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May 05, 2020
I am at the table, sir, I am already answering since I am alive answering the questions that you ask to interact a little more with the fans because the gentlemen had vacations but they said vacations, mothers, we are professionals, not in Chile and they came to record some spots and I knew that was the mother He told us that via Shanghai they have their whatsapp group singh and well we are going to do the following via twitter they are going to use the hashtag the meeting table is already responding and you can ask your questions it doesn't matter if they are very personal it doesn't matter if they are very stupid this panel on is going to answer each and every one of those questions so we start like this and he is asked what the limit is and he says good luck what is the limit to put up with ridicule where they say here they have already gone too far to launch I think so which one That would be your limit, no, I mean there is nothing that could offend me so much with the parasite now, but if I want it to do anything to it, I think that the accumulation is what it is for you, even what has happened right now, I think it is useful now, time is a serious question.
la mesa responde
I'm not thinking about screwing it up, as there are referees who say, for example, Messi was kicked by Czech, then he struck out and then Frank, then the next guy who hits him is bothered by it, so he repeatedly fouls out, so if, for example, Bush, then me, and then Cristian has a problem with you. mother realizes how only a mother has realized how three mother fairies realizes how a way although the alps that I threw myself against you three in a row now you shit it feels strange for example one can be the other's play the other can command You can see a perfect team, Mr.
la mesa responde

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Woods, for which it is a limit, I think that also, just as he struck out, I have no limit with my carnal ones messing with me, but if someone with whom I do not trust gets along, he immediately pisses me off, we are basically abusers, Cristian Meza, I know that Your mom hurts a lot and you don't get along with that thing that you don't get along with anymore you know I don't know why the microphone we are so like I would like to come in why because it's very clear I just want to I'm laughing but if you You have a mother, she is not knowing the door that today is yours, yes, it's the mont lawsuit that suddenly the mother is saying to me, she says, a very good mother is coming to me, Ada, very good for the mother, and I say single, ass 1 x x for ass, that's nothing. and I think that another thing is that if they played a rat joke on me or something like that, if it's not good, it's like comeback jokes and the bad ones said that it's a bit of a bad joke and if I feel that way, one by one, I think that that and the clearly, as you say, it's very likely that if a stranger comes and says something to you, you want to hit him, or is it like that, or is it that you hit him like you, well, I already know that he's a comedian, I know that there's nothing worse, they finally understood or not, I think that to no one if it doesn't exist only our hearts our piece is hypothetical not all love to which a limit I think I know it I think that I probably have no limit like that car of a cheek I don't think there is a limit with the band maybe if it is someone unknown, there is no fart but immediately and if someone unknown wants to take me, then I take just as heavy, that is, if they throw a heavy car at me, I take with a heavy car and a heavy car for a heavy car, a heavy car squared 4x4, an improved 4x4 tractor, I think that with my wife who doesn't have a car or your wife doesn't have a car for the one she isn't for was enough for you someone don't tell me you are more than the wife because the mother is imaginary for some reason she wasn't there I'm going to include you apart of Don Quixote with his wife I'm going to put my children when it's something about my wife and my children I no longer breastfeed and physically the slapping for some reason is not good I don't like that picket very gay asses but I'm going to tell you In Morelos, it is very common for a nipple to be squeezed and that makes me very uncomfortable until the cameraman stops, but what it is or half the balls is, I don't have any fart, ask Mr.
la mesa responde
Poncho, come on, Emilio says via Twitter, because not anymore. uploaded to your channel because we haven't had a chance in November because 'we didn't leave the country and then in December the time came so the job closing and in January as my internet is so I'll tell you now if you say and it works for francos shirt what were you expecting then this one right now in mid-January we'll be back if they want thank you very much because memo weed is always ready dark there are theories I say that what I say is good something like how it is in reality Mr.
la mesa responde
Macario Witch as a person of speaking from Héctor Fernández alias Macario Brujo asks Lizbeth Franco what is it like to mark I think I speak for everyone Macario is the same Hector and Macario already Macario ate explosiveness victory there is no such thing as putting a point because with Macario he has surprised me a lot in many things that I He said, I mean, when Macario gets serious, like that, if we were to make the table, that is, without the desire to entertain, Makarios would say the things that he says, as he always has been, and about love, he says very cool things to you, but Well, we're not in front of the camera, it's not a person, it's a guy who listens to you, we know at least this time I'll be here, here we are, the truth is, you know what's happening to me, something very curious is happening that makes me believe that Franco always tells me things and Then mark, that Franco tells me, yes, the same thing that I had told you, but that phrase is not that Macario tries harder to explain, Franco is very suffering, quote, don't do it and you say because they and I like to do it and he tells you, look, it's that this can happen and now you finally understand and what's more is that it has happened with everything is that your betrayal hurt me and now he explained I agree with what Christian said ago it was that already but in the way in which there is bastard and of suddenly seven questions and I'm sick so it's better with someone who doesn't do this to me and out of respect but I think I've been lv because the same thing happens with my children with my wife from her rap because whoever approaches me when telling me about a problem I am very stupid and I understand it as if you are asking me for advice, you understand me, that is, if someone, although I know what he says to me, hey, look, I had a fight with Gus's mother because I don't know, I feel that he is not asking how I can talk about that problem.
So I stupidly give my opinion because the opinion is like the bottom line, you don't have to give it without being asked but you don't know what happens in the detail, which is not a problem, it is a detail that makes the difference, it is that you are too practical, it was something The problem is that this solution is that life is simple, it is not going to tell you what is happening that these bastards suddenly watch a lot of soap operas and they stick to the drama Mr. Cristian or table and improved Czech design I had to be with them in a depression very strong when we were in Aguascalientes and we met Guanajuato and then in both cases I told him, man, if I'm that man, behave like a man, go to Mars, go to work, and he screwed himself, and the two of them walk around like that, downcast, and then suddenly a guy comes.
Macario and tells them no, I'm a champion, what's happening is that life is simple and what you have to do is throw away 40 minutes of drama that I'm playing alone on the Xbox because the gentlemen are having their tea party, they're starting to comb their hair. each other and that's why we write practical but if suddenly thank you nice gifts for everyone all united new mothers you know that I have learned I have learned a lot of franks but at the moment you said it it hurt me a they were blows so you say because the things that What you have to do is that this has worked for me I tell you in a very personal way when I have had a problem I like to say what my problem is I don't know I get depressed because I am fat well you have two options either you stop being fat or you stop being depressed So I say, I'm going to spend a few days, I tell him nothing, it's not true, it's better that he accepted me as who I am, I love myself and at the same time what ink and the problem comes out, well, ask Mr.
Cristian Meza, he'll be here, says Alejandro, to read more, if he sent you a script for your program about the prince of the neighborhood, do you read it or do you just spam it? I don't know if it's like that, three notebooks and topics, I'm going to read it to you in the back, it's for me if it's not interesting, but I do see that it's summarized and what do I say to this one? This is interesting with great pleasure but try to send it to this way it happened well the email Cristian comedian and mind for my body meanwhile I am reading another question also for Cristian from José Alfredo via Twitter What do you think Cristian about the arrival of Jeremy Ménez to the French America, you know what, well, because it's cool, I wanted America, Chivas, and Cruz Azul, the whole band to reinforce themselves like this to have a competitive league, so badass, and to be the best in America, so that there is no discussion about his arrival.
She seems very good but don't take this the wrong way, I think she's not almost the same as a girl because Kenya was already playing for a French national team, that is, she was a starter, she came from a team that came from, the difference is that this one comes back, she comes from Turkey hui and comes from a drought both in scoring and in very cool teams, so the fart is that not like this the circumstances are not the same, so I was happy that America will be reinforced like this with so many good players but I think that the same circumstance did not arise.
I think that's where the question lies: comparing it with the production company, what do you think? Well, I like it a lot and I want everyone to be reinforced with Pumas blue, too. I want to see players like that respond in kind. in a practical way, Diego Velázquez says, like this in a turbo version, his worst presentation where the public did not generate a good reaction. You can present 15 days ago, two weeks ago, for a game, he recognizes us, it is a class c audience that tells him that this is what I choose very well. the words of the middle class for low-income adults were in my heart for the support of these people who are from the s class, again they were for ladies with children poor people children running the piñata the tamales and I how we are not moral at a private event Here in Monterrey it was a company that did not listen to any of the jokes and around minute 20 he approached the resources and human resources, the head of human resources took the microphone away from me and told everyone, gentlemen, you are not behaving and the My friend is in the back doing his job, let him do his job and then microphone mine.
Look, one like that happened to me, but do you remember that once you sold me a show in San Pedro that I told you to negotiate it yourself at 8 at 8 in this If so, tell him that he said that the Chinese women do have a contract for ladies because but the chipinque there and the bato I swear to take it they will think that Madrid but I know that I come from playing golf with the bathroom the legs and then he He gets in and if he had sweated and the bar or the bato opened his house to me like this, there were three of them from here from the bato and a place to chat and what's not here is and then there's the sound I say it's the day you and your boyfriend but here I'm not going to do the cat that happened so today she tells me I'll wait for you 40 minutes is good and I'll go down at nine what you had told me that there is a contract if it's bad two people three and then that's it I started to arrive like this and now you can go, I came with a note.
I think that in Mazatlán they kicked my self-esteem all the way because my muscles and they kicked it hook all my self-esteem and now it's happened to me, it's a little bit that no I mean, few and all of them laughed and were distracted, but I said enough, no, I didn't feel bad, I said it wasn't my problem because I'm the best comedian, so I said no, no, no, a joke, but one presentation that was very urgent was once we were in one. of these sports bars and the clash was scheduled to go before the game for the national team something much to go after the national team lost then the whole bar was in the worst of moods and come on make jokes they told us shut up at one of the beginnings die and select the football it was horrible it was I was able to endure about 20 minutes of between mentions and silences I remember in San Luis what is the name of the place where we regularly go to the cinematheques and in the cinematheque the cinemateca I remember what it was it was the last times I got on to open the show for you and that's why and that's why and I said to Czech and I don't know why there isn't anything yet or how to get my material out of everything that you told me, dude, well, no problem, use my jokes or use tools that you have already seen before, no, so I tell Czech to compare for letting me tell the bowling council and I agree with but they were nervous or it was I think it was the problem then I start to tell the joke or it goes down a long time, the shot closed, it was very painful and josé luís perfect boss says gabriel link football what is it that if it is akhmed if it is ahmed a little doll of the terrorist is creating compeán why are you so fat arjona fat hamas says objectively between cinematographic universes asks sergio gonzález which is better star wars or star trek in easy cinema is a franchise it is not a franchise it is a franchise I was reading there are precisely a few words from this one ah I missed the man from the mountains adal ramones george lucas he said here now after so much failure that it has become a franchise that He has dedicated fewer dollars, he is grateful and I believe that it is still not a franchise like Star Wars, no, well, these two pieces of news regarding the product, the better the Lord of the Rings', if it is a legendary fight between Star Trek and Star Wars, it is not among fans, but neta netas seen you I have seen little of it and it is never better than the fans numbering I have never felt like watching star trek la neta you leave and something that star trek produces more cult and more loyalty because those who are very fans They know a lot about Star Wars, Star Wars is already there, but those who are big fans of Star Trek speak Klingon, they live stable, it's very stupid, and he explained that when you learn, the connection of the signal of this language is given to them with their little finger open, and if I don't It's not that this is a panel on who thank you and this is please it's true what we're talking abouttalking about the group that we are in a little bit wants a group that Saura does not open for us there are some websites that sing in Spanish but at the same time that the building is there there is another that is spoken only in morder which is a variation of the ficco then they sing in that language he doesn't remember the name of the band if anyone knows so he can tell us but albertico macario who sent it man sorry via twitter hashtag the table you have to ask your question with the hashtag the meeting table already responds I invite you to be creative in your questions because many of them are not arriving.
Who was your best friend? You are bathing in your worst anecdote. Then let us drop everything you ever wanted to ask us. Today is the trip to the table. Ranía responds and says, "Man, sometimes they have beaten each other." between members of the good question I asked him to play bryant is a person we love very much but cristian and I agree that physically the most person we have met once in realistic waters we take the people there through a square will know from Aguascalientes they go from lion to lion, a very large warehouse they have and there is a fountain in the middle, so I jokingly tell Cristian I'll give you a thousand pesos and events to Bryant to the fountain and Cristian came up yesterday and carried him but with an ease but he does accounts about bryant and bryant tried as if he were back, not even this one and then we saw him as a short paquito and he said that he is super tough and he was in the boat and came out with a fractured knee. moral, don't mess with parkinson, he is the lame unfortunate I remember and you will also remember, said Bryant, oh, it's worth it without water, these galleries in Guadalajara are interviewing yours truly and he's good from the front because I'm very grateful to the people of Guadalajara because you get to your mother so no, I'm not talking to her. shout order and the rocks and those from the press conference turn to me and this play scanners when we have been very heavy going through the inside of the dressing room that are bryant and dry calquín on one side the two of them from a distance me me white is I don't know what it was that they did and one time in bryant's apartment that cristian had a beer and that was enough that morality was not telling a very funny anecdote that ends very tragic and we are here with me once upon the death of his mother behind law a tour in the north where we did fight rackets from the dead, I thought it was very nice if the most respected fighters continued because I didn't believe that I had just fought for the first time, daughter, well, I was there and if not only me, I was also the one who created a station when someone It's going very well on stage, I really like the fight in 2010, the golden hair, but on the other hand, we were in the Pan American Games and Bryan Daly told him that everything was going well because he's not happy to fight with words.
They've been rethinking their life. A reason outweighs their physical weakness with mental manipulation we were standing in line we are going to pay for what you have everything says you are very happy says luis francisco how much they weigh the annoyance of francos escamilla I don't know how much if they go or not number 115 I feel that the person dominates eye of good cubero your weight 115 I weigh I feel like it just happened to me before Jan only won 115 out of 100 greetings to Moreno but for a little bit so much what we are from the shoot any little thing more or less because they seem like my idiot because here it is forgive me, I had not read it "These are pure strange things," sweet Maria says, "because the lame person almost never goes to the table, he can't walk far on Monday.
He has his workshop every Monday, so for reasons of serious commitments he doesn't come. That's why he has simple bush software from Monday to Friday." I have a notary core, the little devil Macario, because they struggle to come because they don't live in Monterrey, they are asses to pay for the flight Franco Carlos Calderón. It is true that your father played, he is not pumas, he was in the basics and when he went to the team, well, the week, so to speak, my Grandpa I get him to say playing, yes, yes, playing, he hits him with a tube.
Here in the hyper veterans, you have seen us that in the league, they suddenly give me a break to drink water. Well, there, they give them an oxygen tank. He says that if Franco, one day, the courses being no I wouldn't need no I haven't taken the course too and we're done I'm halfway through the course I'm still with Mr. Gusto it's that simple 7 says if they had to choose a reggaeton singer says Felipe García who they must listen to all their life what would it be I would choose Don Omar Chiquitito I but also the one about what happened happened if it had been a single song I would tell you how great it is to forgive Vico if with this turn of Santa Rosa I am but you are talking about what their roles are to all the songs because I met the icon Machín who in the d2 everyone started listening a long time ago at the time near me we adapted more like Pat Pony you loved Mama's Bonnie so much prettier than the Bato he buys a Chicago Bulls cap and you see that here you They put your name on him, he gave him Barbón and instead of his name he put more, I turned back as if he were Alejandro Gotkin, please, Mr.
Maldonado is looking at us very well. Are you aware that your hero's name is Bad Bunny, Bad Ok, in Zacatecas, with The magician looks if there were two or three songs, what if they made me have a daughters look at falls and then what is the commissioner's name is today I started listening to it in my house and genoa el chile and I can't hear that he says and listening better I would better say something that I realized that I think there is Yambo's family if you think they dance like a bitch see their brother from Mexico it's like a bigger taste for the member and he does tricks and the brother is playing hacking that day I don't I know who I hired on the day of entry, Brian tells me, what do you think if we do a master's degree right there in the Arena of Mexico City because, well, he's lazy and in order not to take him to a place where he could be bothered, I don't know what I said, let's do it to who I said. but the small team is just a bandit, everything I tell Bryant, hey, I invited several fellow comedians, I would like them to be in the after party, use the squad and the fellow comedians, just ok, then suddenly he comes in where the drums are and a live DJ. playing reggaeton then the first thing we wanted to do is chorus ask bryant been five years are all of them I know 5% of those who are here in the after the others to chile I don't know who they are I'm screaming because I don't know because of the music because I'm screaming no one Can you please turn down the bato as if to say I'm fine mother and not low compadre can you turn it down and they'll get rid of that please play something else it's good I changed that music and he paid me more than everyone who was there all his friends from bryant's high school, i was with the physios in the dressing room and he went to rest and then i was outside with checo and macario and he says that rafa and dies just went to greet the band but without those who know him cristian For the shirt, a potty on your head, something special that day that you don't forget to get ready, says Alfredo, who wins a shot, the dead man against the cricket or the cricket against Cristiano, I'm sorry if the answer is perfect, yes, I would give the dead man more credit.
I feel that this image of a good-natured lady is pure fart and that at the time of the madrazos this Thursday, one of those who alone broke an arm to have something sharp freeze the man, I think it would be very close but I do believe that you live like animals like game animals and you know that yes I was wondering and yes yes yes it is scary because the bat once had a file and the bat presents it I can juggle with boxing gloves I don't have it as cultural data the question was if in favorite video games He struck out in everyone's eyes, there's nothing wrong with it, it's the same 1, then it invades, I don't like being strong, I finished it in position station 1, if I didn't play, what I don't know how to say, but you know what happens, I'm very into video games.
Because, for example, it hasn't even been two weeks since I told Poncho that the software side was the best game all his life, but I also said it about linemen. You, yes, I also said it, but it's saying about Rocks Mix and the Arkham Saga in Rose Rocks. miles but the arkham saga I think I'm leaving that's why christian also says via twitter like why did they choose to be comedians turbo version me by accident I wouldn't change the same as me because I was a troubadour when I started in the unicorn I'm the singer of a band but well the voice is not half of a band of a band of 15 years and a variety of bars and that the people or below if then you are a song in which I spoke then I started to tell there is like a joke if I still call people sorry which was called after all the good life of other people he sang re ancient than this battle cathedral but it was more entertaining what was development sir all morals because he is a comedian because many other steiner very lucky to be able to do the current because nothing else I uploaded open microphones in the Scottish I recorded myself and uploaded videos with the intention that something would happen and it happened because I was very lucky that you saw me and it wasn't strong it was but I know why you decided to upload because if I did it because I thought I was good at doing it because you are I am from the breed the funny one, the roast meats as they call it here in Monterrey, I tried this and we are learning with the best in the country, what I get out of it.
I think that, honestly, I sincerely hope and don't judge me. I think it's out of necessity of desire. to get ahead, winds, hunger, they call it a goat, I looked at that, well, I said something, I have to go out, that is, I have to work on something, and I got close, ok, before passing on to my classmates, Carlos Gabriel via Twitter, your mother says, ask the teacher. respond, they are planning to make changes this year at the meeting table to tell you spelling or something like that, your mother, we just changed the entire geography, the camera angle because she became a comedian who already had a lot of time on stage as an actor and I like the scene but it makes me laugh.
I love having the response be immediate and the audience analysts think it's a gem. It makes me feel good about myself. I dream of sweating because one day he decided to do a comedy if I want to make it very clear. You know, but I'm not, I said, but I really like going up and trying and I think it was by chance, I mean, I never thought about it, as I have always told you, because it measures how to go up a stage, sing and Alex and nothing but it didn't happen and already being here In the Diablos Quad I was given the opportunity on stage, nothing counts and there are bushes and a little bit of that monster of getting on stage which is very cool and well we continue learning to draw one day I may call to be called with my fellow comedians That's a good answer, Giovanni surpassed his limits, forgive me, this guy said, 'cause I'm a frustrated musician because I can't sing the song and I said we have to do something else and he promoted me to being a comedian, the comedy since you started doing it, you were good at it, you went to see it. merequetengue when I already had a one hour show but when we sang on TV what was the name of león that determined the chevy de leones that we played together the loncho villa no longer exists but that was where the music was the franco played and sang and played and He played jokes and told jokes and he did very well, said the doctor, and you know that I, for example, sincerely sincerely, I never had franks like that, funny, funny clown, you understand me a lot, I mean, what I liked a lot of franks is that She had very good stitches, that is, some you told her it's a story and this month she surprised me a lot with me.
Look, we just saw it with the comedy workshop that this Frank and you tell him a story and not only is he seeing the participants, that is, he is seeing third and fourth people that I did not imagine nor exist and he tells them about the talk that story of a comrade who went to look for another to grab him free of charge and a camera greeted him and the guy who greeted him made a joke and made the joke about the one who said part of it, that is, because if there is one, they fought because it is funniest that was what I think that what made you different cool is that the prince is I'm going to answer it because he wasn't asking much David 10 because he no longer comes out frank scary but tasty well I've always said that I'm very scared that I'm cool and ximo then when certain things started happening in the cabin it started to make me not want to come and record, in fact the poncho is not going to let me lie, I no longer do the program live on Sundays because he is only in the office on Sundays. trova and trova then I record it and in the afternoon and we spend it at night because I'm terrified of coming here to the cabin because 23 little things happened that when when the fear becomes great all this is what psychological no no I'm saying what happens, let's go now, naturally if not seriously, your efforts and you start to see things that maybe aren't there or maybe then they said that there is die, I said this surpassed me, there are people who are braver and who can endure that like my colleagues, but yours truly.
It's cool and ximo and I said no to the second scare, it's not for the third because they were getting more and more assholes so I said the next one is already a zombie I don't want with the one from outside I was already seeing one day you were Seeing the band and what is heard, so it doesn't end well, I really like listening to the radio, a message to tableau, if true, they are pure, mother of death, sends a photo, a snake saw it, the girl, food appears here, we don't want it. that presidential elections we are not going to participate, yes, what do they think about before going on stage, this beautiful Pablo Lara Hernández, what do you think when going on stage many times when I am going to release material or when it is a very big event that I have had the opportunity with Franco The first thing I think is why the hell am I doing this?I want to take a plane to worth something like that I'm afraid it's going to go wrong for me this is negative or very negative and I get very nervous and yes and always that always goes wrong for me so I don't often think that because I like to suffer these are shy that the sacred in the workshop and certain numbers that we both think that when you are giving the workshop for free a franc is that the scenario to suffer it yes or no because then some students tell me no it is that I want to feel comfortable on the stage I like Girl, what are you going to do to feel comfortable on stage?
It's a well-controlled space where you have all the energy of everyone on top of you. I don't know. I get very nervous, very nervous, but because they feel from the Lord that they think of fear, nerves and nothing more than trying to do it. to make people laugh I don't try to enjoy it as induc I have to enjoy it but it's impossible stories I always go up nervous before going on stage because now I do cross myself these times air or more Mr. Cristian Meza reach me I don't know why I'm like that materialistic but I think a lot about the fact that people paid something, that is, I spend, I don't know, 100 pesos to go see us or something and get on and that I don't take a hundred, so they say a lot about the poor people who made an effort to come pay and ss it gives me The money is bad, I don't know, I mean, I think it's all about poor people with their money, but it's been good for me, thank you, I've worked hard and when it's my turn to be aggressive, my events have had me, I'm just trying to make an effort to get even with the pay. and follow-ups I am noticed morals that think from the stage I think it goes there the same similar that less very copy with criteria if you are not going to leave first I had this one that consists of the environmental made that people are ready to laugh especially if they are yours that It's a theater, an auditorium where people go specifically for a comedy show, get me a little psyched up about the fact that the band is already relaxed, they're coming to have fun, you don't care that much about you because you're opening the show, if not, they don't care about anything, then relax, in fact, they are. things that you told me when I was very nervous at the beginning that you think that people don't care about you and you think that I better what I told you tied up in your at your tour event where we all lie debut make yourself true media we were in Mérida Yucatán I said to everyone Morales because he was all stressed I told him calm down everything goes well I mean if things go badly for you we are going to throw you up I was inside the school you know what happens since we have never seen you in a scenario like me It seemed strange to me that these are the easiest ones that we know to have well that Lord I have improved that you think before the scenario I do prayer and the first thing I ask you is that you give me the grace and sympathy so that people like me He likes me, I think the rest flows, but if I ask him for grace, I ask him, so tonight people like me so that the show flows because, as they say, the journey taking action, even if it is your show, is a responsibility that you have 10 15 20 It's an hour that people, although seeing Franco, is that they tell me this space and listened at the moment, then there is someone sincere, it's going to sound very sucky, but since the first time I got up to do a show, I have always felt a lot of emotion, I mean I get nervous in the dressing room when I was on my way to the bars.
The journey from my house to the bar was when I felt the most nervous, but I learned that they call it the Pompton, not the song to get you up, and I remember the first era. underlines coming soon it's bastards that fact was my opening not a year or two and matador of the cadillacs this one put it to everything he fought when he danced on stage with his stripes and if he was the one that turned me on then it was matador and then it was on me but the black eyed peas the one from algarra feeling that song put a very good mood and with that table I get in the mindset that today is going to go well for me, I mean I have a feeling that it's going to be a good night and right now in the dressing room if it's like that It's really bad but when I'm on my feet that someone else is there, I'm very happy, I'm very excited, and when the intro begins, that with you, that thing about the Lord, there is the same favorite moment of the day, without fart, who marvels, my favorite moment, it feels like this. doesn't say much it would be twitter if they hadn't been comedians who would have liked to study or spend the night with better I'm going the other way around so that you pizzi could copy our rules in dentistry that I opted to be a maxillofacial surgeon it was a specialty that I wanted and because I It doesn't say no to comedy, but if I hadn't been a comedian, I think I would be seen as especially maxillofacial.
There is no other because that's what you put in something else. You would have liked to be the dentist part. No, I think that's that, that's this job. I respect having specialized in surgery I don't have broken dreams I was thinking about another career I think you know what I love young man having studied music 20 years ago not like you are now classical music having studied it at that time was the other like me because I'm not this that always It was like my passion for music or classical guitar 20 years ago if I used to create 20 years of morality that he would have liked to be if it weren't like anything profession or career that Cristian Meza would like hahahaha I think that the net has me I liked being a technical director of direct football, I don't do much football but I feel like it's a really cool career, cool guy, shouting and then the training sessions where people aren't training, people love you, you bastard, you can become characters like Mourinho or something like that.
I would have liked to be a technical director, look at the ass, I think it's going to be like a ministerial escort with a gun because you laugh at them, but this would be illustrative of why he doesn't make drawings for books, although that's the kind of thing. things I liked, I had the same goal of drawing letters from Morón but without a doubt I think that my dreams and frustration of being a sports commentator who markets sportsmanship and many from here in Monterrey that I really like the way they are and the whole atmosphere that exists They want to be there in the broadcasting and in the sports field ok, I have said it in other interviews but I would have loved to be a footballer or a famous singer or a porn actor that they will pay me for and that my mother wouldn't get angry and thus sexual the Chilean from so much It's hours and hours of work getting home, it's better, let's all be quiet, listen to the economy, such ass, he proposes to the microphone, and next to him, in chorrillos, they're asking her a lot.
Well, first, the nose of the cap, that's so crazy, everyone throws rousses today, yes. He says they are roses he says Czechs who enjoy rousses that's me this is the worst joke says sado joel and the person someone has done to him someone on average who met the sucker we made a poncho smells like his streak contás persists Christian put salt in sauce in my life and I must tell you in my love and say that it was not pleasant but at least we laughed and that we were a group more about jokes than about food and you know what about adding salt to food I say We have already told it a table meeting I am that we did it that you nor I a businessman a restaurant owner but the first victim of the squat was Cristian Meza in Celaya if I remember correctly there is near the fine mesh first pretty victim when The whole school got together in León and it was voluntary, the whole squad was there because we went to take photos and six of us went to a bar, they left us with Oña and Tunisia when she is a mother in León' and suddenly they all got on the truck and in I went to pick up my cell phone that was charging, it was already happening and I didn't have a battery in my cell phone, I couldn't even ask for a number, I didn't even know where to ask or not, so I started running through window 1 and no.
Ok, we are pursuing school, several are already asking me questions and even though we had said that this topic was going to be up to us, but we told them that we are going to answer, so they ask me a lot about what because Alan Saldaña is no longer in the Diablos Quad. Well, with Mr. Alan Saldaña who is a colleague we esteem and love very much because he had objectives that were not in accordance with the company that we have a way of working that we are touristy we are because the entire team is purist that's why we always put ourselves Until now, this is done, this is not done, and since the man did not agree, we decided to terminate the contract and decide each one on their own, but we continue going, comrades, to the point where exactly Cristian suddenly goes to Alan Paco's program. also doing things with him there are events in which we get together so I say it is a contractual issue nothing more it is pure business exactly what is to be worse public who may have questions édgar omar ortiz talking about professions and politicians rigorous doctors all together why not I believe that with everything regarding the high-born miners of the millionaire miners that you go to an event and no joke I have not felt it and no rudeness that is a very complicated audience I believe that the housewives what I believe that the events Mister has played in private, I'm giving a show but I've seen it and I had to see it with a lot of time, the private events for people with a lot of money, as Czech says, it's extremely uncomfortable even for me who wasn't on stage, Winston, mom, it's impossible, sir, it's not likely that you worst audience by profession and we are not saying that they are bad, but in our experience you only had, I had a very difficult audience of pure petroleum engineers since the pure band that was in charge of an oil well and they did not shut up at all The show and everything was oil are also complicated, although Mr.
Cristian Meza, you know what it is. It hasn't been my turn to ask what they do, but from what they have been with you, I think it's also very advice that the teachers and you told me is Once when you go with teachers it is very complicated and it is true that something very curious happens that we are not the only two that I have heard who tell me that you have a Chinese printing press. I think that if the teachers design moral states, I go with very wealthy, wealthy people, no. I know if necessarily ladies, I think that in general in a business social stratum especially when they go in a ball and there are many websites which is so the business 15 7 bottles and they are here next door they don't want to talk guys that wayne and vote is more ugly than yours and because of the and being there next to Italy the garbage hotel has not needed votes you know, notice that maybe I am going to contradict a little to those who are very rich I feel that they are very very polite and Those of us who want to be rich or those who stay rich, very rich, have that sorry, we had this rule that sometimes one is predisposed that but I speak from personal experience with work with the improved Czech man and Christian that the teachers are without a doubt The most difficult audience attributed it to the fact that they are used to being the ones who speak, but in many events they have been at nothing to say, "Hey, if you were teaching, you would be mamey man to your students.
It's disrespectful to speak when someone is speaking." I don't know if I'm telling you but they are the ones who do it the most. I never dared because it would be 90 in one shot and the teachers, well, no, someone else has to be good for the kids, physical education teachers, maybe not, but I'll go with those. The teacher is a right now this is in Córdoba so the day we were fighting it was a teacher's event they were formal and yes it does agree that they are the ones who talk the most but I'm going to tell you that for me the worst worst is with all due respect when they are politicians When they are and I don't prefer that they all be politicians, but if there is a politician in the public, it's worth it because everyone is going to be with him and they are not going to pay attention to you, those in my perception and adding to the thing about the wealthy public with a job with a gentleman Cristian Meza I was doing very well with the rich people who were always on the island with lower ancestry but maybe even new ones but with a lot of money.
Where I suffered were the colonies that are more or less than those people if you really believe that I wanted to tell you, last week I went to a house where your house fits seven times and they treated me politely but if suddenly they are people who are a little bit despotic or I'm talking about bands that maybe they say this guy has an owner a restaurant does well, it doesn't taste good enough, but it's ugly, they mean that if it starts, your face will no longer be the whole term nouveau riche, because if I have also had two or three bands with a lot of wool and they are still very new faces, cause They are people a meter like, look, look, what I'm going to talk about, I'll get you into the event where we said, well, how nice, but you have to know if it doesn't bite and let's see if the dog doesn't get rabies, what Christian Andersen says, a woman We say it about the dog, he dies, the poor dog was lowering the horns, lowering the horns like that, and a super rich man comes to help me because he saw that I had 12 o'clock nearby today the finger came out of the walls I don't know where the hell I was, not me I didn't know they were escorts, they came out to take the boss's horns and the bato said this.
I liked the menu. There is a difference between the other private ones in which the client chooses and when the agency says go to this one. There are people who say, you know what. I have no idea who but millions phone number for the one who recommended me comedian no and many times it must not be a comedian it seems I sold too because it also depends if it is public or private or if it is the bar that right here in Monterrey you can see the different audiences in a bar where it is a very cool comedy bar and there are more people going and comedy bars that are more races that make the atmosphere much easier the difference here is that in the bar you are the owner of the situation they go to your field When you go to their field is where it gets more complicated because you screwed me up ask Mr.
Chang or via Twitter whose autograph is on the portal portrait of the Mesastanleygrandfather of the very good ones and broccoli asks is it was not the name but forgive me forgive me here it is already in begawin vega I don't know how to pronounce the table' spider answers what are their names with letter te to a quick turtle tintin tonatiuh mine the fool graves and this paquito mayakobá vital but you me to say but as for ilich yes to the gentleman and the flowers we send greetings I told him your name it has to be with tea but don't hurry as the night progresses your name jumps then he says it can be so Now you are going to team bondi erick hernández you have to live on an island for a year and you have to choose a member of the squash to survive together who they catch and why quickly dead dead why because she is a lady who eats to look for food 500 in addition Of the settlers, reasons for the cricket with me I feel stronger and I feel that it can kill food with its eggs.
I like one more, just one Franco because Franco would make a plan in the sand and that's how it becomes this. I think that I would stay and with a cricket a cricket this cricket Mr. Perfect I will stay with Cristian because I say that with me the fringe rages leaves and still look we are going to give him asylum like this a complicated grace is a pillar of la vega vega vega says queens or virus no I know virus, man, but to this one about Manuel García, send more questions and well, I'll explain to you, we already answered what we would have been instead of what we would have liked to be if we weren't comedians, we already talked about Alan Saldaña, we already talked about why the feared but tasty ones And we're already talking about the fourth, these are cool and cool, that's why because we are comedians, so send your questions other than those with the hashtag the meeting table, they'll answer, says Manuel García, I liked the question, if you were school teachers, what subject would you teach history history? mathematics music Spanish physical education history and Héctor Vázquez the favorite author and favorite book that is here john katzenbach the psychoanalyst ok and how to do it yourself in 10 steps jk rowling harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban movies are not worth it wey the dictionary like His name is the guy who helps the guy who drives the truck, whiskey and ammunition, his favorite book, his favorite author, the book.
I think there's this one. Damn, I've read it. I really like the Trojan horse one by JJ and Mr. This one, I think I'll go for it. 20 can you make me a song is expected from Mr. Pablo Neruda well Pablo Neruda I José Saramago the duplicate man' what was published I would leave by Agatha Christie the big four is a great book before I don't know what he says to the event since he dresses as Harry potter gryffindor hufflepuff ravenclaw wesley team sir improved I am the elves to me me mom the mix too but to be honest the mother of favorite movies to interesting and real silva well favorite movies so the one who has a man of honor youthful junior reveal go well bours and the perfect assassin with this day in reno and matt elliott man by luc bessón with natalie portman the first film in sports everything to say that the first one occurred to me I don't know why imagine by john lennon it is a documentary but now I have seen it a thousand times and I love getting to the rings well it's a movie called the heat of arms begins to suck from a month to the heat of arms with guillermo del toro ryan phillippe with this tom cruise demi moore and heaven the truth is That favorite food, beans and eggs, Swiss backpacks, is a variety of tacos and 7 eggs, the most honest and beautiful thing, Andrés Castro says via Twitter, the best advice in life they have ever received.
I'm going to tell you, I'm going to start because the videos work on this two pieces of advice. One was given to me by my father and what is it like the bei in my dad was always a leader ok he was always what I say in the show I put him in as a joke but he was the good one for the fucks he was the good one best football in The one that the old women wanted with him, then a tragedy that had me as a son required me, Joel. In fact, I was in therapy with you for a while because of that, but now I am rich, not because I know that I felt that I owed him what he He didn't have the good fortune of having a son who was a scorer or who was good at bullfighting or who had a morras scam and there was a song about me being Miguel Bosé, the son of Captain Trueno.
It was the song that said that his father was a very famous bullfighter. and very brave and he came out that he likes ballet so my dad told me that it didn't matter no and he told me I don't care what you're going to do and that effort in the council whatever you want to do brings out the caste that was the one that your last name can be seen, it can be seen that what you are going to do, whatever, justin ghosn, you want to sell seeds, become the number one seed seller in the world and the other piece of advice that marked my life, Mr.
I forgot in Italy and he told me, kill the Vaca was not referring to Macario's mother, but rather I was going through a situation in which I couldn't find what to do and she told me to get out of your comfort zone and I did it and then a thousand wonderful things happened. There are three that marked me. It wasn't. One of my dad told me that when you don't know what to answer a question, you answer it with another question if you know what to answer, or for example today this is why you don't ask, that is, it is always a question, if not, answering the other one was or You can leave a show that the brown male doctor who many times in an emotion loses desire that is to say if for example I want to sell you this for 20 thousand pesos well 18 well what difference 20 from 2000 to not having anything that is the idea was the palm that He told me that this race is about resisting in speed, not the speed of comedy, and they have passed it on to everyone who sometimes showed morality.
I am 5, one of the drawer ones was also my father's, when I was a teenager, I had had a confusion of a sexual chatter because because it was the area in which we told it here at the table once it ended up being a confusion for a vagina and I said because my clothes the mold program the bato told me when you are in this fart and If you are going to start having sexual activity, etc. My son always uses a condom and here when you are in moments of no eggs, do you want to remember that he who knows when to put on his pants is more of a man than the one who knows when to take them off nice what is his name what?
They named Pablo Corales, which is probably advice that has happened to me a lot, but my grandmother forgot my bladder with what they gave me and they told me listen, look and shut up, even if you don't say anything crazy, if she doesn't listen, look, shut up and someone else gave it to me frankly. Escamilla told me the charge towards the donkey and now from a motorcycle a computer in coppel and it is true Charly Verdes that right now they catch me on a curve I think it is the charge towards the donkey dream I remember 21 which is very simple but I always do it My grandmother did what my grandmother said at a key moment every time I became dramatic, I realized that life was too heavy with water, the parsimonious mind for itself is as it was, she told me mom, may it be that there was me before, my son, no, mamey, it is that yesterday In his way of saying everything is fine, nothing happens, calm down, it's not that big of a deal and the other thing that a great friend gave me in my adolescence was never allow your happiness to depend on someone else, sir, point out, some well-known words that have marked me a lot. my dad's staff, the first was wherever you work and in whatever you do, even indispensable, that has marked me a lot and from one of the best pieces of advice in hip hop and the second and the most important was when I came here to the the quad route and it is said I know that you have never done what I want you to do always next state says but the important thing what I want you to understand is that I want you to be happy and if what you are going to do leads you to be happy be happy, it says it's a plan, biggest defect and virtue that you have, I'm going to start with what my classmates think, my biggest defect and my greatest virtue, I'm going to sleep, my greatest virtue is my simplicity, my biggest defect is that I'm perfect, I think my biggest defect.
Well, yes, it is the same thing. My greatest defect is being a purist and always wanting things to turn out the way I want, but it has also become my greatest virtue that because I am stubborn and do things methodically, things have happened if you are going to do things and I do them and I have to be and I think that my greatest virtue is to be empathetic with the people that you are thinking that you are feeling with my reaction I think that I have that empathy and I think that I am for you my greatest virtue I should say is that I'll try again, that is, I'll keep trying resistance and persistence, persistence, and my biggest flaw is I think they're all on par.
I'm very apprehensive, so I react very indecisive today. I don't know which one. I'm not very apprehensive and very obsessive, that shit, obsessive and apprehensive and corrosive with me Mr. Cristian biggest defect my biggest defect I think is that I get hot I read it and I feel like I'm losing my mind very very quickly that is, it doesn't start out as very aggressive very right now I'm already against the day I control it thanks to God, but if there comes a time when anything would put me, I would go crazy. I think that is my biggest defect, because I put myself in many places, others on one foot today, the killer putt, that is, a defect that if he loves me I lost many things he will want to have respect but what do you say things are going badly for me and my virtues that to Marta or to Chile I feel that I have learned a lot not to not leave myself vain Raja has lied to me that is to say that It happens, it's something and it continues if you continue and as it says in the show it doesn't end and I'm also not sure what my biggest defect is, there are two that go together with stuck and suddenly it's hard for me to trust my talent and that leads me to being arrogant as a defense mechanism then suddenly I am arrogant because I am insecure so as if I stole my greatest defect and my greatest virtue perhaps is that I am good at taking people away or as a guide I can help people a lot for you in the probable teacher for something I think that part of that beautiful smile that you saw my greatest virtue are my eyebrows I think that my greatest defect of being I am very lazy I am meticulous and two stars ago I just realized or I just gave a name to One of these effects in the workshop, which is this, is that they find the headquarters of these great ones and what their biggest defects are and they have a little bit of information for a moment of introspection and I found that I am very neurotic and controlling, so what I like to do, for example, if I'm leaving today to get up to do this is I'm going to do this and if something changes my plan you'll kick me in the balls very horrible so that makes me very crazy controlling and I think that one of the virtues that is not is not something that I have worked but I do feel that it is given that although I have a face and the people around me are like they tell me their problems like they trust me a lot so I think it is a virtue and also to use it I think I used it to see then I think it is one of the greatest virtues of where someone when when you see ponchó if you look when you see ponchos and at first impression this greeting as well as a voice like that and you say but with time I'm sorry because rubí never he appears on camera says eric hernández because rubí I think that his greatest virtue is that he is very intelligent, they are the most intelligent people I know and he is so intelligent that he knows that he is so visible that he prefers not to go out if you don't know that he is made for radio is talking he's talking about idiots look they're covering flowers it's very good I don't know him standing in that chair I don't know what size you are the ones represented fernando masías fabulous cadillacs or caligaris caligaris create is fabulous because I heard more favor of fabulous fabulous too and of quality in training or are you and 533 cousin of arturito than pedro franco because you hate conalep I don't hate it I have never said that it has been mentioned that I love them that I thank them a lot and everything is an infinity thing or whatever it is it hasn't happened to me that someone He brings me closer to the photos only if he tells me I'm from Conalep he says and to the sea and he goes down and a good fart and whenever someone who is from Conalep are saying that he tells me I'm a graduate of Conalep I always follow something and I love them a lot The Benjamín López preferred to travel to the past or the future and because I am going to answer first, the past catches my attention to be able to see what they already told me happened and I would like to see if it is true, I would like to see the true history of Mexico or the world that It happened in heaven events I would love to travel to the time of because there is the one you want well I would love the past and the future Neil said because I don't love it the past would be super chic or to be in different circumstances from which you already know what happened definitely past the future when I no longer had water Mr.
Cristian I will travel to the future without a doubt I do not want anything with my past my past no I want to go to the future to see how far I have arrived perfect if not all morality is equal to the future because I say it is I am always amazed by the past than the past, but I also start to think about how my presence is influential and if it was influential for history, although if not, it would be better to gain some exact fact than any nonsense, you start to think about the law of validity and on the other hand It's nothing, yes, but maybe your very presence alters, alters the entire universe that doesn't want to be better, it's a middle age like, as a bottom, totally love, to say life will simply happen in the past that I'm going and why am I there someone took my website has become but not even the uncertainty could also serve for good that is why he knows it lest you go, for example, to the time of the dinosaurs and see yourself because it is already clear adán gómez what burdens them the most traveling with the shield or well at first it shits me I left my house too I love being in my house anything that takes me out of it makes me upset but I can tell you that I have slept even though it sounds bad to some of the classmates and I can tell you that for example with a poncho it is uncomfortable because they are very organized and ifIf you move something, it makes you angry.
You don't know. It's his uncomfortable side with the Czech gentleman, which has improved because the gentleman, since he's already grown up, gets up early. If you have the skills, he's addicted to the phone. I can't talk and he owns the stand. He's in his room. He has all the right in the world to talk on the phone but don't take into account that he never mentions it in his sleep that he is not interested in the conversation that he does not fulfill these photos I told him that no no it is not going to be it is not going to be and he tries to turn to you for Well, no, and Mr.
Cristian Meza, I told him this ad nauseam because they never put a lid on the gel or toothpaste and that bothers me how he has an idea that when I'm going to use the gel I'm already The top is like dry because it gave it an air of rust and where they bitter Carmen and the claw and lids I grabbed pasta if you leave it open and done on one side and the Chinese in the soap is what Valdés loads someone wants to take the baton I I took it early, I took it slowly, but I don't mind the tour, you get up early, you have a flight in the morning and not sleeping, Camilo, the part that I think about the tour is that Bryant puts a lot of tour into me, what I have left from the tours It is the filters that filter them to the airports, the airports of the only one, if we could travel in another way, well, it would be perfect if we stayed the meters.
A private plane helps us, the mother helps us more to be able to smoke on the flight. stress is that I know I snore and then it makes me uncomfortable last night I was snoring at the buyers you snore in two voices both voices and right in Las Vegas' our I said what a pity with the boss gun he's going to run me tomorrow if he has the backs and with a lot of shins we had the challenge, I know that the challenge was to do things like the serve 3 x but you had to come before he woke up so that was the intense thing so one thing if you have made a jacket seeing me asleep I have bad feelings for you news he was not asleep you were not in a jacket with 18 he is dead he is turning on oops cristian what he has is that he is a light sleeper and then he falls asleep thinking about real things he dreams her and waits for them thinking that all that was happening so we are lying down at 54 in the morning in this this is difficult Jorge escalona blood for blood or the godfather godfather the godfather could I didn't like it much more blood for blood until a year ago a year and a half you weren't excited there is a bullet black pretty girl neighborhood it's not that when you're ready more eggs than improved Czech you raise defense like your hook I'll buy it from you I'm going to tell you that they agree blood for blood and also I take the godfather as it does change your perception because godfather is a great movie but today the first cool thing about the grace of the Italian mafia in the US and the book is more the ferras who prefers to break the or that they tear the Anastasio break the but it is possible people I mean no I didn't break in pm I never had a slight tear in the regular part in the trunk part a little and in the morning when you go to urinate in the morning that you have an involuntary erection you feel like a fish claws something else and that you feel the pain like that but well I prefer Pedro Garza su Cruz the woman who without pressure with it was never done to them but how famous I am not mortal the famous ones well it is very easy but like that type of childhood adolescence I don't know about the childhood of childhood adolescence and the realized childhood when you were a child adolescence already a A little further in front of buses in adolescence it was a girl whose name was Algeria made by her they named the party Princess Algeria they closed a stationery store and as for a distant country Arcelia nothing to see Algeria sir everything morals all the bars that I always liked very week good, sure, honest, you're making me well, I think he's from high school, well, let's go, like he's on guard, he can't say who he is, now you have to say, he has to say it more, the name of the more name, melissa, but in high school, I was in first grade already.
He is in third grade in love. I feel like he didn't love me because once he saw how I fell from my theater group, Arcón, I was morrito. There was a girl who was about six years older than me. I fell super in love. Biotina 14 idea 20, obviously, I declared my sisters, Maria. I declared my love for her and obviously not Estefanía, we have to sing the major with the rhythm of the goddess Lansky to lose nothing again if because mom you go I'm going to tell you one that this was a cross from primary and secondary school tse Lydia's name is the girl and We were together in primary school but I didn't start to like her until around sixth grade because I grew up very slowly and the girl really didn't like me no no I didn't think about sex or things like that and then it was secondary school we were also in the same school same shifts using an al side of mine I said the conditions are conducive but I never dared to go to Chile never lenovo just minor lidia I preferred to die with the one who would have passed is the only time I have said the bardo yes yes exactly exactly amairani sánchez phobias or fears of birds seriously a all the birds the birds and a photo of me something that makes you sound like an asshole but a friend's mother forced me to take a photo with a win cockatoo on my arm and I know why I don't want to see it and I just got it Well, I didn't see any part of the line or anything, I never saw the one who was acting, they took the hell away, and where does it open someone's eyes because no, no, I don't know very well what the origin is, my therapist attributes it to an event there.
Here I am, what we were telling you, Rossi, I saw a mother bird in a cage trading her baby parent because they didn't feed it and they forgot the gift that feeds it, they forgot and the mother sort of gave it a double, I didn't get to see the whole scene from hundreds and hundreds to the giant this means then according to the source alleges that you have problems with your mother the same thing my therapist says don't tell me problems committing to drawing the hands are very big wow I have a boat it's something like I have dreamed and it's a shame, it's a terrible fear because anything that affects the boat doesn't happen and this is a team that is in a situation where it doesn't have a click, it's necessary to rile that and now for fear of the darkness but since you've been in the dark if they are you always shine from the rats the dough yes I can't it's not not like that afraid to talk about marching yes yes no it's something strong bus son it's going to sound good here very deep but I'm very afraid of death but not mine to the stranger to that of my compas and their friends so I can panic about that the open sea makes me panic horrible imagining in fact the fact of imagining the open sea is already there and then I discovered that it is also cool on Facebook that It's because some images are as if they were skin but with many many that mother makes me very sick but bastard normal months cause being done not to have a response that image is the strange thing about psychotics and they don't also have a lot of people it doesn't produce nothing but I think it's the majority of us who see these images and you say geometry and eye on eyes and it makes me itch william it makes me afraid he concurred songs with improved darkness and that's all when he knows that I sleep with a light on I hate the darkness and the silence.
I can't stand the silence. There has to be music playing or commercials on TV, but I can't ask when you're with Gaby. You're not afraid of that because there are alarmisms. Contribution. You don't know what I think. I'm a person. with a very vivid imagination it would be the term and it reached the zone like the declaration of a serial killer but I don't like to be alone with my thoughts I already have to be doing something when I start to think and personalize pure webs that Mars or if tomorrow I die what so if tomorrow's show doesn't go people and floor at the end you need me to be alone also with people yes yes yes but that's why there was noise leisure is natural that that mother is not compulsive that's what accommodating the shits compulsive one of two several women obsessive with order or a healthy person but your server has a mess and if you tell him where such a shitty percent is and although between this his room I'm 8th wii it was a commercial agreement of where the pitcher waves are but it would also be knowing otherwise It would be extremely clean, not if it were the positive thing, but I don't have that need for order or objects, but I do have it in other things.
You have a car friend who doesn't do it for me, the definition and classification, this one to read is not very, there are no stupid questions from the center, yes stupid questions 9 the hashtag is already the last one it's called let's say goodbye to being at the girl's table answer they are the last ones that are chivas micro mystery what will be their fighter name and they would be rude and technical pons holland I would be a technician and what would I call you the sea he I don't know the crazy shot killer crazy shot if I take advantage of what Batman did who grabs his fear to become the symbol I would call myself sudden death or that it is designed without rude I would even like to be rude the technicians with all due respect people have been but the rude as well as the chj cuteness and I would call myself the thing is that the jacket I would be rude the clumsy yes no the massage would be a technician and he would call me baby problems the technician the technician and the black the black throne a peaceful question I don't know Maybe when you got married and your children were born, you weren't afraid of this career, you ended up dying of hunger, this new bill, you could consider it a defect, but I have such a big ego that I said nothing, you're leaving, talent, I knew that I'm not going to die of hunger because I'm already I knew that I could get up to sing and get it out of the day and if not, then I have friends who are restaurant managers who could be with them, this may not work but the design looks good to me, it's not an ego issue, maybe it's that he is to know how the movement is here in the middle it is already difficult and charlene marry you but I have not seen any comments poor I never know him mind because I have seen poor comedians but never those people shout 60 years old who work little work and are capable of rent for food for the family no and they don't live like that as austere maybe they do well it costs like any person with a weekly salary you know that I decided to be a comedian for that reason because I saw that there was no comedian who did poorly but now When you are in the middle you realize that we don't, you don't realize that there are actually people who live better and that you realize that the comedian was not the great life that I thought like that, it gave me a depression like that, very good, Erick. garcía joaquín sabina joan manuel serrat a thousand times sabina the orcs of all that is to say who is not job serrat we are going to be no longer thanks to the part of the last different in that mine to a cat with dog shampoo if it is not ideal but if it is possible he will feel confused in his identity but the Juan Martínez Arjona or Mal Uma had made some strikes Arjona call if they gave them a million pesos ask today the call in that they would use it, I'm going to pay the school payroll and I would put a more gangster football, a future west lock, although a little food truck and a future to lose a million pesos if it's enough for you, at about 600 years old, what we have, I don't know how to make an investment with starting the chaguito the robots and that could produce events of those who reach it, it cannot be from bands because sometimes it's more cool things, Mr.
Morales - I would spend over a year on the oxxo but it means buying clothes from my favorite series, I think that I gave half a million to my boss you know I feel like I didn't know what I would do because I'm too stupid to move money very well aimé queen knight of the zodiac or dragon ball z I hate the knights of the zodiac because they took an hour before favorite of dragon ball and dragon ball none cavallers dragon ball ok classic favorite series versus favorite series that showed I think it is right now that we show our there is a very good joke about the middle brand that says it is low and you like it badly like on average it says no no no It's nice if they could be given to any old woman without consequences, who would it be?
Charly Pinar asks if she could give it to any woman without consequences, what would it be? He said that the question is how do you ask this question without consequences? Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Aniston says that there is no fart right now We talk about the chao marga the guardian while anyone and that's hard because I owe it to my mother to my high school gustavo because to chile I don't know why but I really like the girl what's this girl's name the golden one I also think Natalie portman for pretty just then the one from montijo galilea montijo yes please the one who went out at rush hour because she was the owner of niece of everything brunette no it's not that there was a website love is a black brunette the grandmother that's not good news because the grandmother It does because I don't like that and if I had the possibility of being born in another country, in another language, to live in another country, what country would you like us to be in?
Mexico, Holland, Amsterdam, I think Paris, France, Fabri, very good, England, England, the world, I wouldn't like to be. more like Colombian or something like that more flavor in those pacts with the dough not me new zealand hours like because why is it the law that they did not work every day to feel at home installing hijole I would leave if it is not Mexico everything is one thing me I would love to live in Japan but the question asks how you are part of that culture, my mother and the net don't seem to me to be very happy, they are quite neurotic so I don't know if the atmosphere in Amsterdam hurts me or a lot and it's not because of Maria. but we are very united - it matters if it is not that the band imagines Amsterdam as a place like it is famous for its and its marijuana, everything is already quite bad, it is a sector that is outside of everything that is Amsterdam and The issue of drugs is not I saw more drugged people in San Francisco you like that on the street and the mother but snap you will be the races like that it is good to relax everyone inTheir bikes seemed very cool to me and the cold is delicious, other than showing them how any man does not have his section of drugs and what Amsterdam completely represents.
Josue Alcalá would be able to forgive an infidelity if the person who was unfaithful to them loves them and so on. being unfaithful hours later says josé luís sorry for the love of healthy forests he is barely turning 17 my report is here thank you legal advisor please if you can send us one so that it is legal 10 so that it is on channel 7 then help because everyone would lose countless or someone says that I wouldn't order this either I say I say yes but I said yes very quickly but I had a girlfriend that I wore 39 and yes well if there were some daughters and a woman who does love you obviously nothing personal health I already had the three ways and how this infidelity occurred, infidelity and whatever, Oberto bar without mentioning someone from the squat, who is your favorite comedian, good question, crisis of the day, Justin Bieber's favorite, don't do it, Richard Wright, Richard Pryor, come, come. and I would put a tie between club rock for me it was el matatán I think he is Mexican the Mexican Mexican I think I'll stick with José Luis César José Luis Saga is a great comedian I'm going for you González I think he's a comedian who It is updated a lot and I hope in rhymes once I am going to leave out many of my colleagues but I have always said that polo polo and in women my comadre linda yuridia I think I don't know why I have a lot of admiration for Chespirito for me it is the big one and the one that is ok I'm even going to tell them they are going to enter the table that is modern adal ramones that so it was another bummer and I was at the top of the pack and in the classics I am between ink or cantinflas web Yes, it is difficult among the classics, it is very difficult, part because we do not live it but rather as a reference that we say when they told us that they were reading exactly without improvements Williams and I have several Mexicans who are several of us this well I believe that what we achieved is to also get There are three of them from platanitos so I would put towards the projects part of the video and in English robin williams I think it would also be one I am alone today about women I am not frank he said it is that for me as a woman or but well I am lennon mccartney lennon and mccartney lennon mccartney josé luís is not the one with the information about the couple s 212, what is their sexual fantasy that they want to make come true?
I have a goal of 21 for the trio. It's like that with two old women, we have to clarify it in terms of attraction, one thing I think I have another fantasy, I think It's like a porn show but private, that is, you won't see two people, but in a voyeuristic way, the topic is swallowed up. I'm going to improve. I don't know what, but I just don't know. That would be quick if I think I'm with my wife in Cancun. with your wife I had today is an obstacle they already spent it I have a fantasy that I think is pure cliché and Hollywood that is to do it on a plane so many tours Pérez keep losing like this come on it is so weak that it is malleable and how to cosplay from star wars to princess leia's milestone costumes that has not happened to me, i want it possible sr it is outdoors up to your patio but what more risks 7 is fausto estovel franco because he doesn't think czech that having in the teeth is very simple the improved czech gentleman is a maxillofacial surgeon not an orthodontist and how bad but to be you how bad but competition added less so as I go for the question my caliph or sasha gray my caliph a thousand times my caliph twice more than frank and assertive caliphate I prefer to be myself the biggest stupidity that What Luis Arellano has done in a show is so many and stupid and bad for the show or what does that bad joke say, how bad but well for me the strangest thing was introducing the magician Yang Wei who came out the same which is bad for the show he didn't play Morales already had his own, once he told a very inappropriate joke about religion that involved certain drugs and I didn't realize where the legionnaires of Christ were, holy god what I would have thought auditions for the unicorn auditions because for my taste the response was the worst Stupidity was I came to see Polo Polo and I said it and a girl arrived late and every time Polo Polo said she never arrives late well from the hotel or what if she left on her and I did the same stupid thing and it was Monica Cruz ours Cruz de la Gápísima's company came and she was single and I can add that she could do it as a TV artist I told her yes and then you will ask her for part we are great friends but if Liza is that the street of forgiveness don't worry she already behaved very pro la comadre since cruz I remember a private event and this was stupidity for letting me be influenced by a weight of the event she receives me from comedians and they fan this comment because the guy from the house castaway and feeds us the guy tajo trompo tacos that in a friend everything is already we were not laughing that order and mom we already told the local joke about them and I go up as I was in a sant color or I heard her that she forgave pizzi maybe she is managed to eat everyone's tacos like that very good name but screwed up and the guy who tells me the joke turns his wits and mothers that guy told me women exist, fuck your mother I disclaim myself because this responsibility is a reality and I couldn't get up anymore it was quite a bad fight this one time sometimes the public is rude and then one responds rude and he exploded responding to a rude nway who after about three jokes with him made him like that Italy searches while then my courage was taken away and that's it both of us a microphone to life I was going great in a show like that but a very nice battle enjoying a lot and then with the joke already ready just the and losing and I learned that I can't tell from there it never bothers that there is that punch line one of the first events that accompany us on es4 and I remember that It was nice because it was when we went from Mexico City to Cuernavaca in a teaching helicopter, this is so good Marm in your back to travel by helicopter the only time they can but I was still in the game and we arrived and the show opened and Cristian Meza comedian then put on with the audio the whole thing and my lady we already took Christian Aid you see me why oh no what systems eat each horrible caudillo no and hey well there were five people a dog three children and I started it to Christian that they don't stay to hell alone they go to the everything we did / christian by batches from san josemaría I remember a lot of when you started to get on the unicorn that I went to see you a couple of times and I remember very well what I had told you, you know that Chris is these 15 minutes and the three of you finish well machines and if there is laughter applause from spider don't get stuck I don't have the CDs these 15 nothing more than what we rehearsed what you are wearing well and this is that and it starts but I started it with mother since Chigón and closes that is, subsists with the one who closed the band applauds her and until a joke begins that the music had recorded who is the drunkest in the squad a power of a mother look there is no longer a four-way tie health better opinions the man Alfonso de Anda without noticing murals with his good times of alcohol and Mr.
Brian Andrade and I'm going to put them there suddenly tied because of how I saw it, that he put himself up to the egg for like Monterrey Nuevo León but I think that as for more drunk of consistency bryant bryant but not all the time because I'm uncomfortable up and down the tree roberto martínez einstein newton or stephen hawking look without youtube it's not on youtube on youtube money or intelligence what is marc andré money money intelligence you can get money be saline what has been the routine or monologue that you have most regretted presenting well chris and he told me which one of the rats this water at 11 since I talked to my cold wife with the gynecologist and one side can be kept in mind the Banamex was the one you know better than the one I present and it goes well for me but this one has Microsoft or not it went very badly for me and I don't regret a routine but I do regret it once in the public I grabbed the cheek of a man who was remembering very cool and then very good bastard and the lady and her wife got angry very bastard and on twitter my husband insulted me my husband took out the city yesterday I went and wrote to you because I wanted to try as many twists and turns with a style of comedy called the aristocrats, which is a very bad joke, is to write jokes about my grandmother, who was very dirty and I never liked her, she never tells me in full the four times she had been addressed, but it is very bad and you have been warned, she says like this, the other day I had a choice for an old lady. very pathetic especially close I caught her the saddest thing is that she told me I have had better ones and they are very good to hit an old lady especially if it is your grandmother this is not true it is not true I have not caught my grandmother no she does not let herself and what a shame because the lady vibrates but you already know that I don't like to say the word on stage I don't feel comfortable but in sound if possible so there I feel happy and I take it out and I brought a joke that I wrote in coatzacoalcos veracruz very well I said this You can only tell it in sound and it's going to burst and I can't find what I liked that joke that was we were so poor that we looked like a porn actor because we lived off the and not the people who are practicing ropes for this new show that said What I told you, if he doesn't say the word, it doesn't exist, that's the difference between a new plunder, but it was an expert direction and a novice, it's that joke.
If he doesn't say, see, he's not cool, nothing, that's why it's removed because we explain it to them many times in comedy. A single word changes the whole joke. I'm an example and I tried this in different cities, different bars, etc., etc. When I was telling the stupid thing, I had a joke that my ex-girlfriend told me, it's not you, it's me, and the punch line was, well, it changes your ass, I tried it. with well it changes well it changes unfortunate well it changes it's not a change it hydrates asshole no bastard asshole whatever you want I didn't pull but with the word cool it was annoying and I even got to the point of rehearsing recording myself because I said maybe I'm doing another face because I trust more in this word I swear that it is like that methodical studies it thoroughly and does not pull unless you say anger it exists like the self where they lived paper like the so stupid are jokes that do not pull well I think it's time to Let's say goodbye, if it's okay with these good ones, who is the most horny and lustful, the whole squad, paquito, I think it's Europe's turn, you have to see, I want to tell a dirty joke that occurred to me, let's see and see, and according to what's likely to happen but he's very stupid on the campus or tonight I'm going to sleep like God brought me the world inside of Hamas no and I taught him that don't leave me but there's one thing waiting outside because of the incest issue he's a great guy I'm also a twist nut or some adjustment that you want recorded even Carlos selling everything has a joke that I never want to tell this the joke that you are too old the one who arrives with the dad says dad lend me your motorcycle your sister starts sucking but not here that's the punchline no no no no no some joke that whenever I don't remember much more you the path to the bank is very nice from android ice andrés basic law of translation would be is a mapping we have to clarify this when a comedian is that for If someone who sees us is interested in doing comedy, I gave the example to Macario a long time ago, one cannot manage to talk sexually, you cannot manage to put anything else into him, you have to go to dinner, talk about some kisses, some caresses, you go and it's the comedy, you can't Open with a super strong comment or you can't do it but it's not recommended, except I don't like it but there are comedians who open with some jokes about I don't remember you Griffin in the one about tell him that I tell them that I said it I think that what I must have said I love Michelle Obama that's her opening line and I said wow and there's a worse one Mr.
Androids play they are from Cley soon and that's how I live but everything is alive I had a joke a show in which the jacket would fit He took a bite of the cigarette and said, "Then I was licking this girl's anus and she told me, 'Take off, who are you?' I said, 'Sorry, I always get bored in the lines at the bank, and a man suited me well, and I, you You will say pervert to Mozart or Beethoven before I forget, my brothers, I have to comment on this quickly, I don't want it to get over my head.
We are going to do some shows called 123, trying out that's the name of the show. They are shows for very few people. I'm talking to you. It is something very intimate, something very special. We are going to greatly reduce the cost of the ticket because we just want to get out of the money that it costs us to rent the place, pay for flights, hotels, etc., etc. It is a type of exclusive premiere. It will be a very small event. So for very dedicated fans who say it's raining spider month etcetera etcetera the first in Mexico City the first one two three testing will be on Saturday, January 20, ticket sales are only on the day of January 10 at the ticket offices of the 139 in Mexico City if you love the place at 139 Nuevo León Avenue number 139 in the hippodrome with that Mexico City the tickets will be sold from 12 noon to 8 pm or until supplies last because there are very few tickets It is limited to two tickets per person because we do not want resellers or we try to avoid it as much as possible.
I tell you the ticket is going to be much cheaper than any other event, a server because we want to make it intimate and even then it is expensive for them, well, we can't do nothing about it because it is the right amount to get out of expenses this is an exclusive for the people of the city Saturday January 20th 9th on the night of ticket sales January 10th or the day after tomorrow at the bar in the place sorry 139 12 to 8 at night now in Guadalajara we will also do an event of a 23 testing on Friday, January 19, ticket sales are also the day after tomorrow, on January 10, c3 stage ticket sales socall place c3 stage from 12 to 8 or while supplies last it is located nor came to bathe vallarta avenue 14 88 la falla de guadalajara jalisco between avenue chapultepec and marsella monterrey we will also have a couple of those events later I will confirm where to not water it in los angeles california January 27 at 7 30 on 1 2 3 trying tickets at the hollywood impro directly at the hollywood impro I confirm not to charge the no sale of tickets from this moment on www puntoticket for the events in los angeles tequila sale la heart is by mejide smx I repeat Wednesday, January 10 from 12 to 8 it says la but in the flyer if you come Koreans the message that bryant sent goes to the race of los angeles the sale of tickets is in triple group point ticket here they found out because they are fans because they are loyal and that's how they find out later and they say there were no more tickets because since they are told that these events are going to be very nice because they are, I tell them, for a group reduced number of people so we can serve them better I hope to be able to take the photo with everyone then it is much more controllable cell phones prohibited cameras prohibited any device to record audio video even though there is already a record of the rpm show because I don't want it to go away no has a fight then we are going to prohibit the entry of devices such as telephones, audio recorders, gopro cameras etcetera etcetera do not hit the machine because they will return you ok yes at that moment it will check you very well unless you complain on your ass until more than the third the third phalanx but if it is until the second positive it reaches quite serious it does not come out so do not risk it enjoy the show this is a gift that I want to give for it could not be in all the cities due to time issues we chose these you know why For the numbers they gave us last year we wanted to thank the fans who have always been on the lookout for the tweets that have come through the Facebook posts etcetera etcetera so the one two three testing these are unique functions so get ready for sale of tickets mister bush global where we follow them in vagas pro on instagram and twitter and like comedian on facebook and youtube on facebook on twitter and on youtube like poncho they play or find the three networks and on twitter like poncho de anda 87 follow me I already have twitter no when I say I already have instagram I have instagram in this great they follow me like kris crisis with z and I already had to do a lot it is crisis concept and table with a certain crisis month to Christmas in this great follow minister because I have very few gray table in our table everything and cristian


comedian you already know on facebook and on twitter like arroba sergio script under table this crisis I liked it by alex comedian liked it improves you liked it it's convenient on facebook state morals l on twitter and you know it away my instagram the January 13th I'm going to be live I can be at the Scotsman in Monterrey Nuevo León January 13th expert they are just only just only good there I'll be there yes yes and on January 26th in Metepec at the 19th comedy bar with Cristian Mesa and then on the 27th we go to atizapán in the state of mexico and then on the 28th to san luis at the bar san luis potosí cristian meza and the server giving a show there we are the centrals sergio I am getting better on facebook like you what a comedian woman and on instagram as an improved Czech this coming January 11th we will be at La Moli I offer the English corner flavors there are in Guanajuato on Friday the 12th in Querétaro La Caja Popular and on the 13th in Atizapán State of Mexico in Haciendas San Juan and on January 12th this coming Friday so that other people from Saltillo will be ready to eat in the versus, you already know where the versus is, it is a bar and there in Saltillo in the ability of the major note is that thanks to and in with this matrix it seems to me that this is the chilis is the ver that's there on tamayo soil it will be little maya and opening the show gaby we're already around everyone followed by franco franco and a ska bass facebook well francos camilla etc official youtube channel their stores here here the first videos come out the pirates base it then they knock them down like this from a simple bank it is castile also narrated francs camilla the officer who has the popcorn and does not have popcorn no official network like that for soon and to Mr. poncho de anda and another team that helped us because the accounts of both twitter and facebook were no longer verified like instagram, if it's from youtube, if it doesn't have the popcorn, it's an apocryphal account from a pirate account that you upload, nothing more, because there they are deceived, if there are people who upload the screenshot, what a joke, Franco sent a message from Mario Away and I can't do it on Facebook. send messages today we also received all kinds of publications, well, so simple, but the one with the little pigeon wasn't me like that, I don't know the fight, thank you all for being on the lookout, we were in trend, it's seeing you and what cool trends on Twitter, this one is not I know if at a national level at least in Monterrey we were in trends.
Well, thank you for participating with your questions. I hope you had fun. I will see. I had a great time. This was very improvised. They are going to say that suckers would have warned us. We did it on networks, but it was something that was He armed towards the heat I hope you liked the novation or spelling next Monday and the spider table returns with everything normal as always don't miss the channel's programs and thank you all for being part of the dream don't get too stuck remember that we are experts in nothing the regional table is common

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