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Later...with Jools Holland S62E06 Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

Jul 08, 2023
good evening foreigners tonight we welcome a great ambassador and icon of British popular music a man whose previous performances on this program have pleased and delighted British audiences a man whose reputation for great songwriting, vocalization and charm travels before him this night returns with great classics and songs from his new album Council Skies, before enjoying his charming musical fragrance, let's reflect and enjoy some of his previous triumphs on this program, today was going to be the day, but they will never give it back to you, now you should have done it somehow. I realized what you shouldn't do I don't think anyone feels the way I feel for you now what I love foreigner foreigner the best days Fly away dedicated to everything under the council Heaven I found you life is unprotected foreigner dedicated to everything under the advice Sky I found you life is unpredictable you could win lose foreigner foreigner pray for your song Never played before that I know of anyway it's for the connoisseurs so that was from the 90s this is about four months ago Under the starry sky the foreigner will come too soon there was a girl like me there was a boy like you you made him sing like Elvis who was she she felt sad yes yes yes yes yes yes pretty boy dreams your eyes are gone I hope you live See them before you're too old , pretty boy, very much like you, no matter what you say, no matter what you do, listening to the whole world.
later with jools holland s62e06 noel gallagher s high flying birds
I will make your dreams come true. Saved abroad, no matter what you do, you are in the whole world now, can you delete my number? I want to free myself I want to change I have a pipe friend don't talk come and join me see you here on the show I understand it great come and let yourself fall into the comfortable armchair um, it's great Look, a band has sounded great, a great album, but it We will discuss in a moment. Thank you very much and, uh, but welcome to this room first. Have you seen this?
later with jools holland s62e06 noel gallagher s high flying birds

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later with jools holland s62e06 noel gallagher s high flying birds...

I've only seen it on Telly, boy it's amazing. cool, yes, it's cool, yes, and you also have a huge band with you, almost more people than I have in my band, it's not a competition, but it's amazing, well, it's a competition when you get to the tools of our age, what? how many people? Have? I don't even know. I have nine cores, 10 right, including the package and the string section that played on my records and the new Council Skies record, what a great record, where does the title come from? I was right about the title. track and I was falling right where I needed a hook.
later with jools holland s62e06 noel gallagher s high flying birds
I happened to be at home messing around and there was a book by an artist friend of mine called Pete McKee from Sheffield who is a painter illustrator and he paints these imaginary characters from Council Estates and the book was called Council skies and Council Skies is a particular blue color that mix to make these backgrounds and through the skies and his images and um, I just called him and asked if I could use the title. and he said yes and that was it and then it set off a whole kind of chain of events, you know, where it's like, oh god, the council has Santa dude, that's an awesome title for her, yeah, they're on the day recording days, but I wonder how the recording days now compare to a recording day in the '90s.
later with jools holland s62e06 noel gallagher s high flying birds
It was a very different way of recording. Maybe you can't have memories of the 90s. I don't know well. I don't have many memories of it, but recording then I mean it was great because you had nothing else to compare it to, so it was amazing, but the difference now is that there is no commitment now, so I do it, I lay the foundation for my account a couple of main guys, Paul Stacy, was here tonight and, uh, my studio guy, Callum, and uh, and then we got the whole band back together. I said, you know, for whatever part it's necessary, but in the '90s, you know, the bands are brilliant and the bands change the world, but you know, they can be very rigid, like the bassist has to play the bass and the keyboard to do this, so the difference now is that anything goes in the studio, really outside of the intro, so, for example.
When you look back on this album, what time of day do you start and finish well? I always start at noon and finish at six. I don't work after six. I mean, if you can't, if you don't, if you can't say. in six hours there is no point in me doing the same thing and then you need your dinner yes yes I can't work after dinner no but you did for example when you were in the 90's did you have the same working hours ? no, we would, we would, we would start we would probably start at about the same time, but we would, but funnily enough we would work all night, but anything we did after dinner we would always have to redo, yeah, because there's 'I'd be drinking involved in the rest, but now 12 to 6, yeah, I don't mind working after 6 o'clock, there's football watching, so what's up with your average day?
Because that was your work day, but what about your average day now? It's a normal day in the '90s, it's that dramatically different, yeah, not being chased by paparazzi through the streets for one, um, in the '90s, you know you have so much power when you're young that you can't take it on. anything, when I think about the things we used to do now and some of the states we used to do concerts in iconic, amazing concerts, I love a nervous breakdown thinking about it, you know, prepare yourself like you know we won't be . go to bed until the sun came up and then you know, yeah, well, it just felt like nothing, but that's the power of youth, you know, yeah, well, next year it'll be 30 years since Oasis released his first album. do anything to celebrate it or ignore it uh I want to um I don't know I think I probably hope to stay on track with this but uh I think I'm doing it I mean I'm I'm I'm not sure if I'll do anything live but I'll do something to recognize it and you didn't go anywhere, yeah, I don't think I've touched on that before, some guy somewhere is now on the internet. in Cincinnati in 1999.
Well, I did that. I'm going to play a song first. I said I'd never played live before and then I got home and thought, "I'll check to see if I played that one." live before and there are about 104 versions on the internet, um, but now, I've never played it and when we had the strings and we said, well, maybe we'll try it, we cooked it up in rehearsals and it was kind. It sounded good, I mean, I have a lot of B-sides and stuff from those years that I've never really seen, you know, because the albums were so iconic and we'll be visiting them, visiting some of them on the road this year, so we're looking forward to them.
May you be on tour a lot. Do you take anything special on tour with you? Do you like it? I bring my own pillow. It's nice, but if I do it, I'm like in a hotel and I see. a better pillow, I'll just change it, would you like nails? I'm a confirmed pillow thief, you know, yes I will, you're about to go to Europe, not really why, because your ball likes to move now after Brexit. It's just a hassle, even like organizing the tour now. I feel sorry for the fans because we used to do a lot of concerts in Europe and now it's like a concert in every country and, particularly for musicians, it has become very, very difficult. do that and now in Europe it's like you know you have to deal with separate visas and all that, but I feel sorry for the kids starting now.
I really feel like if I think about what it was like in the '90s, it was just free and easy and you know the rules that had been established for the previous 50 years of rock and roll were still in effect and now they seem to be changing every three or four months when We spoke in 2015, you told me that Rock and roll was not in the best place. What is your opinion now? 2023 there is good music out there, but it's not like that, it doesn't come to you anymore, you have to go look for it, you know, and the best, the best bands.
I've seen recently, you wouldn't really be customers Rock and Roll On guitar music talking about rock and roll one of the great Rock and roll of all time, of course, the Rolling Stones and I think you ran into Keith uh in a hotel, It was New Year's Eve about five years ago and we were in the Caribbean and Keith Richards and his family were there and I know some of Keith's kids are big Oasis fans and I saw one of them by the pool and he said, " I'll be dad here and I was like, come out and uh, so we said, oh, let's go to the bathroom, meet me.
I never met Keith Richards and I go up to the bar and there he is, you know, dressed like a pirate, you know, and absolutely yes, yes, and he's drinking this drink, vodka and Ting, what is Ting Ting, it's like a song, but around there they call him nice ting, right? and, great, now he's his son, uh, Marlon said, oh dad, this is it, you're. You're still around, are you really cool? That sounds like it and he said, uh, and I asked him why and he said, uh, yeah, that band you were in, you're interesting. for a while and I said, well, thanks, what did you say?
I could tell you the same thing I really couldn't that and uh and he told me I always wanted to always wanted to ask you who do you think is bigger your singer or mine and I said well, it seems like your singer I wrote some of the best lyrics of all time. I'm going to say mine and he said, "I thought he was so charming, but I know, but he was brilliant. That guy restores your faith in everything. It's okay. He's one of their own. objective, you know, yeah, he's the one." right, you're going to do a cover for us tonight, yeah, what are you going to do right?
I'm going to do a cover of the first song that I learned to play when, when, when. The first time I picked up the guitar I couldn't play it , but I used to play the top string with Joy Division bass lines and I'm going to cover Love Will Towers on the side and when I told my people I was going to do it and they were like are you sure and I was like I'm going to give him a good goal, yeah, yeah, and uh, we have conditions and well, you can decide if it's just good or not, but I think it's absolutely totally adequate I think it sounds great okay, I'm with you, yeah, perfectly adequate, I'm with you , well it's been great having you here I'd like to invite you back now to uh thank you very much it's a pleasure to see you thank you very much Noel Gallagher for joining us thank you so this next song is called Love is a Rich Man the city ​​Love is a rich man's song for your happy place Foreign love is a rich man, just remember that maybe foreign reserves help me I've been thinking about the things we didn't have money for the photograph of you that I keep seems funny to try to Going back to the promised land so don't ever walk away is enough to make me crash into the foreign broken glass.
I'm trying to fix the hole in my head where the rain comes in, but it's dripping in my ear and it doesn't sound funny. I'll take you out when I have some money. I'm trying to get it back. to the promised land don't walk away in love it's never enough it could make me crash into broken glass let the storm rage and die in the waves but I won't rest as long as the water goes into the water into the water thank you so don't do it Don't walk away love is never enough could make me crash into broken glass let the storm rain and die in the waves but I won't rest while lost love rise die in the waves get into the water in the water the dead in the water here's another one still You won't know but you'll love this In about a year the dawn think twice carefully the dawn every night open the door look at what you find don't look away think twice right now twice don't look away we're ready, look what you have to look away, okay, so it's a song about Joy Division, it's different, it goes


, but the emotions and we're changing our ways again.
Stranger, so cold, no way on your side, that's my moment that floods because I respect now. dry but I keep disappearing Ed love love will separate us again and there is a change this love will separate us again love love will separate us again foreigner thank you thank you


bird thank you to all the wonderful guests who have been In this series we will return in the fall, but before we go, no, could you play one more for us? Of course, I think you'll agree that we've had some great performances and we'd like one more, right? that case and its





the song needs no introduction for, for, because it doesn't shoot me, because it doesn't shoot me.

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