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Layering Techniques on 12x12 Layouts with Shimelle

May 02, 2020
Hello, I'm smell and I'm here, it's grandpa calm with two of my American craft collections. Head in the Clouds is a collection that came out just before Christmas and has a fairy tale theme and Sparkle City is my new spring release that comes out in March and the two collections, although the motifs are very different, are designed to work put together with a really complementary color scheme and give you the option to take things to the real world kind of look of Sparkle City or the fantastical fairy tale of Head in the Clouds. so today I'm going to make a scrapbook of this photo with a little bit of both I wanted to show you the differences in the twelve by twelve paper pads because one of them is a sparkle city paper pad it's a 12 by 12 paper pad with 48 sheets That's 24 designs twice, so you get two of each.
layering techniques on 12x12 layouts with shimelle
If you make double pages, this is what you want because you get two of everything and some of the pages have a holographic finish that you don't get when you buy the individual sheets. So you might see a little bit of glitter coming out of there, which is a paper pad, but in Head in the Clouds it's a little bit different, it's called a project pad and it includes a little bit of variety, so on the back from the project pad well, you have 12 by 12 textured cardstock to match all the colors in the collection and then two sheets of glossy paper and then your patterns, now you don't get duplicates, in this case they are all individual and some of them again. has a holographic or metallic foil that is not found on the individual sheets, this alphabet does not come anywhere else in the collection, so it is a kind of rose gold copper foil and matches the font of the thickest one in this collection , which are called fairy tale, so if you want a flat version of the same alphabet as the figures, then that's here on the project panel and then there's also a 12 by 12 sticker sheet that has all the different motifs of the collection with that laminated finish.
layering techniques on 12x12 layouts with shimelle

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layering techniques on 12x12 layouts with shimelle...

So you get a lot of different things to create all kinds of different projects with the Head in the Clouds project pad. Now I'm going to start with the Sparkle City background document and then use a combination of the two. collections to embellish and I want to find something that is a little bit lighter to use on my background like this one with all the arrows and I'm going to use this one with all kinds of small pieces to embellish and a little bit of light blue this one that says wonderful wonderful wonderful by everywhere let's start with that blue in the background and the white arrows and I'm going to use the full sheet of the arrows and six by twelve of the blue so half a sheet stick that six by twelve directly on my background, half and half designs to work with, so I'm going to use that marking strip and I'm going to put it here in the middle now because it comes from the project deck, it has a hole in the middle which is not going to be a problem at all because it's just going to give me a spot that I'm going to cover with other layers as I go, so I'm not going to worry about that at all, I just want a bit of pattern and contrasting color to break up the middle of the page.
layering techniques on 12x12 layouts with shimelle
Now I've got these two separated and I'm starting to embellish them, so I'm going to pull out these two little tags here and then I'm going to start looking at how I can combine this with the head in the clouds stuff to have a little bit more of a fairy tale feel, so both collections have a 12 by 12 sheet of chipboard and in this case I'm going to use one of the Dragons, take a look at the composition I'm in. I'm going to cover that spot in the middle and I'm going to bring my photo to this halfway down the page here and I know that my dragon is going to fit nicely into this empty space in the photo and it's going to frame the edge of it in the image, so I'm going to place it upside down because I'm not ready to stick it on the page , but I wanted to be able to see where it would fit.
layering techniques on 12x12 layouts with shimelle
I would love to have some frame. around that and wanted to go to notepad. There's one of these in both collections, they're six by eight, so I love the scrapbook because it's a way to include a lot of different styles where you write lines in different directions. shapes and colors and all that, but also because I designed it so that it's not just for scrapbooking. If you're someone who has a friend who loves pretty stationery but maybe isn't into scrapbooking, these make a great gift because they're great for notes. They're great for planners They're great for your homework They're great for your shopping list This is a really cute way to have it.
I got your paper instead of a regular pad of paper, so I really love that this is a product that can be enjoyed by Scrap Booker's and just people who like pretty paper in general, so the red and the pink that I already added there in the middle goes well with the brick pattern on this one, so I'm going to use this one that was just from the Sparkle City journal pad as one of the layers that will go behind the photo, this will cut it out at the top nice and easy because there are lines of writing there and what I'm going to do is use the brick pattern there, but then come back to grab just the journal box here that I'm going to use as another layer, Paige, now I'd like to have some contrast behind it, there are all these different colors that I brought in here that aren't present in everything else so far.
So I wanted to use a lot of blue in red because it highlights what's in the photo, but I also need something behind it to make it stand out a little more. I try to use this star pattern, this is called stargazing. and it has constellations made of dragons and unicorns and I'm going to keep this in place so I can get an idea of ​​how much I want to use and now I can make a little layered stack of paper if I want. To use ink on your pages, you can ink the edges of all of these if you like the wear and tear and the edges, you can sand the edges or file them all down to get a little bit of a distressed look, but what I want to do is just organize them all. in a little messy pile, so what I want to imagine is that I took a bunch of papers from a messy desk and put them all together, but I didn't do that final touch that makes everything stay in a neat pile, so I want to keep the angles really very small so that I don't feel like I have to tilt my head every time I design with angles.
I want everything to stay very small so that I never look at a page and tilt my head to follow the layout and follow everything. of the different angles that are on the page and I offset my edges if you look at little things like this, so this photo comes out further than the ones there, but the brick is in there, so I get this little edge and I'm just looking. all the little places so I can show just a little bit of the paper now. If you look at a technique like that and automatically worry because I'm covering so much of the paper, let me tell you a little secret. there's more paper, it's okay to use it, but you also can't get a layered look unless there's just a little bit, so if you like layered looks you have to let go of the idea that you're covering up a lot of the pattern.
I don't have full butterflies there, but that's okay. I bet you can probably still see that they are butterflies and if I use a butterfly, a full butterfly as an embellishment somewhere else on the page, it will be even more obvious. that the two are connected and I just need that little strip to make it work, don't be afraid to cover a lot of patterns that are going to go there and I need my dragon that has been sitting here waiting on deck for the dragon to leave. To go there, see how there's a little angle made here from her shoulder and her hair and there's an angle made here from her wing and the two fit perfectly together?
The other thing I'm looking for is where the edge of this is. The photo is not to end with a funny photo coming out of the other side of his neck. Now, what will we decorate with? Well, there's washi tape galore because there's a set in both collections and I love this little one. which has all the magnifications this is from the head in the clouds it has phrases like I believe in fairy tales once upon a time make a wish so now I have this little column where I can build my ornament and my title and all kinds of things like that now both sets both collections have the phrase "thick z" that you can use as titles, they are holographic in Sparkle City and have a glossy finish on white foam on a head in the clouds and overlap at the beginning of the title with the dragon. and then I can use these little pieces on the same sheet now.
I really love this product. This is a Head in the Clouds sticker book and I want to show you how small it is. It is made to be very small so you can store it away. You can put it in your planner, you can put it in your bag, you can put it wherever you keep little things and then the stickers inside are nice and small so they're great for adding little embellishments here and there. I could put it right in the photo, but I think I want to leave a little breathing room there and find a little touch before adding the journal.
I'm going to use these puffy hearts which are probably my favorite things from Head in the Clouds. I love puffy hearts and we have them. in the go now go collection a while ago and they were my favorites back then and I finally got around to making them again but in new patterns I don't know what that says about me but I could have puffy hearts in every collection and be very happy and then what? Where would I put a diary on a page like this? Well, remember that I cut out my journal box, so this is what I'm going to do.
I could put it like this and write horizontally, but I already did all that. along this vertical column, so I'm going to put the journal box here on the side and I'm going to run the lines vertically and I'm just going to journal vertically and I'm going to run my journal there, everything is really compact and I use that line vertical right in the middle of the page to keep everything together and makes two collections special, city and head in the clouds, which work with the same color scheme and I hope you enjoy putting them together as much as I do. watch thanks for watching if you like this video and want to see more of scrapbook comm, like, share, subscribe and leave a message.
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