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Jan 04, 2022
rest you are too worried about this party well i want my son's birthday party to be perfect it will be i promise i trust you darling dialogue 3 tom and brian are thinking of surprising their friend daniel by paying him a visit at his house sun do you think it's okay that we show up at daniel's house unannounced it's okay why do you ask you're worried yes he will be busy working when we get there I checked with his girlfriend and she told me he shouldn't be busy doing anything when we get there hm I guess he is ok so yeah, do you want to bring some drinks?
learn english speaking easily quickly   english conversation practice
It's been a long time since the three of us are meeting I know well it's been too long what will you do at 6:30 p.m. m. I'll be working tomorrow by then why would I ask you to go to the supermarket with me to buy some drinks but I can go on my own too no I can get off work early let's go together awesome I'll stop by his office okay sounds good I'm so excited to hang out with you, me too, the last time we saw each other was for christmas and that was the middle of it.
learn english speaking easily quickly   english conversation practice

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learn english speaking easily quickly english conversation practice...

A year ago, time really flies, doesn't it? It's because you were always busy, brother. We could have met several times since then. My mistake. I have so many projects going on lately, but you know what I'll be finishing next month. so i should have more time to hang out by then sure bro you say that then disappear every time i promise this time is different sure mr workaholic see you tomorrow see you dialogue four the mia's family is leaving for london soon however she clearly tells him dude she won't be joining them mia you're leaving for a long time tomorrow london no no i'm not just going my parents oh why i thought you told me you love london la last time you visited well i will take my college entrance exams when they are away i need to prepare for them too i see but where will you stay then or will you be home alone?
learn english speaking easily quickly   english conversation practice
I'll stay with my grandma meanwhile my parents never let me stay home alone ah that's good if you can't always stay at my house I have a spare bedroom at my house ready for you thank you very much maybe I'll stay at your place for a few nights but I also want to spend time with my grandma so I'll mostly stay at her house that's perfectly fine let me know anytime By the way, do you want to come? By the way, how long will your parents be away? They will stay in London for more than a month. marks two people are united in marriage let's watch this video and explore what can happen at a wedding dialogue one a sad wedding congratulations to you rachel today must be the happiest day of your life thank you tim wait rachel you look pretty tired you feel bad would like to eat something or drink a cup of tea it might make you feel better no tim i'm fine actually i'm not happy right now i just know something bad about my husband david i need some advice now could you help me tim of course rachel please tell me what this is yesterday i used david's phone to watch a movie because my phone was charging at the time while i was watching the movie david's phone received a new message from a strange number i read this message and it was i miss you david it was a big shock i decided to read more messages from this number on the phone amazing all the messages were very intimate then i realized this was the number of david's ex he is going to marry me but he still loves his ex what a horrible person i'm so sorry to hear that rachel has you like ked david about it no tim i don't want to tell him i hate it calm down rachel you have to face it i think you should ask david about the relationship between him and his ex you should give him a chance to explain and solve his problem mistake if he doesn't admit his fault you should break up with him what should i do now tim my wedding is still going on but i'm not ready for it i'm not sure you have to calm down and make your own decision ok thank you tim let me be just for a while, everything will be alright, rachel david, do you take rachel as your wife to live together and love her forever? yes i agree rachel do you take david as your husband to live together and love him forever no i don't i'm not ready he has lied to me what's wrong with her why He did this? jesse i'm so glad you're coming to my wedding come on ashley you're my best friend your wedding dress s is great i wish i could wear it sometime how do you feel now ashley are you ready to marry and live with james for the rest of your life for of course jesse i love james so much he really loves me and cares a lot can you tell me more about him?
learn english speaking easily quickly   english conversation practice
I really want to know if you two ever argued. He is always nice to me. He also buys me a lot of gifts. They mean a lot to me. Could you tell me about the day he proposed to you? so funny let me remember it was a beautiful night james and i were having dinner in a fancy restaurant james went out for a while and came back with a bouquet of roses he got down on one knee and said will you marry me it was so romantic what did he do you say then i was so surprised and happy to say yes i love you james immediately everyone clapped and congratulated us then he put a ring on my finger it was the best memory of my life we ​​hugged and kissed under the lights so beautiful ashley you are so lucky my friend you want to know about our honey A trip next week is very interesting, of course, Ashley, we are going to the Caribbean for a week, we will enjoy the trip together and eat all the delicious food there, I love the beaches, and James too, we'll lie on the beach at the Swim in the morning or surf in the afternoon and discover the local culture at night.
It will be an incredible trip. The trip of my dreams too. You should now be ready for the ceremony. I hope you and James are always happy and love each other. Thanks very much buddy. i love you dialogue three wedding wishes thank you for coming with us we are very happy and lucky because we have good friends like you yes we are very grateful come on tom and sam we have been friends since childhood everyone let's congratulate and send best wishes to our couple first i wish you a healthy family and have beautiful children thank you lucas we also want to have a baby soon thank you for your wish let me continue wishing you joy, love and happiness on your wedding day and as you start your new life together i hope the love and happiness you feel today shine through the years i will give you a short wish stay happy forever tom and sam i wish you all the health and happiness is well we all know the great love of you i hope you all have good health and let us live happily too now let's continue to enjoy the delicious food here greetings dialogue 4 the happiness of a couple look phil everyone is dancing and drinking they look so vibrant and boisterous funny yeah honey our party tonight is amazing im pretty tired right now but no dont worry im still good phil you should sit here and get some rest you seem too drunk ok tracy how you feeling now baby today was a long day, everything is like a dream, today is the most important day of my life, baby?
I waited for our wedding for a long time it finally comes like a dream me too after getting over everything i marry you you are the most meaningful gift i ever had i love you tracy phil do you know the first time we met i really hated you no k now i never met you said that remember that day i was having coffee then you walked by and you threw the cake on me it was my favorite t-shirt you didn't even apologize i thought you were so mean and you just wanted to yell at you oh i remember i was too busy at the time you hated me until no now phil i am your wife now how can i hate you i will love you forever my love i have to go there john is calling me i love you ok i will have a cup of tea



with the theme when guests come to visit friends they are a part important thing in life besides meeting friends outside sometimes friends will visit our house let's see what the characters have prepared to entertain their friends situation 1 I am very I'm glad you're visiting my house I'm going good afternoon Maria how are you doing Emily hello I'm glad you were here I'm sorry I didn't call you first okay come in here is Maria's house see the the house has a simple and neat design I love it it looks so cosy, thank you ma ke yourself at home would you like some orange juice emily perfect thank you here is your orange juice thank you and i have a housewarming present for you oh that's so nice thank you i had a business trip last month past so i missed your housewarming party sorry now that you're here don't say how the party was i guess it was fun yeah my friends came almost full and john came too they asked about you reminds me of our days school where we used to hang out. on weekends or we went to each other's house now we can too let's eat together and talk in our free time I'm glad to know that you are making lunch yes you already ate should I cook lunch for us that sounds great let's cook together what to do you want to eat steak beef and beer is your favorite food and your favorite food is pasta it's great to be with you like this since we graduated from school we also have less contact I'm very happy when you visit when you opened the door and I saw you both I was happy and confused oh my best friend i miss you so much come and hug me i think we should make steak first you're shy right no i'm not where the meat is hey hug me hey where are you going where are the potatoes Situation Two What should we prepare for a house party?
The teacher has an emergency today so we can go home early. Tomorrow is the weekend. Why don't we go to my house? We can have a party at home. Is it a bother to your parents? Don't worry, my parents used to ask if I invite you to visit my house, come on, what should we prepare for the house party? midnight I like to sing a lot karaoke it's ok but we can only sing until 6 pm if we sing at night we will disturb the neighbors you are right so what do you want to eat for the party we are going to have pizza and sandwiches for the main course fruit and ice cream for dessert the drinks It's coke, orange juice, and some snacks, okay, sounds great, let's sing karaoke until 6 p.m. sit together and play the game of telling the truth it will be fun so me and richard will go to the supermarket to buy food and drinks me and anna we will be at home decorating the party and setting up the games could we invite some friends next door they are nice and polite the more the merrier let's invite them to your house and join us let's celebrate situation three long time no see david true long time no see you're brian where have you been since you moved to los angeles i almost lost contact with you i lost all contact luckily still I have the letter you wrote me the letter has your address I went there and met your parents then they gave me this address I met your parents seeing them healthy makes me very happy how are your parents are fine your house is great I moved to live with my wife we have been married for a year she is three months pregnant today she is visiting her sister's house congratulations i have a business trip here i found you right after meeting my partner how about you married or single?
I'm single. I'm only interested in work. What are you saying? Is she still single? I just went to her wedding last month. Are you kidding? Really, I'm just kidding. It is fun. What about your job? My boss trusts me and gave me a new project. It's been almost seven years when we're at school we're always together I remember when we went to play video games together We played soccer together We ate together We went to the library You've all had lunch We're still going to eat I have a lot of things to tell you Okay Let's go my friend I know a restaurant nearby from angela's h real house no you're so cute situation four this is my friend's house excuse me this is walter's house isn't it but ethan it's you walter it's good to see you my cute wife and I have a vacation here me Nice to see you I saw your message but I didn't know you came today now come in I bought you a gift from our city thank you this is my beautiful wife this is ethan and his beautiful wife nice to meet you would you like to drink coconut thank you please and thank you for inviting us to visit your house your house is so beautiful hawaiian style thanks i like this style walter how are you looking i feel great i like this place waves wind and sun you visited in hawaii e n actually we just went to the beach and then we stopped by your house.
Let me be your tour guide. That's great. It is a pleasure. I'll show you how beautiful this place is. Look at your eyes. It says how much you love this place. you are happy and glad to see you again let's go to hawaii when you have f ree time ok i will do it tomorrow my friend is having a party on the beach will you come? The beach party sounds like fun you can go there too come with us yeah it will be fun ok we'll be there walter didn't take over his father's company and came here why honey in the past i saw walter as a rich kid who didn't he was smiling and now i see him as a guy who doesn't have a lot of money but he has everything and he's so happy that you're right look at his smile his wife He's also very kind he followed his heart and now he's free and lives every day to the fullest.
What about you? I am happy that everyone has a different way of life. Meeting up with old friends again. Seeing them live happily also makes me happy in the officeI used to get up early in the morning, really what time do you get up often around 5 am. m. oh my god why are you up so early? eh, my hobby is running early in the morning, i prefer to do activities during the day, exactly when you run, twenty past five or sometimes half past five. wow, you must have done a lot of exercises, how long do you run, half an hour or an hour, both are not good, an hour and a half, you also go to the gym, yes, but at night around six thirty or seven. clock after work yes how often do you go to the gym per week every day no sometimes three days a week what time do you leave the office at 5pm so that your work schedule starts at 8am. m. as usual um no actually my work often starts at nine o'clock but if i have a meeting i will arrive earlier maybe 15 minutes earlier than usual a quarter to nine ok. i just ask emma how can you get up so early like this i have tried many times but i failed i dont know the alarm goes off and i wake up how much time do you spend sleeping seven hours six and a half hours you probably turn off the lights at 11 around that time my bed time sleep is not fixed you usually go to bed late, right, anna?
That's right, there were even a few days where I slept through the crack of dawn due to finishing work. um for you, emma, do you want to go shopping now? What time is it? a little late for shopping but it's ok let's go tom tom go fast to door seven sorry for being late what's the time tom it's ten past eight in the morning sir run fast check out time is half past eight wait sir peter let i will tell you what is most important we need to go


to the gate now our first flight is delayed the new departure time is 9:30 are you really sure i heard the announcement half an hour ago are you sure the delayed flight is our 100 ladies and gentlemen this is an announcement that flight nc245 has been from I assumed your new departure time is half past nine.
Thanks. It's okay. Lucky. By the way, please tell me the schedule during my business trip. Here it is. You will first have a meeting with the director of mapbox, Mr. Johnson, this afternoon. the meeting starts at a quarter past one how long does it take place an hour according to the plan and then you will go to the oriole restaurant to negotiate once again the last transaction with Mrs. Emily specific time at seven o'clock Mrs. Emily likes it people who are early so i suggest we should go there at 6:50. okay, how about meeting with a board of directors from the chicago branch? the meeting will be delayed until the next day due to the absence of mr. alex, ok, what time is the meeting? it will happen early morning at exactly 7:30 sir it seems to be an all day meeting definitely sir mr peter an old friend just contacted and wants to have a private talk with you tonight who mr adams , sir, great, have me set up that meeting, um around 8 30 or 9 p.m. m. after mrs emily's meeting yes i will tom do you have the time? a couple of minutes after nine sir its time to get on the plane come on yes sir lily are you almost done with the report i assigned you? almost done if you find it hard anywhere just ask me yes thanks i am hesitating about calculating the stat here let me take a look with this kind of stat you should use the method i told you yesterday oh i got it thanks oh my god what happened lily nice look outside oh it's getting dark I think it's a quarter past five or half past five at least lily you know what time it is wait for me I guess it's six you're wrong it's exactly 6 50. excuse me if you didn't misheard about 7 p.m. m. of course working so hard we don't know what time it was not until i raised my head we both knew it was night we are all bees busy as a bee go home now i will finish the rest of the report it will be soon so i will wait for you and then we'll go home together no you don't need to do that cute no problem i'll wait hi my friend sophie hi friend what's up girl today we have to go back to school um exactly i'll pick you up upstairs let me do that what time what time does the first start class sophie at half past 12 so i'll pick you up at past 10 past 12 it's ok sophie tonight one of my friends is organizing a party and you want to come with me ok but i don't know anyone that's no problem you can get to know them gradually ok then a what time are we going there the party starts at 8pm so i think we can go to my friend's house at quarter past seven do you want to buy new clothes or dresses for the party sounds good if so we have to leave at five because shopping often takes us an hour and a half but our class ends at 4 45 no problem I also have a lot of things to do at home after school how long about 30 or 40 minutes then see you at the park near your house is that good i was just going to say it's 5:30 ok it's up to you ok oh sorry elsa i just remembered i'm having a class tonight ok what time does it start and end?
I study for two hours and the class starts at half past five so it ends at 7 30 true if I wait for you in the park near my house it's fine but I'm afraid you can be late when I expect you it's fine I'll wait for you at 20 to 8. ok thanks elsa i'm going to hang up now bye good morning adam hi how are things so busy lately? It's a quarter to nine, sorry, I mean it's 8:45. Oh, Adam, would you mind reminding me at 10:30? office around 10 11. Do you mean 11 10 or 10 50 11 10 o'clock? How far is your company about 10 kilometers?
If so, I'm afraid you should leave it almost at 10.20 or 10.30. I think so, do you know what time it is? It's 5 to 10. So I'm leaving in 25 minutes, that's right, decorate the room. own house let's watch the video to see


s about interior decoration situation one decorate a new apartment sophia the new apartment will be available in a month i think it's time we discuss interior design joe i was going to tell you these days i have i've been looking at a lot different designs online here are some styles i'm interested in ok show me what you got so this is a modern style with plain white walls a darker color tone for the furniture and lots of glass and marble flooring for Let's Be Honestly, it looks great, I love the simplicity, however, we plan to have a baby in the near future, do you think we should try something a little softer?
You were right, how about this traditional look with a neutral colored t-shirt? one with floral prints seems a bit old fashioned to me you like this style don't you? i dont really like the cozy feeling so i prefer something that makes me feel at home any other option that is modern and cozy yes this one what do you think it still looks simple and modern but much more cozy with a warmer gray color light or brown is in style this year i like this one especially the wooden floor we can use it for bedrooms very affordable i want to have carpet in the living room is ok how about the kitchen?
I want a material that is easy to clean and waterproof, how about the color? I like brown or beige colors like this one. Me too. Simply put, our taste is modern yet welcoming. i think the wooden furniture will be a great combination i will write it down for sure we will discuss a detailed design tomorrow ok yes i will investigate more situation 2 decorating a girl's room hi anna how are you doing hi kate i'm great and you come in it's you I'm back from work right now I'm fine and yes I haven't seen you in months too busy with the new job today I remember you'll be in labor in over a month so I tried to get off work early today to visit you. kind of you come and sit down don't worry about my messy place we are redecorating a room for my little one oh really how are you doing it must be the cutest room in the house we just started recently how was your plan for the girls room girls we always like minimalism, you know, so the style of the room will match other rooms, in addition, three walls are light brown and one wall is white, the floor will be covered with a beige carpet and a carpet of fair skin that is very modern and cute at the same time.
At the same time, what is in the room? I can see the crib from there. I try to put only the necessary things. There will be a cot. all white wait, you mentioned a white wall before that right? Why only one good question? I had the intention of putting a huge wooden shelf that is the size of the entire wall. What is it for? For children's books and toys and to decorate. I also think books and toys are very colorful so they will stand out. the white wall is a unique idea my friends usually spend the wall on cute stickers i also decorate other walls with cute animal drawings but also in a minimalist style oh i forgot to mention a chair that's all have you bought all those furniture? many although the only thing that takes time is to paint on the big shelf it sounds like a very nice room remember to send me a photo when you finish the room I'm sure I will remember that we met again after a long separation it is an indescribable feeling for each person, let's watch this video and see what people say after a long time apart topic one old friends from the dorm jack do you see that girl looks familiar hmm lemme see yeah i think i've ever seen her here before she looks like sarah do you remember her ah sarah was in the same class in college right i think we'll go up and ask hi is that you sarah yes i'm sarah must be jack and kevin of course it's me no i don't think you still remember us why we weren't classmates in college and we also lived in the same dormitory you live on the 7th floor and i live on the 9th floor yes sarah remembers the days we stayed in the cafeteria at university for hours working in groups and doing homework together these days were so memorable yes i really miss these days so much how have you been lately?
I am currently a digital marketer at Light Company. I have been working there for a year. I know this company. it's quite a well-known group on the internet and you Kevin, I'm the sales manager in a clothing store, you can come to my store and buy dresses, they are really suitable for you, yes, I'll surely come when I have free time, huh, I have either. of you have been married yet we are not single yet hey sarah let's go to jim's diner for steak. go to your restaurant right now I'm so sorry but I have a date with my partner right now I can't go with you two but I'll give you a discount card from my restaurant enjoy your meal in my restaurant I hope to see you soon I want to talk more with you thank you sarah bye and see you again topic two a traffic accident andy how were you today i got 95 points on the math test which was the highest score in our class today how was your presentation and in geography class your performance got a big recognition yes mom I did very well my son I will reward you what do you want now? i want to eat fried chicken at kfc we will go there right now of course andy we will go to kfc oh no mom you hit the car in front what should we do now i don't know andy you should stay inside and i will go out and talk to him i think i can negotiate with the owner of the car ok mom good luck you're fine I'm so sorry I really didn't mean that.
I think my car has a pretty big dent. pay me for the damages you don't have to pay anything thanks mark you're still as nice as when you were at school you're welcome so where are you going now i went to pick up my son from elementary school now we're going to kfc as a reward for my son because he school went well this week you have a boy wow lily i thought you were planning to work as an accountant for two years and then continue studying abroad yes mark but i am married to my husband and also my colleagues so i cant continue with my plan congratulations lily are you still an accountant of course mark what is your current job i am a brand executive at samsung he worked there for two years you are so cool brand is a giant tech corporation in the world you are free now would you like to go to kfc with me and my son we will talk more about our life sorry lily im too busy now see you again ok mark how about next weekend ok lily i'll text you about the place later bye lily bye mark topic three at the bus stop it's you sarah yes i'm sarah jenny that's right it's me we haven't seen each other for a long time i really miss you yes my old neighbor i actually recognized you from before but i didn't dare to greet you because i'm afraid i'm not the right person it's ok we finally recognized each other so sarah is your family living well in the new home how are your new neighbors thanks for asking about me my family loves the new place especially my kids love to play in the big yard around Around my house my husband doesn't need to get up early in the morning because we live close to his company and our new neighbors are as nice as you, they helped me a lot whento make a beef steak for dinner my dad loves it but this is my first time trying to make it myself that sounds really good so what did you buy not much i just have beef sugar and what is that uh salt oh no i know how to make it i think its quite easy i


ed the recipe on the internet the most important thing is to have enough ingredients including herbs and spices amazing so what are beef of course yes i know and sugar salt chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder and turmeric, oh my gosh so many things yes that's enough no you also need fresh herbs fresh herbs what are they? taste b when sprinkled on meat just before serving they taste fantastic with steak burgers and any grilled beef that sounds great so what kind of them do we need chives basil cilantro parsley what do you need them for?
Well, they are marinated with beef so that the taste is more fragrant. How about thyme? I heard that beef steak doesn't taste good without it. That's how it is. I am finding them here. Many things. I think thats enough. Other things I already have at home. a lot of time to prepare the ingredients, but cooking the dish is quite easy, ok, when we have free time, can you teach me how to cook it, sure, thank you, new year resolution, simple future tense, new year symbolizes motivation for many new beginnings, new year's resolution is a promise to person make for the new year is when we all make plans to change our life for the better do you have any new year's resolution yet what is it julia bella lewis and daniel meet at the bar next door what do they usually go? new year's eve let's see what resolutions our characters make for the new year greetings greetings what time is it daniel it's 10 p.m. 2022 is two hours away I feel so excited we should make new year's resolutions that's right we make new year's resolutions every year oh come on i don't want to talk about it why let's do it together yes it will be fun so louis what will your resolution be new i will lose weight last new years eve you also said you will lose weight and now you keep doing the same thing, no you are wrong what does it mean?
Last year I was 180lbs now I'm 179lbs really a pound you have no idea how tempting food can be I know but you need to lose weight bro being too fat is not good. for your health i know i will make plans to lose weight i will have a perfect body a fit body also makes it easier for you to find a girlfriend and you daniel don't ask me about it i haven't asked yet i know what you're going to ask ok beautiful whats up new year you do alt c Complete 2021 incomplete goal Great a great goal takes two years to complete No it should have been done in 2020 because I set this goal in 2019 Oh it's been three years 2019 2020 2021 Yes this year definitely I will meet my goal. believe it, thank you and julia, what about you?
I'll eat clean and wake up at 5:30 am. m. every day. I'll sign up for a yoga or meditation course, that's great. daniel not lewis Nothing is wrong with you at all let's go we're best friends just share with us I need to go to the bathroom what's wrong with you I have no idea ah um I remember it's that it's last year Daniel divorced his wife he made a new year's resolution to forget her ah me too I remember he hasn't forgotten her but he still misses her because they got divorced she left for a month then she came back she said she wanted a divorce without saying why she did that daniel must be very sad i have no idea daniel's ex-wife is It's her, what a coincidence you are Daniel's friends, yes, hello Mary, good evening, do you recognize me, of course, Daniel will come, I don't know, he said he was very busy, yes, he is very busy. seeing you again it's been a long time what's wrong with you hello daniel why are you here i just want to greet you ok you talked about the new year's resolution but if i'm going to lose weight i'm going to complete my goal i'll eat healthy and you daniel daniel won't answer that question i'll forget you and you mary what your new year's resolution will be i'll apologize to daniel and ask him to forgive me mary yes i was wondering if we have dinner tomorrow i'm free tomorrow at 8 p.m. m.
Can I pick you up at your old address? I'll be there. I have to go. My friends are waiting for me. Agree. Happy New Year. Happy New Year. you still want to forget her daniel i guess i should break my new years resolution will you two get back together? maybe not, I want to hear her explain first five four three two one happy new year future simple tense we use future simple with will to protect the future promises requests refusals offers we can use it for future facts and for things that are less certain affirmative form subject more will isle plus base form example i will lose weight i will eat clean i will enroll in a yoga or meditation course negative subject plus no will plus base form example daniel i will not answer that question i will not answer questions related to new year resolutions question will plus subject plus base form example will daniel come what will be your new year resolution will is mainly used in the forms should i and should we use it when i want to get someone's opinion, especially for offers and suggestions, for example, do we make new year's resolutions? intment depends on each specific situation let's watch the video to know how to schedule an appointment in various situations at the dentist hello how can I help you afternoons I would like to schedule an appointment with dr john hues john thomas yes dr john thomas from international dental hospital do you have any reexam note or something?
No. My son has a toothache, so he may need to have his tooth removed. I don't think I can tell you anything in advance. You should bring it here to check first. can you make an appointment for yourself tomorrow what time is best for you your schedule is full today oh my god my son is in a lot of pain that sounds bad you want to make an appointment with another doctor all of our doctors have had the experience of over three years can you come at 5 pm after your school is there someone available at that time we have two doctors who have free time dr alex and dr paulie any advice plz polly is better for kids because she is more open armed is ok pls me would like to make an appointment at 5:00 p.m. teeth please save this note and be on time thank you very much rescheduling nice to meet you today nice to meet you too my manager wants to have a meeting in our office would it be possible to meet with you to discuss the next project that would be great i will bring all our paperwork to show it to him in the meeting because the project should be ready soon.
I would like to schedule the meeting for tomorrow. everything is going well we can sign the contract immediately after the meeting tomorrow is fine our assistant can complete the documents within today what time works for your manager how does 2 p.m. sound to you. m. he has an internal meeting in th morning that sounds great, can you email me to confirm that i am sure i will email you right away when you get back to my office? Have a nice day. an email to confirm them now oh i just accepted an invitation to come to a workshop at 1 p.m. m.
I'm afraid I can't come back at 2. Let's reschedule for 3 p.m. m. company oh hi sir john i just spoke to my manager i'm so sorry but something urgent has come up and he won't be able to meet with you tomorrow at 2. Sounds good we'll still meet in his office. Yes, I apologize for any inconvenience. Do not say that. See you tomorrow. See you at a real estate office. internet oh yes, besides the houses we posted, we have many houses that can match your requirement Did you notice any houses or should I give you some suggestions?
I saw this one, it looks so good, ah, the house is in hh area, this house is not available anymore, unfortunately, the owner sold it a month ago, we still have many houses available. for sale may i know your requirements please 60 square meters at least in the district it should be close to the supermarket at school i have two children so it is very important anything else please in the east of the city please i wrote down your information what I'll check our available homes and we'll get back to you soon we can set up an appointment to discuss further when you think you can find the right home for me it's very fast I only need a day or two so we can meet this Friday that sounds great at 2pm. in the afternoon is fine for you, isn't it easier for me to get off work in the afternoon?
Oh, if it's not convenient for you, we can meet on the weekend, that would be better, I can come at 3:00 p.m. m. Saturday. see you later bye confess to the person you like the friends had a little party over the weekend at laura's house they ate and talked after a while laura suggested they all play some minigames together let's see what minigames our friends play it's fun today I love weekend parties I have prepared some mini-games for us. Let's play together of course we need games at parties like the Laura game. I have a box containing papers with questions and challenges in turns. in it is the game i like i hope we don't get weird requests don't worry it will be fun we can do all these requests and the person who completes the request may well choose one of the gifts i have prepared wow gifts i want to win oh and the loser will donate ten dollars to our future parties.
We all have to comply with the request. Do not deny or change the request. and finally mine is fine gi bring me the box i play first this game is very interesting let's see what tom's mission is let's read your request aloud tom give me an irrelevant answer laura will ask me five questions my mission is to give irrelevant answers to the questions of Laura for example when I ask if you like blue or white you can't answer I like blue or any color you have to answer it's 2pm or the neighbor's dog is so cute when I ask you you have to answer fast if you are slow you will lose oh i get it it's easy i'll win and get your present laura start what time is it tomorrow i'll have burgers for breakfast what did you say what are you going to eat for breakfast tom it's too hot today if it's hot we can go swimming together yesterday i you stayed up until 11 p. m. why did you stay up until 11 p.m. m. you have beautiful eyes so you want to be my boyfriend yeah wow what did you say tom you really like laura it's just a game i mean to lose whatever but give me ten bucks for the next party ok here's ten bucks wow tom's well tom played well until he wanted to be laura's boyfriend continue the next player is jack this game is so fun give me the box you must answer yes or you are right to any sentence your friends tell me if you can't you lose oh it's so easy first i look at my attack you are always ugly jack , look at this shirt you're wearing it looks like an old fashioned shirt calm down jack it's just a game ok it's just a game so you're right mine wow. jack play nice next is me jack you love tom so much don't you you asked


yes you're right. it's just that the jokes you tell aren't funny at all but you always think you're funny you're good ok yeah laura today is your bad day the next one is me hey jack you told me yesterday that you're in love with jenny right because she has such a lovely voice and beautiful hair its just a game yeah ok i won where is my present wow this game makes me so mad i wrapped all the g if we open it later your stamina is really good its just a game dont think too much you're funny i'm not sure i told the truth what doesn't really go on the next player is laura go to the front door open the door and yell i'm a stupid girl i'm the best stupid girl in the world three times and stay there for about 10 seconds who wrote this mission you're just interesting do it laura i'm the best stupid girl i'm the best stupid girl in the world i'm stupid i'm the best stupid girl in the world what a shame someone passed by looking at me hey don't laugh i can't stop laughing hurry up come on you have one more time i'm a stupid girl i'm the best stupid girl in the world ten nine eight seven six five four three two one come close the door oh my god that's embarrassing and i got a gift from me the next is jenny take a breath ok my mission is to call your mom and tell her you love her so sweet mission yes it is my mission when i say i love my mother i am sure of this she will say you spent all my money again let's see what the mother will say jenny's mom turns on the speaker so we can hear hi honey you're at laura's for the weekend right what's going on mom?
I'm calling to tell you that I love you very much. You are playing a game, right? No, mom, no games. I am telling the truth. funny and dont be home late yes mom i will see you i love you oh so sweet your turn mina confess to your crush i dont know if mina likes someone the game is getting more and more interesting you have to confess to your real crush i know it is a chance to say i like it you're so brave will you confess? I'll call him he's a friend of my brothers turn on the speakerphone we want to listen too maybe he'll like you too hello who is that hello me m mine ohwho is mine i remember you are vincent's sister right if so why did you call me say something your brother and i just finished playing basketball.
He may be on his way home. We were training for the tournament, so it's a little late. Don't worry. Thanks for your notice. I have something I want to talk to you about. i like you wow she told him when i mean when you fell in love with me when i went to pick up my brother at the basketball court i saw you you look great you are great when you play basketball thanks you are so cute too but who are you talking to my friend It's a girl I hear a girl's voice what did she say why did you blush no I don't have something to hide right who is she can I ask who is she huh thanks for your compliment thanks for being in love with me but I'm sorry , I already have a girlfriend, yes I know, I'm just playing with my friends, it's a weekend party, my mission is to say. i love you the first person in my phone book is you andrew with an a oh it's an interesting game i hope you won and i didn't get grounded no i lose sorry to bother you bye are you okay? it's still a bad game don't play anymore thanks to the game i can do two things i never thought possible confess to my crush and give up on him i feel good let's drink something ok let's go to the museum the weekend is a time for us to rest after exhausting work days read a book and enjoy a cup of coffee clean the house and cook delicious meals or get together with friends let's see what activities our characters choose for the weekend jennifer tomorrow is saturday is the weekend we will go out together i'm not sure about saturday, but sunday is fine.
Are you free on Sunday? Yes, I'm free on Sunday. What will we do that day? shopping to see all the new things we just bought we went shopping last week my closet is almost full let's try something new for our weekend something new good we just learned the history of france how about we go to a museum? Do you want to eat on Sunday? How about Thai food? Okay, last week we ate Japanese food. This week, try Thai food. I've heard it's delicious but a bit spicy. I love spicy food, so Sunday at 10 a.m. you on sunday are very on time exactly 10 o'clock beautiful lady please get in the car i will be your driver today my honor because today we are going to the louvre so last night i investigated this museum wow so tell me what are you doing i know when we get to the museum you i will say no now ok so excited what time does the museum open today it opens from 9am to 6pm monday thursday saturday and sunday what about the other days wednesday and friday the museum opens at 9am and closes at 9 45 pm closed every Tuesday day go to the museum at night it must be very nice how about the tickets I'm glad you asked the ticket bought at the counter costs 15 euros the online ticket costs 17 euros but the tickets are free for under 18 and senior citizen 18 to 25 living in the european economic area countries oh we have free tickets and thai food is so delicious after we finish eating we go to the museum ok oh my god look East museum, it is as beautiful as the picture I searched online.
Last night it was a good decision to come here, hello beautiful lady, I will be your tour guide today, my honor and my tour guide, what is that, what is that? i researched everything about the museum last night that is correct i researched everything about the museum but how can i memorize all of them in one night ok i see this is the louvre pyramid it is a large glass and metal pyramid designed by chinese american architects ok my tour guide i come t a map of the museum from the counter outside follow me the louvre is the largest art museum in the world the area of ​​the museum is 210 square meters with more than sixty thousand six hundred square meters dedicated to the collection what collections there i don't know why ask me hey you are my tour guide today remember so google it ok take it easy i see the museum is divided into eight areas for eight collections egyptian antiquities antiquities near east wear greek islamic art roman sculptures decorative arts painting prints and drawings statue horses statues swords statue wings so amazing look at this sarah i know there is no need for goo gle psyche was revived by cupid's kiss oh a love story of cupid and princess psyche wow how wonderful is this what is this jennifer the tour guide is asking visitors oh is there a tour guide review today.
I'll give you minus 100 points. I forgot it. It's okay. I will try to get higher points. There is a note under the statue. statue of venus milo French is come. us de milo the statue is about 80 inches tall this statue is so tall it is so luxurious i love that chandelier these are some rooms in napoleon iii apartments wow luxury dining room luxury living room luxury bathroom bedroom really amazing come on to the painting area ok sarah stop and look at it mona lisa tell me about it it is an oil painting by artist leonardo da vinci it is believed to have been painted between 1503 and 1506 the mona lisa is now one of the most valuable paintings in the world how much does sarah have the guinness world record for the highest known insurance assessment in history at 100 million dollars in 1962 i guess it must be more expensive now who is mona lisa is it real or is she a character the model is lisa from giacondo she was a member from the garadini family and the wife of a wealthy silk merchant i heard that mona lisa was stolen many times yes it was stolen in 1911 by a louvre employee during world war ii ndial the painting was stolen again no w mona lisa is the property of the french government and now it is here yes the bottom of the painting was damaged when a person poured acid on it and a young man threw a rock at it. how could they treat such a painting? i dont know maybe because it is so famous nowadays the mona lisa is considered the most famous painting in the world a painting of destiny when you are too famous there will always be two forces around you fans and anti-fans just like the paintings too the people created by mona lisa controversy for a while i heard that looking into her eyes you will see a lot of joy optimism love of life but looking at her mouth and lips it seems that she is strangely serious but also smiling it is a mystery how you feel i don't know what what you see in this painting you come here to meet her so tell me something about her you want to know about me yes of course i see a lovely chubby lady her eyebrows are a bit pale without lipstick i guess she forgot to put on mascara and no make up before dr. aw you're so funny i think in the past girls didn't wear much makeup her hands are cute she is the lady from a rich family who is pampered in short i see a kind and beautiful woman so funny art is not what you see but what you you make others see edgar dega a french artist said yes i think it depends on the visual feelings of the viewers thank you for sharing information about this museum let's visit the museum together again on wednesday or friday to see the museum at night it is well sure that looks magical, so how many points do you give me with your effort today?
I'll give you 10 points. 10 points are also good. 10 points out of 100 points. I can be your driver, okay? Do you want to drink something? Sure, come on, thanks for watching, don't forget to share a comment on my video, subscribe to learn


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