the Nordics approach the red fortress, victory feels close and the dawn is breaking the blood of the children that spreads across the horizon the red ones like the sky Denix burns, garrisons a number of Circe's battalions that still man the walls and we see that our Lannister man from before survives a cascade of fire from a hidden man by breaking the barricade that is built to protect civilians, allowing the Unsullied and Dothraki to advance. she is a fiery, horrible foreigner who invaded him and she doesn't Without seeing how terrifying she is to the women and children of the city we return to the red cape where Jaime and Cersei silently watch are so far from the battle that they can't even see each other. hearing the screams of pain and terror from the clang of sword and shield I will protect you you know I will protect our baby there is a passage through the dungeons below can we can go I can't go she says not now Qyburn then arrives with a serious look on her face. your face my queen they have taken a large part of the city how many men do we have behind the walls Qyburn mm lens two lawyers your excellency we will send the signal what signal Jaime asks if this dragon The queen wants the city to burn so let it burn Cersei what do you have?
John and the gray worm end up in the middle of the chaotic fight when an explosion sounds nearby and a large tower collapses as a green light and screams fill the sky. We see in the episode that Cersei stopped the forest fires around the city in the same way that the Mad King did. Once before, when Robert's Rebellion was at their doorstep, one by one, these wildfire canisters burst and lie deep within the buildings of King's Landing, in the sewers, hoping that the older people Hold Rainey's Hill and more, John watches in horror as the streets burst into undying flame. buildings collapsing on women children Lannister austere and immaculate alike the boats were strategically placed at points she knew they would try to take and the allied forces begin to diminish the entire formation is lost when the men throw themselves to the ground burning Dany two watch in horror how the last of their unsullied begin to burn alive as the Dothraki horses stagger and the terror of the uncontrollable green flames ignites their own Dragon Fire Li fueling the inferno.
It is at this moment that we run through the chaos of the city that we saw in Aya's episode. While we credit Reddit for this idea, we'll be seeing it from Davos' perspective and from our Lannister man's perspective switching between their perspectives, they're dodging falling buildings and bursts of forest fires at one point send the Lannister men twice. to meet, but instead of fighting, they work. together to save a family from fires, then the double finds the young woman with the image of the wooden horse, the calls accumulated his relationship with Shireen, he tries to get her away from his mother's body, but he can't, she is trapped in a wild fire explosion and is heartbroken.
Watching Davos collapse and tear apart in the middle of the ruined city, the camera slows down and Davos imagines his son Methyl Seaworth, who died in the season 2 wildfire explosion during the Battle of Blackwater and is paralyzed, doubly so. killed by the surrounding fall. rubble for a man who says he is not cut out for war and certainly survives many of them, seeing another child killed in a wildfire explosion would be incredibly difficult for him to watch after Shireen burned at the stake and his own son died for the same thing. Those years ago this would have ended with a touching and tragic ending to his story.
Danger, even as the fires finally begin to die down, only a small number of the allied forces remain, but Circe's forces behind the walls of the red kiba are completely unharmed and fresh. 2,000 new soldiers march into the streets to meet the remaining Northmen John rallies his men just as the gray worm of the last few unsullied Daenerys lands on top of a building and Drogon roars furious and heartbroken at the loss of life. innocents around her, the burned bodies of the children she had seen before my bloodriders, you take this last journey with me, the remaining Dothraki perk up, she orders and the unsullied must do so, but the Northmen do not, they are tired and have seen the last of their men, their brothers, their fathers, their houses dead as a result of this turn of events they are already finished John sees this in the eyes of his men and looks at Edwin Toliet with whom he had spoken that day before the battle was lost.
Lord Snow says one let the Lions have his headquarters. Swords said that another winter has come and my family needs me, he says it as John nods swallowing, but Denny speaks to you, men of the north, while your queen forms and raises your swords towards those who would oppress you, and she receives no response as a dozen. Many of them turn their backs on him and begin walking towards the walls abandoning the siege of her homes and families, then he sees that her chances are diminishing. Northmen. She presses, don't make me give you a desert so different from the one John cuts.
Ford Denny don't do this this is the last war and we have to fight it today is lost more men are coming and they won't survive let them go the men of the north continue walking before a fury takes over the dragon queen after the betrayals of John Varys terian and now the abandonment of their forces takes to the sky and burns the Northmen alive as they try to leave as deserters among themselves. It was too late. John watches in horror and slowly realizes that he made the wrong decision all along, like with Ygritte love. It was the death of duty and his duty was to the north.
Daenerys' lands drag on the street blocking her way out of the city. The remaining northerner turned fearfully toward the battle before them, but not John. Daenerys, the battle is lost. You must know this. It's not over as long as Cersei is alive grimacing John puts away his sword Northman sheath your swords we come home to you you harvest your daughters your sons and winter does not wait and what if your duty to your queen fight until the skies are flooded with a flame and the halls of the red guardian painted with blood or come with me my duty is to the north it should always have been he begins to walk down the street the north walks slowly behind him drugged in grunts as John passes before Denny intervenes and She calls him to cut a long, tough, distant steer before she leaves town with the missing Northman, she claimed it was a superior drug once again, a burning anger in her, a gray worm lighter than ever.
Urges you to move, that is your time. now that she must burn the Red Keep and take the throne or she would be lost forever drugged, she then rises into the sky, a dark silhouette against the harsh morning light, dodging a barrage of scorpion rays, one of which deflects the dragon's chest armor, unleashes a torrent of fire. to destroy a line of scorpions along the walls burning the rest of them as they attempt to reload the battle between the remaining unsullied Dothraki and the Lannister men occurs with Circe's forces taking the upper hand and eventually working to encircle the remaining Cersei kuiper on the mountain and Jamie heads to the safety of Maegor's fortress when they see her approaching through the windows and holes in the battlements and Bailey's.
Daenerys can now see men, women and children, both high and low born, all who thought that she, the red cloak would keep them safe. What she needs to do to take the throne is burn the red fortress to the ground, fire and blood. Cersei had already killed so many with Valyrian fire, she had taken her Sunday to give to her children, her immaculate Cersei was the monster, surely even if some people were. lost at the dawn of this new peaceful era, it would not make her, her mad father, the Mad King, win, it would only take fire and blood to free those under Circe's thumb, but in the instant before Daenerys speaks the word to bring the Red Keep and thousands of people to the ashes she stops herself this is not who she is the innocent come first she remained in a sauce for years to help the slaves she rejected offers of gold and ships to protect the vulnerable and gave up much of his army to protect them all this wasn't her, she wouldn't be the teenage man and now he knew that meant leaving the Iron Throne behind today.
Now I want to be clear while I believe that the mad queen root will be the right thing to do. for the books, when Martin gets to it, the show didn't pay enough attention to that character change, so he needs to end up in a different place that's more consistent with the overall characterization of him. One could justify burning non-ab or traitor soldiers, but definitely not unarmed ones. civilians and children, especially the general theme of Daenerys' story is that the moral leader is not necessarily the best, something we often see in other fantasy stories such as Aragorn, although Danni may have freed the slaves and defended the weak in practically all the cities he has known. she ruled especially in the books she has ended up worse than before her supposed liberation through corruption, insurgencies, famine and disease.
The biggest challenge in her story is that she has discovered that being a good leader means compromising her moral character, and by facing this ultimate test, it is more consistent with her character on the show and more significant to her arc so that she ends up keeping her morality by giving up the throne and proving that he is not his father as people feared. This also gives more meaning to season two's vision of her. She just never reaches the iron throne, she chooses to walk away from it and is distracted at the moment. The scorpion beam suddenly pierces the dragon wing on her shoulder.
He screams in pain and the two begin to fall. The view changes to the Lannister man we have followed. Throughout this battle, who is in command of the last undestroyed scorpion?on the battlements trying to save his home from the queen of fire and blood? Drogon falls randomly and flutters crashing and between the last unsullied and Dothraki as the Lannisters approach, Daenerys tries to stop the blood, but the wound has broken bones and veins and the blood is flowing freely. The beta comes better prepared and with overwhelming numbers, the Lannister wants to massacre the last of the Dothraki and Unsullied who stand firm protecting the Dragon Queen.
The dragon's eyes slowly close as she becomes too weak. to move broken in every way and having lost everything denne chooses to die among those who have been there since the beginning of his journey the Dothraki and those who have served him faithfully the immaculate gray worm dies defending his queen until his last breath and Dany is murdered by a mob of angry and fearful Lannister soldiers in a beautiful moment of symmetry, it's a parallel shot to the Mesa scene, except this time she's being overwhelmed rather than lifted up, so the end for Daenerys is bittersweet. , she shows that he is not her father and she maintained her moral character but at the cost of losing the throne and in her life she reflects her defects as a leader that we have seen throughout the series as well as the strengths of her character, her mercy and love. for the vulnerable in In line with the fate of the nits Rob and Tywin, here Daenerys is defeated by the weakness that hides in the shadow of her strength, this also really humanizes society Lennis, it is understandable why a Lannister man would her would take down and while Daenerys is glassy eyed over episode 5. closes out part 2 by finding out that the final episode is coming out tomorrow, pick up this episode and I actually think it has some of the most interesting scenes in the rewrite so hang on , but if you want to help support the channel, support me. please support supreme leader Mishka my beautiful kitty who I love with all my heart then the links to my book and my patreon are below if you get it thank you so much so the 1,300 of you who already bought it it's something It's something many more than I thought.
Is incredible. Thank you very much and to my clients, as always, you mean a lot to me. They keep me afloat. I say you're awesome, stay nerdy and I'll see you in the future.

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