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Jun 10, 2021
Welcome to the Daily Bugle, the fictional New York City tabloid that you'll often see in Spider-Man-related comics and movies, and at 3,772 pieces, it's the largest LEGO Marvel-inspired set of all time. Its impressive numbers do not end there, it is one of the LEGO sets with the most minifigures, there are 25, one of the tallest LEGO sets ever seen at 82 cm, and almost 10% of its pieces are these transparent panels, 347 for be exact. . And before we start, I just want to thank LEGO for sending me an early copy to allow me to share my honest and completely unbiased opinion on the set.
lego 76178 daily bugle review
Let's start with the minifigures! 25 to be exact, and if we don't count the LEGO chess sets, this is one of the sets with the most minifigures ever. According to the building instructions we have civilians Bernie the Taxi Driver, Amber Grant and Ron Barney. There's also Aunt May, Peter Parker's aunt with a double-sided print on her head, and Gwen Stacy, Peter Parker's college crush again, as is the same case with most of the minifigures in the set with a double-sided print. expensive. Then we move on to the Daily Bugle staff Robbie Robertson, Bugle editor with a spider-shaped weakness and a cute sweater Ben Urich Bugle reporter, always first with the big stories Betty Brant J Jonah Jameson's secretary J Jonah Jameson himself, editor of the Daily Bugle with a very interesting alternative face, with a spider web in his mouth.
lego 76178 daily bugle review

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lego 76178 daily bugle review...

And finally Peter Parker, Bugle's photographer and the guy behind Spider-Man's mask. On the hero side, there's obviously Spider Man, the same minifigure seen in other LEGO sets. Miles Morales, the alternate universe Spider-Man and a few other characters I only knew from the recent animated movie like Spider Ham aka Peter Porker, I love those character names! And Ghost Spider, Gwen Stacey in disguise. Now for a couple of hero minifigures that, as far as I know, are new to this set! First time for a Daredevil minifigure, with the extra head element for the horns on his The Punisher helmet, with, as is very natural for him in at least the shows I've seen, a beat-up secondary print of Firestar. , a mutant hero I'd never really heard of, and Blade, the vampire-hunting hero.
lego 76178 daily bugle review
On the villain side we have Black Cat, as far as I can tell, exclusive to this set, who I initially thought was the cat woman, but then I remembered that we are talking about a marvel, wow Mysterio with a very interesting element for the head, making use of a fairly recent material bar color in the LEGO portfolio. Sandman, the exact same minifigure from another smaller Spider Man set, but this time with an extra build where you connect him. He is all over the place with crazy angles and you get the feeling that he just came out of the ground to wreak havoc, very well done by the Venom designer with the crazy structure around him.
lego 76178 daily bugle review
And while I understand why he has all this, I think I like him better without all that. The same goes for Carnage Green Goblin is here too, but I'll talk more about him later. And finally, the best-equipped Doctor Octopus in LEGO form ever, using a very interesting selection of LEGO elements to make his tentacles. If you're a fan of Spider Man this set is a must when it comes to minifigures, it has many of the most iconic villains you would see him fight and although you can get most of them in a couple of different LEGOs. sets that are already in production, getting them all plus all the exclusives in one LEGO set is a very good deal.
References to many other characters from the Spider Man universe exist as Easter eggs hidden throughout the set in the form of prints and stickers, but more on that later. For now, let's take a look at the building. The building is quite impressive, very tall when compared to other tall LEGO sets, it has 4 different floors, which can be explored in a very interesting way by removing entire sections of the wall like this, revealing the rooms inside. The only place you can't do that is on the first floor, where if you want to get inside, you'll have to remove this section of wall like this or remove the entire floor.
Looking at the exterior details, here is a rat that the designer mentioned as the one that saved the universe in the MCU Infinity saga and the manhole cover is a sticker placed on one of the newer 3x3 tiles in light blue-gray. Additionally, fans of Creator Expert's modular buildings will be happy to know that they can add another large building to their cities since the connection points are there. On the front we can see three more stickers for the



entry and one simple but fun one. Mechanism for the sliding door. The outdoor kiosk uses very clever construction techniques and parts to achieve a simple but immediately recognizable effect.
Inside you can buy some postcards of New York and there is a magazine featuring Fisk, an Easter egg for Wilson Fisk, better known as the super villain Kingpin. On the cover, a


diary never misses an opportunity to attack Spider-Man. The sidewalk at the back is made to look worn with the missing tiles and the use of rounded corner tiles, the lamp over the door is a stylish brick-built detail, as are the trash cans and finally , we all know how Peter Parker, aka Spider. The man always hides his backpack somewhere on the street. Across the right side of the building we see the impressive fire escape that reaches to the top, and while I don't necessarily agree with the use of red instead of the more common black seen on buildings in the city of New York, The fact that it is colorful makes the big, boring gray surface less boring in a nice way.
There is a small balcony at the back and an exterior with a very angry J Jonah Jameson. The birds nesting on top of the air conditioning unit using a mini figure element on the shoulder is really clever and finally on top we have the water tank with some spiderman and green goblin graffiti, and a communications antenna where According to the instructions, you are supposed to place Firestar with an excessive amount of fire elements. I really like the way the lettering on the Daily Bugle logo was done, as well as the brick-built trumpet. The left side of the building is pretty boring and it's a good time to talk about the main drawback of the set.
Building all these glass structures is very repetitive and throughout the entire construction you end up doing it more than 60 or 70 times. I think that's to be expected for a build like this, but it was definitely my least favorite part of the whole thing. The only time the glass construction wasn't boring was when it got to this point where Green Goblin shoots out the window with his glider. The effect of the window breaking was achieved very well with frames held together in place, going all over the place with the use of ball joints, and although I didn't try it, it almost feels like most of the pieces to build the window.
No damage is there. I'm sure the city builders will make sure to fix the problem. And the last details outside are the multiple screens showing a group of characters from the Spider Man universe like Norman Osborn running for mayor, but we all know who he really is, right? J Jonah Jameson, furious over a cloning epidemic, Dr. Kurt Connors aka the villainous Lizard, Professor Miles Warren aka Villain Jackal and in Spider Man Comics at the center of these cloning issues and Scarlet Spider , a Spider Man clone. That covers the exterior of the building, now to access the interior as I mentioned before you can remove the front window sets from the upper floors, and you can also separate each floor starting at the roof like this.
Upstairs we see J Jonah Jameson's office, where we see that he has just sent an email to fire Peter Parker, and we notice the email address p.parter@web, a clever joke by the graphic designer! On the other side of the office is the secretary's desk with 99 missed calls from one E. Brock, another nice Easter egg there, a television screen with the same news we see on the outside screen and one of my favorite details built with bricks. of the whole set, the elevator! These are just two 2x6 tiles, with some round tiles as buttons to press and 2 clear 1x1 tiles with a triangle pattern to tell you which direction the elevator is going.
According to the instructions, Peter Parker has his own office, maybe that's why he was fired, with a picture of Spider-Man and some posters on the wall, and in the next room another shiny little building, a printer and a scanner. These were the types of constructions that helped with the boring aspect of having to put the windows together countless times. Much more detail, the door lifts up again and a door leading to the small outside balcony from the rear. On the next floor is the bullpen where all the reporters have their desks to work, and the room is full of newspapers and nice brick-built details, my favorite on the floor is the water dispenser machine.
We reach the bottom of the building where access to the interior is not as nice as on the other floors, you can simply look inside from the previously mentioned alcove on the side here, or from above. This is the Daily Bugle's reception, with a waiting area, the security desk, a large screen hinting at a vampire seen on the subway, justifying Blade's presence on set, and my favorite brick-built detail on this floor you have to Be the soda vending machine! I made a couple myself as tutorials on the channel, but I was never able to make one as compact as this one.
When assembling or disassembling the building, you must be very careful with the different floors and window sections, as they could fall if not placed correctly. I once accidentally dropped one of the window sections on the floor and, due to the nature of its construction, it broke into many more pieces than you would expect from a LEGO set. A New York-inspired build will never be complete without a taxi and this particular one could be a standalone set that city builders would purchase multiple copies of. There are a lot of stickers on this one, which I'm not a big fan of.
But again, the build itself is impeccable and I really like the use of the revolver as a car exhaust. There's also some kind of spider buggy, but I don't really want to talk about that because I don't understand why Spider Man, who lives in New York City, would want to drive instead of just a web sling that's on the other side of town. and therefore avoiding traffic. So if we take the silly buggy, 30 stickers and repetitive glass builds out of the equation, The LEGO Daily Bugle is an amazing set! Dare I say, in my opinion, it's the best LEGO Marvel Inspired set Lego has ever produced.
It has great minifigures, Spider Man fans get all the main characters from his main story arcs in one box plus some exclusives you'll probably never see in another LEGO set, it makes Creator Modular fans happy by giving them away. another building to add to your cities, the price per piece ratio is really good considering that the set has around 3700 pieces and will sell for 300 usd/eur, and although it is mostly grey, it also has amazing pieces in large quantities. The small brick-built details on all floors make this set a really enjoyable building experience. But what do you think about the set?
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