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Las Vegas Raiders vs. Denver Broncos Game Highlights | NFL 2023 Week 1

Sep 11, 2023
like Lutz, he'll tee off on his first kickoff in a Broncos uniform and he dropped the ball into the Raiders' hands and there's a bunch and it looks like the Broncos can have it, they make my formation, that's it the mayor on the move Garoppolo throws it to Devonte Adams, you can see the quarterback sneak again and the running back pushes them in from behind on fourth down, Jacobs in the backfield. Garoppolo looks to throw, rolls the pocket and is in a little trouble, but Adams gets him out of there. Amir. Abdullah is in the backfield


clock is at five Garoppolo looks good, can run, breaks a tackle and then dives for the first down marker Frank Clark there is a hit to Simmons who is late with his helmet 31. after this is the goal call James Justin Simmons has a lot of time on the


clock, will take the center facing left throwing passes to the left left complete Jacoby Myers in his first year with the Raiders and mocks after the play ends , you have to keep a cool head when you make a big play you dress the coverage man only coverage Jim James coming off the ball allows your receiver to just play the shoulder face play great job setting up on the line of scrimmage being patient on second down off the play fake looking to throw again pumps once he throws on the run, complete pass on the run to the 41.
las vegas raiders vs denver broncos game highlights nfl 2023 week 1
I think he's throwing it to Johnson on the first down, first run of the day Williams, he has some light towards midfield, it's an eight-yard gain Hobbs with tackle Garrett Bowles is putting Wilson near the sideline, completions to Johnson again, you know, and these are the things he loves in situational football. It is the third and longest attempt to get at least half to achieve a field goal. Well, they got more than half of that. Sweet. up on third down Wilson has an extra moment in the pockets got his tight ends while in the backfield off the plate fake for him Wilson looking toward the end zone trying to get away from Crosby back to the end zone touchdown Broncos is LJ Humphrey getting the ball in the end zone settled for field goals the first few


s and it became a problem as the season went on this time Russell Wilson, who we talked about, seven different receivers caught a pass in that series.
las vegas raiders vs denver broncos game highlights nfl 2023 week 1

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las vegas raiders vs denver broncos game highlights nfl 2023 week 1...

I didn't catch anything but you. I would have done it if I had thrown it to you the extra point is not good first down for the 39 yard line outside the play fake to zamir white Garofalo throws to the near sideline complete passes to Jacoby Meyer ended the Raiders' game clock left three Garoppolo takes the center quickly throws it back into the well it's Jacoby Myers off the fake play Garoppolo looks to throw again he throws it to Josh Jacobs breaks a tackle with those strong legs and along the wings Doula moves in the backfield play clock down at three on the clock one Garoppolo takes the snap has time dancing in the pocket throws into the end zone incomplete Daniel Carlson good snap good hole kick is on the way and it's good and the Raiders extend their lead it's 10-6 They have had the answer also third and 34. to try to recover some yards and he does, he reaches the 14 Singleton right in the middle for the Broncos on third down.
las vegas raiders vs denver broncos game highlights nfl 2023 week 1
Garofalo's fast pitch has Myers and Myers Shia on first down, although Tyree Wilson is number nine. rookies on the left tackle is Wilson and he throws it to the near sideline, completions to Sutton, he just goes under it, completions to Dulce, if both kickers were hitting him during pregame drills, they pass under it, passes complete, they are below. at six there are no timeouts left for Wilson and Wilson goes to the end zone for Sutton and he tackles them but there is a flag coming down at the 13. Wilson defensive looking to throw on first down look at all the space out to Sutton's left on second and goal Wilson looking at the back of the end zone dancing pointing towards the back of the end zone touchdown Broncos Portland Sutton take advantage of the rules and Jay by that I mean once the quarterback comes out of the pocket you can recontact receivers push him out of bounds there so now he would be first to tag when he comes back yeah but nice job by Courtland Sutton of breaking and passing and Epps not knowing where the ball is and movement of Johnson. the


wilson turn it over they are going to move the stack forward and that stack may be gone for a first down they need to get to the 47 yard line for first down play clock down to two will take the pressure off center coming tries to avoid it on the swans lowers his bubble shoulder the ball is picked up by the Raiders Epps brought it down Loose Diablo picked it up illegal contact at the 36-yard line Defense number 24.
las vegas raiders vs denver broncos game highlights nfl 2023 week 1
Wow, this automatic first down, come on, that's hard to call. against the Raiders because the monkey came out of the pocket. When did you see the illegal contact? How early did it happen? They had the ball out of the key. The ride is next to Playbook 45 at the university. It's third down, third and seven is not in field goal range here at Wilson. throw it out he's all the way down the first half DeAndre Carter bottom of your screen they give it to Jacobs they also want to get the run game set up as we mentioned after the first half he's at the 44th.
Devonte looked really impressive at that moment. Adams in the bottom, oh, someone broke away from the right side of the 70th office. Five-knock penalty still on third down. Colton Miller at top left tackle, they're down to 12. Garoppolo in midfield has Adams, he has the catch right on first down. score now so you can see that matchup with Devante yeah trips to the back of the fairway pressure Kevin Garoppolo steps up the shots on the run has Adams on the sidelines Out of bounds at the 21 yard line that's a big call guys I mean I I think that's where he gets those first step gifts from Jacobs and Jacobs trying to get to the edge.
It can be a penalty for holding. Can you bounce it all the way to the outside? Ten yard penalty. Now you can change. and you can get those guys out late hey garoppolo going to the sideline for adams can't come back flag in mr 10 can't believe it both big strong guys with physique really good coverage here you go let's see. Mr. Tan right there yeah and put your left arm in and I love the shoulder throw because it's so hard with a big body guy like that James you talked about for a DB to be able to do anything except run through Mumford as an extra lineman on the right side outside of the fake play Garoppolo looking back from the end zone throws to his left and tackles Myers and a flag comes late to both Myers that's an appearance Defense number 27. the ballot in the zone TD first and goal at the one yard line oh, he's holding all the time first and goal from the one yard line oh, Garoppolo fumbled, he lunges forward, I think he got, yeah, he's back on top, There you go, the bad handling, this is just Jimmy's fault, he just retired a little too early. not sitting there taking that shot Jacob is in the backfield out of play false flag goes in low shots to Carter illegal formation incomplete offense five yard penalty loss second half Retro in slot not heard from him all day Adams bottom off screen Garoppolo dancing pockets Adams sketchy sir so they're there to break it up not on Devonte Adams because they hide him in the slot but they're going to bracket Adams anyway Abdul out of the backfield Garoppolo climbing to his left signaling traffic going to the end zone is marked and intercepted check into the hotel room if you want free breakfast I usually go points he rides arms stiff on the first down walks in and gets dragged down at the 40 yard line Wilson sees the play Watches up to two off the gun now he's got time as time collapses they're chasing him they dragged him for a sack fighting and working crossing and getting a rush sack yeah Josh McDaniels and we ask who will start in the final position for Chandler Jones, this, this, yeah the fair catch is requested by DeAndre Carter personal problem there you have it for the Broncos that is the man hurts in motion the man hurts picks up Hobbs, they throw him and passes it completely to Mims that score starts moving Wilson breaks the pocket he just throws it away under for Williams, who caught it in stride but is close to 12.
Why did you have to put an asterisk on a third down and two? Wilson has to cross the 22 for the first down, he throws it in and Burton has it. Time is down. 10 they deliver it again this guy from P Ride, he breaks a drive, pumps the lead and gets inside the ten towards seven, okay, this is the 13th play of the drive, they fake it for p-right Diablo crushed it with two swollen heads. they have the ball in the same position that the Raiders had on the previous third drive and the goal of the six Wilson just throws it, he's going to throw it to make it a six-point game and that's a good game from Devonte Adams.
Against Sutan, if you think that's what you can do off the play, fake Garoppolo look in that direction for Adams, there you go. James Garoppolo has led 11 fourth-quarter comebacks in his career. Can he reach 12? Lots of time on the clock. Garoppolo dancing. in the pocket he throws his past is complete for Myers passing through the middle there is a flag they can take a late hit to tack Wow mistreatment of Panther this is Bassey good job by Jimmy standing there knowing he is going to get hit delivering a ball and certainly It's a late strike from Bassey because obviously we all want him in the game.
Jacob is moving at the top of the screen. Garoppolo on the first down blocks it to the 10. He caught Hooper, the tight ends, Justin Simmons a little late, that's exactly what Garoppolo is looking to throw. again tilted full touchdown by Jacoby Myers Raiders six yards catch the ball the little lunge into the end zone to make sure he squeezes it and gets three passes in a row on completions Denver 50 on third down and throws it out of the trap and Troutman trying to get to that score can't because of the way the rain has started to pick up here we were hoping it would rain at some point in the second half it started now here is Jacobson Jacobs evaluating moving the pile from the 40 to the 41.
Cooper with the attack I break Garoppolo handles it, dances, throws it, has Myers and Myers right in midfield and the flag comes in. Jacoby Myers is up and being helped off the field. Kareem Jackson, who applied the blow, was trying to get closer and make sure he was okay. been penalized for this, it will be an extra 15 yards, well it is absolutely a helmet for Hellman, he came in and just hit him with the crown of his health, he will go the other way, we think players don't play as much, here comes the pressure to the Broncos Garoppolo has a lot of time and now he's going to run he's going to try to run for the first down he's got it and he slipped in bounds hells get the W on the other end less than a minute to play 26 200 yards, two touchdowns had a interception, but he made the play when he had to with his legs fighting to get that first down, a good play in the game that will make it Las Vegas 17.
Broncos 16.

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