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Leeds United 4-0 Norwich City | Full-Match

May 28, 2024
we lead United, all dressed in white, ready to get the ball rolling here in West Yorkshire, there is not a seat available inside Ellen Road, our referee tonight is Jared Gillet and off we go, he leads kicking left to right one night Fascinating in the store after what was a Ki. It happened in Norfolk a few days ago and we are still waiting for the first goal of these championship semi-finals. Southampton and West Brom renew their acquaintances tomorrow at St Mary's, the chance to book your place in the final for one of these two, sit back, relax and watch.
leeds united 4 0 norwich city full match
The rest tomorrow go to the barns. Ando may get there first and the core fans try to make this as hostile to Noric City as possible, yes they will. I think that's one thing about Ellen RH and this place is packed and most of the time that's what they do, they try to intimidate the teams here Meler falling into that 18 clean sheets during the regular season for Elan Melier sharing the Glove Gold with West Broms Alex Palmer here's Archie Gray again at right back tonight having started in the number 10 spot at the weekend and was able to play just behind Joel Peru Pro, a position he certainly prefers, I don't think that worked, no I don't think so and that's why I felt like Dani Farker had obviously had a game plan of really making it difficult for Norid to actually attack them, having to take them down and I thought both sides canceled each other out defensively.
leeds united 4 0 norwich city full match

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leeds united 4 0 norwich city full match...

It really worked and I think that was his game plan, pushing Archie Green into a more central position at times. I thought he was a little lost. I like it when he's deep and gets the ball. He can play holding up the midfield or he can play the right back role that he is playing tonight. I just think he's a fabulous young player, but he put on a little bit. lost playing on that forward line for me, it's amazing to think that Norwich City were 17th in the Championship table on November 5 after a defeat to Blackburn Rovers, making it their worst start to a Championship campaign since 2008, but here they are competing for a place. in the Premier League some changes, yes it really is, it's outrageous because you know David Vagant was asking for his head, they wanted out of the football club and I think he has to be given credit for really reestablishing himself and transforming himself and achieving this.
leeds united 4 0 norwich city full match
The Norwegian side plays how they can play. I think the expectation levels at Norwi are so high. You know, that's what you have to keep in mind. I think they've been known as the yo-yo club, haven't they? Premier League Championship and it seems. to be that rebounding factor, but he's really given some great corner credit to Somerville. I think against Sarah. Oh, beauti


y done, it's Somerville. Oh, it was wonder


y crafted. I want a brilliant game on this wide left. I think it's a great little movement around the corner. route that just slides it in, is it there?
leeds united 4 0 norwich city full match
What a super little chromatic move on the Somerville path and then it's always bouncing around, so it's a nice tight angle and the only thing it can really do in that kind of range, just make sure you hit the target. and simply rises again in the Ceno sville strike 20 goals to lead this season his top scorer named on the season's championship team 10 assists, as well as the first leading player to reach such numbers since Jimmy Floyd Hassel Bank at the end of Gruth's 90s had a goal disallowed at Cara Road on Sunday. Daniel Vakka is convinced that goal should have stood.
He was very, very tight as Peru looks to get to the end of this and anger can almost fall. Yes, it's good to see Peru play. directly through the middle. I Phil, who missed that with Banford unavailable, those are the type of passes the Fall center wants to play behind, forcing the backat line back, which simply allows Rout to get up between attacking threat times . I feel like these have just had too many number 10s that wanted to go and do the same thing, that's why I feel like having Peru in the middle tonight is going to cause problems.
Ampadu feels it through the lines and Somerville escapes a challenge defeat that could well have escaped. to his right, neonto decided to shoot again on the route, this time using neonto, who gives it away quite cheaply and Johnny Row looks to get Norwich moving, but they couldn't get very far, as he tiptoes his way through of traffic caught by rhon cooks the pass too much, although it is going to be a free kick, although because of a foul on the road, well, this is one thing that norish can't afford to do is that when they get the ball back, it will be will give Le away for little money. particularly when they are in their defensive area, did you see them in white jerseys?
It's just a matter of the Hunz pass coming across and completely taking the rad, that's where the free kick was given and Rhon will stay up there for the score. set piece gruev and Somerville surveying the scene a great start from Leeds as expected being the home team this atmosphere is almost like having another player right there it is Kev who hits and surprises goalkeeper Ilia gruev with the first goal of these championship playoff semi-finals and took United to an absolute midfielder, his first goal for the club too, what a finish, what a finish, just touching the start, the leaders have had this is perfect, it really is, I mean, the roof has completely collapsed.
Here at Lenro, but I'm just asking Angus what he's thinking. I mean, he's rooted, he hasn't moved much. Do you expect the ball to be thrown to the far post? Listen, let's give Guev credit, it's a brilliant finish, he went around the wall. and I tell them no matter how many goalkeepers are there, I don't think they're going to make it because it's just SK KS off the surface. I mean, the question is, can Gun maybe have done better and maybe had that thought? process he could try to do it, but what a goal, which is the best possible start to leading United and which could take out Norwich now.
Daniel Farker was asked before the game how crucial an early goal could be and he said well that It would be the ideal scenario, they have that goal and they have the bite between their teeth, yes, they really do. I'll tell you what I mean, you're getting close to the 8 minute mark and I think having a goal that early being the home team. and having that home form under their belt, they have to take advantage now and they have to keep pushing and pushing to get a second gev's name sung to the rafters here and he delivers the corner, not the best of neonto Sommerville deliveries Kamar Anadu. behind for grev gray combining well with gr let him run to defeat very good movement here from Leeds the link play in particular catches the eye and Sergeant looks hopefully for a free kick that doesn't come, I don't think it was ever going to come, I think he's looking for something that certainly wasn't there, but this is where they really have to pull themselves together and not think that this game is over, but there's plenty of time to get a firm grip on this game, but I have to give credit to the leaders for the way they that came out of the traps, just as they didn't do it at home trying to go after uh leagues in that first leg, Archie Gray Rhon and back safely to Meler, by the way, the team that finished third reached the final of the playoffs in three.
Of the last four seasons, the last team to finish third and not get there, you can guess who the White Lead team is. United really struggled. Haven, when it comes to these types of situations, that's why you just want to make those situations a reality. and go and do what people don't expect you to do so well. They will be desperate to exercise those demons of 2019. They went to the Derby. They stayed there with a 1-n score line. They went up two in the tie with a goal here. of Stuart Dallas, but ended up losing to Marcelo in the Elsa game, a result that still baffles all United's core supporters, mlan Sarah Gibson Sarah, reached her intended goal.
Jack Stacy leads, got it back anyway, furious, Stacy slides in and here comes Norwich with mlan. behind Johnny Row and Yonto they can carry forward a charming touch of Peru, it is far from Gibson. Somerville wants it and receives it, there is a flag, although yes, Somville wanted it a little faster, didn't he? It's a brilliant touch from Jo, but he just lets the ball do the work with his feet spins his defender and then has to be played into that space for someone Ville runs towards Gibson Sergeant challenged by ampadu as mlan to collect the pieces and Johnny Rose fouled by rhon one of the rising stars.
In this season's championship, Johnny Roow was a big blow to lose when he was injured here in January. Made his first start since then in the first leg as Youis trails behind here and Gray is there to stop the cross and Norwich have a corner, he's just switching off there and doesn't want to get on with things, just have a look at Janulis on this lower side of his image, where he knows exactly what he wants, so it's about getting the yellow shirts forward, he tried to pick someone they were on. a corner nunz to bring in Gibson and Duffy ventured forward for this great pace and R munz handles it to mlan watched closely by neonto and the end result is a goal kick.
Well done not to just come back and help him defensively. Unity isn't really his strong suit, he wants to take it further from the field where he is effective. They didn't win either of their previous two away games in the playoffs, but still managed to reach the finals both times. He lost one and one. A victory came. In 2015, under Alex Neil, we have a manager in charge who trod these boards before leading Huddersfield to promotion at Wembley in 2017, through the first leg of the semi-final against Sheffield Wednesday, winning the second leg in penalties and by the way if it's tied at the end of 90 they will go to extra time and potentially spot kicks and with two Germans in charge, well the penalties should be sent with these right?
But only a German can win if he goes that far, a defeat well done, neonto, My controls, Sarah lost it, but unfairly. so in the eyes of Jared Gillet and a break here for the canaris noris need to get like aara on the ball even row on this left side they are the players who could take them on the field with energy and pace and FLIR then You certainly have to be careful with people like Sergeant and Rashley Barnes, who I think are a very good combination. I think having that Barnes experience there, he talked to some of them, younger players who can understand that this game is far from over.
There will be plenty of opportunities in this game Ethan Ampadu and Rad in the well-known central defender who looks after Leeds and what a partnership he has proven to be for Leeds United this season, helping Leeds to have the second best home record in the Championship and the best. overall defensive record only 16 goals conceded at Ellen Road this turn tadu who sends it long looking to beat the backline but Duffy is there yeah I think having Uno back there I think both good football do Aren't they what I should do? Playing the defensive midfield role, we've seen him do that time and time again, but to drop back and play a center half and obviously watch and read the game, I think that's a credit to him and the ability that he really has, which is why Han been so good defensively.
I'll put it down to the two centre-halves and you have to give credit to the way the leaders start and the way they play. The full-backs rise up the pitch, press and work on the sides. Nunes yonto looking. to put pressure on Gibson Yanulis and that came loose and Peru well, he was threatening with Bear Down at the goal but Gibson had other ideas he recovered well Sarah Sergeant now Jack St Johnny R rushing after him he won't make it although they are asking for it There is a lot of line there, him in a large area for that ball to be chosen.
I have to take another look at this goal. I just wanted to see where the gun was. I wonder what Sarah said there. Do you think that ball is being played? There is a lot of talk about the ball, but I think here it is the opposite of gr. I just don't understand that the wall is divided. Listen, are you waiting for that? I don't think he actually is. I think he feels like he will go to the box. I think most goalkeepers are aware that that may be happening, but I think G, at that particular point, just wasn't aware that that was going to happen in that bottom corner.
I think he thought they were crossing him the last time I remember seeing something like that. Where an ER goalkeeper got trapped like that was in the final a few years ago. I think it was in Co when Joe Brian caught David Rya off his line. Brian, it is true that he was further away, but it is something that Fulham did on that occasion. I had watched in the build up to that game and noticed that Ryer came off their line well on set pieces and completed and took advantage and the leads have done exactly that here, an early goal puts them in the driver's seat, a long way to go still travel, although a lot.
Rout's challenge in Milan, we know the quality that Rout has, but he has not looked the same player since he underwent surgery during the last international break. He is one of their playersfavorites, right? And he has been at the football club a very intelligent footballer that takes a little while, although he is just getting back to normal forgetting the problems you had neonto looking for Peru there is no sign of United falling apart tonight everything is falling into place very, very good, yes You really just have to look at the advantages have been in these early stages and again I don't like to highlight the goalkeeper, but I'm not sure if he had the authority to come or stay.
I think he was trapped in two minds. It's a brilliant ball, isn't it? But it's too easy. It's okay to work on this right side, but look, it's high. He is one of those that you expect from a goalkeeper to claim in common. But I will tell you that Peru makes a brilliant career, they choose him and give credit to the fact that only Cushing's head passed his weapon towards the goal, that is where I hope it comes out a janitor and take away the entire kitchen sink. It doesn't and Peru scores 14 goals now for Joel Peru's campaign, which is a great goal, a great goal to give United a break in the tie and Norwich City have the proverbial mountain to climb, they have everything to do it.
A completely different leadership performance to what I saw in the first leg, believe me, I think the intensity with which they started, the pressure they put on Norwich every time they had the ball trying to play from the back, they did it. They were tight, they did it hard, they pressed and then, when they had the ball, they did it well. It's been brilliant for noric this season. Angus left so many times that he saved them numerous points from him when he looks back. two goals, you will definitely feel like you could have had better advantages right now in the Wembley box, they only won one home game in the playoffs and that was their first venture into them in the old format back in '87 against Charlton Bar . for the sergeant, he's behind, it's Josh Sgent, it's a massive save from Meier and that save is hailed as loudly as the two goals, what a save and what a pass it is from Ashley Barnes, brilliant touch, just taking and solving the question in the equation because he slides in, he has to score for me, he scores in the game and what a save Malle comes out with, a great star goalkeeper, a massive right hand away from his NEP, brilliant save on Sarah with the resulting corner and is trampled by defeat, but is that it? coming back to chase Norwich City is a great opportunity.
I think when you're 2-0 down you feel like you haven't really had much to do, that's huge, it really is a V1 M and it comes out fantastic. so big, he's a big boy, that big arm away from G, I want to go too eager to face the challenge, what a pass is this from Ashley Barnes, he's a little slow and he's one of them that you have to make sure he gets. there, but the sergeant does it brilliantly, he runs away and then all he has to do is go with the R, the keeper puts him home.
I think maybe one was telegraphed a little, but Mia, the brilliant Ethan Ido, will be eternally grateful to his bouncer for rescuing him. I also mentioned that Mia's clean sheet doesn't tell the whole story of her season. There have been some question marks over his form towards the end of the campaign, but there is no arguing about the importance of that particular stop. At that moment, he defeats Gray, causing him to run ahead of him, still, he whistles, eventually it sounds, but, uh, defeat looks to wreak havoc, he has that in his locker, he catches the ball, he has a center of gravity very short, strong, great skill, we felt like He had a gift, but I think they needed a real focal point.
Tonight he leads. I think that was always going to be the game plan and he approached Rhon with a towering head. A drop from Millan saw a gap and ran through it. it was the meat in the sandwich and neonto takes it oh tremendous career of neonto has options ahead Nunes tracking no foul just starting to open up for clues there too yeah, I didn't know if I was going to try to pick one of those more advanced players just to giving him some authority to go and run into a space where he could receive it back just invaded did not give J gillet credit letting the game continue like this It's not a foul well Ben Gibson who lost in the 2015 final against Norwich while he was the medium of a referee player to reach the final again, he and his teammates have an almighty task on their hands, now yanulis GV leads looking dangerous every time they advance Somerville Kamar sumerville again blocked by Duffy again nor just giving the ball away cheaply and then just the energy around the box from the leaders has been really brilliant Somerville making smart little moves on them he receives the back pass Kamar furo Somerville the angle is tight, I'll tell you what the front three are, the front four if you want, they are all a great AET tonight, aren't they to lead?
Anything moving forward comes through any of those players, we would really need to hang in there and dig deep. Here they are still in this game, regardless of whether a shoving and shoving fight between Barnes and Furo Barnes ends up on the deck. Jared Gillet will be watching closely to see if he wants to chat with a couple of them. We'll see if that continues after the conference. Somerville plays a short loss challenged by Yanulis, but this is a real fight for Norch right now. Yes, they certainly have to make sure they don't concede another one because they sit down. that could be a good night for them United are hungry for more, they hit him away with a pistol and gruev until Archie Gray leads the restart.
They have been fantastic here this season Le United at home were unbeaten until the last two home games of the campaign in which they lost both, their form here has been the basis behind their success this term but it will only be considered a success if they give the final step. Lis looks to clear Stacy and gets better distance on the head for the second time on Kamara I Le have Norwich. right where they want them to dictate everything about possession, not really having to go and get a third goal, it's really about making Norwich Tire work hard for the ball, that's something you can say about this top team, they They dominate possession of the ball.
That's what I think they will do from now on and I think gaps will start to appear because Norwi have to try and find a way back into this game, a golden opportunity for Josh Sergeant as well as their old path from home during the campaign regular. was really poor, they only got 24 points on their travels, only the three relegated clubs plus Plymouth and Sheffield Wednesday got fewer points away from home, so the Omens at the moment aren't looking good for them. Prospect could have gotten a big boost if Josh Sargeant could score and Melier made a big save for the leads, while he dealt with Yonto.
I think that's what impressed me tonight about the tracks, it's just little moments like that, just not letting M get away with trying to pick a faint and that's where they're forcing Norwich to make mistakes, They are playing high up the field, the leaders are on the halfway line, they just get the ball back, if they need to go maybe further forward as well with the sergeant and Barnes giving them a little more license to play those balls a little more directly towards them because they will hold it up, they have the physical element and the strength and then they will just surround them like two guys that they are playing between to do and move on.
Interrupted again by Neonto leader Kamar, confronted by Nunes, well, Norch just can't get a hold of the ball. United show great desire here when they lose it. The main objective is to recover it as quickly as possible. With a good touch of defeat. Somerville furo that joins Peru. is waiting and bold behind Ben Gibson's latest stuff is excellent, isn't it? it's just silky, it's smooth, everything about it defeats a lot of skill in this goal man type sensor and then just plays to the left side where the support, his F stroke gives Somerville the option to come in or go down for his left side route, much happier in his natural habitat on that 10th roll, now Samille teeters over the right corner when he gets there and can't hit the target. but it is a great opportunity, it is a great opportunity, the leaders are three up.
I think when you get that high on your scoreboard, you have to do better, at a minimum, hitting the target, just try to look towards that far corner instead of concentrating on hitting the target. Still looking for his first goal in English football, by the way, Joe Rhon on loan from Spurs. This is Johnny Row on the other end and the battle between the two young men is won by Archie Gray Johnny Row in Hot Pursuit. Listen to the reception there for AR. a player, what player, see which leaders are going to do well, hold on to it, talk about what is among the complete team and why shouldn't it be a player, an athlete, who can play in various positions, so well composed that he runs .
The family is probably sick of hearing about it, but the son of Andy Gray, the grandson of Frank Gray and great-nephew of the legend that is Eddie Gray, wants to be remembered on his own merit, of course, but he comes from Good stuff , that boy certainly does Sarah. She would suggest Norwich need to hold onto the ball a little more if they are to try and turn this around. I have noticed many things. He's appearing in a very deep position, Sarah, and he's not going to do it. It affects the game in those type of areas, no it's not and to be honest with you, he played on a roll of 10 in the first leg when he plays wide, I think it's very different because when you're in that central area between everything Now Neonto could be there, oh, he didn't understand that, he was looking for a good game, look how fast tracks turned the defense into a brilliant chamber, just playing that ball in a more central role, where whoever just dropped can't just.
I don't really understand that whole connection if this continues Leeds could have this sorted by Halim and then look like a team determined to do just that, yes they certainly could. I mean, I'm just trying to compare the two legs and it's not all about doing it, but I think the difference was that LE had those three in midfield and I thought Nunes was absolutely brilliant for Norwich. He was among all the challenges tonight. The C's just sit back. Kamar is just sitting as a defensive midfielder and no one comes close. him, so he has the license to really go and play in an area where getting effective players on the ball hasn't really stopped him from having the ball, so they're causing their own problems, they have to.
Come up with a theory where you can stop that I just saw a fantastic passenger play there again, Archie Gray, he has a great motor, doesn't he? He is also the championship's young player of the year and also a worthy recipient of that award. yis and yonto are there, he's been just as effective going the other way as he's been going so that the clues look a lot more like his old cell tonight and the clues thrive in this cauldron of an atmospheric fury stopped dead in its tracks by Stacy . Barnes is the target here and Barnes has done very well.
The slip didn't help. Jillet was keen for that to continue and in any case it's going to be a yellow card. Well, Johnny Row is in the book, that's a great touch. by Ashley's bar slips. I was just waiting for Jared Gillit to stop because of that ball protection and then you can clearly see why the card was issued to yny ro because he clearly has no contact with any player who pleads guilty, yes, reserved for simulation. Johnny rows much to the frustration of David Wagner, he was asking why, but if he had the benefit of all the reps we get then there would be no argument, everything was going very well for Daniel Farker who is experiencing the playoffs for the first time as a coach. accustomed to doing it the more traditional route, the direct route, having done it with Norwich winning the title twice in 2019 and 20121, he spoke after Sunday's game about the need for his team to make better decisions in and around the Box , well, they have the Remember that their players have been clinical, Rhon Gray trying to give him the SLP.
The ball had gone out. I think they have moved the ball brilliantly. That's the thing about advantages. It was a short two-touch shot. The defeat has been excellent. I think the advantages. I think he's faced some severe pressure challenges and he's just ridden and continued to get away from players pretty easily. Gibson Yanulis well the next goal is huge now, if Norwich achieved it that would disturb the leaders and their followers, but if it was to be a goal advantage that could be the end of the dream for Norwich City Gruev what a night to get his first goal lead for United, one that will be remembered for a long time, showing great composure and maturity, will lead United and Daniel Farker will be I'm delighted with that enthusiasm on the occasion, aren't you?
Yes, having a two-goal lead naturally helps, but even before that, the start they made really set the pace. Yeah, I think the signs were there, right? I think they had a great attitude in this game. I think the mentality I said about the atmosphere here can certainly scare people.people. I really know it sounds quite strange, but many players can continue to scream and examine their path. There are problems here for Norwich if Peru can get the pass right, can Somerville control it? defeat that should take United to Wembley and we haven't even gotten to Halim yet.
Sho defeats with a decisive and explosive finish and Norwich City the dream is dying but Allen Road is absolutely bouncing 3 n yes and deserves it I might also add because every time they went forward they looked to threaten this is too easy I want say, they are defending here, the two midfielders became more and more brilliant, Kamar, just no. I don't deal with that on the halfway line, but just look at the white shirts who want to get into the box, they're lucky here. Somville tries a little move but then reignites the attack, a big pass while he's lying in the way.
Jor route and what. a shot High, hard Under the crossbar what a goal it is, it's a brilliant shot, this is brilliant from some. I think it might actually be a bit Nick as he actually goes there in front of Gibson but he forces the issue and what a finishing touch on the defeat, wow and that Dei Yanulis shot sums it all up.Noric City still have another half of football to be played, but my goodness, Norwich City are in a huge hole in West Yorkshire and would need something incredibly spectacular. Now, if it wasn't for leading United at Wembley at the end of May, by the way, how great. of a save was that since M ir before in CU this could have been a completely different game, suddenly morid has to go out and really try, not that they haven't tried, that one stayed alive halfway through Peru . nto and some of them will do this, he can, he handles the challenge beautifully and yonto is on his bike, he is neonto and the gun can save him with his chest, but he leads, United are running away with this, they are rampant, they tell you what Silfield It's bright here.
He looks at the touch, the tight control puts Nonto on the weight of him. Pace runs away again, could get caught under his feet and tries to make that hit, tries to hit him hard and with a low weapon. Big Frame in the goal comes straight out of the goal. However, his chest is bright, is it the counterattack style that he leads? Well, they have been electric, right? And they fully deserve their three goal lead and some of these leading fans will be wondering where this performance is coming from but they will take advantage. There is absolutely no doubt about that, well it is certainly in the ropes department of the team they have and I mean Vagner You can only shake your head, right?
Because I mean the intensity with which the leaders have played, they literally took this game and took it to Norwich. Every time they went forward they looked expansive and exciting, I mean the goals, I really felt Somerville had that last touch but it was Gibson who really tackled it wasn't it? Halim approaching and what David Wagner tells his players at Hal's time had really been surpassed, but now we will reflect on that huge chance for Josh Sergeant at 2-n only to be denied by Meler Gr Gray who, by the way, has been brilliant, all that is.
It was broken, we wanted to try to get the ball back every time they had it, they tried to pass it to a leading team, which is obviously expected, but most of the time it gets to where it needs to go and that's where we just couldn't control it. game, look at the three players around Johnny Roow, which just typifies this first half of League United's hunger and desire for an extra four minutes to be played at the end of this first half. We are in the tremendous challenge of Kamar, the flag was raised anyway, but everyone stepped forward, the great players have stepped forward and let's face it towards the end of the campaign, those so-called great players and the elite of United.
The team has not been delivering, but each of them has contributed a game tonight. I think they won the game in that midfield area. R Evan Kamar certainly dictated the ball they dropped. small pockets, they didn't really do that in the first leg tonight, it was all about them, they broke the game every time they didn't have half a chance to move on, so when you have players like Nonto Suil beating Peru , listen. you have to get the players to have the ball and if they sing from the same score you are in trouble and that is what Peru went through working incredibly hard up there Kamar offering support to Somerville looking to work on something that happened to Peru and now it is furious neonto was waiting for defeat surely number four just two lengths between him and the goal so close to getting a second of the night is a brilliant block, right?
I think Janulis on the line here looks at the pass and Exchange, they revived the ball with a big hand away. He just expected this to be fought. It's actually a great entry. Is it Jonathan Ro who forces that ball away from defeat and is Janulis in line to save the blushes too? Excellent defense at the end. from the corner of Norwich rev, up there, a defiant fury and behind goes for the goal kick, well, sometimes there is a feeling that when a team loses automatic promotion, how will that affect mentally when reaching the playoffs , but Leeds have put him in? any suggestion that that plays a role here with this performance 90 points they accumulated during the regular campaign and they are not ready to pass up this opportunity by rhon Gone nine shots six on goal to lead in this first half only one shot on goal for Norwich that tells the story 61% possession too for Daniel Farker L team A dominance has been their I said from that first whistle the incentive was really to get to Norwich and they've done it in pretty good style which tells a massive story doesn't it ?
Sergeant Chance would probably be the one on target. It can also be said that when you also have a good period, Halim, but Wembley attracts leaders United, a first half display beyond their wildest dreams, but a first half of nightmarish proportions for Norwich City grew with the first goal catching Angus Gum with a free kick. Joel Peru did it too. Josh Sargeant could have given Norwich back the melier they were denied and what a crucial moment the rout proved to be. act also leads could have had more but even after 45 minutes it looks like the job is done, United leads three, Norwich City, goal zero, no changes for León, but David Vagner seems to have rolled the dice he brought to B in his sights for this second term and it looks like Josh Sergeant has made way for Lee Hendry alongside me, firstly, what do you think of the change?
Yeah, I mean, I think the two above didn't really affect the game, right? Me and I know that Josh Sergeant came out in the first leg. I don't know, I was a little banged up, for obvious reasons, maybe I would have made way and Ashley Barnes will go and play through the middle as that more focal point where they would go and get more involved for Nar, so they need to beat Somerville Peru in the first 30 seconds into the second half it's close to being four Peru again Somerville now Kamara Daniel Farus' team looks to pick up where they left off after a stormy first half display Gray rhon gruev, who started the party here with that opening goal, a set piece that caught Angus Gum and went to the ground.
Kenny McLean's challenge, but Joel Peru with the chance to make it four was a good job, right? From the start of the box there was a combination play to defeat Somerville and then the little cushion pass on their reading path. I mean, I couldn't have hit it anywhere else except right in the throat of Angus' gun which forced a really big save, right? Because I think the force would have been turned off for Norwich. Do you see any way back for them? I think the only way I can see them getting back into this is if they get a goal in the next 5 minutes or so, which might just give them a little SP and a little boost, but just seeing how the leads have started In this second half, it is identical to the first half, they are not giving in, right?
And I can understand why because I'm sorry you feel. you come back and let the game come to you and then you start conceding goals, the pressure starts to build, everyone gets nervous and I think if you follow the same formula that you used in the first half, you know there's a chance this could end . Being out of sight, the leader was threatening to break away again, but the whistle had blown for the foul on Johnny Row, of course, it was a bit of added pressure for Norwich to try for promotion this season given the success the Fus Rivals have had in the future.
There has been a nip change to get to the top flight but it doesn't look like Norwich will be joining them Stacy Nunes Sarah, that's better SS Kenny mlan tries to shake to shoot and when he does he heads towards the corner flag and goes out, I think the first. Some initial movement where mlan works a good space. I think this is where I expect him to hit it, he doesn't, someone else goes, he moves away from the goal and then all of a sudden you lose your balance and that's why. completely, this judges the shot towards the goal below this, but there is ampadu for Win It Somerville looking to juggle to defeat Peru with a touch and the last one was too heavy for cencio sommeri, yes, Peru wanted a free kick, not it did.
Patrick Bamford, a spectator tonight, ruled out for both semi-finals but there are hopes he will be fit to be fit for the big


in a couple of weeks from now. He goes for Archie Gray, he doesn't look bad, and Somerville's. had an open here it's a brilliant ball from Archie great receives the applause from his manager you better work the defeat has been in everyone's heart someone has to go out and get that touch a little tighter right G gray head up super delivery similar he's just getting the contact and trying to guide it into that top corner.
Kamar Samille looks for number four and the gun is there protecting that near post. It's another great save. This is what they did brilliantly. They picked up the second balls. won battles and then some jump from half a yard hit hard and low BR, save him from a gun at his near post from inside left leg, somville to take r with the fpo instead of a finishing touch, it's been really good , particularly in the second half of the campaign Junior rage, particularly in an offensive T, there are still one or two questions about him defensively, but he certainly won over the fans and his performances going forward he didn't have to do much defending tonight to be fair, forced a turn in at the moment the possibility of United making an immediate return to the First Division they are still in is considered a foul by gruev on Bor, his SS actually felt that Sons the game could have started.
I thought he was unlucky, not too. I know he's also brilliant in That first leg brings something a little different to this, nor does he look directly. He is very positive when he takes the ball and has real energy to attack. He sits in Mlan. Sarah is pursued by Kamar and defeat emerges with her. Peru and the gun deny it again, it just feels like right now it's about how many leads they want to get and they will get them, yeah, and it feels like they don't stop again, they're getting the ball back and immediately. is to attack the defense and another great save was not from a gun and to his left the massive hand pushes him away, that should have been four for me row trying to escape the clutch like gr, there will be a card here that was as blatant as I have ever you'll be, Joel Peru could have had a hat, yeah, I mean look he's just getting caught up in that midfield area, look at his shirts they're way forward and then it's a brilliant 2v1 run here from by super look , slide pass from Somerville. equally equal with a great save from the Scottish hanger on goal Peru denied twice in the early stages of this second period confirmation of the card by gruth Sarah look how deep rhon rout is looking to cast a spell on him, it's a tidal wave of pressure he's facing Norwich I think the problem is just looking at the high pressing from the courts, they are forcing Marage to try to go long and just drop back into the center halves and then suddenly they are back on their defending heels have You have to find a way to catch the ball, but overcoming that pressure has been key.
The benefits have been excellent. Brave on the ball, this game has done it now, but I feel like there are more goals in this little furious move about that and Somerville. he is free chased by yanulis who did enough it is a great forward ball from furo great route movement Somerville another opportunity begging SS has his career interrupted and that is also a warning T gillet looks directly for his pocket and Sh Junor Rout was taken away the name, yes, that's what I mean by having signs on the field, he will drive, he will go forward, carrying the ball was easy for Jared Gill, the only thing I will say about potential clients is this is what they want.
What you are doing is expelling the players. You need everyone to be available. You certainly don't want to go downto 10. Gabrielle Sarah on the set piece. Duty Duffy and Gibson have stepped up to lend a hand on this set piece. Norch City go for a goal just to change the picture a bit, oh that's disappointing, it floated into Melier's hands when you're not creating much from open play. Set pieces could be crucial for Norwich but it was a waste, yes I agree putting yourself in good positions allowing two big hitting centre-halves. To go up, you have to choose a better quality at the checkout to give yourself a half squeeze.
Nunes' sensation at the moment for Southampton and West Brom fans because at Halim Le United fans were probably getting out their phones and booking hotels, there may not be many. rooms remaining at Wembley at the end of this month. I dare say West Brom and Sampson fans can book them in advance. You can advise them if their team doesn't make it. It's a bit of a mood killer and you have to do it, but. You can't afford to take any risks. What we do know so far is that United will bring hordes of their fans to Wembley.
They will have no problem selling their allocation. The four teams that are in the playoffs are all capable of making an effort to advance to the Premier League, for sure, a completely different competition as this was. I think you know Southampton will certainly have been busy thinking about whether we can get back to our home patch they have been very good this season and they face it well organised, Miss Bromy J in who Miss Corbran knows what it's about so I think it will be a tight encounter, but again, I'm one of those who I feel like Southampton might have the advantage, yes I'm inclined to agree, especially if Southampton get the first lead. objective, they're not the team you want to play against when you're chasing a CU game.
They are so good at keeping it, that being said, they will provide opportunities, so tomorrow will be intriguing on the south coast, east in At the moment, the leaders are clearly looking to lead by three, but they could have double that, and then a Sarah looks to open an angle for Jack Stacy, who runs, has neon goal side, no one in the middle so far, rebounds are coming, he's turned away. by ampadu in the right place I'm not sure if the bar really slipped was that ball great game changer to Jack Stacy there's no one in the Box queue looking for a quick turn an hour ago at Ellen Road half an hour to Norwich trying to find a way back to this one I give Stacy chased by neonto it's a cheap gift from Sarah, you would expect better from him and uh free kick awarded and painful Johnny Row already with a yellow card I have to tread carefully Very carefully, here Mara, I think It just jumps in your face, doesn't it?
I'm not feeling the Z, he's been given the yellow Co. The two of them are crossing each other, but he has to be careful, that will be the last one. Sam. Looks like mallum might be joining us soon andy hughes down there offering some instructions. There's Christian Fastned, so here you see him certainly getting ready to join the action. A problem for Glen Kamar. There's Mallum, so there's a couple of changes coming from David. Vagner's circumstances are difficult for these Two Fellas, but Sam Mallum will give them the long shot and they will grab any kind of weapon they can get their hands on the moment Yanulis leaves, so Mallum will replace him at left back .
Sam Mallen had actually been playing very well before Dei Yanulis returned and Ben Gibson retired, so a quick attacking change occurred. He had to do something. David Wagner and rolled the dice. It looks like Kenny Mlay may fall into that baseline he's used to. Doing that has played there this season at centre-half looks like this, doesn't it? That just gives another license to attack, so they have to try. It's that stage of the game where something has to change, something has to give Somerville tormenting those defenders. again he defeated Tak well McCain slipped and was convinced he had the ball Jared Gillet has a different view of how good this somville is by simply dancing by the players and then forced to defeat is right in front of Jared Giller there is no excuses interesting to see the position here of Angus gun staying firmly in the middle of his goal this time he was caught in the first half by guev, say what is more less identical, isn't it to speed up going a little further?
You owe this grev to S, send it deep and do it. Back through Duffy in the way Rhon defeated, he whipped it around the corner for Kamara, but too much on top and Rhon is still down. Gone, rather, is still down. That deep cross thrown to the back post could simply be headed. Stacy, painful, well, Daniel Farker here tonight. with the aim of doing something that Billy Bremner, Kevin Blackwell, Gary Mallister, Simon Grayson and Marcelo Marcelo Bel Elsa, did not achieve by leading United to promotion to the playoffs and, of course, the 49ers group that has invested a lot in leading United will be desperate to see. they will take that extra step.
Will Ferell be the last big name to buy a stake in Leads United? He said that if the leads arrive at Wembley, it won't be the first time he will have been under the goal. Will Ferrell was there for Ream's final Fa trophy victory. A couple of years ago, here is one of United's main Anam men, Kamar, giving the ball away. Look what I did there. I like Macallum to swing it, it's not a bad delivery and Ampadu hits it. It's been the difference, hasn't it? The advantages for both sides have been clinical if Cutting Edge's marage wasn't quite there tonight, that SS shot hits him on the ground, a massive clearance, well the advantage has been excellent with the ball, but particularly good without him and that will delight Daniel Farker.
I think that was probably the most impressive thing about the performance. Listen, you can't criticize what they did when they had the ball. They looked brilliant, but I think excellent possession is an excellent scientific career. the road and they are asking for a free kick and Ashley Barnes is leading the appeals but she is getting nowhere, she bought a place although she has no knowledge of SS since she came in? This is what I said I would do, I mean. You can clearly see that Ashley Barnes is offside and that's what you're asking: if the ball was played well, she's offside.
In fact, I think she was very unlucky not to be among the 11 tonight. He has been very good at the end of the season. In fact, the second half of the B season is his signs, but you know, David Vagner also tried to squeeze Johnny Row into the top four and, uh, the signs were the ones who had to make way while Somerville ran again, neonto seeking to lead him to gold. spilled by the fury of the guns Somerville 40 lead United rampant in their pursuit of Wendley, there is no doubt about it, now they lead United will play under goal against Southampton or West Broich Albian and their quest to make an immediate return to the top flight is still going on, yes, this.
Game over N, isn't it? Here's how brilliant Lees has been in giving Somerville the ball on the 10. Just take a look at the furor here following the shot. I love to see the fact that someone has the initiative to bet to see if that Ball is going to lose the ball, which he does with Angus, gunt, the left back, touch him, advance, so and then he composes himself, chooses Somerville, take that touch, let's go home, let's go to Wembley, well if you're going to book your place at Wembley, this is how to do it, get United to use the style creno samille, their top scorer in the ACT, what a campaign It has been so impressive for him, there are already 21 goals and Dan James has replaced Willing and now, so the speed is that of Merchant. and he's coming back at just the right time Dan James was out for a while with that abdominal tear and could still have a big role to play in the final Dan James on a big field like that this is the difference when going up 40, this is where , like I said the game manager will want to rest the players and bring Dan James's ls into the hole to get some minutes and get some fitness under their belt, well confidence is back, we saw signs of at Carol Road , but they didn't have that killer instinct before playing anywhere like this at Wembley and they have a great chance to go up, but for David Vagner it's a lonely old place in the middle of that technical era.
There will be no repeat of seven years ago when, against all odds, he took Huddersfield Town, another team from the other side of West Yorkshire, into the top flight. He won't repeat those feet, they were just too good, right? Too good and I think you make a good point - a performance like this at Wembley. I know they're going up against a tough team, whether it's West Bromy, Alan or Southampton, but I mean, I think it's been close. Perfect for them, isn't it across the field? Defensively, the defensive midfielders have been excellent and when they attacked, they really attacked.
Look at those 16 shots that mark the benchmark, although that's what you have to do when you go and do performances. If you keep this up in massive football


es, your football club has to do something similar and this is what I have seen at times this season where they have been impressive again. They were here tonight 16 years ago. They were the last. At Wembley I was there covering that game against Doncter Rovers and they lost in the league one playoff final. Here goes Rout, who is certainly back to his best, as everyone has Nunes looking for that long ball to Ashley Barnes.
I think Somerville. I know you watch him tonight and he's played that kind of left wing role. He had a huge role to play, didn't he in the fourth goal, where he fell into a 10 pocket where he receives the ball? Noris just doesn't do it. I don't know what to do I don't know if we're going to be in it I don't know whether to let him have it suddenly they're hot on their heels and they've got Pace coming at them in spades when you look at the options the bench Mato Joseph is about to come in and Connor Roberts is coming in too now, right?
Who will Daniel Farker protect especially here with these upcoming changes? and Jaden Anthony, a triple change on the horizon now if you're Daniel Farker, who are you? take off just to give a little extra rest oh well, I'm definitely going to take off, don't you think? You know, rest your legs for the end. um and again Somerville has been brilliant he's been so key this season the goals are. 21 in total now with tonight's goal and you've got to look at people like probably r yeah who's been brilliant so you want your attacking players wrapped up in the Cotton wall.
Dan James, can you take the ACT? The shot of him charged down, yes. I'm with you, I take off the gray defeat and Somerville, we are about to find out and it is exactly those three that make the difference and listen to the Evasion for the three, the fantastic performance of the night, the defeat that emphatically crashed into the lead . The third United boy did it. I need it to have subsided, but gosh, again tonight. Conor Roberts is coming, he has experience in reaching the final of the playoffs. Joel Perú is leaving, we were also wrong, yes, well, we were almost there, that's why we will never be a coach.
Mato Joseph have high hopes for just 20 years Spaniard signed new contract in January Jaden Anthony is in Somerville another brilliant display from United's top scorer I thought we had done well didn't we? by having um, what did we do? Oh, it was Archie Gray, wasn't it, wasn't it, it was Archie Gray. Yes, he was the one we thought might leave. Okay, two out of three isn't bad, as Meek Loaf once said, but Daniel's changes are noticeable. Farker and I guess what comes next is the painful part, really waiting for the game at Wembley, how do you get the players to keep their concentration?
What do you do with them? Do you give them days off? Of course you do, but do it. You go and do something a little different You're going to play golf You're going to go karting It's a lot of time to think about what's to come, isn't it? It really is, it really is and I've been in that position myself. We, Sheffield United, made it to the playoff final and I think when you put in a performance like the leaders put in tonight in particular, listen to it. I would want it as soon as possible because they just want to keep that flow and momentum going. you're going to have that time you have to make sure you prepare you take care of yourself and you're resting you go out and put in a performance identical to what you did tonight yeah I remember the playoff final that you were involved in Lee didn't go According to the plan, let's put it that way , Sheffield United does not reach the playoffs or have leagues.
United really when you look back on their all-time record, but they have a glorious opportunity to rewrite history, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. Another great game to win was that under Kevin Blackwell it certainly was the one that reminded me that Burnley not Burnley another one I guess will come to me will come to me think about it I actually came on late and got a red card in the tunnel yeah PR Preston , that sounds familiar, no, Preston, I don't think it's Preston, not even at Hfield Huddersfield, the one where Steve Simonson, the goalkeeper, shot over the bar, no, I'll get that in a minute.
I'll get it in a minute. Stacy, well, 13 to go.minutes and Norch at this moment no doubt wants to hear the sound of that final whistle. He feels that way. We have to keep the ball now, since obviously the leagues will only pass. force them to move forward by pressing that back line, they don't have to go and get a fifth now, I'm not saying they aren't capable of doing it, but I think game management is so key now that rest is in your legs don't get injured , you want to be available for the final, the playoffs are exciting if you're neutral, torture if you're involved in them, but that torture has given way to Pure Elation for United's core fans here on Ellen.
Four goals and a stellar display, you know, this young man here at Meliá hasn't had much to do, but I can't help but go back to that Josh Sergeant chance in the first half and how pivotal it perhaps was. It has been shown that I think the timing was not right. I think you go and get that first goal. I think it calms the nerves. It puts pressure on the home team and the fans. You silence fans when you don't take advantage of opportunities. I said it was a great save and a great opportunity for Josh Sergeant to really bring Norwich into the game because they had nothing to build on, that shot on goal was a great save, it was Burnley by the way, wasn't it?
I thought it was Wade Elliot with the goal as a souvenir. Like I said, I didn't really appear in the game. I understood a little about what you were doing during the game if you weren't looking. Probably not, no. Kevin Blackwell was the coach and we'll leave it at that, here's the new Duffy Ando again, those two have been fantastic, the two centre-backs have been impeccable, well Sydney van hyon and yakob senson are coming here now. Ashley Barnes is leaving, she won three promotions to the Premier League before with Burnley, but she won't get one with Norwich and Johnny Row, who is also leaving, wouldn't necessarily like to enter circumstances like this if Sydney van hyong's team lose 4- 0, the same goes for yakob.Senson, that's the problem, right?
I think it's a disappointment and obviously you know you're looking at your bench and it's the last thing you want to do, but the last game of the season for them they have to reconsider to recover. That's the big disappointment: you go through a long, hard season in the championship and you've had your ups and downs. This is where they certainly have to sit back and reestablish what they did right and what they did wrong this season, which can make it a lot better. and hopefully return to the Premier League next season. Well, there is still skepticism from some fans about whether David Wagner is the right man to take them forward.
He was under incredible pressure early in the season. He points to a phone call that Dilia Smith gave him all her support and at the time they were also changing the sporting director Ben Nappa was coming in Stuart Weber was moving and everyone thought a change would be made, they decided to keep Vagner and this is where I have to do it, but they will fall short and that will cause a change in the summer. It may seem very harsh to some, but that's football, but they have lost this second leg in disastrous fashion, but it doesn't take anything away from Lee for being brilliant. the off when ilag gruev leaves and it was his goal that led to a midfielder, it was a super finish, it really was the boys of maybe that ball thrown into the area, but that set broke through from the beginning, Liam Cooper came in to what could be his last game at Alen Road to lead United his contract expires next month he is a survivor of the title win four years ago Liam Cooper and played in that semi-final defeat to Derby 5 years ago he has been a great server barely featured This season has been Rodon and Ampadu's form but he gets a chance to taste a bit of this and it's very special at Alen Road when he's swinging the way he is now and they're chanting his name which I feel great for Liam Cooper, here's James, he gets more air in the middle.
I think for the first time all night, the tracks have dropped a little bit and that's saying something because they've been electric all night, but it feels like they're just not putting themselves under any undue pressure now, yeah, they don't have to. I mean, when you have a four-goal lead and you have quality on the field, this is what I say, this is what game management has experienced. The players take the ball they keep the ball. Do you think Norwi will want to run chasing? I don't believe it. Not at this stage of the game do they know that the game is done and dusted.
Yeah, I'm not saying he pitched. the towel but it's very difficult and it's been that way all night, let's really be honest with Joseph looking to put Duffy under pressure, mallum sends him further away but it felt at 3-0 like the leads were playing to zero. He just wanted four to be absolutely sure there was no turning back for Norwich and this could be so much more. Check for missed opportunities. Someone says maybe there were six or seven. You would not do that. he argues against it because they've really put an orange on the sword and like you said, I think sometimes you can get away with a fraction of an advantage and think well, we'll protect this and we'll sit back and soak.
They didn't, so they started the way they finished the first half, like you said, they got the fourth goal, game over, protect yourself, get ready for the final. I don't want anything stupid to happen now he wants everyone to be available for selection, everyone will fight for their place, it's time for fury, there are still clues to look for another one, mlan is ahead of Mato Joseph, now Angus gun kept that ball, he just saved the corner, but conceded a shot that will also hurt him playing. for the Angus Club in his hometown, all the likes of Cooper and Roberts coming in there would be f if Liam Cooper could get his name in the lights, it was a flat delivery and rejected by the sights.
James' poor delivery expects much more goalkeeper. Giving you the points of where you want the ball to be played well, this is exactly the type of performance Lees were showing at the start of 2024 when they went unbeaten in 15 and won 13 of those matches, it wasn't just them who declined. Towards the end, every team in the playoffs suddenly strangely lost shape and none of them came into these playoffs with any kind of rhythm or momentum, but the leaders picked the perfect night to rediscover their touch. Nunes senson Joseph closing senson Sarah has been the go-to person to provide Norwich this season, but tonight it was not the quick Sarah that Van Hoyon directed well in the general direction of goal.
It's been difficult for him. He's on loan from Bologna, you'll recognize that. The surname, of course, is the son of former Celtic and Nottingham Forest leader Pierre van Hoyon, for Jinho Rout. A radiant smile on his face certainly played his part tonight and he, along with many others, has an important role to play under that giant Wembley Arch 36384 inside. Ellen rad and what an atmosphere they have created for us. I don't think I just want that final whistle now, aren't they really disappointing and I don't think it would be easy, if anything, for potential customers? I felt they would have the advantage here at Elen Road, but they haven't let me down one bit, they have turned out in numbers, the fans and the players are in a super performance.
R, smuggles it to James, who tried to accept the challenge there from Duffy. was cut, that's how good they have been to see you gr Brant in a different role, but again on this left side, something in Grand James is not sure if they really have to put this ball in the box, but I guess the big ones hitters, Cooper will want something. To attack Dan James, jumping on top set pieces has to be better, right? It's two on the turn for James, very different to him, he scored a wonderful goal here not long ago, actually from the halfway line, it was against Hull, it wasn't it was against Hall City in Victory here, we're in extra time at a party in this part of West Yorkshire tonight that's for sure rhon James it was a tired looking challenge that Dan James brought about a card for Kenny mlan who has been a model of consistency for Norwich this season wherever he has played when the times They were difficult, he was the one who led all the interviews and they are in a joking mood on that leading United bench, good professional, some fantastic performances, that role he plays. where he sits in midfield he also falls into that defensive role, can you pick a man from them?
Le um, I would certainly have to say that he is out of Suel and Routa for me. I think Roter would probably just be Ste. I think he's been excellent, I really do everything going forward, he's just shown the class that he can produce in performance. As for him, he's definitely going my route, well, there will be a few who will come close for the man of the match award, but uh, a complete one. -The whistle is just a second away and the fans here will be up when Jared Gillet puts that whistle in his mouth.
Daniel Farker has another chance to get another promotion on his CV. Everything is white in the lead of the night. United completely dominant and unbridled. ruthless and will move on to meet wendley e e e e e go

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