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Sep 11, 2023
foreigner take your seats it's our turn to put on a show for you oh I think we may have started something Once upon a time a little one fell from the sky I am one this is fun oh that's me a magic mirror hello hello I'm another one two I'm here delighted to know each other hey where did they go is that we can both be the colors of the square they don't go in order they are missing some very important numbers one two one two three four is equal to eight now to fill the spaces seven eight nine ten put your hands together three and two equals five look at how we balance I would really like to try that game money presents triangle triangle triangle triangle triangle triangle triangle triangle triangle how many blogs is that yeah what an amazing show with so many new ideas there is more there is more there is so much more to explore I think we're getting started something big oh a rainbow no, it must be nice to have so many different colors I'm just gray gray cheer up nine you never know when You're lucky, oh, I heard a noise, oh, Wizards Den.
learn to read count 3 hours of alphablocks numberblocks level 5 learningblocks
Wow, this must be your lucky day. Nine. Draw a number in the air. Many colors you will share. Draw a number. You can draw me if you want. I think it means to draw a number like. These are our numbers and the number one is a straight line going down a color, oh we are all red, one color is not very exciting, let's try three, make a curve like me, then one more and you have three, what stripes colorful, oh. That's funny, three colors each, so who's next? I'm the biggest one here, that means the most colors, a loop and then a down line, that's the way to make a nine oh nine color rhythm, oh that looks like fun, can I go for a spin? a loop like an empty hoop creates zero zero colors oh wow where did they all go? oh that's better oh sorry the one who turned us all to zero colors and himself also the wand where is he?
learn to read count 3 hours of alphablocks numberblocks level 5 learningblocks

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learn to read count 3 hours of alphablocks numberblocks level 5 learningblocks...

I don't know someone bumped into me and I dropped it oh maybe there's a


erspell here you'll stay invisible until you get your number with this my number is easy to remember round in a loop like an empty hoop do zero nothing to see here my turn one line down like a stick makes a run that was fast towards you too I don't remember what my number looks like I'll be invisible forever we could copy our numbers off the shelf quickly okay our numbers let's track them together in a semblance like an empty hoop . zero a line down like a stick makes one that was fast a curve down is what you do then straight to make two make a curve like me then one more and you have three down and immediately cross the line which is a four is running it's running down and around then a line up high five starts with a round curve with a snap that's the way to make a six a line in the sky and down to the ground That's how Lucky Sevens found and how to start looking great, look up and there's your eight, a loop and then a descending line, that's the way to make a nine and what good figures we all make, welcome to the top 10 of 10, where we play today's best songs from the one to ten.
learn to read count 3 hours of alphablocks numberblocks level 5 learningblocks
Start with a quick look at one through five, who can forget the soulful sounds of one? I'm just a little book for this Timeless classic and of course the Vision, sensation and singing star number five. Here are five ways to make five my friend now for our first new entry straight into the number six is ​​the number joins six we are running five or five and one together we play games for fun six four three and three we make a pair we play with additional players another new entry now the lucky number seven at seven with riding the rainbow we are one six at seven today is our lucky day we are six and one still seven together we can ride the rainbow two and five or five and two three and four or four and three win the numbers eight is eight with assembled octoblocks you are one and a seven or a seven and a one with a number one and a six or a six one and seven seven and one two and six six and two three and five five and three, four and four will tell you clearly and now is the number block nine's opportunity to shine, choose a hand with an eight and a pair of eights with a one, two beds with a seven and a pair of sevens, what could the next pair be?
learn to read count 3 hours of alphablocks numberblocks level 5 learningblocks
That's right three with a six six for sure one and eight eight and one two and seven seven and two three three six three four and five five and four this is a chance to shine like two and guess who made it to the top ten places in the Big Ten Thank you, thank you, thank you welcome to what's my number the game show where we don't have our team look quick can you see? It should be as easy as turning on the phone with the first round, tap who's there, I know it's five, let's see if you're right, oh yeah. high five two stars on the board to win you will need ten Fizz on the buzzers Let's play five against one again I see six I can't fool you with my tricks one more time Who's there?
I can solve this. It's one, two, three. out oh uh help I don't know here is another way to win how many squares are not filled in one oh I see it one less than ten is nine oh thank you, that's the end of the round, let's see what you have scored six stars and now the second round mystery visit there is a house on the screen but whose house is it oh time is up what did you see I saw two rows of four images I bought boxes with three more on top and four pairs of chairs so it must be oh wait autocorrect one two three four five six seven eight correct you win four shining stars my friends 10 out of ten a perfect score now you have the chance to win prizes galore it's time for the same thank you some objects will be passed to you in all shapes and sizes just tell me how many to win our star prizes a stuffed animal is first in line Red apples Dancy hey, that was mine now three rubber ducks four frogs warming up three paper cups with two more on top, that's five in total What's that coming next?
Two rows of three Bulls. The weight you argue is that three duplicates is six. What comes next is a big pile of bricks. Five on the left, two on the right. Seven is the answer I saw on First Sight. Now four bowling huts four closer behind why? An eight just came to mind. Eight is right, and with incredibly fast timing, by the way, have you noticed that they all started to rhyme? A bunch of balloons arranged in a line, now a three by three square, so it must be nice, and here's the last item 10 stars in a frame that's the final answer you've won today's game now choose your own prize from the end of the line a balloon the star prize this is mine that's all we have time for but next time you'll see it a small group of things then repeat after me don't


the foreigner x mark the spot but where is it ah just my reflection follow me that's all It's not an X, but it may be a clue, you can search but never find a label, but you can see that I'm one more. kind of table, oh wow, I've never seen a table that could fly before, well that's because I'm not an ordinary table.
I'm the fun multiplication table of one in a wonderful world of wands when it comes to fun, it's me. who has tons so sing if you can but fun times we are the multiplication table one at a time please one one is one two ones are two three ones are three four ones are four five ones are five six one is a six and seven ones are seven eight ones are eight nine ones are nine and ten ones one one is one two ones are two three ones are three four ones are four five one is five six one is a six and seven ones are seven eight ones they are eight nine the ones are nine and ten of the ones are ten sideways one one is one two ones are two three ones are three four ones are four five ones are five six one is a six and seven the seven are ten we are the that you can do any number block now, isn't that clever?
If you just add one or a bunch of ones, you can go on forever. I'm the fun times one table in a wonderful world of ones when it comes to fun. I'm the one who has tons. so sing if you can for fun unique table hats and it looks like there's a jump progress of 10 as we speak there's the jump there's nine and four getting fit nice tall foreigner that's the number block you get carry. up to 10 yeah that's right come here little buddy hi dad this is your buddy 8-10 he's two and I'm told we can watch a little bit of this morning's tan buddy training session to the beat find to your 10 friends, go, go, go. that's it make those tens ten friends nine and one eight and two seven and three six and four five and five friends ten ten friends so once you meet your ten friend you can skip ten that's right the trick is meet your ten friend on the road come on six let's show them how it's done equals fourteen extreme let's see that one more time in slow motion eight plus six oh there's two eights ten friend have made the ten hello ten fans two came from six to leave four tummy tuck Flat square 14 ends, that's much clearer just in time for the target round where our vultures need to do exactly 17.
That's a great target, it's accuracy that counts, you need to choose your partner carefully. The good thing is that we train for that too, there are eight of us, that's all. The first two will take you to ten now continue plus three equals eleven plus four equals twelve plus five equals thirteen now go for the sideline you lost nine equals seventeen so to make 17 you need to partner with nine yes removing to my friend 10 two of nine will leave the seven I need or as we Temple pros say, find the ten, see what's left over, slide it down and put it there.
It is a work of art. Eight better to award the trophy than 10. um, where's Tim and where's the eight? Here you just need to put yourself in the picture thank you, but this trophy is not just for me, it is for 10 volts everywhere and back to ten. Wow, you really know your ten friends. I wish I met my 20 friends. Well, I know. Someone who can help me move forward on this path. I've earned a lot to show you who adds 20. This is how you play and find your friends along the way. I can't go up if I can't get into these. the doors are heavy no problem for a big strong square you will need help from your 20 friends look you can solve them from 10 10 i can do a square four and a six but i have 10 more than ten that means i can do 14 and six or sixteen and four two square is better than one thank you friends oh two lightning and two The riders wanted what would ten do oh two can ride two lightning of course and two ten friend is eight another even number and I have 10 more than ten so I can be eighteen and two two five nine two lightning and away from me either if ten can be eight and two then I can be eighteen and two oh twelve and eight change four for three write the climb up and away find four dice inside this the cup will fall Strength and ​​then raise four fours.
I would need to be the luckiest number in the world of numbers, that's all. I need a seven if ten can be seven and three then I can be Seventeen and three four don't say it I think this is more your kind of thing seven pretend I'm not here foreigner I was lucky oh let's see a hand scanner must mean five so If ten can be five and five then I can be fifteen and five Hush Hush steps must be taken high five. Top two buttons to play and I know the pair to do if 10 can do nine and one then I can do eleven and nine Give Me Your Best Shot will do five floors dog one more to guess but can you still see the pattern?
I can, I can, I have 10 and 10. So my 20 friends are the same as tens, ten friends plus another ten, eleven and nine or one and nineteen, twelve and eight or two and eighteen, thirteen and seven or three and seventeen, fourteen and six or four and sixteen and fifteen and five either way if I have 10 more than 10 I can also make two tens the last one oh, it seems like a long time ago I fell from the sky alone what was it like to be the first? Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I had been the first block of numbers.
That is an interesting question. What if two was the first block of numbers? Imagine that stranger, another one falling too, it's two of us two two one four two two make a square another two and now I'm six, two, earth, I must be playing tricks, two, four, six, only even numbers, how strange I mean, how even. I like this game. I think it's great, bye six and hello eight, hmm, it's raining. Tools to activate defenses, automatic lock, umbrella, two, four, six, eight, ten, can. some two please tell me what's going on you're in two lands my friend where every number is two more than the number before eight ten twelve and I'm a super two by six rectangle this is where I should be because I'm extreme 14 2 4 6 8 10 12 14.
Foreigner, did you miss me to get up and away, let me change to something faster, sweat, sweat, for super speed, two, four, six, eight, impossible to count the number of rays and away, you'll never catch me, my name?no 20. oh boy, the rain is getting heavier four six eight ten twelve fourteen sixteen eighteen twenty all made in twos and we can keep adding two forever or at least until it stops raining wow oh oh now here's a interesting question: what if it rained once? What would happen if it rained once? Imagine the odds that I saw it all anywhere to land were unbelievable.
One important thing was missing. Oh no, my shoes have lost their shine. Where will I get a new pair of magical dancing shoes? Oh oh, a magic shoe. store that's where welcome you like the shoes aha well I like the ones in two I'm the multiplication table and we both like to dance I like things that come in twos I like ears and elbows and knees like pairs of gloves and turtle doves are like wings, wellington boots and water skis. When you count slippers, fins, or shoes, this is the method you'll need. Use a table for two, write down four. two are eight five two are ten six two are twelve are you


y for more seven two or fourteen eight The tunes are sixteen nine two eighteen lower that might be enough, but why should we stop now reach the top now ten two are Showtime work boots and Wellies, flip flops and jellies, slip-ons and sliders, sturdy shoes with spikes, shiny black tap shoes, shoes with bubbles and straps, slip-on shoes for bikers or super fast bikes, velcro and laces, let's keep up and count all the shoes and two by one. the pair is two two pairs are four three pairs are six now let's go to the floor four pairs are eight five pairs are ten six pairs are twelve can you guess what's in the store seven pairs are fourteen eight pairs are sixteen nine pairs or 18 what could be a lot but we can still do more why not have two more than two is twenty two tens they can tango and do the Fandango 20 unstoppable interchangeable blocks ten two can line up and shine their shoes where there are shoes there are usually strappy socks and jagged diamonds and dot T yellow and red socks with holes in the toes long socks and short socks School socks and sports socks one will leave the bed socks grandma once chose silky and elegant jolly and jazzy let's count them all good decision one pair is two two pairs is four three pairs is six now let's open the drawer and four pairs is eight five pairs is ten six pairs is twelve socks you can't ignore seven pairs or fourteen eight pairs is sixteen ninth favorite team that might be enough let's have some new socks orange and blue socks and pairs are twenty on a side one two is two two two is four three two is six are you keeping score? four two is eight five two is ten six two is twelve are you


y for plus eighteen that could be twenty but why shouldn't i? we stop now we reach the top now ten two jesus is 20.
Evans thanks of nothing foreign even made of two ten human bums 12 14 16 18 20 Evans even tops odd blocks foreign odds humans even what is even is even even more even there is even add even to even and you'll get everything oh first up Next square in next art Square next even even odd Arts we Wonder if we'll ever solve like q22 oh can I help? I love exploring numbers and I know exactly the place The main positions are wide and tall and more change rotate change rotate Hello friends welcome to the rectangle I withdraw seeing what rectangles a number can make really helps to solve them completely when I found out that I make a rectangle of 2 for 11 I knew once I was a thing of two halves results well twelve you can do a lot of rectangles I'm a super rectangle I can do different rectangles throughout the day and it takes all day at that pace some of the super rectangles like to go a little more Quickly, how rectangular is the sponsor you're looking for?
It is very rectangular. In fact, do you think you can help 23 and 24 find their rectangles? We would love. All we need are a few cigarette butts and a couple of blank scrolls. Let's do this first. your main positions are as wide and then as high as you can, stretch as far as you can, a very wide, now reach for the sky, one by twenty-four, a tall thin rectangle, which is two, so far can I do more, Let's find out, lean in. and touch your toes, do you make a rectangle when you are two blocks wide? Oh, I can, I have two by twelve.
I can't, it never matters, it's so much fun. Now try three blocks wide then four then five until you get back to your prime again very wide rectangle front rectangle five wide oh I was doing so well I wouldn't worry about that 24. I haven't made any rectangles apart from my prime positions carry on you haven't lived until you try dad Six wide no oh yeah six by four that many rectangles now seven wide eight no no no no yes yes again eight by three now it stops you no no no you yield 24 go ahead yeah 12 for two and twenty four for one my white prime position so many rectangles oh yeah that's even more than we can do sis we may need to find a name bigger than super rectangle that's all.
Realized I'm 24 and super dumb rectangle look at my matrix. screen rotate switch rotate switch rotate switch I can make rectangles all day and all night too, how did you get to 23? Just my main positions that's all, are you sure all those blocks don't have other rectangles anywhere? How extraordinary. It feels good, somehow, some numbers are very rectangular and some are not very rectangular and it's okay, I figured it out for myself. I am 23 years old and I am happy being me and at the end of the day it cannot be said more fair than that, come on, today seems like a good day to calculate. figure out some numbers, oh, and art is a great way to express yourself, oh, I personally like this sculpture, I prefer this painting.
Art is about finding different ways of looking at things. Take my new exhibit, for example, the patterned wall, oh, whatever shape you make with your blocks, the pattern on the wall will copy, oh, not bad. Can I have a surprised cow? But now let's loosen those blocks and make some crazy shapes. Now let's find a clean piece of wall and see what we can do. Octoblock Press one, two, three, four, five, six. seven eight tessellation oh let's try cross square cross square cross square cross square right let's explore some patterns that you're both doing in tens and ones patterns right now like this yeah ten ten one that's a good first step it helps you see where do you fit into the pattern of counting numbers oh yeah i'm between 26 and 28 and under eight and eighteen now i see what shapes your blocks can make.
Rectangles are the simplest look. My 21 blocks can make seven batches of three. Me, so I fit the pattern of the family of Three between 18 and 24. Oh, I can fit that pattern too. I have three more than 24. Well, I am part of the family of two, four, seven and four teams too, oh, many. rectangles, now I am part of the family of squares, maybe we are 27 squares. No, I guess not, although I can make three square nines and each nine is three three, where are the three three three? Oh there are many patterns to explore like my favorite step shape one two three four five six oh let me try yeah I have seven blocks bigger than you 21 so I can also do a step shape one two three four five six and the arc lucky iris seven so many patterns to play oh yo I figured it out I'm 28 and I'm a Pioneer Square pattern with a hole Cross of Chucky Tower with Windows come in hello 27 looking for something yeah I'm just not sure what's something I'm getting Losing the art is about exploring things new directions New directions That's it, three batches of three threes can make three square nines and if you put us together in a new direction we make a cube.
I found out for myself. I am 27 years old and I am cute. Pattern making is so much fun, whatever it is. From your point of view, call all number blocks 15 here, for hidden talents, are you hiding a juggling table or even a team of musicians showing what you're made of? Out of five five you can do this 26. look deep inside yourself um I can team up ones how about a dance number? Can you form a team of two? I think so, one two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen of them, that's a lot to remember, that was fun, good luck. team two 13 two and 26 and i can do oops what was it again oh yeah don't say it two thirteen well i liked that's my chair two tens two three mix 26 thanks hi 21 are you there? maybe she took the elevator wait a minute agent 15 here you might be just the number i've been looking for follow me the talent show it's just a cover the real work goes on down here oh in our top secret number base in mi-15 our agents math researchers are always on the hunt for hidden numbers i'm looking for bonuses number bonuses oh there are all sorts of ways to find smaller numbers inside bigger ones once you start looking some of our bigger agents can carry equipment for smaller numbers where jugglers are needed and Explorer who needs a triple dose of luck or if you need a full set of one to six steps, you can take 21.
How did you get here? I took the stairs, actually I am the stairs. I would like to work. been looking for a number like you 26. stopping by oh i would like you to meet my best agent agent 13. excels at breaking larger numbers into smaller numbers pull yourself together im happy to be and the problem is if someone says 13. then agent 13. falls apart. I get it, someone take it with them. 13. and not just one thirteen, but a team of two thirteen. Hey, I realized I'm agent 26 and that day I'm double that. Well, it looks like that agent 26.
We will be more numbers for another exciting game. There is only one rule to tag the team. If you tag someone in a team of two and they can team up with you, they join your team with large numbers first to give them a chance to run. and hide see how many different number blocks they can tag 24 bottom 20 then here come the teams there are 12 first of the chasers looking to tag 24 which should stay away from two three four six , yes, smaller numbers starting to search. an early tab in 20. and boy the team of ten not 10 gets a 10 second freeze and 20 seats for now oh no team of five is off to a fantastic start there they only need 15 to complete the set hush and if five six are here and seven are already in luck luck and here come four but look how many number blocks these two champions can catch and with no one chasing them you have to imagine their chances.
Team of sevens luck, luck, luck, luck, luck, luck, luck, oh. I'm lucky I can hello oh as fast as you can you can't catch me in a team of nines oh I'm 16 I'm in trouble octo trouble team of four oh 24 still going strong she might be the last standing rectangle I can make. this all day right team teams oh well played you got me team twelve team six team six three juices that sound means their last standing rectangle there is only one player left who can be divided into teams but who is it? are you sure there's a rectangle left team um high five and what game it was let's find out who won as a team lineup it's just the not quite rectangular number blocks left and the winners are there and what's the prime time tag team then 18 ready to run all day and all night, believe it, my supersonic speed will keep me ahead.
It's almost finished. Runners towards the rays. It is a two-lap race at a high-speed pace. Let's start this party nine by two, two rays and far twelve. for two super duper five races I can't ride five ray but I can go in three yeah but the only weird track is actually shorter a Ray no way we go higher than one six five three three we go up and go what track can you? take the three beams or the ring 24 the one beam actually seems lower thanks for the heads up 24x1 and three by six four by six better put my skates on so long alligator our team Focus take the oopsie two way alien that's funny right hey layups , I can't make a rectangle eight tall, but I can write three rays, four by three, three, five, eight, that's a big jump, but I could try.
Oh, I'm going to make it, I'm going to make it. I'm not going to make it, thanks, whoever finishes first last will get a special power up for the second round, hurry up, here they come off the block. Twinkle Toes 20 take the stage for a night on the run five thanks to my power I can make this lead four for five foreign insurance for four ten for two oh I can't ride a six Ray lose all four twenty oh two for six three for four What took you so long six for two and he's back? the running speed is what I need six by three I will have to make the jump is theonly way to reach you you didn't make it last time so i'll try again three by eight oh super dupa here they come they're blocking block who will win it's going to end oh that was a fun time tomorrow oh count on it champ i feel like being naughty octonaut extra naughty time to activate the sizer two by two octor cube naughty with my new 3d powers nothing can stop me now cheat my turn to roll it's not my turn i win and you do the power square two by two three by three naughty me not so fast dr naughty what are you doing taking you for a ride oh octonaut now in 3d you never will? escape my sizer by pointing octo flop hmm what is that?
Does anyone need a big cube like me? Did anyone want a cube? What is this? Who are you? I'm 27 years old and I'm a little messed up. I'm the only cube allowed around here. The rest of you will be crooked shapes forever now let's have no more distractions like I was saying I'm 27 and I'm a super job three by three by three try the power of three dice Mansions all three nines super sneeze oh all three threes smile please aha the sizer will make me a super powerful Cube again by the power of three dimensions roll up roll up for the circus of Three with your ring Dominate me the multiplication table of three one three is three with a juggling act two from the show two streets are six with a risky thrill roll will grow three three sub nine he might rise to the top If he's a twelve a rectangular wonder she floats with the biggest of these Freezer tall 15 a secretive guy his antics are mostly mysterious six three zero eighteen one month an intrepid explorer with talent to spare a 3 is 24 blazing a trail okay you got 27 three sets of three three on the flying trapeze ten three is thirty-two three is coming to town three leading the big parade he likes to play before the crowd given the choice she prefers her voice and a voice is really quite strong look at me she's here on top of the game with six in the mix you'll be glad you were next it's the 90's on the ride is to be taken care of three six nine next is twelve she's fourth in line her royal surprise and wow with her as she shows off amazing draft flows with her feet off the ground Dean is next with a disappearing act she pulls off when no one else defies her secret squad May seem a little strange but they are useful to go up 18 is running around the ring so speedy is off the board he blurs past and causes the ladder to break 12 15 18 21 never loses 24 will delight you with light his lightning will shine all day and all night 27 can do quite a trick three sets or three three in one place what you will see is three three and a cute 3D with a face of nine knots 21 24 27 one three is three two three is six and now comes the time you've all been waiting for ten, three hits, the Christmas trees are complete, a fabulous group, a talented troupe, the greatest artists you've ever known, so please drum roll Please, by the circus, if there's anything better than a picnic, it's a square club picnic, he won, look what the prospects are.
I'll be there soon The club picnic day is a busy day for me tell me we both have the passing squads picnic later U2 21 see you there three wow I've never seen so many clubs it's the club picnic day 29 find your clubs help you discover what you have in common with other number blocks, for example do you fit with odd blocks or even tops and discover that the rule is when you are standing two blocks wide if you have an odd block on top? I'm on the odd blocks. I did it. I followed the rule. I matched with the odd blocks.
I thought you might finish in nine. You see, and any number ending in nine is odd like me and me, welcome to the 29 club. I like the helmet, it's nice to have something to show a member. Are there more clubs I can join? We are going to explore. Everyone knows Square Club. Oh hello. I thought it might be fun to start a cube club and since I'm in both clubs this saves me having to run for block cake. You can join the Square Club if you can make a square and be as tall as it is wide.
Do not believe it. To be in the Cube Club you need to be able to make a cube like this. no, but you said this was a new club, does that mean anyone can start a new club? I guess you just need a rule about who can be in it, like the nine Enders, the club for numbers ending in nine, I like. the sound of a shiver and see you square with holes in it oh how about a square with holes in the club for 8, 12 and 16 and anyone who can make a square with a hole in it why not something to do with squares seems fun to me?
There are so many new clubs I can think of, oh I realized. I'm 29 years old and I love being in clubs and inventing new ones, like a square with a hole in the club. You need something to show all your members, like badges. Club. Badgers are square with a hole and how about square badges for a squirrel club? Oh thanks 29. Hey I'm just starting the super rectangle club step 11 squad league. Sweet can you do a lot of rectangles the opposite? I am a not very rectangular number that can only occupy main positions and not others, that is a bit complicated, how about Prime Club?
While you cargo club even more rectangular to your Square Club oh you're in Club 26 undercover of 13 um falling apart Club Cube Club oh rainbow seven and my new club the nine Enders I got one more club for you loons twenties all together now three you're early I mean you can't come in but it's the meeting of the three clubs Yeah but it's such a beautiful day. Why don't you watch the birds first? I love watching birds. Great, see you later. Oh, oops, I forgot my trinoculars. Try not to. Killers. Oh, some kind of party. 15. She told me not to come in.
Better not let her see. me two three it's six thank you six you're early yes only me definitely not three hush remember what you do don't let three in Authority how exciting but we're not supposed to be here let's go before it's six quick hide oh three the three are nine hello nine what looks good you haven't seen three just me and me nice mustache but I'll be back in a bit oh nice hat oh that was close let's leave before 12 It's funny I thought I heard. Three, it's just you and me, remember, don't let three eat, come back here, I've got a plan, we do one more, three and then we can walk out the door dressed as five, three is fifteen, what about us?
I know. five three is fifteen you can't have fifteen weird 50 means the party is here come on everybody it's 15 everyone hide 18. there you are everyone find a place to hide when i get certi with three we'll all jump up and say surprise i got it um oh 18. I thought you were already here um no 21. Oh no, just bring me back here oh the next morning what a good place tide I hope I'm not late everyone and one more three years I mean it's me and the 24. god it's three here but It's me nine three I mean the 27th ah here we are is that everyone Here, wow, did you say that three had gone bird watching? 15.
I couldn't find her anywhere, we can hardly have a surprise party for three without three, the party is that you are the founding member of Club Three, everyone in Club Three is there. It wouldn't be a three-way club without you, the only surprise presented by the six-step plan for exploring numbers and solving them. Step one, tens and ones, find out for yourself. This is where you sign up, find out for yourself, where do you fit in? In this lineup, how many tens and how many ones can you count up to three tens and one, three tens and two?
That's how you figure out what 31 32 equals and then you figure it out. That's what it's about. Step two, rectangles. let's see how rectangular you can be find your matrices make your displays master the power of the rectangle red ring positions super rectangle some can make lots and some can make two that's one way to


who you are and what you can do step three look inside the figure Check it out What are you afraid of? Find out yourself. Show us all what you're made of. How much equipment and how many parts are you hiding? How do you look when you're splitting buns?
Number of bun teams. of teams, then you can figure it out, that's what it's all about, step four, play with patterns, figure it out for yourself, what shapes can you throw at me, figure it out for yourself, what kind of patterns can you show me a square with a hole or maybe a cross on it the wall is weird whatever this is funny square cross with four holes or a cool donut and there are still two steps to go step five join a club find out for yourself what clubs you are here for find out for yourself how many clubs will you cheer for one by the odds and another by the squads in the treehouse the family of Three can call it three houses, odd blocks, Prime Club, even Jobs, super rectangle Club, then you'll be able to find out, that's what it's all about. or to explore it's time to go out and explore the world to discover what clues it may contain.
It may take a day, a week or a month to see what adventures unfold this month has 31 days. I found out for myself. I'm 31 years old and double double love calendars I discovered myself I'm 32 years old and I'm a Bender now you know who you are I know you'll go far the world of numbers is getting bigger and bigger so imagine that on snow day you missed twice as much fun oh my god biggest skating figure skating double four eights alter block dance spin one two three four five six seven eight dance spin four eights eight fours points eight fours sixty inches may we have this dance eight fours four eights two sixteen 132. 32.
Dates from the 60's Force yeah Chase wanna build a snowman yeah oh oh okay wait someone's missing everyone jumping lol snow days are double phone steps yeah , the squares are all ready for the annual steps versus the Square scavenger hunt, whoever brings the most trophies wins. You can use any tricks and skills you like, oh it sounds fun, don't mind me. I'm 36 years old and a big fan of tricks, so stick around and watch how everything works in this contest, including starting before I say go, it looks like we are. Step forward, hey, come on, squares behind them, there's the next trophy piece.
I have a perfect seven-step plan. I have one. Find a helicopter and fly over the beach. Step two. Lower a rope into the cage. Step three. Tie a gigantic magnet. the house you sleep you get lost oh after the step shape detected everything clear strange there is how we grab it without being seen pity we don't have a quick step way hide four in the ground oh dear alert the stepless shape detected a perfect camouflage thank you step shapes detected everything clear look these squares can make going up and down steps so we can very complicated oh oh oh I have it quickly before intruder alert tickle tickle tickle tickle tickle run for it it's not fair that those strong squares can break this ice like oh I got you and look what we can do two step shapes can make a square we can beat them at their own game oh hey step squads are the best without squares they are Tara what happened there then welcome back let's count yours pieces and look who won ugh, don't look at me, I gave mine to um wait, who did I give it to?
I'm so glad you asked me, you gave me a trophy piece 28 when it was step shaped and you gave me the second piece 16 when it was square, wait are you a step squad or a square? Yeah exactly, I mean, I'm a square and a step squad, so who likes tricks? I'm Puzzle Master 36, but who won steps or squares, that's easy, they both did it. because 36 was on both teams hello everyone 36 asked you to come here too yes but there is nothing up here except this magic mirror oh when each of you are here look and I will appear I can't see it oh so Ripple when We are all here and we all look in the mirror and guess who shows up 36 great job puzzle friends who is ready for more puzzles then follow me to Puzzle Square if you are going to solve Puzzle Square we can help you get in there you can Open the locks by filling them with number blocks, turn us however you want, we are a set of living keys, how do we get in?
Won't move oh the six six said they were alive. The keys maybe this is one of the locks and we open them. with number blocks ah oh yes yes yes would you three mind shuffling that way and you three come and meet them please congratulations, one locked with two more padlocks and your love with six keys, each with the same shape, but It has a new twist. the game makes us fit it's up to you remember we can also turn around that's a little more complicated but it won't stop us from trying let's start with what worked last time please can you three sixes move that way six more blocks can fit here oh?
That's not the right way. I'm afraid you're doing very well. You have a full row lengthwise and almost a full column. Oh, that could be a corner that couldhelp. Can everyone upload a ruler? Please, they said they could turn around. Remember. well, if you turn the other way, it's the same shape look, you three turn upside down, please, now you can make the same shape as these three, but in reverse, repeating patterns in formation, also known as tessellation, now complexity increases, we are all different pieces. Yeah that sucks, remember you can't lose and always check for more clues.
This seems very difficult. What happens if we do it wrong? So we just tried again. They said we can't lose. Oh, they also said to check for more clues. Look, there are two. areas marked with the first two pieces, one matches all six, could you jump there please, this strange shape looks a bit like you? Oh, don't make the same mistake all day, try to turn me in a different way, in a different way, of course, the corner space is Step-shaped and there is only one step-shaped piece left and we need four blocks in a square to fit in there and a couple more, which means you, what can fit in there, oh no, oh no, this part matches the whole piece, lucky you! to the left, oh wait, turn around please, oh, that's it.
Puzzle friends, welcome to Puzzle Square. There are so many puzzles waiting to be played, so let's dive in, I'm on the four multiplication table, calling all fours to the dance floor. on the dance floor and one more drop than the previous four that's what the four are for to get funky on the dance floor or on the floor and one more four that is 24 28 and 32 now one more four is here to make you dance get off come in the glue with 36 will be there, it will be square when all the phones are on the floor it is 40. 40. ten fours a 40. one four is four two fours are eight three fours are twelve we know how to say it straight four four is sixteen five four is twenty-six fours a twenty-four seven fours are twenty-eight eight fours of thirty-two nine fours in 36 and we will maintain that the fours are in the mix ten four foreign switch spin switch spin five balls a 20.
Big Dog's number tap tap tap tap tap six fours Twitter dance double large rectangle come on one four is four two fours are eight three fours are twelve we know how to say it clearly four fours are sixteen five four is twenty-six fours are twenty-four seven fours and 28 eight balls of thirty-two nine fours are thirty-six and all the guys are in the mix that's what the flats are for to get funky on the dance floor or on the floor and a four more that's 24 28 and 32 now one plus four is here to make you dance, get down, put the glue on with 36, be there, the support on the floor is 40. 40. ten four, forty, whoa, four and four and one plus four and one plus four and one plus four and then four before four. and four and one more four and one more four and one more for them for the four cyclists a four is four two four are eight three four are twelve we know how to celebrate four four are sixteen five four is a twenty-six four and twenty-four seven fours are twenty-eight eight fours are thirty-two nine fours are thirty-six and when all the fours are in the mix ten poles of 40.
Wow, that's here, it's a real foreign Tower of Rock, but am I good enough? Yes of course. Of course you are, huh. You have talent, you have drive and you never give up. It runs in the family, the family, the family council, high five, let's rock out, we can plug in the cord. I am the only five multiplied by the zero table. one five is five two five is ten three five is fifteen believe me, you will go far four five or twenty five five I have twenty five six five or thirty you know who you are eight five or forty five forty five and here is the next big superstar ten times fifteen take it to the top high five two five you can take a trip you can make a rocket to stop me and we'll go up in five three The five are a bit strange, they're a secret special squad 15.
The biggest show in the world of numbers 35. eight five we will make them bigger they make an impressive nine five come out of the face and take you to a higher place ten thighs fortified with a golden guitar ten five make a superstar one five is five two five of ten three five is fifteen confidence I go far four fives or twenty five fives or twenty five six miles 14. side guitar solo one five is five two five or ten three fives is fifteen believe me you'll go far four times the twenty five fives in twenty five six five the Thirteen you know who we are now once again , let's take it to the top here's the snow star and the vibes I hope the 10th comes back here soon I want to fly to the moon The rocket rides of the Ten are really waiting for me to arrive We fly to planet seven where the skies are made of rainbows .
Thanks ten. I'm lucky to have a friend like you. It is a pleasure for me. Seven, so who's next? um um, but only if you're not too tired. What if we all go at the same time? so its just a trip i guess i can try oh blaster sorry i need to rest no more rocket rides for a while this feels like work for ted he got a score of 10 with a four step plan to reach for the stars ten have a good set up step two build more rocket towers step three build more rockets step four blast off to the stars hooray great plan let me have the octoblock towers build one two three four five six seven eight build oh dear dude, that should be enough now let's rocket what one plus two plus three plus four is ten five, you're next five plus six leave one block out of the frame.
I'll slide it down and start again one plus seven is eight plus eight is too high. I have six sticky blocks on top, slide them down for the next rocket. Six plus nine is ten plus five. My turn. I feel much better for that break. Yes, five plus ten is ten and five. Look at those five rockets with five? leftover blocks together what do you have ten twenty thirty forty fifty fifty five the starship explorer my 10 step mission to take a bold step where no number block has trodden before how lucky we all add up a squadron step um well actually think about it get started with a sum on one line you will get squads of steps every time the next number is the next step, once you spot the pattern you can see that each step is one bigger than the step before you don't have to. count, you know it will be an excellent work team and now let's do it with the numbers one plus two is three plus three is six plus four is ten plus five is fifteen plus six is ​​twenty-one only seven is twenty-eight plus eight is thirty-six plus nine is forty-five plus ten is fifty-five crew standby for countdown ten nine eight seven six five four three two one crew standby for spacewalk nine eight seven six five four three two one look this is one small step for the numbers, one giant step squad for number type participate alien this is the multiplication table of ten rocket The rescuers are coming as soon as you can ten twenty thirty fourteen fifty sixty seventy eighteen nineteen 100 yes zero zeros alternate the original she'll get us going check it out when he has a double boost he can dance all day long it's a terrestrial tango You haven't seen anything However, the greatest Showman hello forty is a rectangle with an oblong hole you know what his zeros are for three tens four tens and nothing more Galactic arrived 70 she's lucky times ten jumping from dark space rainbow hello hey she doesn't need luck at all now i'm going to meet 100 the greatest hero with two zeros nine tens ten tens Heroes with zeros 100 hey you can count to 10 then you know the table of multiply from ten you only need an extra zero so create your favorite hero one ten is ten two tens is twenty three tens is thirty four tens is fifty six tens is sixty seven times zeros square companions since one of us fell from the sky we had been bold explorers discover new lands find new friends deal with round things round things well i say its time to tackle the ultimate round thing the moon let's solve the puzzle of how to put a square on the moon without using the power of Rockets Square alone why because it's fun Try it, I'll be a test pilot, but how do we get you to the end?
Sorry, we called some friends there. Some great friends of Square begin the rainbow test flight. All systems are reviewed 7x7. Wish me luck. Oh wow, yowzer didn't make it. that tall, but I just invented the square rainbow. I guess you have to try to get lucky. Oh, there you are. I have a lot to show you. I am 64 years old and I can be a strong square. chess board a super rectangle eight octoblocks or even a super cube, but today I want to show you a little trick I call binary boosters that use the power of doubles to make any number fly first.
I divide it into 32 and 16 and eight and four and two and one. and one more to press the big red button and then you choose who goes up one of me and none of me and one of me and one of me and none of me and one of me 45 up amazing not a square wait and see there are two of us squares the edge of space we almost got there amazing we sent a square to the edge of space no rockets we just need a little more power what was that sound why would it be me of course i feel a little bit thats a mega sneeze you think it is awesome, grab your blocks, you're going to love this, prepare for launch, enough primary launch stage completed, activating secondary lever, we've reached space, second stage complete, entering lunar orbit, launching lander lunar, ah, the square has We landed, we did it, the only thing left now is to plant the square number of the Club flag, we have a problem, I forgot the flag, don't worry, little one, I will take care of this and I promise that there will be no power for Rockets Square, just hello. looking for this great adventure The biggest adventure of all how exciting you better check everyone's ready oh I'm going to dance on other planets somewhere up there there are triangles I've never dreamed of I've given everyone a full meal and given them space you really have to know where your sandwiches are the starry skies are an exciting place we'll see we're very lucky to go together not only am I ready I'm octo ready this rocket is ready to be part of a gigantic starship like As soon as everyone is ready, Speaking of which, remember, wait for the signal number scouts, it's time to go out.
Incredible week-long adventures with so many new numbers to discover. We are ready? Freddy's Sandwiches, Pink Zero Sandwiches, Oh Rockets, Ready, Check Sandwiches, Jake Bridge Squares, Get Ready for Mega Sneeze, Everyone's Ready, I Think I Mean, If You're Ready to Explore the Stars, Why I'm Always ready, I'll miss you, no need, I'll take you with me, I'll take everyone with me, look so what. About you little one, are you ready? I'm nervous, it's a long way to go, it's okay to be nervous, but I know how brave you can be and how much you can do and after all, we will go with you too. you can make any number if you keep adding one, a wonderful world and an amazing universe to explore, come on, come on, the sign, the snow, ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, zero , teacher, Starship Explorer, 55, first interplanetary mission underway, participate, laughter, now it's my turn. all you need is one and a magic mirror from Numberland I'll be back oh I almost forgot a little hungry actually oh hello welcome your turn remember the last time we were here one yes I asked what would happen if under what appeared and wait wait wait what Whatever, that's an interesting question.
What is it? The best way to find out is to ask me a question. What kind of question? A question like this. What would happen if you kept counting forever? You would earn the admiration of your friends. You could reach a million in a fortnight, but how high could you go if it always never ends? What would happen if you kept writing zeros in the one? It's the same as if you multiplied by ten you would soon reach a million again. And then what? So what if you start? with a single grain of rice then double it double it double it every day in a week you would only have a handful in a month you would be giving it away please leave the rice they stopped them interesting question ask me another what If one could be divided into pieces, smaller parts Like slices of a cake, you could cut it into four, eight or sixteen, but is there any end to the fractions you could make?
What would happen if we tried to build a tower towards the Moon? a hundred years to get to the top maybe I don't want to think about the fall oh don't stop don't stop what if the number blocks each had a different name? The amount you would have to count would not be the difference you would have. Learn new words for everyone More adventure More pop equals fun What if three was the highest you could count? is a question thatdifferent we're playing cops and robbers it's against the rules oh oh that's also against the rules oh sunshine beautiful lyrics let's hold hands and oh what is a law a law is a rule that no one can break if you do it I will arrest because I am in charge of the law and my first law is oh the grass I arrest you in the name of the law oh he is on the grass oh he is now I arrest you in the name of the grass oh I mean the law Outlaw arrest him he has no pets aw oh oh oh I arrest you in the name of the outside of the ball oh, I mean the law, no bouncy balls, no showers on the stairs, no pretending to be a police officer, oh oh, it's investigating, do we, oh ball bouncy, oh shower on the stairs, hey you, in the name of pineapples, perfect gifts for friends who pick fights and none of that? start with peace beautiful lyrics let's hold hands oh oh hello everyone my name is Paul p a u l ING with p p no I'm not chasing them unicorns no Jelly Monsters oh hunting I'm chasing them I'm arresting myself for being a ghost There are no ghosts for me there are no foreign astronauts I'm letting my hair grow for the party ready everyone it's time for the party but whose party it is I know let's find out hello hello girl we're going to have a party a party a party whose party it's yours but I want lots and lots friends from my party hello, eh, no, I need much more than that.
Hey, everyone better hold hands. First we need to make a delicious birthday cake. We need eggs, flour, sugar and butter and a pinch of fairy dust. then you stir it all together, stir, stir the sugar, now, the best part to decorate my birthday cake. They all hold hands. games we need a music band let's play musical statue what do we have to do? I'll show you when the music plays you have to move like this and when it stops you freeze ready everyone oh trees it's time for birthday presents do we have one? present ah this is a special cake birthday girl when you blow out the candles you can make a wish a wish happy birthday happy birthday girl you can wish anything in the world wish wish birthday girl oh this is the best birthday ever oh oh amazing wow oh oh oh oh what terrible is Tom Fuller oh typical boy hello what's a boy I'm wow do it again oh cowboy cowboy hello I'm a cowboy this here is my horse and this is my home the thousand cow ranch cowboy a boy who rounds up cows I guess I'm going to gather one, yeah, hello, you two buckaroos like to help me gather a cow, oh, that's a yes, oh well, partners, if you want to be cowboys, you gotta look like cowboys and you.
I need to walk like cowboys look at me, that will do it now let's get us a cow hello hello lady oh strong let's look at that sounds like a rattlesnake hello oh sound I got you it seems like we got the sound of a cow let's get us a real hello oh hmm sound I think we finally found a cow yes, good job for you friends a cow gathered 999 cows ago 999. yes, as I told you, it is the Thousand Cows ranch. I have a cow but I need a thousand rattlesnakes. Hello, oh well, how about that kiwi of a thousand cows?
Can I borrow you for a second? Uh, busy, can't stop, I need you, oh, where am I going, will you eat? What have I done? I think we did it and he did it to you. listen to that ah I said calm down did you hear that oh I think it's something big something incredibly heavy something small I think he likes you oh how unfair oh that's my sound stop it I agree stop it oh I said what I very agree oh listen it's making our sound how nice that's not cute someone make it stop quack quack that's pretty loud oh squeak how's it going oh it's so loud we can't stop it I see well, we made it so maybe we can help hold it this time We'll try it without you, oh, I'm a pilot, oh yeah, oh I need you quiet, be happy, cheesy, chewy, foreigner, that's how you gotta move it, wave foreigner, a cup of iced tea, I don't know, Shimmy Shimmy Shake, oh shut up.
Up, oh stranger, what is that? I didn't say a word, oh oh, there's shipmates R to the rescue, anyone for tea, hooray, everyone aboard, now that's what I call a workout, did you always say emergencies because I'm a pirate, what is it? a pirate, oh yeah, why? because I do piracy things like uh I have a hat and I say a lot and that's what pirates do, I think a treasure map, oh we found a treasure map, will you take us to the treasure? Okay, but I don't do it. a pirate we need to get to the island who's with me absolutely anyone else try again oh raft calls a board Shipmates grass I mean let's go well there's no treasure here you're not a pirate a pirate would listen and I'll tell you one a pirate wears a patch black in the eye and reads an old game that pleases him a pirate sails across the sea in search of buried treasure a pirate does exciting things and says many things a pirate knows exactly where to look because x marks the spot someone said x read this for me uh pirate sing a pirate swing a pirate laugh haha ​​this letter is a pirate this pirate's name is r a 81 82 83 84 85. hey that's my sound stop copying me I'm not okay I'm kicking my soccer ball too keep it in the air, well, can't you force yourself to make different sounds?
No, you can't keep it to yourself 96 97 98 99 crumbs, sorry, this alphabet isn't big enough for the two of you kissing, so there's only one way to solve this. means correct a versus contest okay beat this key and oh that's nothing I can do hey cage clearly Mike is the best charmer but could you let us out now? Luckily, I have the key, so get us out. It seems that I am the king. from the cause no Keyhole this is not right to put us in this mess now you can both get us out oh suck oh oh what's that rotten smell don't worry friends oh Rock listen, leave this for me oh maybe two because they're better than one hey , she catches, welcome my sports fans to the alpha olympics.
Yes, three teams will fight to see who will go home with the alpha cup. Everyone knows that the rules form as many words as possible. You can do it before your captain falls on team one on your marks get ready, go eat, eat, eat extraordinary six words it's going to be extremely difficult to beat team two on your marks get ready, yes, oh Jesus, requirement oh, how embarrassing, you got nothing but an excellent effort for our final team, the score to beat is six on your marks, get ready, go rocks, oh oh oh doors, that's six, one more to win it, oh we got to our winners, look at me, my name is, I bet you haven't met anyone. even better letter I'm the busiest letter in the alphabet e that's me red makeup Look at me now Look at me he's another E he's just like me we can live together in doubly harmony you and I e e let's make up e b all one two three one two three sorry one two three another e a brother e he is the quiet one of the family he doesn't say much he does it in silence e number three and with three E we can make signals that we need more ease more ease more ease yes quickly, uh, have you ever seen so many e ?
You really never met a better letter with the busiest letter in the alphabet, a, that's me. Alphablocks attention ah nap, yes, there is no time to know zoom zoom zoom zoom bright boom stop sleeping start marching fish Geronimo oh It's time for March Alpha Box 18. Actually, I could use a quarter nap for one more, what funny, my shoes on duty, ah, look, there you are, oh, how did you do that? I know what happens when we say the names of our letters, oh, I'm, look, a shooting. Star, oh what a fantastic light, show me. Can I join?
Absolutely ah ah fabulous a-u-f-o hey hey foreign foreign

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