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Jun 25, 2023
foreigner I must be seen with stop stop this doesn't work oh this isn't fun I need you oh oh please just once I oh once but that's all I need you like a shoelace needs a shoe like a train needs a track like a duck need I need you ah ah oh hey Google haha ​​what are we singing this no time to explain now the song must continue w x why and I said next time don't do it again from the beginning your v w x y z y z now it's r ER right look what it's a rat a rat a rat a rat and the cat the cat sat on the rug look he's sitting on the rug everyone needs a song to sing yes everyone needs a song to sing hmm play again if you want if you want the bird sing you have to accept that you are going to need energy King nothing there there is a button to press with your thoughts at the top with a switch below that reduces the best it can do not do this there is no way we will fix this soon I just appeared oh spoon a spoon Alphablocks fast a lot um sensational pretty amazing peace unfair perfect crumbs can I help you oh mug mug mug The mug just woke up for me oh oh you maybe will appear here also jumping on the bed one fell and hit his head I can't go to sleep without my little bear held hands and said a little book went to bed one fell and hit his head I need a hug before I can make him sleep he hugged they held hands and said oh good hug one more Alpha block left to the bed three little alpha blocks jumping on the bed one fell and hit his head I can't really sleep an AP held hands and said one more Alpha block went to bed jet jump it's a flying machine you own jet jump aboard everyone you come Vee you're on your way Jay to the moon and the Milky Way Jay what day you found a way to fly we don't I don't think we can do it and now you're flying through the sky to fly now we found a way to other than Alpha Mortals I'll fix this ax There's no problem I can't fix I'm X when I'm thrown into the mix I'm superhero fox I'm X I'm extremely extraordinary and very exciting IXL working out I'm X
learn the alphabet with fun and music learn to read officialalphablocks

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