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La doctrina del Espíritu Santo - Eliseo Duarte

Jul 05, 2023
we are going to read three passages in the gospel of john one 737 to 39 wang 14 15 to 26 john 15 26 and 27 when 16 7 to 15 and john 2021 we are going to read everything that the lord jesus said about the holy spirit because he is the baptized one and he spoke on three exclusive occasions and they are in these passages so that we can position ourselves well in the doctrine of the holy spirit we are going to read a 737 in the dessert on the big day of the party it is a he stood up and cried saying if anyone has thirst, come to me, let him who believes in me drink, as the scripture says, rivers of living water will flow within him and this he said of the spirit that those who believed in John 14 15 to 26 were to receive and if we are going to read alternately if I you love keep my commandments follow the spirit of truth which the world cannot see because it cannot receive because it does not see him nor know him but you know him because he is with you and will be in you for a little while and the world will see me no more but you will see me because I live you will also live he who has my commandments and keeps them that is the one who loves me and the one who loves me will be loved by my father and I will call him and manifest myself to him 20 23 24 23 he answered that said he who loves me my word will keep my father he will love him and we will come to him and make our home with him I have told you these things while I was with you now on the 15th 26th and 27th but when the comforter comes that I will send you from the father the spirit of truth who comes from the father he will bear witness about me 16 7 but I tell the truth it is better for you that I go away because if I did not go the comforter would not come to you but if you go away I will send him away from sin because they do not believe in me of judgment because the prince of this world has already been judged but when the spirit of truth comes he will guide you into all the truth because he will not speak on his own but he will speak whatever he wants and he will make you know the things that will be come everything that the father has is bio the sinners are sent away and those who were retained are retained and well also facts facts 1 6 and 7 the 5 one certainly from the 5 john because john certainly baptized with water but you will be baptized with the holy spirit within not many days they arrive and He told them it is not up to you to know the times and the actions that the father put in his sole power the memory teeth brothers here are the three occasions that the Lord Jesus who is the baptized spoke specifically about the coming of the holy spirit and the function that the holy spirit would have in the lives of ministers and believers, it is important to know that all of this is in San Juan de Mateo de Marcos de Lucas records this, Luke is the only one who says, but referring to the prayer in Luke 11 when Jesus told him He taught the disciples how to pray.
la doctrina del esp ritu santo   eliseo duarte
He told him, ask and you will receive, seek and you will find, knocked and alone, when you open, the door will open because everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks, and he who knocks, it will be opened to him. Your father and his son ask him. bread gives him a stone and asks for a fish he gives him a snake from an egg he gives him a scorpion if you, being humans, know the good gifts to your children the more your heavenly father will give the holy spirit not being asked for it that is the only time in Luke the Lord Jesus makes reference to the first cry but referring to prayer and in chapter 24 after he recited of the dead when he told him to settle in the city of Jerusalem until you are invested with power of place during his public ministry.
la doctrina del esp ritu santo   eliseo duarte

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la doctrina del esp ritu santo eliseo duarte...

What he said regarding the Holy Spirit is in Saint John 7 39, which was at the Feast of Tabernacles and John 14, 15 and 16, who said it on the last day he was with the disciples before being betrayed. It is important to know when he said it. Remember the elementary rules of interpretation who said it here he gave it to you when he said it because he said it and why he said it so it is important to take those details into account to 1 and be clearer about why these things were given and to whom they were then given second time, as I said, it is in those chapters everything that is written in John 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 was said by the Lord to the disciples on the last day that he was with them before being handed over to him, chapter 17 in the prayer he said the previous week and Chapter 18 begins with the arrival of Judas and his gang.
la doctrina del esp ritu santo   eliseo duarte
To learn that is that he was in the garden, so it is important to take those generalities into account to then understand precisely the texts. Well, then, and the third time that Jesus spoke of the Holy Spirit was after He was resurrected before ascending to heaven as recorded in John 20 as recorded in Matthew 28 18 says that that is he disappeared after being resurrected and he rebuked those who had not believed those who had seen him and said to them the power give me heaven in the earth therefore and to make disciples mark you already know what is written there in 1615 these signs will follow those who believe in my name it will be a devil to speak in new tongues and what the 24 also refers to the disciples that james bain mouse is a result appeared to him he walked with them and asked them what practices where are you and why are you sad and they treated him like a pilgrim behind news but you are the only pilgrim who does not know that jesus of nazareth was killed by hanging on a tree and We were waiting, they had already lost hope, we were hoping that he was the one who was going to receive Israel, but when they arrived, the brothers met him when he broke the bread.
la doctrina del esp ritu santo   eliseo duarte
They worshiped him. They returned to Jerusalem and on this occasion he is a native. That's how it is written and that's how it was necessary for it to happen. Christ then was crucified and it was from the dead that repentance and forgiveness of sins were preached in his name in all nations starting from Jerusalem and you are witnesses of these things so establish the established order in the city of Jerusalem until be invested with power before, as in John 20, which we have read before, receive an order that is being given. Some have preached that the disciples received the first saint that day when they spoke in tongues at Pentecost.
Jesus had spoken to them specifically how it is okay John 14 15 16 before the cross Charles told them who would receive the holy spirit so that they would receive the holy spirit he told them all of this before being handed over then when he ascended to heaven then he reminds them and rectifies them or confirms or insists that they needed to receive the spirit, then we need to be clear about this because precisely what we study this morning, the gospel of salvation, the gospel of truth, the gospel of grace, is what leads us to receive the spirit. Saint, there are no people who, without Calvary, have more grace.
This seems to have sweetness. Well then, the sisters, then let's try to put things in order. We will talk about the salvation of the grace of justification and all the other doctrines that emerge from there then we are going to see the doctrine of the holy spirit so the first time that Jesus spoke about it was in the festival of tabernacles the festival of tabernacles was held and still in the Jews what does it mean to live in cabins or in ramadas seven days to remember and teach the new generations that their parents were nomads in the desert and walked from one place to another without a city of population, so they practice that festival to remember what their parents were in the desert and to teach their children to the new generations that their parents were nomads for 40 years, then he shows them on the day of the festival the priest or the high priest watered a vase of water on the steps of the temple to remind them that when there was no water in the desert, God gave them water from the rock or inside euro flint I don't know precisely when the city and the people were transported to that past when their parents were thirsty they cried out to God and God said to Moses and it was the rock and waters came out precisely when Jesus stood up and said If anyone is thirsty, let him who believes in me come to me and drink, as the scripture says, rivers of living water will flow from within him and this he said about the spirit that those who believed in him would receive.
In another word, he said, I am the rock that I gave your fathers drink in the desert because the rock that followed him was Christ hallelujah hallelujah, that is what he said on a very special occasion precisely to show them what he is because he is the baptized one the promise in Joel 28 is In the last days God says I will pour out my spirit on all flesh, that is, the one who promised was God. John the Baptist, who was the precursor of Christ, says the one who comes after me and will baptize him with a healthy spirit and now he himself is saying the Let him be thirsty, come to me number 1 and BBVA number 2, come to the baptizer and number three, he who believes in me, as the scripture says, rivers of living water will flow from within him.
The exact one is a promise for those who believe the gospel and that is what We have to believe that people are going to receive our proposal because you do it shake your head the spe luque don't make him shout and say glory glory glory of the gallery of the river those are formulas made by people number one you have to be thirsty number 2 you have to come to the baptized Jesus Christ faith has to be focused on the one who made the promise and not on the place or the occasion some go to the convention with faith that the day with them they will receive or that in fasting they are going to receive in the vigil they are going to receive the net is wrongly focused whoever is thirsty come to me because he is the baptized one he is the one who baptizes with the holy spirit that is what you also tell him and he is god because god was the one who made the promise, his precursor said that he was the one who would baptize and he himself says come to me I am going to associate you in such a way that you flow and rivers of living water flow from your interior no one starts running to be thirsty no one starts running to lift weights to be thirsty / it can be done lying down or sitting without doing anything because thirst occurs because the body is mostly made up of fluid when that fluid is depleted the body has detectors that tell the brain that it is being dehydrated the fluid is When the brain is reduced, it sends an order to the tongue and you feel the sensation of thirst and until you drink the liquid, everything levels out in the body.
Whether it is the reason for the physical thirst, then for there to be spi


al thirst, people have to know, people have to Knowing that if the Holy Spirit is diminished, that is why the doctor there happened to someone like this. A Mexican pastor was preaching and the brother fell asleep. That sister wakes up her husband and she wakes up. The thing is that this bird they make is made with panela but let's leave the 60 kilos so sisters are awake and there are several people in the car to give a nudge so brothers that's why we have to preach this so that people are thirsty and have the desire to receive the let him be thirsty come to me and drink he is the fountain he is the rock that gave drink to the fathers in the desert and in the one who satisfies us in this with this wonderful experience then the holy spirit is an exclusive experience of the new testament the prophet or he says in the last days says god will pour into my spirit the last days began with the coming of the son of god says it in hebrews 11 and 2 god having spoken many times in many ways in other times to the fathers by the prophets in these later days he has spoken to us through the son because no one in the old testament received the baptism of the holy spirit because sin was not removed sin was covered and as long as sin was not removed man could not be the temple of god and The sins of the Old Testament were removed by the work of Calvary.
Hebrew 915 says that the death of the testator was necessary for the remission of the sins that were under the first covenant. The prophets did not receive the baptism of the saint. They were called to fulfill a function a ministry and when today they are going to fulfill their function the anointing came upon them and operated and then arose that is why the spirit of Jehovah came upon me and I but they did not receive the baptism of spice that is why we should not associate Pentecost with the sinai neither with the sauces seeing nor with mount carmel because that is wrong that is not correct because those other dispensations other dispensations then the baptism of the holy spirit is an exclusive experience of the new testament with the church the church nation on the day of pentecost as he was born with the coming of the holy spirit on the first 120 believers, among whom were Mary the mother of Jesus and the twelve apostles, then like elect and holy he came for the birth of the church because at Calvary sin was removed, behold the lamb of god who takes away the sin of the world for this the son of god appeared to take away our sins and there is no sin in him with a single sacrifice he removed sin from the way with a single offering he made those who were sanctified perfect forever then the baptism of I present comes to also fulfill the promise that God does not live in temples made of human hands in need of something from someone but he said live in them I will walk in them be their god and they will be my people for the same reason until sin It is not removed, the man or the woman cannot be temples.
Since then, Pentecost should not be associated with those mountains that I have mentioned for those events because it is an exclusive promise of the New Testament, so all this that Jesus said is important that we know for sure what It was what Jesus said would become the Holy Spirit in the lives of believers.Because now some things are attributed to the Holy Spirit that are completely foreign and even contrary because 50 years ago being a Pentecostal was a pestilence, if one arrived, a part of them told you what they read about Paul and this pestilential man has already arrived here but there are no Pentecostals.
Even Catholics but Pentecostals, guys, not all that glitters is gold. Now there is a book that the United States gave me. It is called, yes, the 20th century, the century of the Holy Spirit, and there the history is told of everything that preceded something, the Topeka Kansas revival, and and Of the angels in the street, everything that preceded that is used, everything that happened at that time and how that, fortunately not degenerating, there in that book they don't call us the classic Pentecostals and they call others the neo Pentecostals and then they come the charismatics and then come the neo-charismatics and the most faded yes because by not paying attention to what Jesus who is the baptized says about the holy spirit they attribute to the holy spirit a few things that are not really its function, it is not what he came to realize in the lives of believers so that is why we have to make sure that number 1 those who receive the holy spirit Saint John 14 15 if you love me keep my commandments and I will ask the father and he will give you another comforter to be with you to Always to love Jesus Christ you have to know him who does not know Jesus Christ how you are going to love him what happens is that there are phrases because they make a career now they say that love at first sight that is a phrase that they have introduced and many people marry that way and that is why there is so much divorce that they marry without knowing each other, consequently without loving and without trusting each other because they confuse love with taste.
Man by nature likes women and women by nature likes man is a natural but that one likes a woman to love her there is a lot of distance to love her you have to know her and to trust them the same and the same for the woman for the man when we did not know god we knew that there was god but we did not even call him and we trusted him That's why he is confident in many other things. Now we love him and trust him simply because we know him. So to receive the project we have to love the Lord and to love him we have to know him.
That's why the next verse says that he is the spirit of truth that the The world does not know him, it does not see him or know him, but you know him because he is with you and it will be in you. That was what he said those three and a half years after they were with them and they were there seven days a week and 24 hours a day. They were not going to cool the chosen one 12 so that they could be with him, they ate with him, they walked with him, they slept with him, they lived with him and after that school he tells them well, if you love me, keep my commandments and I will ask the father to give you another comforter so that the spirit of truth may be with you forever that the world does not see or know him but you know him because he is with you and it will be in you when the Trinitarian sees another comforter sb here is the other one but it was another way of console a change of position he was with them and promised to be in them then because jesus was doing that work in his public ministry.he comforted mary and call is raising her brother he consoled the widow of nain by raising her son He consoled Jairus by resurrecting his daughter He consoled the leper He consoled the woman with the issue of blood He was doing that but as he says in 16 he says it is necessary for me to go because if I do not die the comforter would not come to you anymore If I left I will send it to you then the baptism of the EPR and saint is not a people without conversion you cannot pretend that a person who heard the gospel today happened to tell me that you want me to already receive the holy spirit because first God has to do a work that is called the work of the spirit so that the person can be fit to receive the baptism of the holy spirit there it is very clear if you love me keep my commandments I would pray the father and he will give you another comforter so that the spirit may be with you forever Truly the world does not see him nor know him but you know him because he is with you and will be in you I will not leave you orphans I will come he will not come in the refers to another I will come refers to the same I will come to you on that day you will know that I am in my father, you in me, and I in you second, he came to dwell so that he may be with you forever, and that agrees with what I said after he called us out of the dead, behold, I am with you every day until the end. of the world that's why all those choirs that say pass by here Jesus the Christ of Nazareth is passing by here pass by here the 'Christ of the green' we have to pick it up it's wrong it's wrong he didn't come to visit us he came to live in the church who is in the church well they believe it the holy spirit came to stay not for visits I am here to visit on Monday I am leaving but the Lord did not come to visit us he came to dwell because he turned us into temples of God hallelujah he made us kings and As priests, so that it may dwell in us, sometimes we sing things that have nothing to do with our forehead and that must be rectified because it does not correspond to what we believe, that is, the song, the praise must agree with the faith, and by the way, all of you when you filled out your forms of license of the different licenses, you said or signed that you would comply with the articles of faith as they are in the word of God and in the church manual and sometimes there are pastors preaching other things that do not conform to the articles of faith. of the church and the church has an article a creed and as pastors then the first to teach that this is reality and there is also an admonition in Hebrews 13 9 that says do not let yourselves be carried away by diverse and strange doctrines, they did not benefit those who walked in them and not putting your heart in grace if you can read that verse but since you have to affirm your heart in grace Hebrews 13 9 there are verses that are their most of all that the book or the chapter has been saying Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today forever is the sum of everything that the book of briefs has been recounting the book of Hebrews is a comparison a comparative explanation between the old covenant and the new covenant to show the excellence and superiority of Christ over all the previous see the Hebrew writer summarizes in a three-line verse four thousand years of history five dispensations but to talk about the son he had to use three long verses and very eloquent words God having spoken many times in many ways in another time to the fathers or the prophets There it is summarized of genes, it is called the guide, what writer can do that, summarize 4000 years of history in a three-line verse, that is only done by the spirit of God.
In these three days, he has spoken to us through the son whom he made heir of everything for who made the universe who is the radiance of his glory the very image of his substance who upholds all things with the word of his power who having effected the purification of our sins has sat down at the right hand of the teacher of the heights made superior to the angels because he inherited a more excellent name than and everything that needs to be said to talk about the lic, on the other hand, everything else can be summarized in three lines, then come the angels and the son, then comes creation and the going, then comes Moses and him and then aaron and him and then the earthly sanctuary and the heavenly sanctuary the best ministry that Christ has the ministry of the Levitical priests then the best sacrifice then the best offering all showing the superiority and excellence of Jesus Christ over all the previous then it ends saying, remember our shepherds who spoke to you the word of God for what purpose - he knows it for what exact reason it is considered today has been the success of his conduct and imitate his network Jesus Christ the same yesterday today for centuries do not get carried away with doctrines diverse and strange, nothing was left of benefit to those who walked in them, not affirming the heart in grace, that book, each comparison later has an admonition not to fall into things, so it is good that they review in the regulations of the articles of faith how many there are the articles of faith. faith like 30 there you have at least 30 Sundays and you don't have to be preaching anything that you read out there what you hear on the radio or on television we don't have some articles to see that we have to give ourselves to them and yes and If you supposedly believe that you have a revelation, Paul tells the Philippians what to do with what we have come to, let's all feel the same thing and if something else God will reveal to you and if there is something else, also what has been revealed, goodbye, you have your supervisors, your priests, if you think that there is a new thing that needs to be taught, then first consult with your leaders or with the consistory so that you are sure that what you are going to preach is not something that appeared somewhere, a diverse or strange doctrine, then for That's why many, many varieties of concepts have come out and we are not authorized to preach personal concepts but to preach the word of God.
Remember your pastors who spoke the word of God to you, hallelujah. Well, those who receive the holy spirit are people who have been converted first. First, the work of the spirit has to be carried out in the person. The entire plan of salvation is a work of the spirit, but the spirit does it in two great stages. The first is from when you hear the word of God until you receive the holy spirit. It is called the stage of salvation because, as we read there, it is the spirit that convinces of sin of justice and judgment, the spirit is the one that leads to repentance and conversion and obedience, baptism, and then comes the baptism of the holy spirit, that first stage.
It is called the stage of salvation and from the reception of the Holy Spirit the stage of Christian perfection begins. We will not be perfected in any other way. Paul told the Galatians who wanted to be perfected by the flesh. He says, I hope you are foolish, full for, but for. not obeying the truth before whose eyes Jesus Christ was described as crucified among you this I want to know about you received is the holy spirit by the works of the law or by hearing with faith the one who worked wonders among you did them by the works of the king or by hearing with faith the fools know that having begun with the spirit you want to perfect the by the flesh perfection is by the spirit there we read in 1612 the south after that school that I have mentioned from 24 hours a day seven days to The week and three and a half years old tells you many things I have to tell you and now you cannot bear them but when the spirit of truth comes and will guide you to all the truth because he will not speak on his own but he will speak everything he hears if The disciples with that school who saw everything that Jesus did heard everything that Jesus the Lord needed to receive expressing how we are going to be told now in this 21st century, baptism I ask you holy is not part of the plan of salvation it is out of orbit then That's why we don't have to preach concepts that are made that concept comes from the reform 22 the reformers said well salvation is by receiving Jesus then when wang weilin had the experience of sanctification then I call this sanctification I think in the book In the Aryan rain of blessings and I send the memory on 50 there is a hymn that says for the regenerated there is a second blessing there is a hymn that says that because that was a doctrine that came with John Wesley when he had that experience and later when he received a spirit holy then they said well I am saved I am sanctified and I am filled with the holy spirit that is three different stages but those three those two or three stages but all of that is in the same package they are not three different packages they are the packages but they taught like this because they because you will be the knowledge they had at that time and that is that until the holy spirit is received the doctrine of the holy spirit cannot be understood and also when a child is born, no one is born big, children are not born with a mustache then charles for the brother who motivated the brothers there in topeka kansas to search for what the facts of the handsome said about the reception of the holy spirit and the without having received the holy spirit gold by sister osman on january 1, 1901 and there receive expressing speaking in Chinese language and it lasted three days speaking in Chinese and could not speak English then the hand for Jan believed in Lord and died believing that missionaries did not need to learn languages ​​but rather receive the holy spirit to preach in other languages because because no one is born great, the overturn motivated people to pray and look into the facts and he was a great leader but no one is born no one is born great the church in all parts of the world has gone through its infancy so that is inevitable but we are born to grow no We are born to stay children, Pablo said when I was a child, I thought like a child, I judged like a child and acted like a child, as a child does not have knowledge, he acts because of his feelings, but when I became a man, I left the things of a child when one has knowledge, then one knows what it is. what is from a child and what is from an adult so that is why it is important that we have this knowledge that the holy spirit receives us believers first have to go through the work of the spirit to then have the experience of the baptism of the holy spirit hallelujah glory to the Lord Jesus so that all those who received the holy spirit hearing the first sermon such as the house of Cornelius or the Ephesians who were Baptists and the people who knew the scripturesNo, the people we deal with, we deal with people who come from Catholicism or who do not have any belief, who come here are drunks, they are liars, they are idolaters, Jonah, with affection, belongs to everyone - those the audience that he had but on the day of Pentecost that he had in the house of cornelius and the audience that paul had in ephesians were not that kind of people, they were people who believed in the scriptures more devout than us because going from europe to asia or going from africa to asia at that time to celebrate the feast of pentecost that was The people did not do that for sport but simply because they were believers in the scriptures and those people were the ones who received the holy spirit by hearing the first sermon, by seeing the first sermon, then they said what we will do, brothers, and Peter told them what to do and immediately they They obeyed but the people we are dealing with are not that kind of people, they are people who must begin to be taught the ABCs of salvation, so that is why the baptism of the holy spirit is neither the first nor the last but an intermediate experience / having believed the gospel and Christian perfection are clear to us that the first stage is called the stage of salvation from when you heard the gospel because the gospel is preached by the holy spirit sent from heaven says the apostle Peter, if you do not have the option, can preach and nothing happens why the Lord did not allow the disciples to preach the gospel of grace he allowed them to preach the gospel of the kingdom without the holy spirit but the gospel of salvation settled in Jerusalem until you were baptized in water but within not many days you will be baptized by the holy spirit it is seen that these pastors throw good parties ryan usa you cannot have a party party and there is only one hour for lunch so ave lubián wake up brother and if you get sleepy or home on your feet and it is the dream because this is important for you and for your congregation hallelujah glory the lord jesus so that these these these facts is to say what the baptism of the holy priest is for the believer these signs will follow how you will receive soon if you have not believed the gospel the last holy period like healing are promises for those who believe in him there are people who come to the temple because the brothers sometimes promise more than what he promises god meets the sick injury does not fail the pastor prays and goes out and remember it the testimony of brother orb so they took us about two hours before the service to cry there is no when you give him Paralympics he comes then desperate and tired he answers that you are going to give me because they offer us more than what God offers so that those signs are fulfilled the person has to believe and for the person to believe it must be preached so there are people who come to pray and the pastor now but does not say anything to him if he is a convert he does not have to sit and talk to them because the promise is for those who believe the gospel I am not not authorized to pray if the person does not profess to believe the gospel then that is why people have very wrong concepts about the gospel in ways that the baptism of the holy spirit number 1 is for believers number 2 the baptism of the brilliant comes for dwell to dwell not to visit the bi holy pine in the church and it is in the church the church is not the temple the church is us where the west will take the spirit with you because the Lord of today behold I am with you all days to heaven number 3 the baptism of the holy spirit well not to teach us and number 4 to remind us 14 26 when he comes he is the comforter of the holy pri he will teach you all things god remember all the things that I have told you the are functions that Jesus said that the holy spirit would do us number 5 they are not moral 1 teach 2 remember 3 4 make us witnesses 15 26 and 27 when the spirit of truth comes and he will testify about me and you will testify because you are with me and after that he is a resurrected He told the disciples, you will receive power when the holy team has come upon you and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, all of Judea Samaria and to the end of the earth, that is, this experience is what makes us witnesses.
Jehovah's witnesses are not witnesses of anything. nor from anyone because they do not even believe in miracles and to be a witness you have to believe in miracles my ideas 43 10 is a verse that they stole to apply to themselves because it is addressed to Israel 43 volume thus says Jehovah your creator and creator of yours Israel Do not be afraid because I resign you, I put my name, you are when you pass through the waters, it has no great room, pass through the fire, the flame will not burn because in my eyes, Christian is worthy and I loved you, Egypt, given for your rescue, makes a fence.
Ethiopia for you and then chapter 10 says you are my witnesses and my servant that I am so that you believe me so that you know me believe and understand that I myself am to know you must hear so that you know me believe and understand that I myself I am they were the witnesses of God in the Old Testament because a people was redeemed and existed at the end of a thousand years the 10 plagues that came about this in Egypt there was darkness in Kössen there was light the hail burns all the gods of Egypt the calves add In Egypt, the hail did not fall on all those ten plagues.
God made judgment on their gods on the Egyptians and on Pharaoh. They ran out of the cold meat they had brought from this. God gave them bread from heaven when there was no water from Ordes, he gave water from the rock. Their clothes aged us. They lasted 40 years. 40 years. Their clothes do not expire on their feet. They did not swell. their tribes sick without having sanitary facilities or any of those things, that is to say, a miracle of 40 years, then when they entered the promised land, except for 40 and 44, it is said that they did not take possession of the land by their sword, but because Jehovah was pleased with them, God preserved them.
Their neighbors gnashed at them, their teeth waiting for their teeth every time, threatening everything, but the Lord always kept them in the nation that lived not only for 40 years, but from Egypt to the manger, there are 1,500 years. Those people lived by miracles. They will be witnesses for him. In the new testament you want a witness Peter's speech in the house of Cornelius says he rose again and appeared not to all the people but to the witnesses he had chosen to know us who ate and drank with him after he recited from the dead and He ordered us to testify to the people that he is the one that God has made judge of the living and the dead, so what makes us witnesses is that experience because baptism the holy spirit is a miracle it is not an emotion it produces an emotion But it is not an emotion, a miracle is the alteration or suspension of natural law.
Jesus said what we know, we speak, and it is difficult for anyone to speak what they know, but to speak a language that is not in their brain. That is a miracle. It is a miracle. that the holy period takes the vocal cords of the individual to speak a language that is not in their brain just a miracle and that is what makes us witnesses you will receive power when the holy spirit has come upon you and you will be my witnesses in jerusalem all judea Samaria and to the ends of the earth promote teach preach so that the people region is brilliant and you will see that the people testify in quantity those people who receive in the present they are bringing people to the services they are speaking to the family to the neighbors to the companions because that is a glorious experience that is a miracle but there are Pentecostals who have even taught him to speak the language as if that were a manipulation of the preachers Jesus Christ is the baptized and to receive baptism you have to come to him on the day At Pentecost they were all unanimous and together and suddenly there came a roar like a strong wind, it was not open because now there are also those who blow because they receive the holy spirit it was not wind, tongues appeared to them spread out like fire, it was not fire and they all went filled with the holy spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the spirit gave them to speak, it is not speaking in tongues to receive as much as receiving the holy spirit to speak in other tongues, so do not ask the brothers the wrong question because it confuses them. you spoke in tongues when you speak in tongues how long has it been since you spoke in tongues in the wrong question but I did not ask the Ephesians if they had spoken in tongues or has it left for you received the holy spirit when you believed but we have not even heard the spirit is found holy because you were baptized in the baptism of John John preached the baptism of John was to prepare Israel to receive Jesus the Christ he I feel and that was 20 years ago he had already come he had died he was resurrected he had gone to heaven and He had given the commandment to preach the gospel and in the promise of the holy spirit it would be for all that they believed when they heard this they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus and having taxed Paul's hands the holy spirit came upon them and they spoke in tongues and They prophesied and they were all about twelve men, so baptism in the present is a miracle, that's why we have to tend, that is, work in that direction because the life of the church depends on it.
James says that just as the body without spirit is dead, faith without work is dead. The church is strong, it is the body of Christ, but the church must have the spirit of Christ because that is what gives it life, what gives life to the body of the spirit, when a person died, because the spirit leaves, God, hatred and dust goes dust then the the church for the church to fulfill its vision do its work it must be invested with the baptism of the holy spirit so those who have brought out those doctrines that are not new are old things that is precisely why they do not take into account that what the epistles say is what refers to what happened in the events in the gospels there is the life of Jesus the teachings of Jesus the promises of Jesus and the commandments of Jesus in the events there is the fulfillment and in the epistles it is the teaching there are people who have taken out there are preachers who have taken people out of the church preaching certain verses like Romans 89 that does not have the spirit of Christ in tandem is that today I am here they preach that trying to encourage people to receive if not People are encouraged, so what they do is take them out because they do not take into account that what is written in the epistles was written to the church, people baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus and who had received baptism, it cannot be applied to gypsies. in converts because it is a writing to the church to the saints and faithful in Christ Jesus to be in Christ Jesus you must have been saved so for preaching those verses badly there are people who have left the church because if they tell you well if you don't has received baptism, you do not have the spirit of Christ and his, but not because no one knows what I am doing, here I go, so that is why we need to preach the gospel so that people receive faith, receive grace and are able to receive the experience. of the baptism of the spirit is the fourth molar to teach remember to pass us 35 is the fifth wind in 16 7 it is necessary that I go because if I did not go the comforter would not come to you but if they went to me I will send him and when he comes he will convince the world of sin of justice and of judgment coming of sin because they do not believe in me of justice because when I go to the father and you will see me no more and of judgment because the prince of this world has already been sought the the conviction of sin the age the Holy Spirit, that's why the preacher knows what you know, I don't have the message in mind, one needs to pray because he is the one who sends his word like rain and art descend from the heavens to the earth and makes it germinate and produce the seed. to which always the honeycomb that eats like this in a word that comes out of my mouth will not return to me empty that like this but will be prosperous in that for which I sent it because with joy you will go out and with peace it will be and returned in place of the nettle bryant and instead of the sauce there will be sifres.
It is the word sent by the Lord through his spirit. The word of God is the sword of the spirit, not his. It is taking the sword of the spirit, which is the word of God. So Christ does not save, only Christ alone. He saves but Christ does not save only that is why he recruited us to preach to him because only Christ saves but he does not save alone he uses his body which is the church he uses his messengers but one has to have the conviction that that word It has to be sent by the spirit of God so that it produces the conviction of sin the conviction of justice and so that he can be convinced that he has already been judged and is dethroned and that therefore he does not have the authority to keep the captives so that is the fifth the holy spirit came to convince to convince of sin of righteousness and the coming judgment sixth 16 12 I still have many things to tell you but now you will not be able to bear them but when the spirit of truth comes he will guide you into all the truth the truth of one religion the truth is a person Jesus Christ but we do not know this in two by three and to know Jesus Christ in its fullness we need to receive the saint because there in the 14 20 it says on that day or on the day when you receive the saint you will know that I am in my father you in me and I in you then to look for other ways to look for other ways is to diminish the gospel to diminish what the Lord has promised and the Lord confirms his word if we preach what he commanded he confirms his word they went out they preached everywhere and the Lord confirmed the word with the signs that followed it and above all what can he do whatLet us pay more attention to the things we have heard lest we slip or we hear that possibility of slipping from faith because if the word spoken by the angels was firm and all revealed, all rebellion received just payment of retribution, how will we escape if If we had little such a great salvation which was begun to be announced by the Lord himself and has reached us through those who heard, God testifying with them, God testifying with them with wonders and wonders and distributions of the Holy Spirit according to his will, we can no longer leave the conviction that when we go to preach we go with the Lord and that the results depend on him, we do not depend on our experience of our ability because God is not pleased with the ability of man with deadlines in which they fear him and in which So they wait for there to be conviction of sin.
If you come out here on the street, ask him, hey, are you a sinner? He is going to answer you and your best sinners because everyone knows that he is a sinner, but only the Holy Spirit using his word produces the conviction, see. All those religious people who came from Europe and Africa to Pentecost, they were this devout, this believer, but what made us ask, men, brothers, what are we going to do? When they ask us what to do, it is because they feel lost, what caused them to do that? It was the noise, it wasn't the tongues, when the people were contemplating this spectacular people who want to do this, they were astonished, perplexed, confused, and others arrived until they were drunk, but Peter, who was filled with the holy spirit and who was in his right mind and who were Jewish men and the They live in Jerusalem, let it be known that today my words because this is not as drunk as you suppose since it is the third hour of the day, 9 in the morning, this is what the prophet Joel said in the last days, God will pour out my spirit. above all to flesh your sons and your handmaids prophesy but Peter only if you that passage and grasped the message you know how Jesus of Nazareth was a powerful man in words and deeds who walked in Jerusalem in Judea healing the oppressed of the east delivered by determined counsel and providence of God in the hands of the little threads and in him they crucified him and here in God he rose from the dead and has exalted him by his right hand and he is the one who has poured out this that you see joyce knows well intimately the entire house of Israel that this Jesus that you crucify before God has made him Lord and Christ, what will we do because they realized that they were lost that they had crucified the Lord of glory despite the fact that they were God-fearing believers in the scriptures and that they had come from so far away They celebrated a party that is what starts the message or what the message is what starts people's question because they feel because they recognize themselves lost so that is produced by the spirit that is not produced the arguments do not produce the verbiage is the word from God then he comes to give us conviction he comes to guide us to all the truth that is why Christ asked those he called to follow them and those we serve also if anyone serves me follow me it seems that it was the opposite it seems that on the contrary not if any It works for me, follow me, it seems like it would be the opposite, if anyone, if anyone, works for me because sometimes, as we are leaders, we are leaders, we think that we are not following them, but remember that no matter how much leaders we are, we do not stop being followers, he goes ahead of us, he is the one. who opens the doors and he is the author and the actor of salvation he is the one who did it on Calvary and the one who stars in it in the lives of people then the spirit came to guide us all the seventh is in 15 16 15 He will glorify me because he will take of what is mine to know everything that my father has that is why he says that he will take of what is mine so he came to teach us to worship God to glorify God because God cannot be pleased with The flesh says that those who think and walk in the flesh cannot please God.
God is spirit and those who worship him in spirit and in truth it is necessary that they worship and no one is born learned. We all have to learn. So he asked for holy wine to teach us how. worship God because the father looks for such worshipers creators of the prayer cult for that as well as the Sunday prayers to teach the doctrine and as well as the English evangelical cult to proclaim Christ so that the converts make the decisions to follow Christ the prayer cult It must be a point of praise, worship and prayer so that people learn to worship and praise God.
There are people who do not come to culture action because they think that culture action is only for asking and if they do not have a request that is playing, they do not come. and sometimes the prayer point is poor in attendance because the pastor simply lays out a chapter and the bands now there is an hour and an hour and a half one falls asleep and then says well let's pray for the requests and we leave the culture action should be to motivate inspire the people as the salt says enter through his doors with thanksgiving with his courts praise him bless his name because because jehovah the great god and great king over all the earth for which he is praise for which he is thanksgiving It is because they have not received favors the grateful is blessed the ungrateful not then comes extreme let us kneel before Jehovah our god because he is our god and we are the people of his degree and sheep of his hand worship is what he is For us and we for him, people don't know that because there is no greater new thing to learn and the worship of prayers to teach about these things and practice them.
Prayer is made up of five parts, thanksgiving, praise, worship, intercession and finally, petition. there at the retreat in Valledupar they only prayed for the missionaries on Sunday and the one who was leading the service made a mini prayer almost like the children's prayer Lord bless this amen brothers that is the first thing that is a command the prayer has to having priorities that are in the Bible, the first thing in the cost is not asking but entering through its doors by thanksgiving with praise worshiping the Lord's Prayer is a model of prayer so that all private or public prayers can be made because the disciples said lord teach us to pray and what did the lord say to them when grace so our father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done as in heaven so also on earth then comes our daily bread now I didn't hear it, we forgive as we forgive because first is the Lord, his glory, his praise, his kingdom, his will, and then ours come, that is, the first thing is to pray for the requests, first is to pray for the work of God, why, because Jesus traveled through the cities and villages preaching the gospel of the kingdom and healing every ailment in the people and seeing the people scattered and helpless, as you see, they have no shepherd, he had compassion for her, eyes that do not see, heart that does not feel, he who does not see anything that does not come now.
Then, seeing the people scattered and helpless as they saw that they had no shepherd, he had compassion on them and told his disciples, the truth is, the harvest is plentiful, the workers are few, he begged the lord of the harvest to send workers to his harvest, in other words, he told them that You alone are not going to do it. You need to pray to the Lord of the harvest to send more sowers and more reapers. The majority save the other way around, first the requests first and lastly, and I realized that in the church that now only for the missionaries missionary day to plains I have taught the brothers that the number one request is to pray for the work of God that includes the missionaries the pastors the workers their families the Sunday school teachers the leaders of the ladies' youth all the leaders of the church because because that is because that is the first thing because that is the Lord's request to us the table is many and the workers are a little and one with what one does teaches if you in the service after the praise the first thing that is now for missionary work not only outside of Colombia there are 32 fields where they have missionaries that should be the first request to pray for the work of God in all those fields that is intercession and lastly comes perdition Isaiah 45 or so says the saint of Israel ask me about the things to come send me about my children and about the order of my hands but what does God say that we should command him about his children and about the work of his hand began as one because what you do is teaching If in the service you only pray for the missionaries on missionary day the believers will do their own but if in each service you work first for the work of God it is for the believers in their personal decorations and I pass here every day in Colombia and now all day long for the consistory for the officials for some pastors who do not remember who have more but for all these countries because what the Lord said we must pray for all that is to have one or a universal vision like the one he has God having a parish vision is now only for the parish.
James talks about useless prayer and effective prayer. The last one is to ask but to receive because you ask wrong because you ask to spend on your pleasures because now it is selfish mind only thinking of you in your wife in your children in your mother and she ran out of things and now you are all over this country all over this continent you are going to learn universal geography bashir eto'o taking a trip from Colombia through South America through Central America through the Caribbean to the north America for Europe for Africa for Asia if you forgot it there you will remember it if you have not learned it they will learn it crying then the prayer service for that do it like this you will see that the port of action to be the most assisted because the people who worship God are learning what the psalmist says, good is to praise Jehovah and sing psalms to your name or Most High, announce in the morning, blessed are the people who know how to acclaim the Lord, because they will walk in the light of your face, blessed is the one you choose. and you want to bring you perfectly close to working when they taste that they do not want to miss the worship of action but if the prayer service is only to reveal themselves for a while and cry read the chapter and let's go like this if people do not walk to the prayer service they have Each body has to have a purpose, it has to have a starting point, a development and a conclusion, so if Sunday school is for teaching, if evangelistic services are outside the state, the service of prayer and praise and worship must be for the church to grow.
In this aspect, to Berbia, brother, if you bring me water, why the coffee, the coffee will give you one more, let's see a brother who is over there at the door, let him get me a little bottle of water, hallelujah, glory to God, the sisters, in addition to these seven functions that The Lord Jesus said why he came at the end Paul added Galatians 522 the fruit of the spirit is love joy peace tolerance kindness goodness faith meekness temperance is the fruit in Christian without adjuncts of the spirit of the spirit the one who produces that product is is a fruit of 9 graces It is classified into three parts love, joy and peace that comes from God to us love has been poured into our hearts by the holy spirit that takes care of us justified because at the same time we have peace with God the joy of the Lord is our strength that comes when we need that the Lord for the spirit with that the second group tolerance benignity goodness that is from us towards the project when you have the door in your face or they say more than four things to bring the gospel and the spirit produce the product of tolerance to That you react to us according to what they have told you or what they have done to you is like an old woman who lives with someone who is governed to teach the testimonial to get to a part and they told her well more than four things and then the ball and she becomes sister but If you put up with all those things that you say to people, you say that you didn't know how I was inside since the old lady, that is, I was chewing it but they didn't pass it on, so that's what the holy spirit is for when we are faced with those situations and the third thing is love joy pasture of desire green black on August 20 and again not the first meekness faith and temperance meekness being a mansion the servant the Lord has to be meek towards everyone not only against the good believers but the Lord do not be bellicose religious but meek meekness meekness in this case faith is fidelity anse of a man fidelity and temperance fidelity because when they do not feel it what they have to do is the faithful I like it when you feel it a woman who has to be faithful to her wife to her children to the church goodbye then the lp in that case is faithfulness temperance is having self-control being master of oneself not being dominated by the circumstances of life but on the contrary that you dominate the circumstances as Paul says and according to Timothy 17 because God has not given us the spirit of cowardice to be in fear but has given us the spirit of love of power and self-control without being masters of ourselves, not allowing ourselves to be altered by the situations that surround us, the circumstances that we have to face then the spirit came to produce that and 9th to impart the gifts and operate the gifts gift of the holy spirit comes to exercise nine functions in the life of the believer it will be that he came to dance to run to do a jump and is thinking about that is he being more than childish, being naive logically that the holy spirit that the power of God excites emotionally and everyone expresses their emotions emotions according to their temperament but the holy spirit did not come so that we can start running make us dance as already in some parts of the world the experience asked saintThey have been reduced to dancing or running or jumping and not to the unequivocal visible and audible sign that Jesus gave, they will speak other languages ​​and that was fulfilled in the book of acts over 32 years, so brothers, that is why we must preach these two important parts. the gospel of salvation and the promises that exist for those of us who believe this gospel of salvation that will be more motivating to tell a person that because he has not received the holy spirit he is not something nor is he a child of god or to tell him that the holy spirit is For the saints and for the children of God, the latter is more motivating.
The other is more motivating. The other is the bad thing. The word discourages it. Baptism is suddenly for the whites. Simply follow the sequence of Jesus' words and preach the gospel to every creature. believed the gospel and was baptized will be saved and this sign will follow those who believed for the whites John 14 if you love me keep my commandments and I would ask the father and he will give you another comforter so that the spirit of truth that may be with us forever the world cannot receive because it does not see him or know him you know him because he is with you he will be in you I will not leave you orphans I will come to Galatians 446 when the fullness of time came God sent his son born of a woman subject of the law to receive to those who were under the law in order for us to receive the adoption of children and because you are children, God has sent the spirit of his son into your hearts who cries out to father the last is for the children and the conclusive proof It is the same Lord he was begotten he was conceived he was the state he was born he grew in stature in wisdom in grace before God and men and when he was about 30 years old he came to be baptized and when he came up out of the water the sky opened and the spirit descended on him like a dove and the voice from heaven said this is my beloved son in whom I have all contentment but the Pentecostal tradition says that receiving the holy spirit in the being of the spirit will be a tradition but that is not true when Jesus came to the Jordan he had 30 years after being born the baptism of brilliant the testimony of God that we are his children in him.
You also, having heard the word of truth of the gospel of your salvation and having believed in it, were sealed with the holy spirit of the promise that is the pledge of our inheritance until the redemption of the acquired possession is God's testimony that we are his children it is the seal it is the pledge of the spirit just as the girl wears the engagement ring that the groom gives her when they formally arrange to leave to marry who already wears the garment as a testimony as evidence as proof the one who gave her the engagement ring is going to take it to the altar on the promised date he gave us the holy spirit because we are his church and that is what guarantees going to the wedding of the lamb hallelujah that is, the captive of pri


is the testimony of god they are the fairies they are the lord they are the pledge of the spirit it is the testimony that we are his children the only difference is the signal to play the baptist the sign was the dove not that it is not that the epp and saints and a dove john said and I did not know him but the one who sent me to be baptized told me on whom you see the holy spirit descend like a dove and that it rests on him That is the one who baptizes with the holy spirit.
I saw him and he has borne witness that this is the son of God. It is the testimony that we are his children. We produce the gifts not to be for salt, not for health, nor for serving, and the best. example is the same Lord Jesus who went through that about that the question well the question if not what they said in Bucaramanga last year and what a brother said there in the assembly in Medellín the time was more I want the spirit Holy Jesus was a creature, I don't know if you remember her in the assembly because they are pastor brothers, they Jesus is the true god and the perfect man but that is a creature, what do you call me so that I can explain to you what it was based on but brothers, he didn't get up and I didn't realize it, I didn't really identify who it was.
That idea came to me now that I returned to the house to look in the Bibles for the different versions of that expression from Colossians 115 and 16 and in all the Bibles of the English I have a bible of the old bibles that brother Dar had so I had them archived there in the sea efe and I still have them and in all the bibles in English it says first world the first born do you know 116 that is the first born the first born or the first born not the first creation because what has given you that idea that there they say in Spanish says he in the image of the invisible god the firstborn of all creation so that word has given you some idea that he is a creature but in the English versions it says that he is the first born and that agrees with the general context because in Romans 8 29 it also says the same thing Roman 829 says for him to be the first born among many brothers two in English says the first born because He says to her that he came to be the firstborn, that is, Jesus is the first to be born from the word of God.
He is the word made flesh. Nobody at all before has been made flesh of a word. The dad entered into the mom. The word got it He took care of him, he is the first born, that's why it is said that you are the firstborn among many brothers, that is, Jesus from his birth until I thought that you were the only begotten son of God, but Romans 8 29 says that he became the firstborn. among many brothers because when the church was born, when we became children of God, he is the first born because we have also been born from the word of God and that agrees with the entire general context that he was entered that he was conceived that he was gestated that he was born that he grew up and that he reached a certain height and that height was when I told this video this doctor, so it is the same experience with the difference that the sign is different because the dove was for Juan it was a matter of seeing because They did not know him and he was in charge of presenting Jesus to Israel.
In our case, it is speaking in other languages, other languages ​​are other languages, but it is speaking in other languages, and sometimes there is some confusion because we do not distinguish the differences between the two. languages ​​that are there are three different functions of languages ​​languages ​​as a visible and audible sign of having received in expressing are other languages ​​other languages ​​in the facts demonstrated by the inhabitants of Jerusalem and the visitors to Jerusalem that is why they were surprised he says how being these Galileans They speak in the language in which we were born, the wonder of God because they were understanding what the 120 were speaking in tongues.
The same thing happened in the house of Cornelius. The Jews who were the faithful of the circumcision who went with Peter were shocked that Also only the Gentiles in the masses where they knew so much because they knew it and spoke in tongues and magnified God were understanding what others said in tongues in other languages ​​so speaking in other tongues is what I have already said a miracle the spirit is possesses the individual takes the vocal cords and speaks a language that is not in his brain but that language is not gibberish it is not it is not a tongue twister it is another language that is why those who knew the languages ​​understood what they were saying there are other languages ​​in the chapter 14 of 1 Corinthians seek the best gifts but above all that I promised 6 because those who speak in tongues do not speak to men but to God because no one understands them although through the spirit they speak mystery those are not the same or no one understands them or The same person who is multilingual has to remain like an ox because he cannot understand what was on the bill.
So those are languages ​​of communion, intercession and worship. Paul refers to that language in Romans 8 26. We want to say goodbye as is appropriate. We don't know, but the Spirit intercedes for us with unspeakable groans because he knows the will of God and the need of the saints, that is, when you are praying in judgment and they speak in tongues, then hunger because God is using your instrumentality to intercede and to edify himself. themselves who speak tongues to themselves the one who prophesies builds the church then those are not the same as the facts but these are not spoken but by the one who received the holy spirit and the third use of the tongue is the gift of tongues these first two are not They are the gift of tongues is the sign and I in the tongues of intervention so the gift of tongues is to bring a message to the congregation with the gift of interpretation for the is what is called prophecy so this is that gift of tongues is not for believers but for unbelievers loyal 1422 to see brothers in the Bible because it already seems that it prepares Corinthians 14 22 let's see if the sister can put it there so that she knows the difference the first languages ​​are for whom why are they the first tongues for believers these signs will follow those who believe see so that tongues are a sign not to believers but to unbelievers but prophecy not to unbelievers but to believers yes because the whole with the whole church is gathered together in one only place and everyone speaks tongues and among the pardons the inmates will say that you are crazy because the gift of tongues is to bring a message for the incredibles this agreement of brother fin in the year 58 in barranquilla he preached on psalm 9 and after he preached after a message in language and there was the rositas dad, a German, once again the conversion but as is the convention, the daughter did not come as a messenger for him and that is why some Jews have converted to the Lord because they have heard messages that were sent to them sent in tongue in that way and they have realized that he who opens the message to us then those tongues are to bring a message and that is what is called prophecy through the gift of tongues and the gift of interpretation is what It is called prophecy now that prophecy is framed and in 14 chapter 14 it says prophecy comes for edification exhortation and consolation if the profession does not come for that it is not from God then that is the prophecy in the church it is a month a message in tongues with interpretation the one who gives the message in the mother tongue of the prophecy now the protagonists of that are not the ones who are going to impose that can prophesy two or three and in turns and the others judge the others judge mainly the pastor who must have the antennas well placed and judge why because there may be a presumption for that but Paul says the Thessalonians do not despise prophecies examine everything retain it good morning we have every kind of evil when a prophecy can be a message from God but it can also be a presumption of the person who believes himself to be a prophet or may be a deceiving spirit who wants to get into the church to upset the church, that is why the pastor must have the gift of discernment of spirits so as not to take the piss so as not to be deceived here, this has happened in many places. in barranquilla and surely in many places that one does not know it because the church in childhood goes through those things but now comes the teaching so that we grow in knowledge in the grace of our lord and savior Jesus Christ then for not understanding those functions Sometimes a person who is speaking in tongues wants to make a fuss in worship so that everyone realizes that he is very spi


al in question in his function the first is the sign the second is for intercession worship or communion or self-edification that It happens in your emotional now they speak tongues speak that is for their own good and for the good of the work of God I hope in worship that is regulated now because that is not their daily bread because the church is a universal body and the gifts are in the body it is not the it is not the cell the local church is a cell even if it has five thousand members it is a cell of the church the fruit is produced in the individual loving spear shepherd coming of goodness faith meekness temperance that is produced In the individual, the gifts are manifestations in the body that in the church, just as the church is universal, that is not the daily bread in the cells or in the congregations that we pastor, and furthermore, those manifestations come to meet a need because God God does not do things, he does not do miracles for sport, you have surely heard that miracle Thursdays and miracle Saturdays, as if I were there one day, well, miracles, God does things to meet a need, that is, that happens because there are a situation that merits and that happens because it occurred to him to invent and have prophecy and then a sister comes out saying no like that from the Lord, repent because I am coming soon that is what the Bible says a while ago now the gifts are manifestations they are not offices the one who He has that the one who operates those gifts is not a prophet because that is not a job but rather an occasional manifestation that happens because there is a situation that warrants that I saw in times of violence here some of those things happened. among the believers to keep them and to free us from the dangers that lurked us but there are groups there are groups that have left not the Pentecostal church but other groups because they have become dependent on those things so they come to the service expecting not a teaching not a preaching of the word dior than food but to see who when I arrived in Medellín on November 27, 1967 on Fridays on Sundays the first Dominican was 200 euros the first Dominican and at night when I asked not to have it they immediately closed the door when we finished closing a door and it appeared it was clear that because I had never seen them from anywhere well because yesterday when the prophecies began there was a group that believed in what the brothers saidand others who did not believe in those who did not believe had nicknames because one of those who prophesied sold bananas in the market and they called him the prophet bananas, another called the prophet lemons because he sold lemons and others were sold in the prophet tomatoes because the He sold tomatoes, then those who did not believe in his prophecies said that and that's when it began and that's what the Lord says and he began to say his nonsense.
So I set myself the task of teaching what the work of the spirit is and then no longer being recommendable in the manual and knowing what to kill in holy spirit, of course, because children, since they do not have knowledge, act through their senses, so what they feel is what they attribute goodbye to, but that is why Jesus Christ said who the holy spirit is so that it is received from crying those who receive it so that we are not deceived or believe any manifestations that are not what the Lord has promised I don't know what if you call people to receive the holy spirit expect me to speak in our languages ​​is the sign that he received it now, that person is not necessarily going to be able to manifest the gift of tongues and to have the languages ​​of worship or intercession he needs time because he needs to learn in the Christian life that now the second language he is the one that has grown He who knows how to pray in the spirit, some recent converts had golden in him, very few know now, but as one lives the Christian life, he learns to pray and then he also experiences these things, so chapter 14 has to be studied with the two chapters. previous chapter 12 lists the gifts that are 9, classifies them into three groups gifts of power gifts of revelation of word of wisdom word of knowledge discernment of spirit are the gifts of revelation for knowledge their gifts are mostly given to ministers second group gifts of power gifts of healings where it was and where miracles healings are not miracles nesting one thing and miracle of another thing are gifts of power to act and the third are gifts of expression to speak gift of tongues and interpretation of tongues and prophecies there are in chapter 14 It is already classified at 12, buttons are listed, they are classified and it is said that all of them do not operate a single spirit, then it recommends love as what should motivate longing and ends up wanting to seek spiritual gifts but above all that 96 because the one who prophesies to edify the church and he who speaks in a tongue edifies himself, Paul says, it would benefit you if I came speaking to you in tongues and did not speak to you with prophecy with revelation with teaching, then he who prophesies edifies the church, there is no need to distinguish between ministerial gifts of the gifts of the spirit which are the nine that are listed in chapter 12 the ministerial gifts are permanent offices apostles prophets evangelists pastors and teachers these are men gifts that God has called that God has endowed with some gifts and has given them to the church to perfect the saints for the work of the ministry for the building up of the body of Christ' until we all come to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God to a perfect man according to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ These gifts are permanent offices, God has given to men, as the Ephesians say, ascending on high, he led captivity captive and gave gifts to men, so we ministers are men, gifts given to the church, that is why we owe ourselves to the church and not the church.
It's up to us, that's why we have to be willing to serve where the Lord doesn't need it, not where we want to go or where the wife says now that I'm going, it's for that part because that's it, my mom was also from behind because those things happen then the nine gifts are occasional manifestations that occur because there is a situation that warrants it to be manifested, that is why Peter says we have the safest prophetic word to which, when it comes out, we are attentive like a torch that illuminates the dark place until the day brightens. and the morning star rise in your hearts until 5 o'clock no no well the question how was it going to be on Friday cannot be because from what I see we are going to have to have a list section of questions because the important thing is that you You can clarify your doubts your concerns that you have clarity in what you are doing so we are not going to let you go without answering the questions God willing well then we have to round up because it is going to be 55 and a half so let me round up I am starting with the questions well then summarizing resolving ah and Saint John in those passages that we have read is where everything that the baptized Lord Jesus said those who receive the holy spirit so that the holy spirit is received then the gifts of the spirit are listed in 1 Corinthians 12 and the operation of those gifts is in chapter 14, that is why it establishes that the gift of tongues comes to bring a message not to the whites, not to the believers but to the unbelievers, that is why it also says if everything is gathered in one place and everyone They speak languages ​​they will tell us that you are crazy because that doesn't mean anything to people there are so many things well between us no why because we have been teaching this in free since 75 35 years 13 the hour of the spirit I wrote it for him year 75 since we have been teaching these things for 35 years because among us there was also fanaticism, fanaticism is zeal without knowledge, it is a mistake for you and the classic example of fanaticism is Saul of Tarsus.
I consider it my duty to do many things against the name of Jesus of Nazareth believed that Christianity was a heresy and he persecuted it to death but later when he thanks the Lord he says why he had me as a skin putting me in the ministry having been before the blasphemer and persecutor but I was received in mercy because what I did he says it in ignorance quality ignorance is daring and ignorance leads people to do things they should not do what I did I did it in ignorance and to his and his countrymen he wrote in Romans Romans 10 and sir I testify to you that you have the zeal of God but not according to science not according to knowledge they are jealous without knowledge because ignoring the justice of God wanting to establish their own there is no they have not received the justice of God which is by faith the brothers ignorance leads one to commit mistakes but we are in school we are in school and we are not yet graduated graduation agency of Christ so don't get your chest out because the diplomas are what we have then well so those gifts work for the edification of the church and chapter 14 is the regulation the functioning of the gifts in the church but there are only 26 that there are so brothers when you meet the 1 has salt the first thing in the church is praise because that is the recognition of the presence of God when one met or when one is He only does not praise him because he does not recognize that he is with me.
Praise is the recognition of the presence of God. Then comes the teaching and then comes the results. The other has doctrine. The other has revelation. He has no language in interpretation. Let everything be done for edification, but Sometimes there are brothers who lead the choirs if they want, they want to bring the results without preaching, they call people to the altar, they call them workers, well they do it because they do not take into account that the cult has an order at a starting point, it has a development and It has a culmination, the first is praise, the second is teaching, and the third is the results, because worship is first for the Lord, because first, second for the church, the church comes not because I throw stones at it, but so that they can give it bread so that they can give it knowledge so that the guide jump so that the food above all and thirdly for the visitors there are places where there are congregations where the unconverted people go more to Sunday school and to the point analyst then the preacher has to give those people their slice of Bread so that they do not leave has to be distributed between teaching and evangelizing and evangelizing by teaching, then the cult has to have an order and development so that it is profitable so that the people can leave edified, blessed and happy and the people they bring to visit can leave. with a knowledge of what is being done there in the temple well surely the questions from the others well I already said it from that moment a person is a child of God when they hear the word and believe or when the baptized we will see when You have a child when the wife says well, I'm pregnant, they're waiting for a rhythm, don't be waiting for me, of course, you are a future, first your birth and then you become a creature that is in the wind from the moment the woman conceives, I'm pregnant, they're waiting for the child towards the new birth no person no woman knows the moment when she becomes pregnant the woman comes to know about it after a month because her menstruation increases or because she has symptoms in her body she is realizing that the humidity is passing inside we call it the doctor who does the test and when he finds out that he is pregnant, in fact he could prepare himself psychologically, emotionally and financially to expect a child because he knows that he is pregnant as a person knows that he is so that the word of God can enter when the symptoms tell him that a person receives the word the word begins to produce its effect and camps the person begins to realize that the thoughts have changed that the feelings have changed and that is why their actions change because the good or bad acts are products of either the thoughts or the feelings then at that moment the person is in fact begotten by the word of God, this is what James says, he says it very clearly, James 116 96 brothers, my beloved brothers, everything is perfect and every good gift descends from above from the father of lights in which no There is no change nor shadow of variation.
He of his will has begotten us or has given us birth by the word of truth so that we may be the first fruits of his creation, as the creation will be redeemed according to Romans 8. We are the first fruits, the first redeemed of the creation. So what happens is the question comes because it has been taught, that is, the Pentecostal traditions are one and what the word says, you must vote. The traditions have taught us that baptism is the birth of water and the baptism of the holy spirit is the birth. of the spirit, which would be equivalent to having three births, the natural one, the one of water and the one of the spirit, but that is not the case.
One is born from what was generated or you can plant corn so that barley is born. From genesis it is 1 everything reproduces according to its gender and yet rice produce them cattle produces cattle beasts produce beasts birds people all reproduce according to their kind so if one is begotten from the word of god from which he was born it is because the word of god is water but it is not baptism baptism and burial cannot be for sale cabbage seed culture you are clean sanctify the holy truth not the truth the church is sanctified and purified in the the macro of water by the word of God Peter says having purified your souls in obedience to the truth water is a symbol of the word of God and to be born of water in born of the word of God baptism is the burial do you not know that all of us who have been baptized into Christ have been baptized into his death because we are buried to death by baptism so that just as Christ gives us all the dead for the glory of the Father, so we also make new life in life, that is, baptism is a burial in likeness because no real burial is a hole in the ground, a waste. a corpse then we were buried in the likeness of the tomb of Christ so that just as he rose from the dead we may live a new life because if we were planted in the likeness of his death we will also be planted in that of his resurrection in baptism in the likeness of the tomb of Christ, being born of water and being born of the spirit, which is a single birth, there are not two in being born from the word of God because the word of God is spirit and is life, when God, when Nicodemus resolves, I tell him, "This is how he burns tables of true it is true if you are not born again you cannot see the kingdom of god it is called and we can think about the mother how can I return to my mother's womb and be born Jesus tells her well if he is born again from that he is born from the same thing what is born of the flesh flesh is what Jesus was telling him was to be born from another origin of another nature of another next to God and Peter says it being reborn they were already born a second time not from a corruptible foundation but from an incorruptible foundation by the word God who lives remains for always and this is the word that has been announced to you through the gospel when you are born of water and of the spirit in being born from the word of God it is one birth it is not two because Jesus God gave me you have to be born again or you have to be born of new and Peter says being reborn it is clear then what happens is that tradition taught that but when you baptize a person you are burying the ancestry to the mica the old man so that the new creature is born or begins or develops the new man then From the moment the person has been engendered, the process begins, that is why salvation is not an instantaneous thing, as the cheap preachers out there say who say, don't go ahead or raise your hand, you are the son of God, no, that is not true, they are doing it. of one part of everything and in everything it is made up of many parts you do not have to be engendered you have to be conceived you have to be gestated and you have to be born and that is why when you are a new creature jazz obeyed the gospel God gives you the spirit testifying is well this m so simple often hallelujah then to our that all the manual of the newcomer who greeted us a little bit loved andhigh schools rest your throat thank you thank you God bless you brothers good my health German Albanian our president Manuel and CEO God bless you a pleasure to see you and to be here it is a blessing also to the director brothers I bless you thank you teacher for giving us all the opportunity to be here Like the directors of District 14 and District 3, God bless you brothers, all the pastors, I want to thank all of you brothers, first of all for your prayers in favor of the missionary work.
Really good, thank you for what you sent him, I made him a nice sign and I appreciate that the missionaries take this into account one of the things they need most in prayer from prayer comes the grace of God the inspiration the strength one needs a lot from God God bless us in the missionary field we worked ten years four months the work in Panama receive health from the brothers when I came they told me to send greetings to all the brothers find on the way there is a beautiful work girl a new work that needs a lot of the help of and the prayer of the people of God - panama there are currently 32 congregations, some of them are still small, others have already begun to develop and grow.
The central church in Panama City is a nice group. On Sundays, about 300 people meet with the children. The church in Colon is meeting a little more than 150 and So there are groups that have already taken, are taking leadership, then your prayer brothers because God allowed us to open 22 works in 10 years but the majority are young and new factors that need this brother Elyseus visited us on one occasion thank you brother the consistory that on different occasions in pending status for the ministerial training of the 32 pastors, 7 including the missionary are Colombian but the majority are new, they are growing in the Lord and we are grateful for your help to pray, there are many fields, open doors and we need the ties, I appreciate your prayers for We, our family, left us two married daughters, one left there serving the Lord and here we are with a daughter there in the central church of Soacha.
We appreciate your prayers. I helped us to adapt, integrate well and be able to help in whatever is in our capacity and I am grateful. Keep praying for our families God bless you brothers thank you it is a university of ministries and diversity of operations well that diversity is what it is I have said that the nine gifts are classified into three groups the diversity of ministries is the word of wisdom the word of knowledge and the discernment of spirit that is why I said that these gifts above all are given to ministers because it is called diversity of ministries diversity of gifts and diversity of operations the gifts of power are for acting there are gifts of revelation for knowledge that are the gifts the diversities ministries gifts of power to act that is the diversity of operations and gifts of expression to speak to attract revelation or knowledge that is the classification that is there in chapter 12 when what is the seal of the holy spirit and how is it identifies the seal of the holy spirit is not that the holy spirit has a seal but that the holy spirit is the seal of our redemption second of timothy 219 the foundation of god is firm having this seal the lord knows those who are his and depart from iniquity, everyone who invokes the name of Christ, that is to say, in the little book that is here in Colombia that the department of social assistance does not have to distribute, it is called the work of the spirit, all of this is explained in the New Testament, so there is There are at least 10 titles of the spirit, but there are not 10 spirits, but rather the spirit operates 10 different functions, so one of them is that the holy spirit seals the symbol of approval and belonging, that is, when a person receives the holy spirit God is bearing witness this my son is approving his faith his repentance his conversion his obedience to the gospel so the seal is simply a way of saying what he the holy spirit means to us he has the spirit of god the holy spirit the comforting spirit the spirit of grace the spirit of power the spirit of anointing the spirit of christ all these are titles that designate the different functions that the spirit operates in the life of the believer the spirit of grace is that god the one who gives grace the spirit of the comforter in the Lord is the one who consoles, who is the spirit of power because he is the one who gives power to live the Christian life and so then a single spirit operates all this diversity of actions in the lives of believers.
What happens with a brother who is baptized and is a good Christian well but but I know even if he dies if in the seal of the holy spirit he is saved or not we already said it if he has already died we have to leave it with God because you and I are authorized to resolve that but we must not use that as a a a new way of not doing what we must do so that people receive the holy spirit Hebrews 612 says do not become prisoners but rather imitators of those who through faith and patience obtain the promises there are the promises in the word of God but you have to believe you have to pray you have to ask you have to do what the Lord did not order to be done to receive them so some questions less if a person does not receive the pil 'no and dies what happens to him but why does he have to die without receiving the holy spirit, if a promise given to everyone who believes in him is like others who say well, I have a brother here who is dying, I cannot baptize and then he is calling to find the pastor and that is what the pastor You can't run out to go baptize him brothers if the Lord gave him time to heck shabelle to that perverse woman who was in the church teaching the brothers to fornicate over the centuries bragging that the test tube says if he has given her time to repent and he has not repented, he will not give time to a person who is hearing the gospel and who needs to obey the gospel, of course, yes, I have seen sick people who have not prayed for it, they have been healed by saying the gospel and they have died.
After a short time, God gives a person time, there is no need to put ifs or buts to this, brother, do not put black hair on the white horse. This, as Kokoriko says, has no bad prey. This is all real, everything is true. I preached the gospel and you will see that people go. to receive the holy spirit but you cannot put a talanquera there, what will happen if this does not receive in the holy spirit preach so that they receive the holy spirit here there is a long one that the auxiliaries have to put here because there are people who revive hard The saint asks you to receive us without being baptized.
That happened in the book of acts. It has happened in Colombia in many places and will continue to happen. Let's see if you are paying attention to me because when you believe you are justified and are fit to receive the Holy Spirit, Peter tells you. He explained that to the church. He came out when he returned from Cornelius' house and told them what had happened to him. He said, "You know that God chose that the Gentiles today are in the word of the gospel through my mouth and they believed and God who knows their hearts He gave testimony by giving them the holy spirit the same as us and made no difference between us and them purifying their hearts by faith purifying when the person believes what happened at Calvary he is justified he is clean he is purified and that is why he is in conditions to receive it but that does not exonerate him from being baptized because one thing is cleanliness here and another thing is forgiveness in the court of God, which is why Peter did not even ask those on Cornelius Street if they wanted to be baptized but ordered them to be baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus why the word has an effect the blood has another effect and the name produces another effect why this is a package you cannot make of one thing anything goes we already saw that through the word we are clean the word in which it cleans It is not the holy spirit as they say, because we ignore these things, all those choruses have been invented, I am burning, I am burning, I am burning, let the fire come, the fire is lit, all of this was invented because of not knowing how the spirit works, the Lord.
Using the word with it, the blood cleanses us, the blood redeems us, justifies us, sanctifies us, washes us and cleanses us, but the blood never says it forgives because the blood is a part of Christ. He has more than three years of having bones of the flesh, he had nerves. I had the spirit I had a soul so the blood has a function to revive justify sanctify wash and clean but that is why forgiveness is in the name because one thing is cleansing the purification that happens in our life but there in the court of God there is a summary year of everything we did in the past so that is why it says first Timothy 5 24 the sins of some men before they come to judgment are manifest to those who command them and to others they come later there on the white throne the books will be opened and the dead They will be judged by the things that are written in the books because he who does not refer his sins to judgment has them there he has them so that is why baptism is for remission and forgiveness remission means to send when you send a letter that says return address Pedro Rodríguez or one juan marín is then baptism is for remission in a sinner comes to the pastor he is recognizing his condition and is believing in the gospel and he comes to remit his sins that is why he is one of the disciples to whom the sins were remitted are remitted You cannot baptize all the people, you have to train them, you have to teach them.
Baptism without faith, without grace, without repentance and without conversion produces nothing. The proof of that is the magician of Samaria. He saw that Philip's business was better. that his and he went there and was baptized but nothing happened to him because when Peter came and they prayed that they would receive the holy spirit, but the copper to the magician I also also this power that if I put my hand I receive the holy spirit What does Peter say to him, your money perish with you who think that the gift of God is earned with money, repent of your sin because in prison of evil I see that you are not out of prison and Philip had baptized him, a notable evangelist was performing miracles healing the sick. freeing demon-possessed people, but baptism without the prior has no effect, that is why not all people can be baptized and baptism is for remission and forgiveness is the annulment of the summary that is in the divine tribunal of our past.
I am careful to call his name Jesus because he will save his people from their sins, let repentance and forgiveness of sins be preached in his name in all nations starting from Jerusalem, repent and baptize each one of you in the name of Christ for the forgiveness of the feet of This Jesus all the prophets testify that all who believe in him will receive forgiveness of sins through his name now because why you stop get up baptize wash away your sins invoking his name I have written to you little children because your sins have been forgiven you through his name, forgiveness only comes from that because the name contains everything that Jesus is like where you sign you are committed from head to toe because the name represents the person so when the name is invoked you invoke everything that Jesus is is more invoke his presence says exodus 20 24 exodus 20 24 says where I made the memory of my name to be there I will come and bless you where I made the memory of my name to be there it will come from blessing the presence the name represents its presence if I I talk to you about President Uribe, the image of the president comes to mind because the name represents it.
If President Obama spoke to you, then comes the image of the President of the United States and if I talk to you here about the neighbor of the dangerous neighbor, then the rival comes, then to the Invoke the name you invoke everything that Jesus Christ is that the name contains everything that he is, the blood is a part of what he is and the name, in addition to being for revision and forgiveness, is for adoption to all who give him They received those who believe in his name and the power to be made children of God Ephesians 15 having been predestined to be adopted as his children by Jesus Christ according to the football of his will in prices 3 14 and 15 for this reason I bow my knees before him father of our lord jesus christ of whom not of whom

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