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Largo aliento - ¿Para quién diablos trabaja Anabel Hernández? (09/07/2021)

Jun 14, 2022
intense, relentless in her accusations, a warrior of journalism, many claim her lack of biology, who the hell does Anabel Herná


work for, ask themselves today, I ask Anabel Herná


herself a few weeks ago on Carmen Aristegui's newscast, did you say that in the last elections in Morena Tláhuac bought votes there very close to where line 12 of the subway passes and then says she understands that the operators of that purchase had something to do with drug dealing because they were operating in a place that was typical of drug dealing the people in networks lynched you and He basically accused you of cooperating with the right and of hitting the 4t.
largo aliento   para qui n diablos trabaja anabel hern ndez 09 07 2021
I am not asking you about the news itself, which you have already seen and that you also wrote in a longer and more detailed way, but I am asking you what do you think of this reaction from the networks Well, before anyone else, I would like to tell you that I do not have social networks, I have never had them for security reasons and I respect the reactions virulent and non-virulent ones because there were both of the two parties. I believe that I am not a person or beings that are ever paying for the division and the confrontation and the chain of insults that are generated by a tense environment generated Mainly Well, by a by the main divisor of Mexican society who has become the president of the republic because of displacement, I am not going to pay for that.
largo aliento   para qui n diablos trabaja anabel hern ndez 09 07 2021

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largo aliento para qui n diablos trabaja anabel hern ndez 09 07 2021...

I believe that people have the right to express themselves however they want to express themselves. I obviously do not agree with some approaches. especially when people do not It is reported when people unfortunately did not read the article obviously not They took the trouble to go and see the video that at the time was broadcast there with Aristegui Noticias anyone can see it It was published on the second Wednesday after June 6 So anyone can go and watch the video and have their own opinion a little more broad and informal but I consider you a person who He has always been in favor of change towards less corruption in the country.
largo aliento   para qui n diablos trabaja anabel hern ndez 09 07 2021
I presume that you have similar ideas to the left of greater equality. I ask you when you had this news in your hands, did you reconsider, did you think about the damage it could do to a certain political project or that does not cross for your mind I am an investigative journalist I am not anyone's cheerleader I have never been my political sympathies I keep them to myself and that's enough it's my It's my it's my private life that I can keep it for myself as this investigation is fine the obligation to listen to the information and to verify the information what is the same process that I do in any type of information received Pro or not Pro fourth t Pro or not Pro pan Pro or not but it doesn't matter if it doesn't matter who the character or entity that is the center of the news that I am investigating I always follow the same method and not mainly everything is the doubt Yes I understand When I take a holiday now that I am far from Mexico it is possible that there is follow-up information and Even being close yes Even being investigating there I for almost 27 years that I have been journalists obviously there are things that come to you later you verify this is false nor what is public obviously I make a system and investigation system has been exact and thorough Until now, because I follow a series of rules that I impose on myself before publishing information, you have never kept quiet about a piece of news or you have waited for a certain amount of time to pass for the gunpowder to loosen up on a piece of news No, I don't I think I don't I don't I don't believe in this it ends look when it is a bit similar to what the president of the republic that the party in current power was doing in the ways prior to the elections there were those who said that it was wrong than wrong to be making judicial processes that seemed very Express against some public supporters of opposition parties for alleged acts of corruption I expressed it too well at the time with Carmen Aristegui I think that if it is about the issue of security where people's lives are in danger where or it is a situation of corruption that can generate serious risks for the population Because that is what it is about here we are not to protect political parties or political projects I think that the information you will see and timely is mainly to protect citizens and that they can make more informed decisions that is my objective and just as I said at the time, they are criminals and there is a criminal who is doing of yours in States that are so delicate, so so violent, it is better to act immediately regardless of the political stink or not that it may take than to think of a political decision of the size that was taking place at the time.
largo aliento   para qui n diablos trabaja anabel hern ndez 09 07 2021
So no, no, I do think that there is information that when it is useful when it is necessary it should be entered at the time so I have thought of it of course useful in my case of investigation there is information It takes longer to mature and it takes longer to confirm than another, but that already has an investigation process in this useful word. You believe that the truth itself will set us free, it will make us better, the truth itself is precisely much more intimate and personal to be able to generate at least perhaps with information a little bit of justice in this country where there is terrible impunity more than 96% of the crimes that are committed in Mexico large and small go unpunished I do believe that the information you will see is accurate above all and not I have learned it throughout my career on security issues on issues that have to do with the intrusion of small or large criminals on electoral issues on political issues it is of vitality it is of Vital importance that people know it well Because these people in left of the left says the main project is to get the poor out of poverty everything else democracy is true are these bourgeois whims what do you think of that I think that the main function of each The government of each place on the planet should be to keep its citizens alive, not allow them to be killed every day and have massages.
I think that the main value of this world is to be alive, if you are not alive, you cannot make me poor or rich or what makes the middle or lower class First you have to breathe and after breathing Then you can talk about social projects of how to do better then the political currents depend one way or another but the most important thing is to be alive to have a country with people alive and of course, a country of clandestine graves, security is truly what you are doing now and not only I would say security and truth, we are security for example and poverty unfortunately in this country who is hit the most by insecurity who teaches the most is with the most vulnerable classes economically speaking is with the most vulnerable classes socially educationally speaking I have seen it I am not sitting at a desk counting numbers I am a journalist who has been to drug-trafficking territories, who has been to different places in Mexico, who has seen different realities, and I can categorically tell you that there is no more heinous, more violent crime that more damages the roots of our country than the one committed with more vulnerable classes that have, of course, fewer instruments to avoid violence fewer instruments to say no to drug trafficking fewer instruments to tell them not to consume drugs of cheap things that are now sold and that are so revered by our population So we are talking about what We are not only talking about the fact that the truth and and and and will make us has to do with the issue of security, it also has to do with the issue of the most vulnerable people, and security has to do directly on May 3, 2011, you denounced on national television in the Canal del Congreso that the then secretary of security, the then secretary of public security, Genaro García Luna, had against The exact words you used were I want to denounce from this Tribune that the Federal Public Security Secretary Genaro García Luna and his team continue with the order given to kill me, well, what did you have to do immediately after you This one from the Canal del Congreso, well, Sabina, I had already filed a complaint with the Federal District Attorney's Office for these threats, for these, for this plan to assassinate me at that time, the National Commission for the right to pardon, the National Human Rights Commission also did I raised one that before them and made the pertinent decisions and Well really since then since December 2010 even before having made this complaint in Congress because my life is in this circumstance where these corrupt officials many of whom are still entrenched in the Government Federal and in different local governments because they continue to have having enough power to hurt me and my family and worst of all that they feel enough power to continue harming Mexico and Well, at that moment when I presented all these reports I began to write about García Luna since I was seven I published the book says the president in 2008 I followed his patrimonial evolution very punctually was the first journalist who wrote that this group of narco police officers headed by García Luna I remember virulent reactions a bit like what we see like what we see now it is better not to attend to those these violent reactions but rather continue with the line of search Anabel from time to time I'm going to do that to you because you have a long breath as a journalistic narrator and so I want to divert you from the story you already have to ask you some specific questions you are affirming Neither more nor less than García Luna who is locked up in the United States with charges that we still do not know but must be very serious and they must be quite well proven for him to be there, he currently has Loyal people in the country's security agencies who could avenge him, what you are saying is correct and he knows it, that is why they took the author of the torture and the infamy that occurred in Iguala for having hidden the truth is why he is a fugitive because all his friends who are part of Genaro García Luna's group are in the attorney general's office and are, for example, in areas of various states of the republic For example, in the Federal District, police officer Claudia is a man who is part of this criminal group of police officers, the model grew up there, the security secretary knows it. that he had to have passed in the Federal Police in the polygraph they discovered that he had lied and that he had relations with organized crime are the exams the publi what was the news of course then García Luna can't say Calderón didn't know the documents were published today Claudia can't say I didn't realize they can't say but they can say Anabel Hernández is lying and has her own interests let me ask you the security secretary The current one is actively protecting this group and let me understand what its motivation would be.
Well, I'm not talking about the Federal public security secretary, I'm not talking about her, I'm talking directly about the Federal District's public security secretary, who doesn't depend, as you well know. from the Federal Secretariat the secretary of public security of the Federal District of Citizen Security as it is called Now he was nominated by Claudiana herself Manuel does not depend on the new secretary because Claudia shein would protect him that is a good question to ask her speculate a little so that we understand these levels of insecurity in the very sensitive country I would speculate about these things and if I had an answer I would give it to you I don't have a class I'm looking for I'm looking for you but I still don't have a certainty to be able to answer and what are your own interests who do you work for Anabel Hernández don't answer me now come on to a cut and back protests please every time you put out a news where you hit you reveal something uncomfortable for an authority You know there is going to be this scandal on social networks social networks what I really want is number one and that is my main purpose that the government knows that the government of any political party knows that things are known that there are no perfect secrets and that they better think about what they are doing because things are known Anabel Hernández for whom you work you really want to know work for two important entities for Mexico because it's really there my soul is there My roots and I would do whatever is in my hands and in the hands of a context legal to be able to contribute to making my country a better country and I work for nothing Hernández Because if I didn't do this Because if I didn't look for the truth it wouldn't be me I'd like to betray me Anabel you publish for dolcebelle now and you're on Carmen's program Aristegui, in what other media do you work?
I don't work; I work as a freelancer since 2012, when I resigned from reporting indigo. I dedicated myself to doing freelance work, I started collaborating externally for Proceso magazine and for reform, and I have published articles on El Limón de guardia in the Republic of a newspaper in Italy in print another newspaper in Italy published articles in a non-governmental organization called Libra the anti-mafia organization that works all over the world I have published Well now when I chevela constantly every week I publish with Carmen Aristegui also got to publish my articles, my investigative reports with Aristegui Noticias public in public, for example, which is an independent media outlet created in Brazil by a group of journalists It has a great deal with the greenwald reality Because it owns its own media outlet and has adiffusionglobal is not his it is not his medium it is a small internet called public one of the founders was one of the women closest to Juliana Sánchez an incredible journalist named Natalia Vial every time you put out a story where you hit you reveal something uncomfortable for an authority You know that there is going to be this scandal on social networks that wouldn't have worried you It's not true I'm not looking for a scandal honestly I don't know how to tell you I wish all things were taken calmer and more thoughtful no less violent with less stomach and more wanting to understand with less dogma from some sides and from others the issue that we are in a very divided country where the extremes do not reflect well and where I think that the people who reflect prefer to abstract from this sterile debate I do not I want to generate a stereo debate I don't want to generate I don't want to set the networks on fire I don't even have social networks but I don't want to set the social networks on fire I what what I would really like it is number one and that is my main deposit that the government knows that the government of any political party knows that things are known that there are no perfect secrets and that they better think about what they are doing because things are known García Luna would never have imagined that I was going to publish that information, I would never have imagined that the consequences of that information would have been that the United States government would open an investigation and that it will take 10 years to investigate it, never imagined because they felt absolutely unpunished that one day they would be after the bars of a New York prison Well my message to the authorities is everything is known everyone knows a question do you know of a really powerful politician who has no secrets I believe that all people have secrets But well secrets without confessions, that is, secrets where they are breaking the law to begin with in the mexican context i make it less theoretical and closer to home in content xto Mexico can be governed without violating the law of course of course I can tell you I am looking for some and some even from this government that are really people and from other governments because you cannot generalize in any case in any case I do think that there are people that there are very dignified people who do their work with a lot of passion and with a lot of dignity, you can tell yourself we can continue doing what I believe.
It is that we Mexicans have to supervise the authorities more, we have to be more in the eye of Lama, being more attentive, more skeptical, more aware of our role as a society, our rum as a society, as a community, is not applauding our role as a community, once the people have already gone to the selections and voted as the majority and democratically wanted, their second step is not return home and no longer care what happens The second step and that is the issue democracy is tiring to achieve and maintain it is an effort It is difficult not for them who are in power but for us as citizens to be watching them and I do believe that under citizen observation under supervision under the demand for account management sooner or later we have found a good government or even A government that is not perfect but that understands that its job is to serve and deliver results and not speeches or television speeches or speeches of promises or things that do not make sense because they do not land How clever is the strategy of polarizing the population on the left and right, the way that the citizen forgets about that surveillance of which you speak, it is said that he is the master who watches, he forgets and becomes the cheerleader of the right or of the left and renounces surveillance and much more to know the true but you know what is the most perverse part of what is happening Sabina and well we were not born yesterday we have seen a lot in the course of the last decades no especially as professionals but I do see a stridency and a division like never before and I think that the worst of all is that, for example, a person like Andrés Manuel López Obrador or the followers of Andrés Manuel López Obrador do not think that this stridency to whom It benefits the others who were removed from power the most because who benefits the most from these adjectives these offenses these are not we are here and you are there the others are bad Because they give you a pretext for division because the president does not talk about us as a society as a community Why qualify citizens?
Excuse me, all citizens are worth We are worth Exactly the same We are not worth Exactly the same not because of the economic situation in which we live but because of our birth certificate of being Mexican but the strategy is to keep us galvanized and the right, I think you are right, the right is the one that benefits the most because currently the right does not even narrate Country VAT has but it can be daily daily daily against against against against and what we forget is that it is in our interest to know the truth power Now I ask you one thing however we always talk about power we always talk about executive power We are rarely monitoring the other powers, much less the powers that be, the economic power.
We never reviewed until this six-year term. We began to review these autonomous agencies that we considered pristine clean, this Santas, basically because there weren't any, no one had investigated them. Would you disagree? Which ones? For example, I believe that the INE must be investigated. I think it is very good that Mexicans were investigated against corruption. I think that all those trusts that were closed must be investigated. I do not agree that the trusts have been closed. but I do believe that there was internal corruption. I think that what I would have liked is for them to investigate and expose themselves all the corruption that there was and they continued to function without corruption I believe that absolutely and you are right I do think that any entity that is in the public sphere is a means of communication if an institution has to be subject to an investigation on the subject They are the reasons for that investigation and the topic.
It's OK, you want to Investigate a good investigator at home, start you want to investigate Investigate Investigate everything, don't investigate just one part, which is also the part that you are attacking tomorrow afternoon and night, like the Federal Government, Investigate all For example, I would love to see an in-depth investigation of the governor-elect of Sinaloa Rubén Rocha Moya Ok, surely if there is someone who has documented it and has talked about it, former governors of Sinaloa, former governors of Tamaulipas, involved with the arc, it was me, there they are. my books end of party in the pines 2006 Mexico is on fire the drug lords are there the traitor is where there is so many names of businessmen etcetera etcetera, well, in which everyone is investigated that the president wants to clean house, it seems good to me.
I think that every time one is in the public environment, they are subject to this type of thing, the issue is the reason and that you have to investigate evenly it is not worth seeing only from one side and then being a port from the other That is not possible that does not smell good It does not look good it does not have It does not have does not give a democratic and equitable vision Anabel you started reporting on the street later this you became famous for the first time this when And you take a report on the towels of Vicente Fox and Marta Sahagún and of these expenses in their Cabaña presiding royal which were neither more nor less than 440 thousand dollars they spent on towels and decorating this the small cabins How do you travel to investigate the cost of towels to investigate the drug trafficker?
Can you tell us that moment when you cross from the towels to the drug trafficker? Well, I would tell you that it was in 2005 and 2006 in 2005 to do a report of alleged child slavery It is the first time that I have traveled to the golden triangle, it is this place where the State of Sinaloa Chihuahua and Durango concludes, where the largest heroin production in this country is there and where the capital was where the heart is the place of influence Sinaloa of the Sinaloa Cartel I really didn't know anything I wasn't a priista from Nota Roja or anything like that I go do the report what I discover is that more than child slavery there the male children from the age of six seven as well as the children in the states of the republic they go with their parents to sow and and and and and and and and collect beans or tomatoes because there what they do is sow and collect because marijuana find the poppy No And there they maintain that for a long time many years one of these children practically illiterate because unfortunately they are forced to cut short their education year after year they never go past the second third of primary school because they always leave halfway through the year to go with his parents to the illegal fields one of these kids a long time ago was Joaquín Guzmán Loera El Chapo Guzmán and I asked myself At that moment at that moment the 20 fell on me and how did he manage to make one of being a illiterate from being one of these kids that I am seeing at this moment make the super field of drugs that the American government says the Mexican government says a mastermind one who played himself And how did he do it and well how did he do it was that I got to investigate the links between the government between politics between the military between the police and letters from Sinaloa because Chapo Guzmán Sinaloa are simply the faces they are the most palpable evidence of this cancer of corruption that we have in the country it is the most dangerous job in the world that of to investigate the drug trafficker if you also become a known face for the other drug traffickers it must be the most and yet also because you are a known face for the drug traffickers they have approached you to offer you information mation one of the cases is the one that led to your last book The traitor whose protagonist grip is the son and place Lieutenant of the biggest boss on the planet El Mayo Zambada your book captivated me first because it forces us to tell the last 10 years not of that of drug trafficking in Mexico but of Mexican politics in another way and for another reason because you affirm that El Mayo Zambada is the greatest boss in the history of the world, can you describe to us in a paragraph why he is the greatest boss in the history of the world zambadas drug trafficker who has been in this criminal activity for more than half a century and has never set foot in jail and has been so smart to stop allying himself with various parts of the Mexican government and even allying himself with parts of the United States government that today his empire that It was born in the city of Los Angeles and Culiacán, these two fundamental cities where the matrix from which the Sinaloa cartel is born is now extended in 60% of the planet, well, not even Amazon would have been able to do so effectively and generating so many millions and millions and millions of dollars counting authorities inside and outside of Mexico, of course it is a very powerful name and the challenge that the Mexican government has and the one that comes is very big, that is why it is saying that Thanks to the drug traffickers who behaved who behaved well in the elections, to be tolerating these criminal activities, not fighting them at the same time as offering social programs, both things have to be done in parallel, otherwise one cannot let their organizations grow in this way. criminals we already have what happened with the Sinaloa cartel and what is happening with other organizations.
So I want to ask you if there isn't a possibility of peace in Mexico even if they lynch us in the networks In the pact with the drug traffickers But I ask you around a cut Leave you with whom you make peace you know how you make peace How do you know what when you sit with a criminal group like the government or as an authority what is on the negotiating table such as What are human beings are Mexicans is the population every time you want to make a pact with the Mafia with drug trafficking with the drug traffickers you are negotiating people's lives you are allowing the power vacuum so that Ok you are an empathic pact power I am a legal power we unite and control the territory And who lives in that territory Anabel Hernández in Mexico we have tried everything in the fight against drug trafficking and we do not have public forces that are not corrupt This is the main reason why we do not prosper In that sense You don't think there is another way out a way out of an agreed peace something similar to what they have done in South America with the terrorists You don't think it's what is ultimately best for us to know On this topic I do and I feel with you I don't think that actually in Mexico, at least since the 1970s, no one has ever really tried to combat organized crime, not even from its roots.
I have never seen an authority, I have had access to criminal files, I have spoken with drug traffickers, I have spoken with former military police officers, there has never been such a fight, there has always been one or another way this feint this end your interest this false interest in wanting to stop the drug cartels this utopia this Mirage this Oasis in the desert that I know it's just an imagination not not to think that controlling the taming them This is going to allow and the those dead are not false Who are the dead in this pantomime the dead are Victims of that pantomime because without that pantomime we would have a different country what we are living today is precisely the fruit of that contaminated tree what we are living Today is the rotten fruit of that negotiation tree where there have always been portfolios full of millions of dollars who says it's like when Fox or when or when m e a short time ago when Calderón was supposedly wanting to fight drug trafficking well they said yes but underneath they received their good their good bribes they had their ties to thesecriminal organizations we are talking about that the problem has been this the problem is wanting to try first to try to have a dog with rabies and think that with a little hug with a little kiss with some good croquettes this dog is going to end the rabies this dog you have to cure it and you have to send it treatment or you have to put it down But you can't think that just with a hug or with good intentions Well, the dog will be cured of rabies, what I mean is perfecting the negotiation if it has been a false negotiation where They end up having many deaths, many collateral casualties, because they don't say, they know that you continue to process your drugs to the north and receive them from the south, but don't kill, don't kidnap, don't traffic in human beings, last question on this topic, you don't see it as feasible since now President Andrés Manuel López Obrador came to power He was the proposal that he made I am a transition after he won the elections this proposal open I don't know why people are so scared Now when I mentioned it in my articles there are dozens of news articles published on the subject and why it didn't happen because they didn't take the president at his word no yes it did happen they already tried it is a very complex story that if you allow me to establish try to summarize it as best as possible since 2019 I began to listen with the first time I heard the story of a man named Ricardo Peralta who at that time was undersecretary of the interior has one was one of the people closest to Olga Sánchez Cordero Ricardo Peralta had been responsible for customs and in the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador and later they change him to accept the governorship already in customs I have spoken with direct witnesses he already had a series of accusations of corruption of bribery that he had received, etc., etc., they change him to the Secretary of the Interior and he himself begins to comment and talk that since Tamaulipas already Juan Mic hoacán who already met with El Mayo because he was, as he called himself, the representative of the 4t to negotiate peace with the drug traffickers, offer them good that they respect each other's territory once again, as the six-year terms of the PRI of that time occurred They told them this, well, that magic in power existed, well, listen, a little in that one in that same style, not wanting to do well, each one their territory, each one their business, but please, no more violence, no more kidnappings, let's try to tone this down, etc., etc.
This is what this man was saying. Finally, I have been able to corroborate with people directly from the Morena government that this man did indeed have this condition suddenly. This man Ricardo Peralta leaves the government in 2020. investigation against him I don't remember if he was from the financial intelligence unit But there was an investigation of another curi Daringly I thought Well, surely, they already caught him and maybe he was, I understand, maybe he was posing as a negotiator of the 4t, well, nothing more to unite with the drug traffickers and God knows why his intentions, the strangest thing of all is that when Ricardo Peralta Secretary Sánchez Cordero leaves the governor's office, the secretary of the governor's office makes press releases thanking Ricardo Peralta for his great services to the nation, that is, what you are saying is that we have lived in a pact with the drug traffickers and we are going to a second phase What I spoke about this pact was that there was this person saying and holding meetings.
In other words, you are not sure, obviously seeing a pact Well, tell me what pact they reached, no pact Because if there had been an effective pact Exactly Then the violence would have decreased So obviously these attempts did not work and I repeat because they did not work nor will they work because that is what I tell you that this Mirage in Mexico today will not It is the Mexico of Carlos Salinas Where there were few criminal groups in Mexico today besides a series of drug cartels even more the number more criminal groups even that I miss them of Felipe Calderón by atomizing and dividing these drug cartels created new organizations mental and we consider that we have some 8-10 more or less large criminal organizations in the national territory coupled with this we have dozens of small criminal organizations that are the ones that generally generate the daily violence that suffers so much again we were talking mainly the most unprotected and vulnerable class economically and and and educationally speaking roughly speaking then the problem is how you feel to make peace with all these criminals who do you make peace with Yes of course Leave you with whom you make peace you know how you make peace How do you know what when you feel with a criminal group like government as authority what is on the negotiating table like What are human beings are Mexicans is the population every time you want to make a pact with the Mafia with drug trafficking with the Marcos you are negotiating people's lives you are allowing a power vacuum so that Ok you are a pact power and factual I am a legal power we unite and control the territory And who lives in that territory dead who lives in that territory birds who lives in that territory human beings who want these people to practice more drugs who consume drugs ducks elephants giraffes cats dogs consume them human beings is every time a negotiation you are talking about negotiating the lives of millions of people How do you stay up to date with your information about Mexico how do you investigate I constantly travel to Mexico I travel daily and I have my own communication channels of communication with sources of information and Anabel What do you do with fear every time I am afraid because of course I am and my children think and well I'm also one I'm also a daughter I'm a sister I'm a friend I think of the people I love I'm afraid every time I think of my fear every time I think maybe it doesn't make sense to continue I'm tired I thought these things They were going to improve now with the last presidential election.
I realize that they weren't and I thought there I am going again to this crossroads because I already know the path and I know that it will be a difficult path but later I think when I go to Mexico he has already talked to people I talk to the victims I talk to the people who suffer this violence on a daily basis this misrule this chaos this criminal system in Mexico that repeats itself over and over again changes faces the protagonists change their names they change their masks but they always remain the same always remain the same corrupt system and criminal system that prevails until today in Mexico until now has not really changed anything substantively sometimes ca The courses change, sometimes the forms change But substantively in the daily life of people nothing really transcendental has changed and when I think about the fear of these people I think that my fear that my fear matters to me And again I ask you, do you think that the truth improves us makes us freer makes us more loving the truth I think that the truth should help us make better daily decisions in the medium and long term that I am convinced of that I think that it does work I have seen with my different investigations that I have done over many years I saw it when I published the information on how Marta Sahagún and her children enriched themselves I have seen it in different examples and I do think that it works sometimes it is more effective sometimes it is more less effective it always depends on the citizen it is not us journalists who per se can change something we put the information on the table and it always depends on the citizens Whatever they want to do with that information, what they can't say later is I didn't know and for me that's very important because when people don't have access to the information and then reality hits you like a bucket of cold water, they say I didn't know.
Why didn't I know where the media in my country were where the journalists were where the Human Rights defenders were? Why didn't they tell me at least when one puts this information on the table, people won't be able to say I didn't know, they could say I made my decisions freely wrongly not wrongly but they can't say I'm not and until when Anabel have you suddenly thought of making a professional turn You don't get tired you say I thought this was going to be fixed I thought this was going to improve and it hasn't Changed, maybe we are in a more violent moment in Mexico than before.
You have your red line. I thought Sabina had it. Some 11 policemen entered my house to kill me I was not there but they intimidated my and beat him they intimidated my neighbors they ransacked my house looking for documents etc. etc. for me after I found out that the daughter of one of my six-year-old neighbors, the girl pointed a gun at her head so that her father would tell me which was my house. I really understood that I had become a danger to others. So that was very, very painful. from Mexico in a planned way to go see him and start another route for journalists being a journalist but dealing with the press When I took that plane in August 2014 I remember looking at Mexico City when the plane is taking off and you see the city that is kissing and I I thought I'm not going back I'm not going to reach I'm not going back at least in a year I'm not going to step foot in this place I need to heal I need my family to heal In berkley what did you think it would be to be a cultural journalist What kind of journalism could you imagine me doing I won a scholarship there in Berlin I competed with different journalists from different parts of the world with a research project and my research project was about a company that El Mayo Zambada has that Mayo Zambada's family has in Los Angeles, California and you were thinking about my research there and not going back to Mexico to stay connected in one way or another because that's my heart, I'm worried about what's happening and I thought Well, at least from here without going back there you can do other things and well that project was canceled I would ask you for universities after what happened with the students please let me check they said it's not very dangerous you see it's for you to be here well heaven Los Angeles I can say like that but no You can go there, that's not why we don't have the scholarship, I said, Well, if you don't give me the scholarship, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for me, I will return to Mexico for Because I can't turn the other part when you realize what happened there Sabina when you see the faces of the mothers and fathers of three you can't just Australia and dedicate to cattle ranching or really Anabel I wonder I wonder when you are going to be able to officially return to Mexico, you have a scheduled date so officially to live in Mexico I do not have a scheduled date I know that I am going to return and from a distance with my tiny insignificant grain of sand I try to change and try to improve a country to generate the conditions not only to return to Mexico but also to return to information.
That is what I would like for myself for my children Anabel Hernández, as always, this is a pleasure and an honor to speak with you, thank you very much for this conversation, on the contrary. Thank you very much See you later thank you And you friends thank you very much for your attention and see you next Thursday for another long-winded conversation

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