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Lara Trump vows ‘every single penny’ of RNC funds will go to Trump

Apr 12, 2024
Alright, Donald Trump was in court again today as part of his criminal case in New York and because, frankly, it's almost impossible to keep track of, here's the case about the criminal election interference conspiracy that Trump participated in to be elected for the first time. In 2016, he had an extramarital affair with an adult film actress, Stormy Daniels, while his third wife was at home with their newborn son and then bribed Daniels with $130,000 to keep quiet just before the election, when was recovering from As a result of the Access Hollywood tape, Trump now faces 34 criminal charges in New York Court.
lara trump vows every single penny of rnc funds will go to trump
His trial


begin in just over a month, on March 25, and as we know, that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his legal situation. WS I mean, I don't think it's an exaggerated statement to say that there isn't a


person on the planet right now who is possibly under more legal pressure than this man. One of the things we're seeing develop is that his approach to all of this is an endless delay, a delay, a delay and that can actually be a pretty effective and serious legal strategy. There is a reason why most criminal defendants and litigants do not pursue it.
lara trump vows every single penny of rnc funds will go to trump

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lara trump vows every single penny of rnc funds will go to trump...

All this. Lawyering costs a surprising amount of money. Think about this right now. Trump. pays attorneys in Stormy Daniels' criminal trial in New York and civil fraud trial in New York state, which threatens the Trump organization with the corporate death penalty, as well as in her second civil fraud trial in New York York, in which he was found liable for defamation. EEG writer Carol is not on trial for civil fraud Civil trial responsible for defaming writer egene Carrol for the second time after a previous civil trial where he was also found responsible for sexually abusing her the former president must now pay him $83 million a verdict who has pledged to appeal but is unlikely to prevail that's just a bucket okay the former president is also paying lawyers in special counsel Jack Smith's 2020 federal election interference case and not just for the case , you already know the trial case, but your subsequent appeal. road to the Supreme Court to have him thrown out on false immunity grounds, not only because he has lawyers defending him in the Colorado case, remember he is the one trying to disqualify him from the ballot under section three of the 14th Amendment , but is also appealing. that his lawyers just argued before the Supreme Court is expensive lawyering, then there's the other Jack Smith federal criminal case that comes out of remembering this basically brazen theft of classified documents by Trump and the other election interference case, the racketeering charges in Fton County, Georgia, and ser It is clear that there is likely some overlap in these cases, but we don't know exactly how many attorneys are currently representing the former president.
lara trump vows every single penny of rnc funds will go to trump
We know that there are many and that there are many billable hours that cost a lot of money. In fact, last year alone Trump spent over $52 million on legal fees alone, according to one analysis, now we know we know this because Trump isn't actually footing the bill himself; He has been raising huge amounts of money through his crowdsourced fundraising apparatus. of legal slush


from basically America's devoted magga grandparents, but at some point that well


run dry and at the worst time too because if you think Trump has expensive fees now, just wait until these criminal cases actually go to trial . think about the blower bill, fortunately for Trump he has found the perfect entity to take over and use for legal fundraising and that is one of the two major parties in America, the Republican National Committee, it is possible that Have you seen the recent news that, despite being shamefully and ethically degrading to Donald Trump, Rona Romney McDaniel is set to be effectively ousted from her position as head of the RNC.
lara trump vows every single penny of rnc funds will go to trump
She looks set to be replaced by some staunch Trump loyalists, including her longtime supporter Michael Watley, currently the North's boss. Carolina GOP Chris Levita, a former GOP operative who is currently second in command of the Trump campaign, and Trump's own daughter-in-law and former Fox News pundit Lara Trump are in no way hiding what the acquisition if I am chosen for this. position, I can assure you that there will no longer be $70,000 or any exorbitant amount of money that was spent on flowers,



will go to the RNC's number one and only job which is electing Donald J.
Trump as President of the United States. It indicates that the RNC's only job is to elect Donald T. Trump as president of the United States. There you have it straight from the woman named Trump who is about to co-chair the committee that the RNC is about to go Republican and she only mentions funding


thing donated. money to pay for Trump trials across the country instead of the election and everyone knows it, as cited in political reports. I love this phrase. Several top Republican officials are concerned that Donald Trump's long-awaited takeover of the RNC will finally pave the way for the committee to cover once again. his legal bills join him now, someone who knows a thing or two about this former chairman of the Republican National Committee, Michael Steel, host of the new show on the weekend with my friend Alis Menendez and Simone Sanders, it's Saturday and Sunday in the morning right here on MSNBC and it's great viewing.
Are you here Micha, you guys are doing a great job? I love it. They appreciate it. Okay, so I understand that you've already paid a lot of your bills in the past, but you made some sort of distinction between what you would do. and he wouldn't pay basically and we basically think we're not going to pay your personal legal bills, we're going to pay for the things that you were doing when you were the but it seems like if he controls the committee, yeah, he can make you pay for anything, well, look first. I was broke just listening to you describe all their legal problems, that's a lot, number one, number two, you know, the past is prologue and you saw how they handled it.
As these cases and other issues arose during their four years, how the RNC was used financially, where the resources were going and how it impacted, honestly, that's why they didn't win elections in some critical states, because they didn't. I have the resources to put on the ground um because those resources were largely diverted so here we are now so here's the play if I want to take something on what I do I clean up the leadership yeah so I remove the national president and I put, you know, a sycophant, a loyalist who primarily and fundamentally agrees that the election, the last election, was stolen.
Yeah, put a pen on that, it's important because if he gets re-elected correctly, that means he now has some of the foundation that he needs. We will have to make claims to relitigate the 2020 election, but we can talk about that another time. The second thing is that then you put the people close to you, your family members and close allies and associates like Lavat and Sav, and put them. in charge of the day to day operations that's where the money comes in that's where the core game really comes into play it materializes for him dollars in out the door in other forms and fads to pay those bills as they go come do it and that, as Politico and other sources point out, is a real problem going forward.
You know, the comparison I was making, there's a great episode of The Sopranos called "The Break," where a guy who runs a sporting goods store goes into debt with Tony. The Soprano gang from a poker game and when he's in too deep they take over his sporting goods store and basically strip it there, yeah, they take all the stuff and start billing, uh, uh, plane tickets into the accounts Well, they let him go to collections and the guy. I mean, it's basically a shell right there like it's the value and I keep thinking about the breakup.
I think this is the RNC man and they are going to get their hands on him and he needs a lot of money. to maintain this legal situation and you've already seen some of the impacts that come with this Chris because what did the RNC report at the end of 2023? $8 million in cash available from the Bank as one of the two major national parties in the United States enters a presidential cycle, $8 million, now the reality is that number is fine if you just came out of an election cycle in which You have had to spend a lot of money, but that is not the case, it is 2023, 2023 and not only is that number 8 dollars. million that you have in January coming out of cycle 22, not in December, just a year after that cycle ends, so you're already seeing some internal problems with the ability to raise money and now you're going to combine that, whatever . what you make rise is already accounted for for Trump

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