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Jun 14, 2021
hey everyone i'm bethany and i'm working on creating a really cute t-shirt with three different colors of


ink and i thought i'd show you how i'm going to approach this if you wanted to make an


ink t-shirt and use more than one color so i'm going to wear three different colors i'm going to wear the pink, the mint and then the warm gray and those are all the full size infusible ink sheets and other things that i'm going to be wearing is the infusible ink t-shirt i'm also going to using my easy press 2 and i grabbed my largest and then i have a heat press mat i have a piece of cardstock a lint roller and i think i could use some heat resistant tape but i'm not quite sure yet so i took it out for if that, so I'll go ahead and jump into design space and I'll show you the file that I'm going to use and I'll show you how to change the colors in a single layer file to make it multi-layered and then we'll press this shirt, and ok so here we are in the qriket layout space and this is the layout I'm going to use.
layering infusible ink hack the best method for layering infusible ink for successful transfers
I found this on and I thought it was really cute and I thought it would be a great idea for our essential workers so I'm going to put this on a shirt but you could also put it on a tote bag or a small tote bag. makeup, you could put it on almost anything, so I think it would be a really fun idea, you could do it with an iron as well. so what I'm going to do is first I'm going to size my image and I'm going to make a width of 10 inches for my shirt so I'm going to reduce the size to 10 inches and that puts my height at about 7.6 so that sounds good , okay, let me make this a little bigger and then we're going to go ahead and color all of this, so what we're going to do is we're going to come here and we're going to ungroup everything like that, we can start to color everything in the appropriate colors that want so the first thing I'm going to do is this big stethos face and I'm right here on the right side layer panel just grabbing the pieces that I want it might be easier than trying to grab them in the actual layout so than the stethoscope to start with, I'm going to make it gray and I'm just going to do a couple of big pieces here and then I'm going to use color sync to color the whole thing real quick and I'll show you how to do it in just a second so I'll I'm going to grab the heart I'm going to find the heart here and the heart is going to be pink so I'm going to make it pink there and then I'm going to grab one of the leaves and I'm going to make it mint I think it'll be pretty cool so now what i'm going to do is since i have one of each color present in my design i can move to color sync and it can help me color everything really really fast so i know i want the flowers and hearts to be all pink so I'm going to grab all the hearts and flowers and I'm going to drag them to the appropriate color and then you'll see in the actual layout that it actually colors it in real time so it goes a lot faster than trying to find everything and then up to the color box here so I like to use color sync just to quickly get things to the right color okay that looks good next one I'll do let's see let's just make all the sheets be green we'll do that so just this and grabbing all the leaves are alright and I'm also going to do the little center of the flowers I'm going to make them green now this is going to be a little tricky because some of them aren't really sure which is which so we're going to um just watch as we go along and see which one um so I'm going to do that and then I'm also going to make these grays perfect and I think this is the biggest one for the stethoscope here so I'll do make the gray okay and let's see now what I'm going to do again I'm going to make the middle of the flowers green and then I'm going to o do the rest of these little dots I'm going to make them gray so I'm just going to go over them and color code them accordingly ok and the last piece is now color coded so now i have it colored um exactly how i want to use it with my infusible ink and the last thing i'm going to do is go back to my layers and now i have to go ahead and attach all my colors co munes, so that means it's you.
layering infusible ink hack the best method for layering infusible ink for successful transfers

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layering infusible ink hack the best method for layering infusible ink for successful transfers...

I'm going to go through all of her pinks first so I'm going to go through my


pants a little bit easier and I have command on my mac on my newly selected mac keyboard and I'm going to go through and find all of my pink pieces and just click them to make sure I have them all and then I'm going to double check that I have everything and I'm going to come over here and I'm going to say I can actually say solder ok so now all those pieces are soldered together so the pink pieces when they come off they will print like this so i'm going to go ahead and cl well the next piece would be the green one so i'm going to go ahead and do the green again.
layering infusible ink hack the best method for layering infusible ink for successful transfers
I'm just clicking the command on my Mac keyboard and holding it down as I select all my green pieces and then I'm going to weld them together okay so now all the green pieces are attached and welded together so now I'm going to separate them because the easiest way to do all of this without having to get all those little circles is just select everything here and then it'll select everything in my layers panel I'll go down here and select weld ok so now everything will be roughly placed back there it's a bit complicated but it's doable don't worry we'll put everything in there in a similar way to this ok ok there's our last one so now that they're all soldered in their individual colors they'll print or cut I think on this exact order, so now the latest. we're going to do is we're going to use our ma chine explorer you can use any machine for this you may have to get really creative though with cricut joy just sizing because this is a bigger item but if you're doing something else small i think it would work on cricut joy ok? so I'm going to select do it and with infusible ink what you're going to want to do is mirror each layer so I'm going to go through each layer everything is now divided by color and I'm going to make sure everything is mirrored.
layering infusible ink hack the best method for layering infusible ink for successful transfers
The mirror is on each one and then I'll go ahead and click continue. Will locate my error my Explorer 2 and then I'll go ahead and select Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet as my default media pressure is ok and I'm going to go ahead and start loading so on the heat guide what we're going to do it's using easy press 2 i'm going to select my infusible ink transfer sheet as my material my base material will be a t-shirt and i'll select apply and it will show up for me the stacking order i find very helpful because i've infused it quite a bit but still sometimes i don't remember exactly how to put it on or the order of doing things so i use it every time so 385 for 40 seconds with a light pressure warm peel and that will give us our prep and supplies and all the application instructions , so i use this each and every time ok i'm just opening my gray and that's the sheet that's going to be loaded first and layout space will just tell it what color to load to co So you're just going to want to keep an eye on that on your computer so that the correct layer cuts to the correct color when you're working with infusible ink um you actually have sheets with ink on them so you want to make sure your hands are dry and free of any kind of oil like lotions and things like that so you just want to make sure your hands are dry and clean and then you're going to grab a sheet and the actual color of the sheet of paper is very different from which will be in the end so you'll see the actual color is very different from the box but it will actually take on the actual color of the box once it's pressed so I'm going to move on. and remove that we're also going to use a piece of brown paper that came with it so I'm going to set one of those aside and then what I'm going to do is place this has two sides on it, one is the ink side and then the other side has the grids on it so I'll go ahead and place the grid side down and the ink side up and place it right on my mat so that I'm going to use my Brayer tool just to really make it look good flat on my mat and everything will be ready to go so now what I'm going to do is go ahead and put this on my machine and I'll just show you a cut and I'll do the rest um behind the scenes so you don't have to watch me do all and each of the layers but I'm loading my mat and then once this flashes I'll go ahead and select the cricut button and it will go ahead and start cutting so with infusible ink what I do is just roll up all my extras and put them back in this small little black bag and then i put it back in the box i also put um the little deca pack right back there just removes all the moisture because you want to keep this product dry and i just stick everything else in there and in the box for safekeeping, ok so the first one is done so i'll go ahead and um i download this and then i'll put my pink sheet on and move to mint and then we'll wait to get the infusible ink off the mat.
What I like to do is just flip it over and then peel off a bit. place a firm palm on the infusible ink sheet and then just peel the mat off the ink and that really helps everything stays intact ok now the next step i'm going to do is make myself a little stencil. so i can help place my pieces together with all the infusible in k colors so this may not make much sense right now but just wait and see why i'm going to do this in a second i'm going to go ahead select everything and solder it all together and then I'm going to upload here I'm going to change it from a cut file to a drawing file and then I'm going to say do it next thing I'm going to do is turn on the mirror and then I'm going to go ahead and let's see that this is going to be 8 by 11 so it's a perfect size for the printer paper so I'm going to click continue and just put a piece of printer paper on my mat and draw that on the paper ok so what I'm going to do is just put a piece of regular printer paper right on my mat here and I went ahead and grabbed a light grip mat for this part because paper is a little bit more delicate and needs a grip lighter and I'm going to go ahead and load it on my i machine, ok, and then i'm just going to take a black .4 tip marker does it no matter what color you use, i'm going to insert it into the clamp A and then close the clamp and let it draw nicely, so as you cut, what I'm going to do is show you how to remove infusibles. ink if you haven't done it before so the first thing you're going to do is you're not actually going to use any sort of reading tools like you would traditionally do to remove iron and vinyl brushing you can use tweezers they recommend it if it needs help but i just use my fingers and i find it works really well so the first thing it does is just roll it and it's called snap it and crunch and make it all nice. out of place pop and then usually when I'm pulling this out of my green mat is when that kind of cracking and popping occurs so if you don't hear that too much it may have already happened and then what I What I'm going to do is just take a little corner and start peeling off the outside. areas you can now save these large pieces so make sure if you want to reuse them you can set them aside because this piece here is quite large so you may want to set it aside and use it for something else you can do well , I'm just going through and it really is so easy to weave just take your fingers and pull obviously being a little careful not to rip anything that isn't supposed to come out so you want to take your time but it's very easy and you can also reference your layout and layout space so you know which pieces should show up and which ones should stay down, but it's actually pretty simple so you don't want to use any kind of the weeding tool because that's actually you can scratch infusible ink pretty easily.
Actually, I haven't done it before because I've only used my fingers, but you want to make sure that if you have long nails or anything, you're being aware. so as not to scratch that i think there is one little piece that tried to go up there and i think everything else held up well so all of that is great and i think this little middle part comes out and let's see what else this big piece again , this is another piece that you might want to put aside and you just want to make sure you store it like you would your normal scrolls of a beautiful ink, keep it nice and dry, you can even put it back in the box where you have the rest of each one or your um computable ink that way it stays nice and safe so that's our first layer this will be the stethoscope layer so we've got everything ready to go so our next let's do the pink and it's you might be able to see this a little easier what we're going to do here is again you can roll it up and see if you can get it to crack a little bit and again I usually find if you have a really sticky green mat that's the map what did i recommend endan for infusible ink um, when you take it out of thecarpet is usually when all that cracking occurs.
At least I've found that to be true. I'm going to remove everything that isn't. want in my final design please let me know if you've worked with infusible ink and if you've tried


infusible ink that's what we're going to do obviously in this tutorial this is my first time layering invisible ink and i've I kind of went back and forth with how I want to approach this, so since I have a lot of pieces to set up, I'm going to show you something that I think will make sense to me, okay, just a couple little white pieces here. when i get down and then the middle of my little flowers you can fold the little infusible ink sheet and take them off right away so this is the second little layer we have here perfect and a little piece right in this heart alright that looks great so our final little shape is here as well and we're going to duplicate check I can't figure that out any more than it already is I think that's it good now and I'll go ahead and delete it real quick and we'll be good to go so i'm just finishing up this last little piece and all is good so now what i'll do is get rid of all my junk or keep the ones i want to keep and clean up my workspace and then we'll be good to go. layering all of these pieces is fine so i have my layout here that had the pen function drawn on my machine and one thing i want to remind you is if you decide to do this little


you need to make sure that when you come back to design space , you don't resize because you want to make sure all your pieces are going to be exactly the same size so what I'm going to do is different than Iron on if you were using iron-on you could layer all these separately but with the infusible ink you can't do that you have to do everything with one click which means you have three di different layers here we need to turn all three layers into a single layer that will all go down at the same time so we want all our colors to go away at the same time so what we're going to do is take these little pieces and we're going to lay out all the pieces on one sheet so how are we going to do that and how do I think it will make the most sense to me if I followed Go ahead and make this template that way I could go ahead and place my first piece and line it up where it goes and what I'm going to do is tape this in place and then what I'm going to do is take the pieces off of these and put them on their coordinating points so I'm going to go ahead and zoom in so you can actually see how I'm going to do this and we're going to lay it all out on a sheet to press once, okay?
What I'm going to do is just take a little piece of tape or a couple of pieces of tape again. I'm aligning my largest piece because the largest piece is where and you're going to place all of your pieces so I'm going to make sure that it lines up perfectly with my design and this is again why you want to make sure that your design stays the same. same size and I'm going to put a piece of tape right there so it doesn't move while I'm doing the rest of this so I'm going to go ahead and line everything up like this and there we go good so now what I think is Lo I'll do, I think I'll do the pink pieces first, so I'll go ahead and remove this little heart and then line it up here, okay, and this will just help you know where all those pieces are.
You see because sometimes when you do this with infusible ink and layer it, it's very obvious when you use very large pieces, but the design I chose has all the pieces very, very small, so it's going to be a little hard to do. this without any kind of visual aid so this again is something that made sense in my mind so you can skip this step if you're tter at placing things visually but I thought it would be nice to have a little puzzle piece if you just placed all these pieces again so again I'm gently removing like I was doing as I was leaving.
I'm gently removing these pieces from the sheet they're on and placing them on the final sheet here okay so I've got my little heart here oh this is working so well you know what I'm going to be honest I decided to do this halfway through this tutorial. I was thinking while looking at all these cut leaves. I was thinking how the hell am I going to do this and line everything up how I want it and perfect. keep that heart shape so this was kind of a thought on the fly and I'm so thankful that it was put into my heart to do that because this is working wonderfully it's going to be a wonderful trick okay we're just grabbing another little flower placing it right where it's going ok ok and now I'm going to start with my green so I'm going to go ahead and grab one of my little vines here just being real nice by not doing it and if it's not already obvious , this piece of transfer tape that the infusible ink is on. it's on it's sticky so that's why all these little pieces stick right where they need to go so it makes it really really easy so you take that piece and then I'll just grab this little piece here and then I'll go ahead and put all the other little sheets to make sure you're also placing it ink side up so that when you place it all the ink sides are on the same side, so you want to make sure the ink is facing up and then the back it's based on the sticky side ok so i'm putting my last little piece on my sheet and double checking i don't have anything on my sheets this can just be tossed and now what i'm going to do is take my little tool brayer and I'm just going to lightly roll over my visible ink infu here just to make sure that everything is really pressed into place before I do the next step ok so now that it's all there what can I do? or do now is remove this little piece of tape on each side like this is fine and now I'm left with my design just as it should be, you see? and it was with the help of a little template, so i honestly thought that was a great idea, i hope you guys use it if you decide to do it. a design with a lot of small parts because playing a guessing game even if you have it on the design space screen for reference is very hard to do so just take this step make sure your design turns out as good as possible and um i thought it worked great ok so now i'm going to make sure this little tape peels off because i'm going to press it so the tape i used for this part is not heat resistant so you have to make sure . that tape comes off and you throw it away and if you need any tape from this step to rward you'll need to use heat resistant tape because now we're going to have a heat source involved in the project ok now it's time to start pressing like this so what we're going to do is set up our little Layout aside and again I'm referencing the Cricut heat guide that way I can get a little bit of help on how to do the stacking because sometimes it gets a little confusing and there's always something to help you so I'm going to go ahead and place my shirt right on my mat here and then the first thing I'm going to do is lay out the cardstock so I have this little piece of white cardstock that I'm going to place inside my shirt let me take it where I would like it I'm thinking good about there and I can always move it if I need to be okay so now the next thing I'm going to do is pick the lint off my shirt and this is a very important step , so I'm going to get a piece of new tape here on my lint roll and I'm going to run it over, especially the area where my design is going to be, it might seem like a silly step but it's actually a very important one so just make sure Take your time with these things and make sure nothing is on your shirt.
Go ahead and grab my brown paper, place it right over my shirt and then I'm going to grab my press and place it there for about 15 seconds so I'll let it count to 15. This will just make sure. no moisture on the shirt and make sure it's all prepped and ready to go with the infusible ink ok go ahead and put this back here and i'll go ahead and take it off and let it cool. I like to let mine cool down because if you went ahead and put your infusible ink right there it would start to transfer and if you needed to move it for whatever reason it would have already put ink stains on your shirt so I really like to let it cool down and then, once it's cool to the touch I'm going to say ah read and put my sheet in there okay so I'm going to go ahead and take my design and center it as


I can I'm just going to do it visually but you can go ahead and take a tape measure if I would like to do that further and I'm going to place that right there and I'll grab my tape measure and just double check and it looks like I have about three inches on this side and about three inches on this side so that's pretty good my eye usually does a pretty good job doing it so i'm going to go ahead and place it and again that infusible ink transfer sheet is sticky this grid sheet is sticky so if you find that it's not sticking because you don't have enough with your design you can always use the heat resistant tape I'm not going to use the heat resistant tape because I have enough adhesive on mine where I think it's ok what I'm going to do It's I'm going to go ahead and move this little cardstock up a little bit because I want to t o make sure I have it wherever my design is because what that cardstock is doing is keeping it from going into the back of the shirt okay that'll be go right now what I'm going to do is go to start pressing so what I'm going to do is put my butcher paper back on top like this and all just double checking that everything is okay it looks good and then what I'm going to do is make sure this doesn't move once it's on my shirt so I'm going to pick it up and place it down making sure it covers my entire design.
Remember you can only press infusible ink once and then I'm going to press start now it says light pressure I'm going to put a little bit of pressure on it and also made sure it's not in any kind of seam or neck because we want to make sure it has a nice evenness press the shirt so the ink has a nice even pressure so I'm putting a little pressure on it it says light pressure but I'm just putting a little pressure on it a little extra pressure ok like this that I'm going to go ahead and lift it up and put it right at my base and leave this is great for a moment and then we'll go ahead and lift it up okay so this is the part where I always hold my breath because I always I'm really nervous so I'm going to go ahead and take a corner and I'm going to slowly peel it off and there's my final shirt, how cute and you can see on the infusible ink sheet that all the ink is gone.
It's officially transferred there's nothing left and now it's all on the shirt so I'm going to go ahead and zoom in so you can really take a look at it but it looks amazing I'm so excited this is some good press ok so here there's the final shirt i love how it turned out i'll be honest i'm seeing a little bit of blue fuzz on the side and that's what i hear um never happened to me before but now i can say it has happened to me means i didn't do what enough o I did a good job with the lint because if you don't remove all of it you can see that it's hard to see on camera but I can see in person that there is a bit of blue lint that can show up after pressing the infusible ink. so i know it seems silly to roll lint but i always thought so but now i realize even though i thought i did such a diligent job and i was being very very careful i mean you really have to do that part so i definitely recommend go over it even more than you think so i see a bit but it's not enough to ruin the shirt for me it looks great um it's barely noticeable but it's there so um just fyi make sure you do that part but i think it turned out very ok and unlike the iron that goes on top of the shirt the infusible ink is actually infused into this shirt so it's there it's permanent it's ready to go you can stretch it out and then once you pull it back it's just back in its correct position nothing is stretching or anything everything is perfect so i hope you enjoyed this i hope you enjoyed that little trick with the pencil feature to line everything up because i created or that it would have been a little difficult without having some guidance to place the little puzzle pieces, so if you enjoyed this, be sure to give it a thumbs up. um, if you really enjoyed it, be sure to share this video. to make some infusible ink with more than one color ok everyone make sure your ready to go and subscribe because soon we will be doing a lot more fun stuff on the channel and i will see you all in the next video have a nice day

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