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Lady Gaga meets Eastenders' June Brown | The Graham Norton Show - BBC

Jun 10, 2024
Well all Lady Gaga fans. There's another one in the building. Yes, since 1985, this


has been part of everyone's family as she focuses on cotton. Please welcome two unique ones. Blaugh. Lovely, oh my god, is this person? I need cigarettes. Fabulous. My legs are so amazing. Look, I have to get over it. Watch Julie take off your coat. Oh Oh June Brown Are you familiar Lady Gaga with these offers? No, don't say yes, Donny, if you're not, you're not and I don't blame you. I am. In fact, I'm a big fan of yours, just don't watch too much TV.
lady gaga meets eastenders june brown the graham norton show   bbc
No, I don't see Amy. You are so fabulously dressed and I feel very honored to be able to sit. Well, you see, I had to do it because I have a friend and I'm staying with a couple of guys tonight. Oh yeah. You know it, you know it. What are you asking me? Penguin stuff sometimes, right, darling? You have to be very good at navigating questions that you don't want to rush. Should I take your chair? Hey, hey, Lady Gaga is like June wrote a book about her life. It is called before. the point of the year is not like that.
lady gaga meets eastenders june brown the graham norton show   bbc

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lady gaga meets eastenders june brown the graham norton show bbc...

Well, you know when I saw bits of it in something or another. I couldn't stand it and haven't read it. I wrote it, but I haven't read it. It's hard to look at yourself or read yourself because you have to rewrite yourself to see. I do not have a computer. Except for this, I had to use this and I went back 82 years, see? Yes I know. Oh, you don't believe in orders. No I dont think so. I'm three months and three years old, what about you? A new pop I want to know I want to know what a nerd I'm pretty healthy you're fine These guys you see, I mean dough, he really thinks you're something and it's the idea that you and me together was wonderful to him like all those crazy people that they do those things when you're watching it So that's what he said So I thought well we had left and of course, you dear and we were in the cinemas, facing each other, window yes, we were and but you There was so much line of ladies around your theater to see Hamlet performed, you see, I didn't join the queue.
lady gaga meets eastenders june brown the graham norton show   bbc
I did not do it. That they were not stars. Very good. They were too. You are a null coward. We weren't colleges I'm going to. Yes, Jun Jie, I'm so sorry. I'm Eric. This is a promotional opportunity. We should really mention the book. People will get angry. They'll be mad if we don't mention the book. I know you won't, but there are people in the back. Drop me and the excitement will probably go away afterwards. Just before you started EastEnders, so no, I couldn't do it for that long. You see, my life is a priest. Isn't it before the air? period means a long time ago, and I have to explain it to you: don't look at your


with the pearl earring right here, yeah, I just had a massage.
lady gaga meets eastenders june brown the graham norton show   bbc
I think I remember Sarah. My mother always did that. She used to look like this, she used to say. But you see, I lost 20 pounds writing this book, you're kidding. I'm not kidding, look, you see this dress, yeah. Well, it used to fit me well, see. Wow, I know and I can't afford to lose it if you could see me under this dress. Yes, it's not a pretty sight. Well done. I think isn't it designed to be very secure? He's making it tight on your hat, for God's sake. Go a little further, it looks pretty good.
Sorry crime, is this happening or have I been taking drugs? Is it true, you're really done, Lady Gaga, so yeah? It is in charge of Nurse Johnson. I'm a little thin I'm gone forever Remember your fabulous episodes, okay, I'll give you that Sit on your knees So as not to waver, help Be careful, I didn't split that episode of Solo and, quite rightly, I was nominated for a BAFTA , Yeah. Yeah, I wish I had that one, you should have gotten it, but now your family did really well on their birthday. Oh yeah, we just make fun of it, what's the best we can do, right?
But they made you a nice consolation. I have a BAFTA, yes? And you boiled in this is the prize the family made for June. Now tell us the things it contains. No, no, Cigarette, why do you love cigarettes? And this is this. It's my granddaughter Hannah. We put it on. It seems as if. It's gotten a little quirky, darling. He usually has his own and sometimes he makes mistakes. You can have a better cigarette if you want and that's one of those things you put in malts. She is the sign, and in fact they have put it up.
In the EastEnders closet along with all the other Baptists, the right one, are fake. I know it very well. You will take a bath; They will tell you that you have to have the opportunity to bathe too. York Times aside. It is not like this? That is, if I said like tomato juice. I will not have AB after being in the research world. Sorry, I'm just congratulating you on having a quiet moment now. I feel bad because I'm going to have to separate the two of them. This is bad again. Yeah, you have to go and you have to go and add this back.
No, we will not change your clothing. Yeah sure, its OK. You've been using that for minutes. First of all, do what you want with your body, I don't advise you to tell that to everyone. To explain the meaning of this song, just let yourself understand who she is. what do you know? The public can really scrutinize and harass artists and my point is that if you are going to harass artists, this is the death of entertainment. It's the death of


biz, so it's my way of expressing my power, but you can't have my heart or my mind.
So do whatever you want with my body, that was the meaning behind it. ? Just so you know, you know a smart girl. You know, my boyfriend is very sexy and he can do anything.

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