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Let’s play with sweet angel and the new tag punch board!

Jun 11, 2021
a little versafine clayYou're less useful, cheerful, that's a pretty deadly bad time. I bet that place was a greasy place for these potatoes the other day and you're absolutely right. I didn't have fries next to your newspaper. You probably handed me the paper with your greasy fingers no, no, no, I love it, that's a greedy list, it's the capacity of my program, that's exactly right Thursday, everyone is going to get tired of me, although the events already I've been told I can do all the YouTube I want, right? Yes, they don't get so tired of me.
let s play with sweet angel and the new tag punch board
I like the blender brushes I had. Either I did that or they were on something else on the page again. I do not know but I like it. I really like it. Oh yeah, that looks better with yellow. to the blue yeah I can see you recover it's on my phone or someone else could look it up because I have the link so we have Amanda's computer here so I don't know how to see it from here. Because you don't have a Lincoln. I don't know where he has it stored. Someone can watch. I'm Hannah. Look well, because I'm home.
let s play with sweet angel and the new tag punch board

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let s play with sweet angel and the new tag punch board...

We've been traveling a lot and it's Tama who will watch at night to see if. she already has it all, she's quick on the draw, so if you're wondering what this is, this is a homemade tool and you all should make one at home. This was made for me by Gloria. This is a logo she put on a piece of cardstock. and then she laminated it and it works for these eight projects and I cut a hole in it because I'm hanging it from a thumbtack on my work surface, okay, let's make another label and we want to make another Ronnie look.
let s play with sweet angel and the new tag punch board


works well on Amanda, but he's too cute so I can't do anything, so I want to do one with Tabitha. Can you see what the number is? A piece of


paper on this tag. I think it's not like talking to the side. Trent was curious. Is there a way? to clean the brushes well, let me show you well. I don't have paper towels. What I would do is put a little bit of cleaning on them and make them like a paper towel or an old rag. It would even be better, but you'd probably still get stains.
let s play with sweet angel and the new tag punch board
You said you're not supposed to do it. They're supposed to accumulate and get better over time mm-hmm and they're supposed to get better over time, but I. I have, I don't know why it was, but I clean one with a little quick cleaning, it still stays and again, like I was telling you, use color families, you know, and get several of them, that's what you want to have for have your little one. color families I would like another because I would like a brown with black. I would and I have a red so we should be okay with that but yeah a couple boxes would be nice.
Well, I want a piece of paper. Can? Do you mind if we have a piece of paper? Do we have this paper bag? I won't make you my mat. If I do, we have the Wedding Bliss paper pad that I want to use. Well, let me see what we get now. You didn't have a suggestion from Charlotte. Reagan Charlotte said she could stamp the bottom of the angel Michelle verbs he said 43:45 amazing that's amazing um where's my pick and mix? I need some paper I know we owe this we have we have we have once upon a time a princess okay I'm using this one just use what you have I have this you use what you have I don't need to see this anymore I want find a color that matches that because I want to pay for peace, my angel, that's cute, the little sparkly dress, I mean, I'd like to put sparkles on it now or polka dots, a little polka dot angeloid, great warmth, a little, oh, how The stone texts are needed, they don't look good, how would that green look good?
Solid, no. I don't want a solid, okay, look polka dot or quad, which polka dot is green, purple or green, tell me which one is the first to get three votes, purple or green, ooh, I'll stick with my three options, the purple type which got a green. I have a green I have a green there it's the first one you get three that's how things go around here this nice guy said you can do it USA I've lost the purple hungry I said the first one to get three here it's okay that's how I do it .
I leave my paper here unless I have a piece. I would use a chunk, but I don't use this pack for long so I don't think you'll have any chunks. I put my paper down and stamp my little shape in the corner so I don't waste a bunch of paper. Well, then I'll cut this. I'm going to use my hairy cutting scissors. I cut this out like this, so I'm just going to remove the paper that I need that to make sense now if you have a thin cutting machine, that's what Hanaka is. I have it but I can't do it and I move on.
They don't want to find something for her little face, something a little rosy or something. little solid which is kind of cute, let's use this one and then what I'm going to do, leaving this here, okay, I'm just going to ink just your little bit of the head. I'm going to do an Instagram later, so I'll take you "Everyone I said I'd show you the office so we can do that, but I'll bring our own Instagram to the office. Here's what I say. Instagram, if you want to see it in real time, watch us on Instagram because that's real time if you want to wait for the vlog you have to wait until I'm done and then film the vlog does that make sense about the office space okay nitpick cutting the tip I tell you that all the time , take out your scissors so you can see where the blade lands, okay just tilt them out.
What I mean by this is don't hold them up, just tilt them like this and you can see where the blades go. I don't need this little head, so I'm going to cut that off because I'm going to use the one I just made, the lighter color. I love the paper piece. Did you know that I made a dog on myself? I've always loved the paper piece. In fact, I used to watch videos before doing it. I had a channel and I watched the paper piecing video because I think it's cool to take these stamps and then make them in different paper patterns and I love it.
I'm not a good color person, so for me this makes me color. without color you don't say it you can ask the question what was two piece paper well I'm going to answer it for the camera because I never thought about that but some people don't know what you do is that you take different papers, you stamp them on different papers and different patterns, different textures, different colors, and you cut out the images and then you put them back together in the stamp shape and you get the same image, but you get patterns and colors and shapes, and it's really cool.
I love paper and I don't mind cutting it some people don't like it I enjoy it I've always enjoyed it and I'll tell you everyone tells me you know, oh, I'd use a diode, I'd use a dial. but the thing is a die has an offset line and that's fine if you like offset mom but for paper cutting you really have to cut carefully to get the real shape without the offset line and to make things work together , so I still enjoy paper cutting. I'm going to let this little angel hang from the tag and I'm going to make him some wings that could hang down and I'm going to make him a pair of double wings.
What I'm going to make her is a pair of double wings and go ahead, she's going to be a begotten angel, she needs some colored wings. I want to choose that summer wreath again. I've thought about that, but you know the problem is that we haven't had summer. Now we have it, but oh, that would be key for her. alas, wouldn't it be like that, bull pup boys? um, we haven't had a summer suit, it's very sad that we haven't had spring mm-hmm, shall we train? Can't you just leave the hanging green one to glue the other head to um?
I just can't, I just can't, it's the way I do things, everyone is different, but you totally can do it. I'm stamping this specifically over those points. Because I like those colors and then I'll cut them out, but you can, that's the thing about crafts. I know I'm wasting paper here, but I'm one of those sports. There are so many ways to do interesting work. lambda said that cutting fussy is a struggle for Alessi that's true I grant you that you are chosen you do it I didn't realize you were doing scissors with your right hand scissors you weren't cutting scissors I didn't know you weren't doing it assistants okay I'm going to cut towards these guys and we're going to layer them and give it a couple of layers of wings, a good pair of scissors to cut paper, there's nothing better than that cutter, baby, there you go, put. cutter bees in her tackle box guys awesome we got it in the car we literally make a bear.
Cutter bees in the car, um, we have them for everything. We have them at home. I think I like to have them in my gift container because they are perfect for ribbons and things like that too I love them oh it's written ooh here I can do it. I have ways around it, but I'm usually not inclined to really straighten it out here. oh, I don't remember Trant, should I already have the number? CEO Amer eat oh yeah oh yeah now I know but I'm not a big liver but I'll do it with a pen or something or a wink or something not even a nouveau wink or something that's why people don't It's not like a nitpicker will cut me off, it takes time, but you know?
When you go crafting, sometimes you just need time to sit in your room, on your couch, in your kitchen or on the TV tray and curl up underneath, she said. I could use a star jerk, yes, I've made it on TV trays in the car everywhere because I enjoy it, it's my thing, it's what gives me sanity. I enjoy it, okay, that's interesting, Susan. I thought I was the only weirdo. I mean, her. She says she only eats and also writes with her left hand. I'm going to use the other scripture on this one. I got angry and she said that her dad is left-handed, but he only writes with his left hand.
It does everything else well, that's not really the case. Uncommonly, I think I'll tell you a lot of times that teachers want in the past, you even told me this, teachers are trying to change you from left or right handed, so it's not the teachers fault either. don't just blame the teachers, the world builds things with the right hand, you know, like can openers, they are right handed, what else are scissors sometimes depend on? visiting around so he's on his way back I haven't used mine that's true I enjoyed I enjoyed sitting there singing. I'm going to let this little angel hang for a bit.
I stuck the body down. I'm I'm going to take the head off one of these little guys. Oh, they will be, so he looks at this mess. I'm making my nice, clean craft room. Michelle's doctor did it. She even organized my stamps. Look at me. Michelle said I'm Marty and she said me. They hit me on the knuckles with a ruler to stop me from riding left-handed back in the day when the masters came across that rule, right? I'm going to lift a mammoth's head, it's like me, it only eats and rice, lifting it well, there you go.
Come on, you're not the only weirdo out there, man, um, that's what I'm going to do. I'm going to give it a double layer of wings, but I want to show them off with some foam, oh, how cute, I'm going to put. this one a little bit low and I'm going to stick it down, yeah, that's nice and then I'm going to lift the other one up just on one side, so things like this are fine, so this one I'm going to put a little foam on the outside, here I have this. one already cut, put some foam here to raise this outer edge, come on, Amy, my name is anyone.
I'm in trouble, which is what my mom does, and you even did it. You are reading so carefully. Did you know that about yourself when? In fact, I'm looking at you, you know me. I'll blow up the chat and don't look at what you're doing. There's a delay, so it's difficult, right? Because in the actual time of year, okay, so I have foam in one. side I'm going to overlap them a little bit and then that wing oh that's like that, can you see? It's so cute that it's up. I'll put it there in the middle set of rings.
She is adorable. They are cute. I forgot to stamp my halo I should have stamped it first oh well and it has to be I don't want to do it I'm not going to do it okay listen it has to be glitter but I'm not going to do it but because I have to throw everything My things out, but they need to be heat etched. I should have pointed this out ahead of time. Alright. I'll put the little halo here. It should be OK. I'm shaking today. Yes that is good. We're ok. Get out of the song Where's my new bow you don't want to do?
Oh, I don't have one here, yeah, I've seen it, oh, but you know what it is. I have one of these starburst pins, the jelly roll, a clear star. let's use this, oh how cute. I can put the glitter where I want and scratch it a little. How nice. Do we sell them? I am in trouble? It's the beginning, then the starburst jelly roll, yes, we do the starburst. So what's the name of the other one? She was like, "Okay, this is the clear tent and I'm going to show it to you so you can see the glitter because it's really key and I'm going to put a little glitter in this halo just because I should." I haven't done it with glitter anyway, throw it really good and you know what else I'm going to do.
I'm going to do some glitter on Street since I didn't do the stamping. Nothing. I'm going to shine the little cheeks of her. Coleman says she'll be out of pocket for a good deal the next two weeks. He's doing some federal reviews. Ah, then she will be far from us and we will miss you. Leon, okay, I'll bring this to the camera. I could keep excluding him. I could do that everywhere all the time I don't let you see the glitter if you can see it Rebecca after we sell the drops that dry clear and shiny we like to use for the bubbles we make when they're in stock.
HEexhausted so bad, um glass glaze and here, but yeah, I could glaze your low hand. I like to do that.sometimes you like to dry now, but it's cute, put a little shine on it with its shiny cheeks, that's super cute, I like it, okay, that's two tags using the tag


. I like the label


. I like that I can take any size scrap and spin it. Put it on a tag and let me show you what I mean by that, if I steal this guy will still be used like crazy because here's the thing, when I have an article on this side I hear this guy works but look at the tag I get . get a nice I mean I can't change you realize they can't change that angle and that was the large size but I'll never get rid of this but this is the big reason why they discontinued these guys and I. painted because I couldn't get another one until they brought it back.
I want this in my stash and I use it all the time and I also like that I have it on hand so I grab it, but I really think this is a cool tool. I love the idea of ​​being able to change sizes and get any hitting angle I want and you know what else, this thing is $14, not $14.99. I think it's cheap, it's a really good price, sometimes they take them out. 19 or whatever, but it's a very good price for this. I love it too and you'll love this because you're like me, you don't like reading instructions once you've read them, you don't need this.
I don't need it anymore I know how to use it I don't need this anymore You know I don't have to keep up with a booklet like with many of my peg


s I have to keep up with a booklet this is all I need perfect for my grow bag you know, I like it, I think it's worth it, I was glad I got to


with it and I think these are adorable and I like the angel that's nice on the side, everyone likes that. My dream was for her to fly. I thought she had no shape on either side.
We put the wing on her back. She's fine, as always. She does what I know in my dream. I think it worked. I love it. well, that's it guys, I think it works and I love the tool and I'll tell you what I'm going to do, go right now listen to me, okay, if you don't have an Instagram, don't paint it, go set up an Instagram, no. I don't need it for anything except to follow me seriously. This is the great thing about Instagram: you can follow whoever you want, but if you're not an Instagram person, let me tell you why it's great.
I can't take my phone it's almost like a portal to you I can take my phone and boom look at this and you can see it instantly like yesterday now this day only lasts 24 hours so they disappear it's an instant talk situation but I don't use Snapchat and more. I can't understand it so I can't teach anyone else now to chat, but with snap stories they're called snap stories, you can see all my little stories instantly, you know, I say it right away in the stories and like yesterday. We had lunch at our house and I made a pear salad and I was able to tell you step by step how I made it and then I asked people if they would eat it and the post said that 75% of people wouldn't. eat salad you know what I thought it's pineapple cheese casserole again when you made pineapple cheese on your channel it's like oh no I would never do that and then they tried it and there was like we do it and it's the same with pineapple salad pear so but then I also put in a buffalo chicken dip yesterday that Vince had made and everyone is like 97% of what he made oh I can put it in a case Adil you love it in a case of do okay so That dinner with a bit of welcome, oh that's it.
What I needed last night was really good crackers, I mean, it's something that makes sense because I ran out of freedom. You all know it's lunch time and we're hungry, but I want to tell you to go to Instagram and follow us on Instagram too. instagram design team i could see this is a shout out to tracy dennis and my team that design team i started looking at the photos how my instagram has changed since we have this design team it's amazing they do amazing and beautiful work to inspire me and I'm very proud of what you're doing and this month you're going to make Mayflower's or this week you're going to make Mayflower's so you're going to use our floral stamps to make five.
It is an inspiration for you to show them how to do things. Join Instagram, check out my stories and this is what I'm going to do: I'm going to post the story, but then I'm going to save it on my phone and then I'm going to turn it into a vlog, so if you can't use Instagram, don't do it. Don't panic and I'll do it, we'll do a YouTube just showing us the office Cheryl, I'm going to tell you this, okay, it's a couple of half a day out of the can, you put a little mayonnaise in the middle and sprinkle a little of sharp grating.
Sharp cheddar cheese has to be spicy and then you put a maraschino cherry a maraschino cherry and then you just eat it if you have a big mouth you put everything in oh you can if you have a small mouth you better have it before cut it. up go check out my insta stories it should still be there it's really really good you should know we should be we should make unusual salads you should do that when you come back for vini it settles that's what you should do alright guys we're Do you want to go show my office now or what do you want to do this afternoon or what?
This afternoon we'll come back and show you the office and I'll show you what the movie will be in the space and like that. We'll have a little space in the middle so we have to go clean up some stuff anyway so yeah it's okay guys we love you so much you let me come and do what I like we just


with things and you guys We show what they give. a little inspiration. I hope you had fun and we'll see you on Thursday for the big day that is st. On judas day we are very excited if you don't know about st.
Jude we are doing a st. Jude fundraiser melody and I are melody Wayne, please subscribe to Melody's channel, we are trying to raise $10,000 before the end of the month, these are our last few days and we are also selling stamp sets, which should be back today if they come back. I will make an announcement too late, I don't know that you are back, but we love you and we will talk to you a little.

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