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Sep 08, 2023
In this video, I will take over 10 different things in Lego and buy them in extremely large quantities and for each item I multiply, I will challenge myself to make a custom Lego build with it, let the challenge begin. a set of 15 Lego and after unpacking and building it it is a Lego Ferrari that comes with a minifigure to drive it, but I just received a package in the mail because for this first round we will not see one car but 10 of them and now we have to put them together , so insert time lapse, okay and after three hours of building our 10 Lego cars it was complete guys, I think this is the most decals I've ever used in a single session, look how many packs I ran.
lego but everything is multiplied
I thought this car was really so stressful. Why do you need to have 100 stickers? Looking at all these different cars, I feel like it's straight out of a racing game. It's time to defeat your enemies. Choose your car. Well, let's see which one. gets to my driveway first, okay, here we go, oh okay, the Mercedes went first, but none of the other cars made it all the way to the bottom, so that gives me the idea to make a giant Lego creation for put all these cars in, so I'm going to quickly build a giant race track with a lot of people to watch and all we have to do now is add the cars and voila, the Lego cars now look like they're all racing each other.
lego but everything is multiplied

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lego but everything is multiplied...

Oh, what the hell who invited Lightning? McQueen, wow, he's actually fast and here we go, the first round is officially complete, this is a Lego ball, but for the next round I asked for 20, oh, it's like massaging my hand right now, okay, we have 10 Lego balls. soccer and 10 basketballs, but instead hitting buckets like he was Kobe or scoring goals like he was Ronaldo. I want to make a giant obstacle course for them, okay, here we are going to try a really good one now, obviously, I want to take this to a different level, so then I spent the next two hours speeding up building the best obstacle course that I could, now it's time to put this to the test, okay, I'm going to turn this on, come on, it works fine, so when the balls get to the top, they'll go down the chute and then they'll be gone. across this board like Target, then down the slide and then into this container where they pick them up again.
lego but everything is multiplied
It's definitely not the biggest contraption, but I'm pretty pleased that it's a Lego train track, but it turns out I actually ordered a hundred of them and of course, to follow the tracks, your kid had to buy a Lego train. , so it's time to speed up the construction of this thing and after two hours of construction, the train is completed and my plan is to take the 100 tracks I bought and make a huge train. The track around my room is fine, that turned out pretty well. The train actually comes with the remote control. Come on, it's actually working and all we have to do now is add some final details around the track to bring it to life like some houses. this tunnel I built and now it's time to test it, okay, here go through the tunnel, come on brother.
lego but everything is multiplied
I'm probably making all the seven-year-olds very jealous right now, if you've ever wondered what 100 Lego train tracks look like. together, well, you know, wait, sir, you can't park there, you have to move your car, sir, move, I'm sorry, shit, a lot of people say that when you put something in front of a train, it will never be able to stop it, so here you have 14 minifigures, let's see how. a lot, he can go through holy shit, he actually went through everyone in the next round. I bought 100 Lego spiders and I made it because I wanted to see how creepy it would look, oh my god this is so damned I'm going to put my hand in Oh that feels so weird and now we need to make a Lego build for this.
I'm going to build a lot of people's biggest fear into Lego, which is the fear of spiders. I'm going to make a small children's bedroom with decorative furniture and a bed with someone sitting on it and all we have to do now is fill the room with spiders. One of my biggest fears is being asleep and having spiders crawling on me. This is a Lego gold bar, a 100 bill and a Lego. diamond but for this next round I ordered 100 gold bars, 200 bills and 500 diamonds, we also have them in different colors and these look like emeralds, oh wait, no, no, they are not for you.
I'm not trying to swap them right now and Now it's time for the very satisfying part where I mix them all together. Wow, there are so many diamonds. I feel like I'm in a music video right now because we have all these goodies. I want to make a huge Lego bench to put on. everyone in, so I'll speed up the construction of one. Okay, the exterior is complete. It seems like a pretty stereotypical bank. It has the columns on the outside. Now that we've finished the outside, we can move inside, where I'm going to build. a lobby for the bank with an ATM, a bench and a desk with an ATM and behind this wall I am going to build a huge vault where we can store all the precious diamonds and gold.
Dang, if Mr Beast was a minifigure this is probably his net worth of him, he's good for the next round. I quickly ran to the LEGO store and in the back there is a giant wall full of Lego pieces like these transparent bricks. I thought they were really interesting so I had a whole cup of them and after I brought them over. Back in the crib I counted them and there are about 250 of these, but I have an interesting way of using these pieces and that is to make water. I'm going to quickly build a coral reef with Lego.
I'm going to take plants of different colors. and I will distribute them throughout the construction and I will also include some aquatic animals like fish, a crab, a turtle, a dolphin and an octopus, and now, to make the coral reef look like it is really underwater, I will add the transparent bricks we built before. At the top I'm also going to add a boat and a guy swimming. This is a little mind-blowing to see from above, it looks like the ocean, but once you go under the transparent bricks you feel like you are underwater. take out the whole ocean the next item I bought are these pieces of rope and I bought 30 of them and they look like Spider-Man's web so I'm going to combine them all to make a giant thread that I'm going to put Spider-Man at the end of nah im gonna do my thing come on its actually rocking oh my gosh its literally touching the grass.
We can also use the pieces of rope as life buoys for a rescue helicopter in which a man has fallen. the river in Lego City, okay it's time for another pack and after unpacking we have 10 Lego cows, 20 Lego sheep and 30 Lego chickens and speaking of chicken, it's time for a quick snack and these black and white cows cost almost 50 dollars each and To combine them all, I want to make one big Lego farm. I'm going to build a very stereotypical red barn in the middle and around it I'll use fence pieces to build pens for each animal so the cows have their own crib. then I'm going to build another one for the sheep and then the chickens.
Wow, look at all those chickens and here we go. The Lego Farm is complete. There are so many animals. I feel like I'm in minecraft creative mode right now and of course I had to add a farmer. I'll call him Billy Dirt Tiller. He can go ahead and milk the cows and get those eggs. Okay, it's time for the next round, so I got another package in the mail and let's unpack it. Okay, so in front of me I have 2000 of these transparent orange studs, what the hell they look like salmon eggs, but you know, this also looks like lava, so that gives me the idea of ​​building a huge Lego volcano where we can simulate a real volcanic eruption, ok, the volcano.
It's finished, if you turn this gear, this platform inside the volcano moves up, so I'll use it to push the lava pieces. It's nice, that's how I am in the bathroom and now it's time for the final round, but the biggest one of all, because inside this. The package is a bunch of minifigure pieces, oh my god there are so many pieces I feel like I'm in one of those character customization screens in video games, oh wait no that sucks that's right why not We're just going to build. one minifigure but 300 of them and after quickly building these people for two hours they took two huge baseplates so look at this it's like a duplication error that's right I made 30 of the exact same person so yeah Have you ever wondered what 300 Minifigs look like here and since all these Minifigs are standing here, how about we turn this into a massive concert with a stage full of lights and speakers and start the music?
What the hell is this? Oh, this is it. How silly, but you know what I think I have an idea to fix this, okay, let's get to three million, oh damn, okay, oh, this is actually some kind of fire, oh, it's cooking good, Here we go, I think we have successfully done an exaggerated concert. on Lego, come on, thank you all for three million, let's get it, honey, the winner of the Lego Tesla was this person on Instagram. I already sent it with an extra Lego set, so thanks for looking, see you later.

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