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May 02, 2020
Stories about time travelers are a subject that fascinates the public and for many years incredible cases have come to light about chrono-nauts who claim to have traveled through space-time and in this video you will see a compilation of the best cases presented In this channel I am René Valdo and this is trapped in time in time. One of the most disturbing questions that we have always asked ourselves is whether time travel is possible. From the most important physicist to the common human being, they have always had this doubt. and to this day, time travel is not possible, at least not with existing technology, but who can assure us that a traveler from the future comes to the past as we could believe in the year 2000, people began to question themselves about the visit of a man who came from the future this is the story of one of the first time travelers popularized on the internet a traveler named john titor on november 2, 2000 vari he electronic bulletin boards on the internet known as drinks began to present messages from a mysterious character this man identified himself with the initials of time travel 0 the man began a series of conversations about the possibility of time travel the characteristics that a machine would have that it could do such a thing and the theories behind its operation throughout this initial period this character was characterized by concise short messages in which he spoke of this machine as if it really existed but as time went on his story became more Interestingly, in January 2001, he introduced himself as John Titor and stated that he was an American soldier who had traveled in time from the year 2036, his mission was to travel to the year 1975 to get some IBM brand computers with the aim of editing some programs. old with error code problems cataloged as time out tito assured that in the year 2038 all iunics programs and many other sources would stop working because they would have a little and it would time out the counter that would cause catastrophic consequences for the systems used in the future the traveler had been chosen for such a mission because he was the grandson of one of the original members of the construction of the team and that is when he began with his futuristic and apocalyptic revelations since when he was asked why they did not build another IBM machine at that time, Víctor mentioned that the war had destroyed many things little by little his stories They were revealing curiosities and secrets that were attracting more people who, in turn, shared their stories on other sites, gradually finishing the character.
las mejores historias de viajeros en el tiempo
The IBM 5100 was important because, according to Tito, it had the ability to emulate much larger and more expensive mainframe systems, a capacity that it was not published at the time by ibm since they did not want to end their own business this fun tionality was officially confirmed by one of the IBM engineers named boudou tito, being a time traveler, he had great questions about how and when time travel would begin, responding that time travel would be discovered in 2001 by the European organization for nuclear research known by its acronym as la serna mentioned that in 2004 a new civil war would begin in the usa that would end in 2015 with the start of the third world war of which tito was one of the survivors titor mentioned that the new technologies had made it possible to build a time machine and even from a detailed description of the artifact the theory behind its operation and the effects of its travel in the future his machine consisted of a system of more stationary and temporary displacement propelled by two fast-spinning dual singularities that would produce an if not triple standard the theory behind co The construction of such a machine would have been given by Frank James and Blair, who proposed that if a long, dense object revolving at speeds close to the speed of light could allow another object to move around it and move forward or backward in time the direction of movement would be given by the direction of the spiral turn this theory has not been disproven but there is currently no material capable of resisting a turn at that speed without breaking down the machine that would have brought it to the past consisted of two containers magnetic for the micro singularities small black holes that would be created with the speed of the spin which would come equipped with an electron injection distributor that would alter the mass in these small holes a cooler and an x-ray ventilation system the system would be regulated by four computers and three cesium clocks and would handle gravity sensors to determine its position and direction. rección lito even presented a design of his time machine in accordance with his messages john titor came from a time in which many of the premises of current theoretical physics had been confirmed including that of the existence of many universes another of the predictions was the emergence of a new epidemic in 2030 or the transition to a more familiar and personal humanity.
las mejores historias de viajeros en el tiempo

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las mejores historias de viajeros en el tiempo...

Furthermore, not satisfied with his predictions, the traveler assured that the time line in which he found himself could be modified by his typical presence, he reaffirmed his interest in preventing governments about the consequences of his actions and according to what he expected his messages to gain popularity, tito decided to show images as proof of his effective passage through different moments in history. The best known of these images shows him at the inauguration of a bridge in 1941 with a modern outfit and sunglasses with people around them dressed according to the time another of the images shows how u A laser pointer curves in the presence of a supposed gravitational field which would have been used to make the machine work and a last image shows the time machine located in a corvette although John Titor disappeared in March 2001 without a trace their stories already Consequently, they were very well known, the internet forums were filled with false titles that tried to continue the story by showing false photographs in which you were seen to bull in various historical moments and predictions of how in 2015 there would be a black president in the house blanca john titor the time traveler the story begins on april 23, 2006 when a man appeared on the streets of ukraine apparently disoriented dressed in very old clothes and had an old camera in his hands the ukrainian authorities offered him help since the baffled man asked about a street that did not exist for which they asked him to identify himself and this is where The strange thing begins because they mention that the man had an old Soviet passport that had been issued in 1950.
las mejores historias de viajeros en el tiempo
The passport was confirmed to be legitimate. The man was taken to a hospital to assess his state of health while the doctors reviewed his case. he said his name was sergi panamar in co asked the date and stated that he came from the year 1950 he recounted that he was taking pictures in kyiv where he was traveling when he suddenly saw a flying dish-shaped object and after photographing it suddenly appeared at the break of 2006 the name assured that all the undeveloped photographs were in his camera although the kyiv authorities had a problem the developing technique had been stopped for more than 30 years so they had to contact an expert the photographic roll was was intact in addition to the fact that it had been stopped manufacturing in the 70s when it was revealed was that the authorities found several images from kyiv a few decades ago among the images there was a portrait where a young woman appeared in the company of sergi wearing the same outfit she was wearing that day but also among the revealed photographs was the disturbing image of a hominid mysteriously captured a couple of days more Sergi later disappeared from his room without a trace, the clinic's security camera captured the moment when he entered his room, but he was never given an exit.
las mejores historias de viajeros en el tiempo
An investigation was carried out and it was found that during the 60s in the Soviet Union, indeed, a man named series and ponomarenko was declared missing it was discovered that the woman in the revealed photographs was valentina cool and that sergi's girlfriend who still lived in ukraine valentina had more photos from when she was young and pana marenco's girlfriend the woman began to cry mentioning that the police never saw him again against valentina what happened but the story does not end here the man of re He returned to 1950 in his native Russia where he exposed what happened and gave a couple of interviews and lived with his girlfriend until 1970 when he again suffered a time jump traveling this time to the year 2050 where inexplicably I managed to send his wife a photograph from that year Until 1970, the photograph had a message written that said I'm fine, try to return as soon as I can.
After this, he was never heard from again. For me, in the photograph, it can be seen to be different, although full of skyscrapers. The most curious thing about this It is that today in that area of ​​the city there is only vegetation, many have denied Sergi's story, even mentioning that in the photo of the futuristic one, the skyscrapers belong to the city of New York, since you can even see the Empire State, mentioning that It is a photomontage, it should also be clarified that the material was broadcast in a program called time travelers in chapter 3 of the aliens series, some fictional documentaries produced in russia one of the most disturbing and mysterious projects carried out by the us government was an experiment where an attempt was made to make a ship invisible through electromagnetic fields the so-called philadelphia experiment which ended up teleporting the ship uss is the ritz of 173 With terrifying results after the events that occurred with the Ritz of 173, the US Navy denied having carried out said experiment, eliminating the files on the crew, the logbook and navigation charts.
In fact, the ship was sold in 1951 to Greece with three hundred tons. less than instruments inside that mysteriously disappeared a couple of years later a 57-year-old man named al vélez who suffered from severe amnesia saw a movie that came out in 1984 based on the events reported in a book that explained what happened with the philadelphia experiment after watching this movie he had some kind of vision someone r He revealed that he began to remember various hidden moments of his life, so he went to therapy to unlock his memory, discovering that he had been part of the Montauk Project, a secret US government project carried out in the 1970s and 1980s. at the Montauk Air Force Station on Long Island and that as a consequence of being part of this project he had achieved incredible techniques and one of them was being able to travel in time.
This man was sure that his mind and memories had been altered. so as not to remember anything and thus prevent the secret from being revealed with the help of an expert and fast treatments who affirm that he was remembering important things such as his original name which was Edward Cameron and that his brother named Duncan had also been part of this skin project and made its story public, assuring that the Philadelphia experiment had been real and that they had not only managed to teleport or make the ship invisible without or that they had also managed to open a portal or a black hole that connected the present with the future and this is where he revealed one of his missions in a trip through time in 1983 he and his brother were sent to the past to destroy part of the team of the ship uss el bridge since in the future it would cause them problems so the solution was to eliminate part of the equipment the men managed to carry out the mission but an error made them travel in the year 2000 137 where they spent a month and a half hospitalized due to burns from the contact with hyperspace someone mentioned to them that for unexplained reasons he had a new trip into the future where he arrived in the year 2749 where he stayed for approximately 24 months when he arrived that year he was also in a hospital which was not as we imagined since the technology was impressive one of the most amazing changes is that the cities were floating since the human had managed to control the law of gravity in addition that the population was already very low, 300 million people inhabited the world, and that his country, the USA, had become one of the most populous, since 50 million people lived there, I mentioned that one of the reasons for the population decline was that not everyone had managed to adapt to the new world the wars no longer existed in the year 2000 749 the last ones registered had been between russia china and the usa and europe but in that future they no longer existed in fact there was no military or navy and Something extremely important is that the government did not exist either, since everything was controlled through a synthetic intelligence system that ensured that everything worked properly, also eliminating the work of physical effort.
At that time, money no longer existed because there was no need to have it everyone could get whatever they wanted at any time weather changes were also something the man assured was drastic to me noting that the sea water level was doubled and that some states and parts of the world had disappeared that the poles of the earth had been assisted bystructures that stopped the great collapse that could have been this chrono nauta managed to return to the past the trip was once again through the wormhole that those in charge of the project in which he worked, upon hearing all the stories, were in charge of erasing his mind and his memories after recover his mind alex has dedicated himself to giving lectures telling his experience in the past and in the future but stanford university the fields other teams h ah the story of this man becomes one of the most important urban legends of 1970 popularized on the internet in the decade of the 90s this is the story about a nauta chrono which managed to fulfill the dream of many people to be able to travel in time unfortunately with a fatal result new york 11 30 at night summer of 1950 people walk through its streets but something stranger appears among them a confused distracted man dressed in elegant but very old-fashioned clothes shocked by what his eyes were witnessing Without knowing what is happening, this man walks among the vehicles that advance through the avenues of the big city.
The man is run over and immediately dies on the asphalt. The police arrive at the scene and begin the investigation, the first thing that calls them. attention is the man's attire this strange subject was taken to the morgue where they found in his pockets old bills and coins in perfect condition but that were no longer valid as well as a business card under the name of rudolfensis and a letter with a postal address in new york addressed to the same name rudolf ens with the date of 1876 the police tried to locate his relatives but they did not find someone in new york with that last name they searched with the embassies asking if they knew of the existence of this man by the last name that seemed foreign but they did not get results either, some time after the accident in an old telephone book from 1939 the police found the name rudolfensis juniors, so they immediately went to the address he had marked but the only answer they got was that rudolf en juniors had died years ago at the age of 70 years later the missing persons department managed to find the widow défense juniors confirming that her husband was rudolfensis juniors and that her father-in-law named rudolfensis went out one night for a walk and smoked a cigarette, something he did every day but never returned, they never heard from him again. the lost person was identical to the one run over with it one of the first stories about time travelers began the newspapers of the time talked about him he was the first documented time traveler this story surprised for a long time but it was not until a couple of years ago years that the researcher created the ebook discovered the origin mentioning that this was the article of a journalist named vincent age cádiz that was published in the journal of world one research in 1972 and that this story was created with the idea of ​​generating an urban legend based on a science fiction story by author jack fine and titled i'm scared of this ending with one of the most popular stories of time travelers although to date some believe that the story was real the defense agency for advanced research projects known by its acronym in English as the cake was in charge of creating the so-called project pegasus the which its mission was to study the effects of time travel and teleportation in order to convey important information about past and future events the president of the usa these trips through time were carried out with technology based on documentation of nikola tesla which was extracted after his death in his apartment in new york city in 1943 among these documents At one time there was a scheme for a teleportation machine, this machine would use radiant energy which is latent and omnipresent in the universe and has the ability to curve in space-time, but this project also had something special and that is that most of its Participants would be children, this according to the ability to adapt to the time lines between the present, past and future, the technology created by Tesla plus the tests that they had already carried out previously, such as the Philadelphia experiment, managed to get scientists to create the machine to the project which made a kind of vortex tunnels that opened their doors in space-time through teleporters sending the traveler to his destination the participants were called chrono nautas and one of them is andrew basiago who assures that since he was 7 years old he has been enrolled in the project by the us government or basiago who is a lawyer based in portland oregon and that he declared himself in 2004 as a participant in the pegasus project together with his father named raymond basiago who was an undercover cia scientist and one of the project directors this man declared that they also had technology which allowed them to travel both physically like virtually where on a holographic screen they could see scenes from the past and the future this device was known as the chrono viewer which was originally developed by two vatican scientists in collaboration with enrico fermi and later improved by darpa scientists this man mentions that between 1968 and 1972 he participated in experiments that took him through time and even alternate universes well alexis to bring them together in the handling for american school you know and that's how he experimented the living room also hurts andrew by hago comments that on one of his many trips he went to the The year 1863 is exactly the same day that President Abraham Lincoln gave his famous Gettysburg Address. n where according to he was characterized as a child from the union but that his shoes were too big and attracted attention so he left the crowd to be able to be photographed by I mention that he also traveled to the afternoon in which lincoln was murdered at the ford theater and that he even did it on several occasions which made him think that he was being sent to different alternate realities since each trip had different things from the previous one but not everything ends and this man's time travel had only been a part of the project he was teleported to mars and that for this trip he was prepared by a cia officer named green and hunt making two trips the first time alone and the second time accompanied by the agent in order to be able to keep the same in question they must have previous social issues in election evangelion on the cell phone the civil guard of gamers in that case of being a wife volume of thinking and with him the verb right these trips mentions that it was n made from a place called the jump room that the facilities were in a building in second california near los angeles on this trip andrew basiago stated that mars has a rust red color in addition to the fact that the sky was pale blue also mentions that the The temperature of that planet was approximately 21 degrees Celsius.
On this trip, he met humans and was even able to interact with two men and a woman who spoke the same language, English, wow, because children were used in this project, there are several factors It was that traveling adults frequently suffered emotional damage. What I mentioned was that they went crazy in cities. The Cordoba side is to place geographically bullying trump bases. of the 300 perception support have influence 92 perception can be selected through experience of forces in the stadium of vélez of publicity in the doctor very well deserved is ney to turn around arena because in my view on text it is not worth without filter it will have vectors of wayne rainey typical americas first day of animals in the programmed cycle during the other diva space For example, among all the purposes of these trips was political control in which they had pre-identified who would be the next presidents who would be given secret training.
Basiago mentioned that in 1970 he was present at a meal in Alburquerque, New Mexico, where they were george hw bush and george w.bush who were invited shortly after informing them that both would serve as president in the future also mentioned that the 1970s within the pegasus project the darpa would already have identified the future presidents jimmy carter and bill clinton using technology to travel in time vassal claims he also met barack ob ama in los angeles california in 1982 when he was still a student at columbia university among one of the many statements made by vassal was that since 1971 he saw the moving images of the attack on the twin towers on september 11, 2001 which were made with the chrono viewer 30 years before defense google wave I was looking for since Andrew Vasallo's statements more people have come out who also claim to be part of the Pegasus project tell me what you think about this man's statements and as take yes traveling on the For many, time would be an experience in which they could relive important moments in their lives or perhaps witness that future that we will not know if it will arrive, but what would happen if a time machine were available to someone with bad intentions, there is a story where it is said that adolf hitler the german nazi leader had at his disposal a machine to be able to travel in time with which he tried to change history history yes yes what the bell means in German was the name given to an alleged secret Nazi project carried out at the end of World War II where German scientists discovered extraterrestrial technology and created one of the most amazing machines which was developed with antigravity technology and was able to achieve time travel in command of this project was general hans kammler, a scientific engineer who had also participated in the development of multiple projects such as v2 missiles, jet planes and underground constructions in the book entitled la truth about the wonderful weapon written by igor vitores who states that the poland government and an official from that country gave him information with nazi investigations which included the project called the bell in 1945 just before the end of the war the german empire was working in investigations where, in addition to chemical weapons, scientists Scientists were developing a time machine when they succeeded in carrying out the tests in a mysterious classified scientific facility near the Czech border and the Wenseslao mine, it was there where the bell project or also known as the time gate this machine was carried out It worked as follows: A system of rotating propellers was activated, making small air movements.
For Hitler, this time machine would be a definitive weapon to change the course of history. The files presented described this machine built with a 3-meter-wide heavy metal. with a height of 45 meters in the shape of a bell in addition to two cylinders that rotated in the opposite direction filled with mercury in a liquid state which was called being a 25 and was stored in special jars in addition to other liquids due to this the Nazi bell emitted radiation which caused damage to the health of scientists and even some m they were killed because of it as part of the story when the soviet army was about to arrive at the village ludwigsburg hitler ordered the killing of the more than 60 scientists who had been part of the bell project he was actually tried in court because of this already That he was considered a war criminal, it is said that the bell was transferred to a security zone in Norway, but in 1965 an alleged bell-shaped UFO crashed in the area he explored in Pennsylvania in the USA in this case.
It is known as the Cakes Board case in the world of entertainment. This unidentified flying object was recovered by the US Army. There were strange inscriptions on it. Theories suggest that what happened in this famous case where there were many witnesses because it was of the Nazi bell which by some mistake while traveling in time collapsed, falling in that area and being left at the hands of the US government but how is it that this machine manages to ba make the trips the theories point to wormholes that are tunnels made up of space-time and that connects distant distances in space in a shorter distance this theory of wormholes was proposed by albert eisntein in 1925 and it is said that hitler was obsessed with what einstein proposed and with time travel the question is what happened to this machine apparently the germans accidentally gave the technology to the americans yes i will ask you right now where would you go if you could travel in time surely you would like to visit some important moment in the history of both humanity and probably your family but if you could actually make this trip maybe take advantage of aunts to benefit yourself by bringing information from the future or taking it to the past so that someone can change your destiny the following story is written in a book called the wonderful journey of baron trump where The story of a German boy named Baron Trump is told who discovered a secret portal and travels through time.
This boy lives many adventures with characters and civilizations of all kinds in history. This little boy hasa mentor called don who helps him travel through time this book was published in 1893 and several people have related this story to that of the president of donald trump in the first place the son of the president bears the same name male trump the which also has German origins another of the curious things is that the mentor is called don as a diminutive of donald said this is where the interesting thing begins for the year 1900 the author of that book released another book titled from the president the last president where talks about a millionaire man who lives on fifth avenue in new york city' who aspires to be president but nobody believes that he will make it curiously donald trump also lived on fifth avenue in new york city in fact that's exactly where there is the famous trump tower in the book the story tells that the man wins the presidency and leaves everyone surprised so they begin to demonstrate after his victory this man begins to govern and make political signatures and this is where another great coincidence comes within his cabinet the president chooses a man named pence as secretary of agriculture and in reality donald trump has michael spence as vice president these rather strange coincidences make one think that the author of the books describes the story that donald trump traveled in time in the first position as if donald trump sent his son to travel through time and in the second he tells the story of what he has experienced in recent years the president so this makes us think that in reality donald trump traveled through time but how could he have achieved it it is said that nikola tesla the inventor and engineer who revolutionized the world of electrical and mechanical engineering managed to invent a time machine but after his death the us government seized this machine and with the help of an engineer named john george trump they managed to make it work this man with the last name trump was the great-grandfather of donald trump the theory is that the current president of the usa managed to obtain this machine and was able to travel back in time in fact the theory says that chrome got into debt buying properties in 'new york' before that this city was important and that's how he managed to become a millionaire as if he knew what was going to happen the coincidences between these books and real life are surprising it's as if the author had information about what this city held in the years to come It is the story of hacking orbest, who says he traveled back in time in 2006, here he wrote a blog for me where he narrated that on August 30, 2006, he was returning home after a workday when he entered his home and realized that the kitchen it was flooded to which he deduced that the pipe had been damaged so he decided to repair it himself with the tools in hand the man crouched under the sink opened the cupboard doors and Upon entering, he realized that the space was much larger than normal and that was when he managed to see a light in something that seemed to be some kind of tunnel, impressed and curious to know what it was about, he went through it, reaching the end, Hakim had gone through a kind of portal or wormhole that took him to the future when leaving this tunnel the man met a person who curiously had the same traits as he hakim was standing in front of himself but older was the year 2042 hacking from the future began to talk with him and told him things that will happen in the years to come on the condition that he keep the secret and keep this information for him after this chilling encounter the man from the past with the fear that later he could not When he returned, he decided to take the tunnel path again, but not before bringing proof of his trip with him, so he recorded a video of the events on this se see him together with the man from the future with the same characteristics and even the same tattoo, the story of this man is incredible and although experts have investigated it, many assure that until now no one has been able to verify that it is false new york- year 2003 a A man named New Kaupthing was investigated by the FBI at the request of the Securities Exchange Security Commission, who ruled that Android managed to increase his investment portfolio from $80 million to $350 million in just two weeks.
This 44-year-old man was arrested. and questioned when asked how he had managed to grow all these millions in such a short time, this man only had a forceful and quite absurd answer for the agents, mentioning that he had traveled in time more than 200 years from the future and that his knowledge was what they had allowed him to achieve the fortune by assuring that it was too tempting not to since in his current year which was 2,256 s e had knowledge of the stock market so anyone who knew the story well could take advantage of it so for the agents to believe what this man told them andrew began to narrate some predictions of the future among which were the exact date of the invasion of iraq and later they realized that he hit it, he also claimed to know the location of osama bin-laden and also what was the cure for diseases such as AIDS, promising that it would be revealed to him on the sole condition that they let him return to his ship The fbi declared to the media at that time that they were continuing with the investigation from where this man obtained the information to achieve those financial movements and that they would keep him in prison until they got an answer so the agents asked him and tried to get him to reveal where said ship was located to which he refused as he feared that the technology would fall into the wrong hands knowing that his story was vast.
Absurd for the FBI agents, he asked them to investigate this with the intention of making them realize that they were not going to find any information and that was the case. No trace of this man was found in previous years. In fact, the photo you see on the screen was published by the new york times' which showed that no citizen knew him or had seen him before to this day both the securities exchange security commission and the fbi do not know what happened the man was entitled to a lawyer so he was provisionally released and this same lawyer pointed out that on april 2, 2003 andrew kaupthing should have appeared at a court hearing confirming that the alleged traveler never arrived there there was no trace of him the news about him inexplicably disappeared This man was frozen, never again did the media speak of him again, it all began in 1984 when the author of this work named JJ Benítez launched for sale This is an unprecedented story embodied in a book which tells us how two soldiers known by the code names of Jason and Elisha volunteered to make a trip through time whose purpose was to take these two men to the time of Jesus Christ to Witnessing what history tells in this book has been the greatest achievement of the writer, in addition to being a journalist dedicated to the UFO phenomenon, Benítez wrote this saga of books which he assures are a real document and that what is captured is the diary of a retired and sick soldier who decided to leave jj benítez his memories of the most secret mission of the american army the first book titled jerusalén tells the story of how benítez was contacted by major jason and how he had to decipher clues to get to the documents which narrated the entire exciting and following story march 1973 israel a secret usa project was apparently carried out after After years of research and experimentation with quantum physics, time travel had achieved the unimaginable, so they decided to create a mission together with the army.
They had in mind three historical moments to visit, but one of them the most mysterious was to go to the year 30 to be able to witness and capture the last days of the life of Jesus of Nazareth, with this the Trojan horse project was born, where two soldiers were prepared to make the trip, Jason and Eliseo, two extremely professional diagnosticians, managed to travel through time some They point out that the real objective was not to know the life of Jesus itself but to collect the DNA of the Nazarene together with that of his mother María and his father José in order to transfer it to the year 1973 with the aim of cloning the Holy Family.
The trip was made with success and the two soldiers reached the distant year 30 and fulfilled their mission met jesus and lived with him for m For a long time, they even became his disciples, but not without forgetting what the objective of the mission was on their return. Jason and Eliseo brought with them photographs and videos of what they lived with the teacher, but everything remained under the maximum protection, but beyond that, these men returned with a different mentality in the story narrated by the greatest jayson assures that the message that jesus brought to humanity is totally different from the one we know today and the saga of these books narrates the adventures of these chrono nautas who not only witnessed part of the life and death of jesus but they also managed to go to the time of his birth and see how the life of the most important man in history developed for 30 years jj benítez wrote 9 books that make up a trojan horse which they assure not they are a novel making them one of the most fascinating time travel stories in 2014 a recording from the year began to circulate 2000 57 which was captured through a radio signal by an international cosmology center which was looking for signs of intelligent life the scientists who captured this signal decided to remain anonymous however they shared the audio of said message with the purpose of that everyone listens to a man who claims to be in the year 2000 57 who asks for help in a rather terrifying future this is the message 4 2 i no i can't your imprint of not being able since no i no no not here or not oh and you don't and how to me or no and no and I say no the crazy one no I don't care about everyone yes or no he said something stand up how can you listen this man from the future asks for support through the radio signal that somehow he was able to travel through space-time what is terrifying about the recording are the conditions in which this man mentions that the world is in a world where drinking water has practically run out where there is no more food a future where humans we are dying all this due to a virus which he calls vitier the coordinates he mentions belong to a place that until now is desert near san diego california to the car i one and sorry when he was 17 years old nikola tesla was infected by cholera al to the point of almost not recovering from what his father promised him that if he succeeded he would send him to study at a great school of engineering with this he arrived at the polytechnic university of graz in austria and it was this place that would mark his life since there he had the idea to generate a way that would give free energy to the whole world in 1884 he moved to new york where he began to work with personalities such as thomas alva edison over the years the fascination for time travel was filling the head of ideas with tesla and there is a story which says that he worked on time travel discovering that space-time could be influenced by magnetic fields this led him to experiment where he supposed He directly found a kind of space-time barrier which could be altered with the right equipment, which allowed us to reach a different point in time.
In previous videos, he has told you about the Philadelphia experiment in which the United States government managed to teleporting or making a ship called you travel through time is the ritz this thanks to the technology developed by nikola tesla it is even mentioned that he suffered an accident while carrying out tests with this technology where he almost died electrocuted but at the same time he could Seeing the past, the present and the future at the same time This was reported by a person who knew Tesla and who one day found him in a cafeteria where he found out that he had almost died from being electrocuted by the machine he had built to travel.
It is also mentioned that tesla was forced to carry out these experiments by the government and the military force of the usa this great man had knowledge of extensive about the electric field in the handling of high voltage and magnetic fields which he discovered could alter the shape of space-time according to tesla 3.5 million volts of electricity were needed to achieve time travel however beyond of the remarkable intelligence and scientific capacity that made his life famous worldwide and many aspects of it continue to be unknown to the vast majority of people in 1943 after his death the US office of foreign assets confiscated all of his belongings many years later of these were given to his family and some others are part of the tesla museum in belgrade however many documents remain classified by the us government tesla had claimed to have invented a powerful particle ray weapon known as the death ray that could have solved many conflicts so not to risk that tesla technology fall It was in the hands of the enemies of the United States that the government took possession of all its things and properties.
What happened to the Tesla files from there continues to be shrouded in mystery.After years of answering questions about possible cover-ups, the FBI finally declassified 250 pages of Tesla-related documents under the Freedom of Information Act in 2016, and the bureau followed up with two additional releases, most recently in March 2018, but even with the publication of these documents many questions remain unanswered and some of the files are still missing where it is believed they hide everything related to the machine and time travel among the many mysteries of nikola tesla this man claimed that he only needed two hours of sleep at night he worked all day he hated jewelry especially pearls he couldn't stand touching other people's hair and he was obsessed with the number three he also had a phobia of germs so before dinner he carefully cleaned his dining room and implements and always he used exactly 18 napkins for these reasons and his strange inventions the people of the time ca came to think he was crazy but what he actually suffered from was an obsessive-compulsive disorder known as 'top despite being the father of almost all current technology he never received the support and funding he needed unlike thomas alva edison and george westinghouse who were a great financial success often supported by several of tesla's discoveries nikola tesla died in a hotel room in 1943 while the world grew by leaps and bounds thanks to his discoveries if you liked the video give it a like and share it thanks for subscribing and activating notifications my name is rené valdo and this is

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