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Learn English Conversation - Oxford English Daily Conversation Part 1

Jan 30, 2022
we can take a look at it now. Last year, Richard Bennett quit his job at a London bank... ...and decided to walk to the South Pole. Why did you quit your job, Richard? Well, I didn't like my job and I had a lot of problems at home. I just wanted to get away from it all. I wanted to find myself, if you want. So you left England in August. What did you do first? I flew to Buenos Aires in Argentina. From there I traveled to Antarctica by ship. When did you really start your journey to the Pole?
learn english conversation   oxford english daily conversation part 1
Well, I had to wait a few weeks, because the weather was very bad... I didn't leave until the end of September. Did someone accompany you? No, I was alone. And did you reach the South Pole? No, I did not do it. After about three hundred kilometers I fell into a huge crack... know, a big hole, about ten meters deep. You got hurt? Yes, I broke my arm. I could not get out. What did you do? Well, luckily, my sled fell into the hole with me... I had food and also my radio. And I called for help.
learn english conversation   oxford english daily conversation part 1

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learn english conversation oxford english daily conversation part 1...

How long were you there before they found you? Five days. There was a strong storm, you see. I thought it was the end, but suddenly I heard voices and dogs. I screamed and screamed and faces appeared above me. What did you think? While you were in the crack, I thought about my life in England. And the funny thing was that all my problems at home and at work... ...were no longer important. I just wanted to be with my family and friends again. Life is very short, you know. You have to enjoy it while you can. Thank you so much.
learn english conversation   oxford english daily conversation part 1
Can I watch that last


again? I thought about my life in England. And the funny thing was that all my problems at home and at work... ...were no longer important. I just wanted to be with my family and friends again. Life is very short, you know. You have to enjoy it while you can. Thank you so much. Yes, that's OK. Do you want a cup of coffee? Tim I'm sorry. What did you say? Want a coffee? No thanks Sean. We have a


y to go to. What do you think, Rebecca? I can't afford the skirt or pants.
learn english conversation   oxford english daily conversation part 1
Hmm. I don't know how much do they cost? The skirt £28.50. The pants are a little more expensive, but not much. Look. There's Gary. where there He goes to the men's department. Oh, I suppose you'll buy some new clothes... ...for your interview with that magazine. Oh yeah. What did he say? The readers of Stars and Style magazine voted me... ...the best dressed newscaster on television. Let's see what he's buying. Hello, Gary. What are you doing? I'm looking for a shirt and tie to go with my new suit. Are they for your interview? Oh, you know about that?
Come on, Gary. Everybody knows. You mention it at least ten times a day. Excuse me. Can I try them on please? Clear. The changing rooms are over there. Thank you. How many shirts do you wear? Only the best is good enough for the best dressed newsreader. Hi Tim. Good, Gary. What's in the bags Oh, this is my new suit and things for my interview... ...about the best dressed newscaster. Yes we know. Armani, uh I bet it costs a bit. Well, if it's good, the price doesn't matter. Did you hear that? Yes, it's even worse than usual.
Someone should do something with it. When is this interview? Right after the six o'clock news. Psst! Sean! Sean! Gary Fenton in the studio, please. Five minutes. Oh, there you are, Gary. Why are you so late? Good night. This is Gary Fenton with the six o'clock news. Gary, your visitors. Charlotte Mortimer from Stars and Style magazine. Nice to meet you, Mr. Fenton, or may I call you Gary. Of course. Now, can we take some pictures first? Oh no. We always see you at your desk, Gary. Well, I feel more comfortable here. But I'm sure all of our readers want to know if you have legs.
I would really prefer to be at my desk. Come on, Gary. Do not be shy! Alright! What are you using? Er, well, maybe desktop is better. What's Happening The reporter is interviewing Gary. And Gary always likes interviews. Well, he's not enjoying this one. I think we should give him the pants back now. Because? Oh, it's fine. So when did you start doing that? Two years ago. Sorry to interrupt. We found this, Gary. Excuse me. Photography Come on, Gary. Encourage. The magazine got pictures of you in your new suit at the end. But you looked so funny in those old baggy pants.
Where did you get them? They were from Sean. Oh no Sean! So what are we going to do in this school? Tim goes to interview one of the teachers. He has won the lottery twice. I have never won the lottery. In fact, I have never won anything! Everything is alright? Sure. Come on oh! Tim! Are you OK? Yes I'm fine. I just have a stomach ache, that's all. You can't work like this. You should be home in bed. Look. I've never missed a day of work in my life... ...and I'm not starting now. Anyway, who's going to do the interview if it's not me.
I. Have you ever done an interview before? No, I haven't, but I've seen you several times, and Sean is here. He has filmed hundreds of interviews. No, it's okay, I can... oh oh! Give me your car keys. I'm going to take you straight to the doctor. Hello how are you? Hello Julia. Did you get the interview right? Yes, everything was fine. But what about you I feel a little sore. I had my appendix removed yesterday afternoon. I know. I came to see you, but you were asleep. I was with Rebecca. Uh huh. I have never been to the hospital before.
How long are you going to be here? I can go home tomorrow and the doctor says... ...I can go back to work next week if I want. Tim. Never stop Hi, Gary. Tim... Oh, hi, Julia. Appendicitis, huh Ah no, I guess you can't eat anything right now. - Julia - No thanks. I've had appendicitis, you know. You have, Julia Very painful. Now when did I have it? Oh yeah. I was in school. It must be oh, twenty years ago. Hi Tim. What the doctor said. All clear. And the best thing is that I can eat normally again.
Good. Er, Julia... ... I, um, wanted to thank you for all your help when... ... you know... and well, erm... ... would you like to go out? for a meal sometime... ...just to, you know, say thanks. Yes, I `d love to. Shall we try that new Italian place near the museum? Hmm. That would be fine. When is it good for you tonight? Yes that's fine. Excellent. Shall I call you around eight? I'll be in town anyway. So, can we meet at the restaurant at half past seven, is that okay? Tim Barnes. Hey Pete... - This is good. I love italian food. - Have you ever been to Italy? - I lived there for a couple of years. - It really was after I got out of college.
I worked in a travel company. You know, looking after groups of British tourists. You like me? Yes, it was really fun. I like to travel. How about you? I've traveled a bit, mainly in Asia and South America... ...but I've never lived in another country. Erm... You've got a little sauce on your cheek. I have where? - Hello, you two. - Oh, hello, Gary. Can I accompany you? I'm going to have dinner here too... ...but my friends haven't arrived yet... You've got a little sauce on your cheek, Julia. Thanks, Gary. I can do it. That was a very good meal.
I loved it. Yes me too. Until Gary came along. Yeah. Um, well, I have an early start tomorrow. Yes. So yes. Good night. Good night. See you tomorrow. - Tim! - Yes, I can't find my keys, I think I left them at work. Oh, Rebecca's not in I don't know. Probably not. Oh darling. Oh hello hello Tim. I heard voices. I'm on the phone with my sister, so I'll see you in a minute. Still locked Yes.

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