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Let's explore a Hollow Knight iceberg

Dec 25, 2021
I finally got around to talking about this obscure detail, although I'm not quite sure why SteevPoyo69 thought this


was worth putting up. It's hardly related to Hollow Knight and I'm probably the only person who really cares. Unfortunately, we have very little on the carcass of the ancient spider. Basically it was just a text that went unused. We can see other ancient creatures all over Hallownest, so it would have been cool to see one that looked more like a spider. The closest thing we have to go on is the giant spider we see in an old Hollow Knight trailer, but it might be completely unrelated.
let s explore a hollow knight iceberg
Soul Society was the original name of the Soul Sanctum. But Team Cherry had to change it because everyone still thought it was a reference to Bleach. Apparently Soul Society is the name of the afterlife on that show. Honestly, though, I don't know anything about Bleach, so let's move on. In the original backup drawing of him, Tiso had glasses or goggles or something. Maybe his poor eyesight is what killed him. In an early Hollow Knight screenshot, we can see Dirtcarvers hanging from the ceiling. Thankfully this has been removed, as Dirtcarvers are annoying enough to be relegated to the ground.
let s explore a hollow knight iceberg

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let s explore a hollow knight iceberg...

The Desolate Dive move was originally called the Earth Splitter. It was also called Tyrant's Fist at one point as well. Here we are at the bottom. There are entries here in the Abyss that I don't think anyone in the Hollow Knight community has ever talked about outside of a few Discord posts on the main Hollow Knight Discord server. Since Hollow Knight is such a recent game with a fairly large fanbase, it's hard to find such dark stuff. Vaults in Godhome have these notches which are used to indicate the possible ways to complete them. The main slot fills up with a gem if you finish the pantheon.
let s explore a hollow knight iceberg
If you end the pantheon with any of the links, those will also appear. If you clear the pantheon with all the restraints at once, all the gems will glow brightly. But there is actually another condition that it can trigger. If you finish Hallownest Pantheon without getting hit, the center of the middle gem will glow on its own. Originally, Team Cherry planned for this central part to turn black like Void. But they decided that was going too far. As it stands now, if you do all the bindings, it basically nullifies if you did it without hitting, but a black gem would have made that a separate condition that you'd have to do to get the unique void gem sprite.
let s explore a hollow knight iceberg
Gorb is a character designed by a sponsor, but the sponsor didn't actually name him after him. The name Gorb comes from the Cherry team. According to Graig, a close friend of Team Cherry, the name probably comes from a TV show called the Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!. There is a character in a sketch named Gorb. He is the spokesperson for a product called Cinco Boy, which is a service that sends people dummies of their dead children. They even send new, more grown-ups to the family from time to time to make it look like their children never really left.
Yeah, I'm not sure what this means for Gorb in Hollow Knight, but it's probably best we don't talk about it anymore. A lot of research has gone into understanding Hollow Knight's bug language. Lots of words and phrases appear, but it's unclear how Team Cherry creates this gibberish of bugs. The closest explanation we got comes from an interview that the game's composer Chris Larkin did on a YouTube channel called The Sound Test Chris: To be honest I can't remember exactly what they did, but I think they found a way to generate text and then read it backwards or something.
I'll have to ask Will and Ari how they did it, but... In previous versions of Hollow Knight, each of the area banners that appeared in the Save menu had their own files with unique file names. The Beast's Den banner was originally titled Graz Den. Is Garz someone we should meet? Is that the name of the monster that captures us? It's always annoyed me that something catches us clearly in this part of the game, but we never get to see it. I'm pretty sure this creature is hiding inside the trilobite statue. But that's just speculation on my part, and I really hope we finally get a real explanation for this.
The Salivary Worm is an enemy concept in Infected Crossroads. It would have been an infected version of the Goam enemy that triggered the infection. That honestly sounds terrible, so I'm glad this didn't make it to final game. Lion Shaman comes from another Hallownest development map. There was a lion village planned somewhere near where the Stag Nest is in the final game. And it seems that there was going to be a shaman there. But what exactly is this town of lions? One thing we know for sure is that the lion village was designed by a major Kickstarter backer.
I guess this could be an ant lion village, but I'm not quite sure. I contacted Team Cherry about this on Twitter a few years ago and they told me that the lion village is full of lions. The Colosseum trophy is a cut-out item that would have appeared in the Colosseum of Fools. In fact, we can see how this item would have appeared in-game. There is still a Colosseum scene in the game that shows the Colosseum Trophy hanging over a much smaller version of the Colosseum. This was probably a fairly early concept for the Colosseum before the test boards were created. ghostCoins is an unused value stored in the player's save data.
I think they were one of the first names for Essence, since it's basically a currency you get from killing ghosts. The main character in Hollow Knight goes by many different names, such as little ghost, little ghost, or little shadow. The general consensus in the community is that the main character should be called the Knight. But according to Team Cherry in a broadcast they retained on Mixer in 2018, the Knight actually has a top-secret internal name. This name is used as a way of differentiating Knight from Hollow Knight for translation purposes. Whether this name has any historical significance or not, I guess we'll never know.
This one is self explanatory. To be fair, I've met Jack Vine in real life before, so I think this might be wrong. But then again, hologram technology has improved a lot over the years. And that's the whole


. Sure there was a lot to go through, but hopefully there were some new Hollow Knight nuggets of information you didn't know about before. With that being said, I need to clarify something. I made this iceberg with the help of some friends. SteevPoyo96 is nothing more than an unpaid actor, I'm afraid. But please understand. I really wanted to make an iceberg video that wasn't full of memes or things that I already talked about before.
And it was the perfect excuse to finally talk about this photo of Team Cherry standing in a fucking tunnel.

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