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Learn To Live The Life God Has Called You To With Nick Vujicic at Saddleback Church

Jun 01, 2021
praise God good morning hallelujah jesus is king amen king of kings hallelujah can you sit down thank you so much for your warm welcome it is a privilege and an honor to be a friend and brother in jesus with rick go to oprah with him it was absolutely wonderful jesus was mentioned by Rick many times but they cut off Jay's bomb but the way God made me do what I did going up the stairs they couldn't cut it off so I just want you to know it's just being a joy to be on the front lines of the gods I mean, with Rick on that one and boldly confessing that Jesus is Lord and it was a lot of fun.
learn to live the life god has called you to with nick vujicic at saddleback church
I'm very happy to be back in here. I'd like to open up this morning with a quick video. If you can look at the screens, thank you very much. I was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1982 and my parents had no idea that I would be born without arms or legs. I was the only one. that I ever saw limbless my faith in Jesus Christ was Aled after seven years of wondering why God I was born this way he answered me very clearly through John chapter 9 and I gave my


to Jesus at 15 years later reading about how he met a man who was born blind and I said, hey. stop for a second this seems interesting don't wonder why he was born so good and perfect so i kept running and in verse three of chapter nine jesus said he was made so that the works of god would be revealed through him me too.
learn to live the life god has called you to with nick vujicic at saddleback church

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learn to live the life god has called you to with nick vujicic at saddleback church...

My God, if you had a plan for the blind man, you have a plan for me and that was the beginning of my personal relationship with Jesus. Youth groups started calling me. The


es began to call me. me to share my testimony I was speaking in front of 300 public high school sophomores three minutes later half the girls were crying a girl in the middle of the room started crying, raised a hand and said I'm so sorry interrupt, but can I go up and give you a hug in front of everyone she came in hugged me she took me on the shoulder and we spit in my ear no one has ever told me that they love me no one has told me that I am beautiful the way I am I couldn't believing changed my


that's when i knew i was


to be a world evangelist you give blood you by the grace of god we have seen face to face half a million souls say yes to jesus and be connected to a local


as crazy as our sounds goal in limbless life ministry is to preach to every soul on the planet seven billion people we believe this goal is possible as the Holy Spirit is gathering an army and building followers to send us and accomplish this mission praise god my life sometimes feels like a sprinter the title of this weekend's posts stay strong then run everyone say run you know i love the start of the race hear a rumble and they say yes and are riding.
learn to live the life god has called you to with nick vujicic at saddleback church
I can't show you how well I run. As if my 15 month old ran faster than me, he is already so beautiful. Kiyoshi and my wife Connie send their regards and we have been so blessed to see God open doors for Limbless Ministry in so many different places. ways we just started our own smartphone app you will also hear from me a daily 2 minute radio show that is on 600 radio stations so check it out and God opened doors for me last year to preach in 26 countries. in five congresses and the longest meeting I had with the president was one hour behind closed doors with his family that happened twice and the shortest meeting I had with the president was two minutes but God had a plan for those two minutes The President was later asked to make a decision publicly nine days later on what he would do if he was going to open up different scenarios for women to abort their children if they had a disability and said that Ecuador could actually do with a couple of people more like Nick traveling around so more legalization doesn't happen is amazing so we're so blessed and so thankful and 12 out of 26 countries put us on


tv on a major channel for free and ad free so 400 million people heard the clear gospel of Jesus Jesus as Lord is amazing 400 million people are so excited and I know some of you are supporting us and praying for us Thank you very much for your prayers and your support that we really need.
learn to live the life god has called you to with nick vujicic at saddleback church
We appreciate it and today I only hope that this message encourages you. I'm sure some of you have heard me preach before, but may I ask who has never heard me preach face to face before to put up their hand? well, quite a few of you. I'm from australia. The way he talks is an effort. It just paralyzed his tongue and I'm losing my accent but one thing I've just gained in my life is just the need for more of Jesus in my life you never get to a place in your walk with Jesus where if you feel like you have enough it's a dangerous feeling and sometimes we forget that even as believers we forget that we're running the good race, the real race, and we're going to talk about staying strong and then running and the reason I've


it Stands Strong first is because we're celebrating the release of my latest book, especially for teens, on standing your ground against bullying.
Bullying is a global epidemic and we must return to our true values ​​as human beings. knowing that we are children of God to stand firm against the lies and walk and run with Jesus amen so we are very excited we have resources that are in the back but that's all my commercials there chapter 9 of Primera of Corinthians is where we are. I'm going to read from verse 24 to 27 I'm so excited about Saddleback wow that's great I think this is his third or fourth weekend and I know Jeremy is down there and it's nice to connect with you again God bless God bless to his church and I love Rick and all the teams so I'm so excited that he asked me back and he, he, him and I, we know it's just the beginning, I'm, I'm his half brother, he. this brother as you know me how I love how you know how to play with people sometimes from like 80% if you haven't seen me before I have to tell you just one story I mean the car one day and the person next to us couldn't see anything more than my head so i did this and she thought my head did a 360 anyway look let me open up on this.
God doesn't need to give me arms and legs. he's going to give me arms legs in heaven yes the devil cares whether or not i have arms and legs no all he wants is to be taken away from my joy and distracted there are so many things in this life that distract us and we are doing all these things and turning all these plates at the same time we don't even hear the next steps in that race that God has for us and sometimes we miss things sometimes we question things sometimes we are not looking for God's perfect will in every stage of our life people who do not know Jesus Christ and


his life I feel sorry for them because or they simply believe that they exist for the mere fact of existing and that 90 years for me are not enough to live.
I want to live billions and billions of years the way God created us within our soul and spirit. we know there is something more than just 90 years we know there must be a purpose but in order for us to live up to that purpose we must first seek it, to truly seek it you have to start believing in something that can still I don't see what is the faith if there is full security in the heart and, sometimes, fear will disable it. Fear. You don't necessarily need arms and legs in your life, but you do need peace.
It needs purpose and some people are just incapacitated for fear of Never start running a and God says go go and sin no more go tell the world Jesus lives go go see all I have for you go to the places I'm going to send you go see4 the geo in front of the word disabled and it's spelled God is able it's not about me it's not about my ability it's not about that it's about Jesus it's not about what you have or don't have what you wish to have or what you wish you didn't have it's all about Jesus no matter where you are in your life right now if you ask God to forgive you of your sin and repent of your sin God will come into your life he will forgive your sin you will receive his life his blessings his eternal life and his life life is planned for your life it's not my plan I don't want my plan sometimes we just need to get over ourselves and realize that sometimes God has a better plan I suggest a plane to God and he doesn't say anything sometimes, but we will understand what that God's ways are higher than ours and thoughts are higher than Alice and I showed that video for the summary of my testimony and I want you to know in your life that I don't know what you are going through but God does and for those of you who don't believe in jesus though, maybe you're believing then all the parsley to heaven the bible says that's not true the bible says there is only one cure for death and that is the resurrection no one else was raised from from the dead not only did Jesus rise from the dead as Lord God in flesh but he raised other people from the dead that is amazing and yes I believe I am following and living in the power of the person who said he was God , that he was perfect, that he died for my sin and rose from the grave and I said if you believe in me I will raise you up - hey arms and legs are not for 90 years compared to eternity I will run the race that God has for me with or without arms and legs with or without cancer c with or without whatever you want to say at the end that if I have Jesus I have everything I have I need right now that means I don't have a pair of shoes in my closet in case he says yes inside and hear the voice of God here in the voice of God when you hear a phone ring you answer it right when sometimes you call heaven and it seems that it doesn't answer don't hang up on God, he is listening I hung up on God because I didn't understand his plan God said through my parents Nick God has a plan for your life Jeremiah chapter 29 verse 11 I have a whole plan in the future I'm like no way there is no race like that there is no heaven there is no God look at all the pain in the world if God loved the world then why why let so much pain happen then you find out in the bible god doesn't give us pain but whatever the enemy tried to use bad god turned good i can't do anything with my broken pieces but there's nothing i can't gong do I have seen pa in I have seen miracle I have seen the blind seeing deaf hearing in fact the first miracle I saw was when I was 19 years old in South Africa starting to be an evangelist 12 years ago the woman to whom Jesus gave his life arrived, and then we went out the back and prayed because of her back because her back was like this for six years, her legs were uneven, she had a motorcycle accident, the doctors didn't touch her and she said: could you pray for me? like yeah right so a couple of us started praying my brother was there my cousin was there we prayed for 10 seconds very simple we pray in jesus name for him to be healed and we repeat it a couple of times seriously for 10 seconds ok say wow did you see that? yeah i saw that like anytime read a smart, man he still had no arms or legs at the end of the night.
God will use foolish things to confound the wise. God can use man without arms and legs to be his hands and feet. to show that it's not about sewing about his ability, it's not about him and his strength and how he talks all over the world and uses a lot of his hands like gestures and body language while getting excited preaching it's not about me se It's about Jesus I didn't write my story Jesus wrote my story he knew me before the earth began and I don't know about you but yeah it's nice to have a job it's nice to have a relationship and get married and have kids it's nice to have those things, but until you find Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior there. something will always be missing you can't trust you because you will fail every time i almost needed it not only for this but for my heart for my mind i was listening to the encouragement my parents said but then i listened to the lies at the same time the lies saying that you are not good enough Nick just give up no I'm wonderfully and terribly made according to Psalm 139 Oh Nick you should just give up no I can't do all things through Christ who strengthens me at 10 I did I don't believe the truth because I wasn't running the race I wasn't in the right race the race where it's not just about getting things in your life and doing things and having things what happens after you get married do you think you're the happiest person in the world first you have to talk to some married people amen then after i know you and love my wife believe me but if you are not happy single in jesus then you will not be happy married amen go to t Through marriage you have kids so great then you get a job promote yourself you get there work harder and then what helps your kids go to school and then what send them to college and then what now you start getting the Mustang and you know you make it your little thing and you take vacations here and there, yeah, sure, you know, I want you to know something, so what, so your kids get married?
I want you to know this. what there is is a race to run and sometimes we're almost taken out completely God allows things that don'twe understand but i want you to know if you hold on to him he will hold on to you if you trust in the lord with all your heart even when you can't walk he will carry you by the grace of god he kept me here on earth despite that i tried to kill myself at 10 years old bullying at my school convinced me it was a mistake but i'll never amount to anything man what a lie when you realize it's just the devil i say. only the devil because the devil is nothing compared to jesus and when jesus begins to live in you you realize oh it's just the devil devil talks to his foot and digs deep under me you are my foot what a stool man that's why god gave me gave a foot i have two peas and you turn your back on lies and you come to the truth and the truth will set you free you can be poor in your pocket poor in your bank account poor in different ways physically but rich inside the career is no it's about being perfectly happy and satisfied here because that's not what we're here t or do what race have you seen everyone get ready for the race just like the light there so i don't do it right but go figure and they're doing this and you're a bang and the gun goes off and they like me, how you doing? yeah okay yeah nice weather today yeah yeah they don't do that the gun goes off and you know you just go and do everything you can to run the race and get there first let's read this first chapter of Corinthians. 9 25 says don't you know that those who run in a race all run but one gets a prize that is how fast you have to run sometimes you stumble and hurt yourself and bleed and sprain an ankle yes but it's not about being first thank you God that's why it's not about being the first in the race of justice thank God that's why it's not about being the first in a race of generosity thank God that's why at the end of the race God will say well done my good and faithful servant when you look in my can we can get a wider shot of the table here yes this yes this width of the table represents my lifespan from here beautiful here to the bible now imagine if we really sleep eight hours a day eight hours in 24 hours it's a third of our life we ​​actually sleep about a third of our life so we have this and then and then at work okay we work about seven or eight hours on weekdays okay so let's take another roughly you a third and then you know that you prepare, you go shopping, you entertain yourself.
It fits me but that's already a long long long story and I've been living from here to there but the choices you make will determine what race you're running don't run for money money drugs sex alcohol porn fame . fortune what this world can give you don't look at Earth II things because they will all fade listen to this and all who compete for the prize are temperate in all things now they do it for a perishable crown but we for an imperishable crown No I need what the world can give me I want what Jesus wants to give me Eight years ago I met a boy with no arms and no legs in California just like me He was 24 years old they held him up above the crowd and I looked at him little Daniel and I got the father brought him on stage he had a little foot like me, same side, really a mini-me, okay, and he sits here and looks at me, and I look down at him and I can't high-five him, so I gave him a low two and everyone cried because it was a miracle and I told his mom that when he goes to school I will go speak at his school, well it was amazing to see my mom hugged his mom and my dad hugged his dad and they cried If I was born without arms or legs, I gave up my vi Give Jesus Christ I ran the race that God had for me but only at the end only at the end to go to heaven I mean you mean it only at the end just to go to heaven you don't even know what heaven is so if it's just going to heaven heaven i go to heaven i live forever no sickness no sickness i see jesus i see his merciful hands and feet and he died for me and we will be there forever and ever and the devil will end and all the principalities and powers of darkness there we will live happily ever after always and besides, one day I will be in heaven and I will imagine that little boy who is now in heaven right at that moment he is still alive but running towards me in heaven with his new legs me standing on my new legs him and me holding each other in our new arms I can only imagine we'll be crying together and he'll look me square in the eye and say, Nick, thank you for being my brother for helping me believe that this thing called Heaven was real when I didn't recieve it. you are a miracle It can still be a miracle, what do you think?
I prefer one more person to live forever. I have a little more money. My tea that you take with you. Nothing. Nothing. Not your garden. Not your car. hopefully souls to come with you i can only imagine now no they don't handcuff me for my doctrine but i just like this illustration imagine god sees me and says well done my good and faithful servant welcome home and then kind of looks over shoulder and say who you brought amen i want to run that race the race that matters the race that counts and i would rather be paralyzed in the arms of jesus in that race than be the first prize winner and runner in every other race hallelujah verse 26 , so I run like this, not with certainty, so well that you're saying I'm running the race and I run with certainty how uncertain I've been in the last 24 hours arriving on this huge Saddleback campus not knowing where I am.
This was the church and I still have the map and I've been here before it's a hard building to find on campus I have the map and I keep going and I'm still not sure I love being in the uncomfortable place uncertain of what God has ahead for me but I'm sure he's with me I'm sure he'll guide me, take me, stay with me and I know why I'm doing what I'm doing, that's the race of certainty, sure I'll rise from the grave, sure that the power of God is in me and will encourage me. all around me whether i see it or not therefore i fight not like someone punching the air it feels like you are fighting for things and trying to get more and do more and i just feel like you are in the rat race, not in the race of gods or your race or the arrogant race or the rich race the selfish race the gods resurrected and then the Apostle Paul closes we are saying but I beat my body and put it in bondage lest having preached to others, I myself am disqualified when I tell you that Jesus is the Lord of my life and Jesus is my friend he is not just an acquaintance when I tell you that I want to run that race the first thing I must do is submit to the will of God and his plan for my life and the best way to know the map I love how Rick says who better to tell you our purpose and the one who made you amen 95% in the morning my wife and I get up with coffee the coffee doesn't magically appear we do coffee we don't need discipline to make a coffee because we need the coffee real bad to anyone else like that, so you don't need to be that disciplined to actually do something you really need to do well, but even beyond getting a little bit of caffeine into your blood system, you need to cover yourself in the blood of jesus that day to bring your focus that whatever step you take during your life race that day the next 24 hours is under the wing of the almighty 95% of my mornings with my wife after taking the coffee we bring out the children's bible why a children's bible I I know I'm an evangelist and I preached from the bible, but I also read a children's bible.
It's really interesting. Is incredible. My wife and I are reading the children's bible and we have it because you know we're going to be parents so we think okay we just get it ahe ad we're reading this and we're like did you know no I didn't know that they just made it up. I don't know we're actually about to finish the whole bible in that kids version and it was 400 pages it wasn't like three it was 400 okay and it was awesome going through it but put on the armor of god it's almost like everyone the days you gotta hear that bang run for today lord help me today lord help me make those right decisions your decisions lord help me be patient help me be kind help me lord refine me one day at a time teach me lord how to pray and how to pray for others help me to be a light to others help me Lord to be a better husband help me Lord to be a better wife because if you never ask God to help you to be a brighter light never It will be that it is not mine, it is not by power, but by the Spirit of God.
Amen. There is a purpose. There is a race we have to run to achieve it. Well raised how to do it, can we have some background music? I play the piano but I'm not warmed up yet let me let me share with you why people don't come to Jesus the first reason is because if he is such a good God and a loving God why is there pain in the world we talk about that God can't give me arms and legs he doesn't have to give me arms and legs more than arms and legs I need my soul restored I need eternal life believe it or not it doesn't change the fact that it's true God has a plan for you which is the truth for you to live in it you have to find it find it you have to start looking for it start by hearing about it today and ask God for faith to believe that your spirit that is listening to these things responds by calling your phone just pick up the phone he loves you Another thing that keeps people from coming to Jesus is because they don't believe that Jesus really loves them that much and I know that's my biggest question why do you love me so much?
I don't get it a lot I don't even love myself sometimes sometimes you hate me and you still love me despite my sin Jesus still loves me our Heavenly Father loves you unconditionally when my wife was pregnant with Kiyoshi I put my foot on her belly to feel it kick and i got up now i was so moved by emotions i looked my wife right in the eyes and i had tears in mine and i said baby i love him i never seen him i never saw his smile. I never heard his laugh he didn't earn my love at all before he was born I knew him and he was mine God loves you that way no no no Nick God doesn't love me I need to be a better person before God you know feel I'm worthy you want to hear miracle i will tell you miracle 2008 india mumbai went out to red light district brothels on a six story high block of one hundred and fifty brothels where ten year old boys were kidnapped forced into prostitution for $700 and a fraction of that, a good ten percent, was owed I sold their parents because we went there to talk about Jesus we went into the fourth house we saw an old woman sitting on the floor she looked like 144 she must have been 90 she was so weak she couldn't keep her mouth shut she looks at me like that and through a translator I'm telling her about Jesus on the wall there was a whole wall full of gods they were worshiping they talked to her about Jesus for the first two minutes three minutes and another woman walks in very angry and says who are you what are you doing I mean what are you talking about this and I said I'm Nick and I'm only talking about Jesus she said stop talking about your god I don't want to hear about this show me your God is real stop talking show me make my sister walk I said you mean she she said that woman is my sister she hasn't left this house in four years look at her legs skin and bone where they were she said she's paralyzed we have to take her to the bathroom every day look at her in the last two weeks she really has lost everything her strength, she's about to die, look at her, show me your God is real and I said God, she's not putting me on the spot here, she's really putting you on the spot here.
I just want to make that clear. her friends lifted her up one on each side trying to lift her up she couldn't put her legs on the ground she tried to stretch it out she is in excruciating pain you could see it in her facial expressions she was trying to put one foot straight on the ground so she wouldn't she could walk she sat her in a chair she looked at her sister angry she was still angry and I said God let's pray more so pray stop massaging her legs we had a group of us praying for her and her face It turned like this from this to this I'm ready I said what she says I'm ready I'm digging no no no we don't need to pray some more that shows you what a little seed of faith I had in you no You need a lot of faith in the living God hallelujah you can have oceans of faith but if you are praying to a dead god he is dead but if you pray to jesus he is alive and the seed of like a mustard seed can move mountains my little faith we prayed a little more and i said well get up and walk she didn't need none to yuda got us without you touching the thing the army looked like this she's walking she's looking down this is like whoa i'm like whoa all my friends like whoa and she's like whoa baby and she's walking she's jumping up and down i'm as you don't break your legs how beautiful heal sister sister went to the gods and said thank you thank you thank you and i said ok i said you haven't been praying to your gods for four years she walked she said yes i said that was it didn't you go and say it was Jesus?
Your gods are dead and here is the miracle. The woman who was cured was not just any old woman. He later


ed that this woman was the one who started the city's block of brothel houses 45 years earlier. She was the one who started it all. She recruited the pimps and the madams and the kidnappers. She made money from abusing women. and thehuman trafficking and God still healed her nothing can separate us from the wonderful love of God you have strayed from the path right? You have run in the right direction, but maybe you have fallen into a pit of depression, don't worry, God will reach out his hand as he is doing right now, he will be with you and he will not let you stay there for a moment longer than you he. it will let him know how much your heart can take he is with you and one may not get all the answers up to heaven but the answer is to all our questions jesus is lord in his blood faithful jesus will never fail you hallelujah today if you admit that you have not fixed your life with Jesus Christ today is the day you take the call and prepare to run at the first strong spot knowing that you are beautiful you are a child of God he loves you will be with you His grace is enough for all things come together for the good of those who love him who has been called according to his purpose you are called in you today i hope you will answer and to the call not because you think you can take the call or endure the race in your that is why we give you To God all the glory his grace to hear the call and his grace and mercy to run the race today when I ask you to invite him into your life let's all pray I feel it in my heart let's do the Amazing Grace riff or simp lemente some chords from Amazing Grace that would be great hallelujah Lord we thank you for your amazing grace we thank you Lord that you are God and you know the things we carry we pray in Jesus name would you comfort us and heal us make us whole, Lord, we pray for physical miracles all over this place, but Lord, more than a physical miracle, we pray, Lord, God, that our salt be restored in your hands and that we be carried into eternity, God, we only give you praise for your word and your faithful God at this time, that you touch the believers, those who already have a relationship with you, and if there is someone who feels tired and tired, comfort him, take him, refresh him, give him the sight of what you see for him day. you want them to give the hugs you want them to give to the people you want us to forgive help us to be the light in your love Lord for anyone who doesn't know you yet let's ask God that today is the day of salvation today would be the day that everything changes Let us pray to God that if there is someone who wants God to change, who wants you to change their life, that they call you today with all their heads bowed and all their eyes closed, if today you know in your heart that you are not walking with Jesus and you want to walk with him today you want to repent of your sin you know you don't want to sin anymore you want to start running the race that god has for you his plan not your plan put your hand right now if you can say


i want jesus on my head rt just raise it good and stop you're not walking with jesus today what you want to do and that's it come on raise your hand high and high about 40 of you raise your hand high and high every head bowed and every eye closed thank you for your hands put your hands down could you repeat it to me this proud of me Sadie Lord Jesus come into my heart forgive me for my sin I am so sorry for them thank you Jesus for dying on the cross and raising you from the grave thank you God that you promise that as I believe in you I too will be resurrected lord heal my heart change me fill me with your holy spirit your peace your comfort and your joy I want to know you more every day in the name of Jesus I ask you amen

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