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Learn to Count 2 | 60 mins of math | @Numberblocks @LearningBlocks

Sep 11, 2023
look what I have oh one two three four four flat jacks perfect for our picnic oh better let them cool now one two three four four plates enough for one two three three flapjacks what's missing but how could this be the work of flop jack snuckler what it's a flapjack steak it's a strange creature made of three blocks with three eyes to spy on flapjacks three arms to grab flat jacks and three mouths to eat flapjacks and there must be one hiding nearby because there's only one two three four four flapjacks oh oh ugh there are no flapjack steaks here that's what he wants you to think he's trying to trick us all keep a cat oh I think we're safe let's really see one two four three three flapjacks and I hit again how many eyes does one two three have how many arms one two three How many blocks one two three four five three blocks no, there are five, what are they doing? five, they don't have three eyes or three arms, whoever told you they had them, I


ed them three, you know? how to


yes of course look at a lot of things say some numbers and then say three because three is the best number there is a little more than that three there are some rules you have to follow rule one coined everything once try coining those flapjacks. that can help you line them up and point to them one at a time to make sure you don't miss any or count the same one twice one two three four very good four three two one wait one that's not good rule two say the numbers in the correct order if you don't say them in the correct order one two three four you won't know how many there are oh one two three four three pop jacks oh we've been here before the rule three the last the number is how many when you get to the last to count the last number that you say tells you how many there are try to do one one two three four that's the last flapjack so four flapjacks that's right, I did it, I know how to count one count everything once two say the numbers in the correct order three the last number is how many three rules They're gone look at the clouds they look close enough to touch one two three three square clouds I need to get rid of that one one two three no one bigger than me three plus one equals four I'm four I'm one plus one two three four four clowns hello friend follow me one two one two one two one two look another four hello four let's make friends four minus one equals three this won No, I have three, I want to be the biggest, that's much better, oh yeah, I'm square.
learn to count 2 60 mins of math numberblocks learningblocks
What's so special about being square? that's easy to see three plus one equals me I'm four one two three four four legs on a table one two three four four legs make the table more stable oh one two three four have you met me before and tall can I be Low and long I may be shaped like the letter L, but the best shape of all is sturdy and strong, a business, can you tell I like being square? I like to see square things everywhere, anywhere there is a square, you will find me right there, square cheese. square bread square quilt on a square bed the square is where it is, you can be sure that anywhere there is a square you will find one two three four four sides one two three four four corners the square is the shape for me, it has four corners and four sides to see when four blocks make a big block I am solid as a rock I like to be square I like to see square things everywhere anywhere there is a square you will find me right there square window square door square tiles in a square square floor sun square clouds square flowers and square cows square holes for square feet square chickens and square eggs the square is where it is you can be sure of that anywhere there is a square you will find four I have four have you met me before? in one more than three that's easy to see three plus one equals night night tired tired tired it's time for the bad but I'm not tired stay awake go to bed make your own decision stay awake or sleep stay awake or sleep I can' I can't do both ah he can no no no no no you two four equals two plus two you look like me I look like you we are two of a kind where the terrible two yes two many of two feathers it's time to do tickle and we're We're both here to say it was fun, let's do it again, it reminds me of someone, dude, I can't think who, dude, tickle, tickle, tickle, ah, another one, me, double, another, another, me, Him, me, and you are too many two, so it's time for both of us. say one two sounds like fun let's try it too as soon as we both say they're terrible say everyone join together one a block one plus one equals two two is two ones one plus one plus one equals three three is three ones one plus one plus one plus four four is four ones where are they where did those terrible two go don't look at me what's all that noise the terrible two are playing tricks on us and where are they now I have to be fair to you they did to me what they did to you can you tell us why They didn't make me good I made them so they made me ah oh I'm the terrible two in four lots of one but I'm also two lots of two oh four equals two plus two the terrible two one a wonderful moon one day I'll go to space you'll arrive to the moon that way one just count down from ten to one ready oh ten nine eight seven six five four three two number 10 on the moon and my friends will be here soon 10 equals 9. that was easy this is fun one two three four five six seven eight nine nine aliens one more is ten nine plus one equals ten number ten back to the moon two more friends We will be here soon ten equals eight plus two we are on the moon how do we get here? no idea one two three four five six seven eight eight aliens all coming home oh no there's no room for those two never fear octo block is here octoblock bill one two three four five six seven eight full ah two flying saucers good job I'll be back it's not starting plus two equals ten here I am number ten it's time to make some friends again ten equals seven plus three we're on the moon seven and three we're very lucky look at me look at that there's the power button that got lucky ready take off steady oh it's too heavy seven plus three equals ten it's your turn again wait and see who will be my next two friends ten equals six plus four we're over the moon we really couldn't ask for more let's play shooting the dice and that was great still too heavy six plus four equals ten quick before our visit is over, we only have time for two more friends, ten, it sure feels great to be alive, let's give them a hand, high five those five, come on, five plus five equals ten, number blocks one to ten went to the moon and home again, it's time to venture to the number block castle, cool, how? we'll get in maybe if we pull that handle oh if only it was a little higher five is higher than four so how do we get five four plus one equals five dead end six is ​​good with dice how do we get six hi friends, this is my advice?
learn to count 2 60 mins of math numberblocks learningblocks

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learn to count 2 60 mins of math numberblocks learningblocks...

It's time for me to roll the dice watch me take a little roll and you'll know which way to go one two three one two three follow me seven doors which door is the right one maybe seven can help how do we get seven four plus three of a kind? seven oh I feel lucky this way, easy, look up, we're stuck, no, no, we could swing from the flat poles. We need someone with very long arms to stretch that high. eight, how do we get eight, four plus three plus one? is equal to eight octa we need a bigger square how do we get nine four plus three plus two is equal to nine one two three four four crowns oh how are we going to get out if ten was here we could move it around there how do we make ten in total? together now four plus three plus two plus one equals ten ten nine eight seven six five what an adventure we can be little numbers but when we work together we are still the kings and queens of the castle a little block with one a little dot oh I love it everyone , look at no way a block with one, two, two points, it's beautiful, eh, let me see three ducks, four points in a square, how many points is that, one, two, three, four, five and one more, one Plus, you know what this means, done. some tricks six minus one equals five hey one two three four five six six points like me what is it? this little block is full of tricks it has six faces one to six it's called dice it's called dice all the guys die both names are well what's it for let me explain to you I want to know more let's play again and this game is like this when you see your number, make the shape one, one place on the dice, make the shape one, one, two, two points on the dice, make the shape two, one. two three three dots on the dice form the shape three one two three four four dots on the dice form the shape is a square one two three four five five dots on the dice form the shape five one two three four five six six dots on i I am number six and I have game when you hear my name you will be glad you came, so take the opportunity, take my advice, dance a little and roll the dice.
learn to count 2 60 mins of math numberblocks learningblocks
I am number six. I'm in the mix, good times. Ready, this is how I make a new game if you see your number, it's your turn to dance, let's throw five, we hunt, we drive, one, two, three, four, five, one, two, three, four, five, three, look at me , one, two, three, one, two, three, four, I'm not sure, oh, daddy one two three four two it's time to wear my dancing shoes one two one two one two one this is fun one one one six it's in the mix I am number six and I have game when you hear my name you will be glad you came there are many games you can play you can play a new game every time I am in the mix good times come in basic numbers I am in position and I'm heading towards the block star, watch out 12, the block star's batteries are running out.
learn to count 2 60 mins of math numberblocks learningblocks
I need to change it before everything falls from the sky and crashes into Numberland. Oh, that block is no match for a super rectangle like me. All teams report it. Change two. You need to turn off the force field before you can get to the battery. Can you see a line of towers ahead? Yes, six of them, each one has two buttons on the top. You must press all the buttons together. Six towers, two buttons in each set. This requires a switch. You've done it. 12. Now head to that battery. There is no. It's time to lose turn four, look at me, those block ships have gone crazy, it must be the low battery, don't let them slow you down.
I just have the team, change two sixes, we have a great escape technique, let's play. a game of hide and seek change oh long and low change the battery level it's almost dead but you're right on top you need to open the cover, take out the old battery and then put in a new one as fast as you can, it's three different tasks but I can do them all If I use all four, this is the goal, approaching one, two, three, you did it, now witness the power of this fully operational disco cube. We like big things, which is bigger, the tree is bigger than the flower, be like the trees, beautiful. to meet you tree, could you play with me?
This apple is bigger than this one and you are bigger than me, so you have three. Thanks also. I like apples. I like to chew them, crush them and fold them. Three has more blocks. that two three is greater than two greater means bigger so I like three yes, don't duplicate me oh I don't eat you silly I like you I like square cheese I like it in my belly a hiding place look at a cave in which we can hide you go first one you are smaller than me ah we should be safe here to meet you don't eat you go where we can hide look at a cave keep going I'm also bigger than you we should be safe here four is bigger than two doesn't mean like four me I like square cheese in my belly oh dear scientist if we need a plan three is less than five I eat five I mean five is greater than three I eat five three is minus five is greater three you can' Don't eat us now we don't like to eat you fool what I like to play with you play with us five is greater than three three is less surprise surprise custard pies your days of mischief are numbered terribly two break that rope is made of pure octanite Your powers are useless, perhaps so, but I can still do this.
The optical signal. My friends will be here any moment and will fall right into our troublesome traps. Don't be so sure Octoblock needs us to split up here. That wasn't very lucky. but that was equal to eight october jump one two three four five six seven eight snakes and ladders my favorite game oh let's play together two one two three someone is cheating six plus two equals huh, we won't get caught that easily don't walk under of the cage, I was able to resist the three hey, I hadn't finished the grand final five plus three equals eight eh, octopus one two three four five six seven eight burnt is plus four equals eight octagon one two three four five six seven eight get ready to be a pie spider stop there we outnumber you maybe so but we still have a trick or two up our sleeve two plus two plus two plus two equals eight oh four terrible twos make one octonaut yeah , you have met your partner octoblock you don't count on him gun your number is up you will have to catch me quickly okayescape eight seven six five four three two one this game oh oh I spy with my little pie a block of numbers very naughty 100 is here one 100 hello one you are so big, yes small I am a big number but I wouldn't be here if It wasn't for you, look how far we've come, remember when there was only one, then ten, the ones were one, now we have I arrived at a new place a place of possibilities a new friend a new face and a new kind of hero I am big I'm really very very big I'm gigantic did I mention I was big am I taller than the tallest tree?
Nobody here is as tall as me because I'm big. I'm really very big. One two. Very big. You need a faster way to count. If you count ten tens, one to ten, you will reach the correct amount. 10 20 30 40 50 60 1890 100 I'm 10 times 10, that makes me square, she's, you know, when all the squares come because I'm square, I'm a big, huge square, she's great, she's bigger than the rest, It's ten times ten, as you can see, a hundred times the size. about me she's great we all think she's the best but I'm still one of you I'm one with you it takes a hundred ones to make one I won't make fun of you I'm not done with you inside I'm like anyone else, she's tremendous.
I'm proud to be so big. You will see ten dozen as we fly alongside ten rockets shooting through the sky. That's big, no doubt, I'm bigger because I'm three figures. My zeros could. I'll give you a hint, is this the beginning of something new? I'm big, I'm really, really, really big. I'm a reference point, you can't lose me. I'm that old and life is a hundred times more fun when you're 99 years old. plus one I'm big I'm really really really big how many twos are too many teams buddy let's find out with a game of how many twos do we divide into two ouch let's find out how many twos are in six one eighteen stop that and three happy terrible Tuesdays for everyone or should it be every two objectives acquired never fail 14 I've dealt with the terrible twos before to block the shield one two three four five six seven eight one three two there are four two in eight you're in the lead mate, but not for long one two three four five six seven nice there are seven twos in 14 times, excuse me, I need to lend a hand, oh, still, 17 is greater than 14.
So this should put me back on track. an experience i must paint it where is that reset switch? aha, you have to give it to me in two and my factor ray divides you into five, but only if there are no blocks left, what can I say? There is simply no division. Some people know how to stop the terrible two and I know who can stop them. The accepted mission factor is being reset. Split into one of course, well aren't you the naughty ones? Don't worry, the factor ray disappears over time, well I don't think we'll have any more problems, wait, where have they gone?
Look at the skies, fellow squares. Since one of us fell from the sky we have been bold explorers discovering new lands seeking new friends dealing with round things well I say it's time to tackle the ultimate round thing, the moon, let's solve the puzzle of how to put a square on the moon without use rockets square power just why because it's fun to try brilliant I'll be a test pilot but how do we get you to the end? sorry up there we called some friends some big square friends 49 starting the rainbow test flight all systems reviewing 7.7 wish me luck it didn't get that high but I just invented the square rainbow I guess you have to try it to get lucky ah there you are this way I have a lot to show you I am 64 years old and I can be a strong square, a chessboard, a super rectangle, eight octave blocks or even a slipper cube, but today I want to show you a little trick I call binary drives that use the power of doubles to make any number fly first. divide yourself into 32 and 16 and eight and four and two and one and one more to press the big red button and then you choose who goes up one of me and none of me and one of me and one of me and none of me and one of me and 45 very high incredible that not even a square waits and you will see we are two squares the edge of space is almost there oh incredible we sent a square to the edge of space without rockets we just need a little more power oh right, what was that? sounds why that would be me, of course, I feel a little bit, that's a mega sneeze, you think that's awesome, grab your blocks, you're going to love this, get ready for the launch, we've already completed the main launch stage of take off, attractive. secondary step we have reached space second stage complete entering lunar orbit launching the lunar lander uh troll ah the square has landed the only thing left now is to plant the square club flag we have a problem I forgot the flag don't worry little me I will take care of this 100 and I promise there will be no rockets, just square power.
Hi, I'm looking for this. The x marks the spot, but me, that's it. The x marks the points. Great welcome. Are you, the legendary table, the one that has the sign of the times, well, the first time? go, come with me and you will see that I like people and those who are like me, you will discover what I do, that is not x, but it can be a clue, you can search but never find a label, but you can see that I am unique. a table oh wow, I've never seen a table that could fly before, well that's because I'm no ordinary table, I'm the multiplication table fun in a wonderful world of ones when it comes to fun, I'm the one who has tons , so sing if you can, but there are fun times with the multiplication table one at a time, please, one one is one two ones are two three ones are three four ones are four five ones are five six ones are six and seven ones are seven eight ones are eight nine ones are nine and ten ones two ones now you can make any number block, isn't that clever?
Whether you just add one or a bunch of ones, you can keep going when it comes to fun, I'm the one. who has tons so sing if you can to have fun with unique table hats one hat is one two hats are two three hats are three four hats are four ten you

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