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La cascada de la muerte | Relatos del lado oscuro

Nov 22, 2021
On Sunday, December 6, 2020, a woman leaves her house in Bogotá, Colombia accompanied by her 6-year-old son. It would not be unusual for a woman to leave her house with her 6-year-old son, however, as time passes The relatives begin to have a growing concern since the attitude of that woman and the text messages sent through her cell phone make them think that she is about to make a terrible decision. There have been some incidents in the previous days that have given them the pattern to think that perhaps this young woman intends to commit suicide, so they begin to try to locate her, a matter that is not easy at all, it would take them a long time until finally, due to the intervention of the authorities, they manage to locate the woman, not without feeling a tremendous chill Because the woman is on the shore of the tequendama jump if you don't know what it is let me tell you two or three more ad hoc things and going down the golden bridge is familiar to you gate in the usa the ampayer state in the usa maybe all these places have something in common if you want to know more you want stories of the dark side for strange beings inexplicable events stories that other minds prefer to ignore the police would finally manage to contact the firefighters of soacha de cundinamarca who, in the company of law enforcement officers, managed to arrest the woman and rescue the child as expected by the relatives had only included the intention of this young woman was to jump into the void to kill herself jump from the highest part of this enormous waterfall to get rid of life together with his son in an act of suicide homicide fortunately the timely intervention of the authorities the concern of the family for the integrity of both the child and the woman led to the outcome being a happy ending but what is this place let me tell you take you to these latitudes the tequendama jump is a beautiful waterfall an impressive place in its At that time, many years ago in the 1918 century, it was said to be the highest waterfall in the world or the largest waterfall in the world.
la cascada de la muerte relatos del lado oscuro
Alexander von Humboldt, the famous 19th century naturalist, adventurer, investigator, would determine that this is not the case and calculate the actual height, even if he was wrong the reality is that it has a 150-meter drop but it is an impressive drop in addition to this the bogota river which is the river where the fall of the tequendama waterfall is located runs through the savannah coming from the mountains mighty impressive the fall of the water causes a phenomenon of mist that added to the thick vegetation of the region and of this area in particular gives a special touch to the site at certain hours of the day the mist covers everything giving it a strange atmosphere the ancient populations of this region the poys and other ethnic groups who lived here before the conquest had certain explanations for this place and it was a place with enormous mystical meaning for them the fall into its vertical trajectory ends in a kind of pond a formation in the rock an excavation the constant fall of the water has ended for now giving a kind of lake that forms between the rocks so that later the water continues its course at the passage of thousands of years that has formed a series of impressive cliffs as the years passed and towards the end of the 19th century 1880 1890 the installation of a series of railway tracks in the area made it possible to visit the place the need to transport coffee and other products of the region to Bogotá and from there to the foreigner led to the construction of part of the southern railway branch.
la cascada de la muerte relatos del lado oscuro

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la cascada de la muerte relatos del lado oscuro...

The fact of having a railway helped the cargo on the one hand but of course facilitated the fact that people from the big capital could go to know this place and it became a place to visit located families went there to enjoy a field day there were no facilities as such there were no constructions in an incredibly lonely place but the station allowed you to get there calmly, walk down and face the magnificence of this waterfall in a recurring place people came there delighted with life but along with the visits the suicides also came the people who chose to remove their Life in this place reached a point on the shore where many people came to look out to see the impressive void and of course some of them chose to jump into the void that became scary to the point where this particular rock This kind of stone balcony from where the magnificence of the fall can be appreciated was known as the stone of the suicides.
la cascada de la muerte relatos del lado oscuro
Just on the other side of the river, looking in the direction of the suicide rock, a statue of the Virgin Mary known as the Virgin was placed. of suicides with the intention of somehow helping people not to jump into the void of inspiring them with some kind of trustworthy devotion and prevent them from jumping later, an engraved marble slab would even be placed where it said something like how your problems have a solution, the Lord Jesus Christ tells you I am the path of truth and life would not be an impediment for people to continue jumping but at the time that this was happening, the place also became a visiting site for high-ranking people for public events, there were events there, which led to the decision to build a hotel at the old railway station, a place known as a hotel. the refuge a place that would be destined for the social elite those people who liked to go take a look at the waterfall to go around but who did not want to mix with the people and the town chose to go to the hotel the refuge the hotel It had been built in an impressive French style, a construction hanging from the ravine literally dug into the rock and founded on the rock of the slope of the ac Anti


this amazing building would be the place for parties, meetings and lodging for the highest strata of society at that time its construction would begin on the 23rd of 1923 finished in 1927 with an impressive inauguration it is the era of the foxtrot of dresses with beaded hats from the dance that and this place on the stage of these events people from high society who arrived elegantly dressed and dressed to participate in dinner meetings the hotel had about 15 rooms it was not very big actually it was quite small but it was incredibly elegant its interiors had an impressive decoration that had champagne caviar of the time actresses actors characters from show business politics that arrived there of course there was an impressive viewpoint in the lower part and after descending some steps or using the elevator you reached the viewpoint from where you could see all the fall the impressive fall at the bottom this little lake this little reservoir that is formed by the fall this poses and then the current that follows its course and at nightfall the mist that surrounds the entire atmosphere of those places must have been impressive listening to the music the sound of the champagne glasses of the people dancing talking laughing telling stories of lovers stuck in the happy rooms of life and of the person who silently jumped into the void because sometimes people who suddenly went there for no apparent reason or suddenly left the place walked to the viewpoint and jumped others ventured further into the void and in the midst of the mist walking through that thin spot they reached the stone and jumped for a simple reason to the bottom where the pool of the waterfall is formed the bodies did not come afloat so it is that there was the idea that the one who jumped in that place his body would never be found and they were part of the truth that the great fall of the water generated a series of currents Like whirlwinds that would end up shredding the bodies, they would not be recovered, this current made them sink over and over again, sink out, sink out, and in this movement they ended up disintegrating and being carried away by the current, but while the parties were going on, the glasses of champagne and the music were heard. over here people silently jumped into the void the 157-meter drop from the stone that represented 6 seconds it takes 6 seconds for a person to fall from the stone to the lake that ended up being called the lake of the dead because there was the idea that it was there The corpses actually remained once they began to be destroyed by the agitation of the water they were dragged down the river but during this period of time the legend of suicide bombers began to grow and obviously the rumor spread as the years passed and it became more Once this was known, the press intervened and collaborated greatly in causing a much greater problem, an unethical press in At that time, he flaunted suicide bombers, giving meticulous reviews of how the elegant lady dressed in a distinguished hat had jumped into the void, leaving a romantic posthumous note.
la cascada de la muerte relatos del lado oscuro
The news at that time was incredibly silly because they narrated in detail how the heartfelt woman had left with him. a broken by the deception of a lost lover a little note and they published it which led to turning this site into an almost mystical romantic mystical site or at least very sentimental it became elegant it became distinguished it jumped into the void because it had a broken heart or some something similar but it was something created this meant that a plant police had to be installed there to take care that people do not jump but with very little success the reality is that they already jumped on this stone they went to the other or from the hotel when they fell at night they jumped to their deaths for the 40s every week there was one person a day who jumped into the void 67 suicide bombers sometimes men on occasion women sometimes couples who arrived at the place together and after some ritual threw themselves into the void this meant a series of impressive social upheavals because a whole kind of mysticism was created on the site people arrived there distinguished or not distinguished however they approached On the shore they placed a piece of paper and put a stone on top of it and jumped and then someone took the piece of paper and published it in the newspaper and when there was no piece of paper it is very clear that sometimes the journalists themselves invented their pieces of paper, their posthumous stories to have something To publish this way, the phenomenon grew, but of course there were also very strange things.
One thing is that today the romantic tabloid press publishes these notes that encouraged it to appear to be an act of love and will generate a crisis situation, the reality is that it also there were indeed rare phenomena in 1941 there was a very peculiar incident on January 27, 1941 a former agent of the Policeman named José Suárez goes for a walk early with his girlfriend, a young and attractive woman to go for a walk and the next day he has an appointment for a matter he has prepared several things throughout the week he has interviews he has issues He doesn't seem to have any problem, this is a man who has left things ready since the weekend on Friday that he is going to solve during the following week, that is, there are projects.
This woman who accompanies him, this young woman, Isabel Vargas, is her fiancée are planning the marriage, that is to say, she has a project for the future, the visit to the tequendama waterfall is for fun, it is for recreation, so when you get there after going through the hotel, take something and in the restaurant you will see the waterfall while you are there that man is looking towards the house dedicated to the fall he gets a little closer then he turns around he comes back he takes off his hat he doesn't throw it on the ground he holds the girlfriend He kisses her and runs off and throws himself without saying anything else The woman blushes in a fit of nerves or something She is stunned for a few moments and begins to walk in that direction to also throw herself at that moment people who were there enjoying the scenery families that were there watching see her heading towards the same place they jump down and control her when the police person the police officers take control of her that is to say they subdue her and take her away the woman cannot explaining what happened to her, she cannot explain why she was going to do that, moreover, at that moment, she assures that she had no intention of jumping anywhere when they ask her what happened with her boyfriend, she cannot say so either, there is a press release that assures that José, when he was approaching the shore, took out a piece of paper that he put in his hat before throwing it, it is not true, the witnesses from that time after that assured that he did not put any paper I just said that the press said that but it was not true, it is to say that this man had no intention of jumping into the void, he was a guy who had projects, who had a wedding in progress, who had a girlfriend standing there, but perhaps even more strange was the her own girlfriend who, surprised by that, far from fainting or screaming or something, tried to jump too but it was not a suicide pact in later years there was another strange incident two taxi driver friends were joking about the jump in 1946 and they belong to a taxi group that They are known as the reds, one of them is called Umaña, and his taxi partner are joking.
The joke revolves around the fact that if he jumps, the other jumps the next day to show him that he too that I don't know how much of a joke it is during the everyone's astonishment in the middle of the joke they are parked there because they usually take people back the train is no longer operating so at nightfall people take a taxi that takes them back to the city or the bus station so they're joking they're working he's there his taxi he's not insane he's not in a depressive process he's not with his buddies withhis friends and the cars are stopped and they are joking when suddenly that man becomes serious he walks he approaches the shore and jumps jumps his body would be the first to be rescued from the well of the dead the insistence and obstinacy of his fellow taxi drivers It would take nine days to recover the body but they managed to recover it the day after a trick jumped, his friend with whom he had been joking about jumping would also try to jump as he was leaning out there on the shore seeing how the rescue was going he tried to jump but it was not a suicide pact they were not a male couple, preferably homosexual, who wanted to hide that no no it was not a joke of course the press assured at that time that it was a suicide pact between two lovers who hid their love and where it is not true it was not true they were joking after this the taxi drivers themselves would declare to the press that it was not true that the last survivors of that group of people were not like that in the eighties they still assured that there was no such thing that they were all just good friends and they were there waiting for the passage to arrive when this man got completely out of control and jumped into the void for no reason which was strange very strange as if suddenly the waterfall claimed the life of someone the following years there were very strange incidents and of course in sin penance is taken to the pool one of the journalists who had participated so much in the publication of sensationalist articles about romantic suicides and enthralled with notes from someone who for True, it was believed that he most likely wrote the notes himself if in some cases the people who jumped into the void did so without leaving any kind of note and went completely unnoticed or simply nothing was known about them, they could not even be identified because they did not recover. the bodies but when this happened this subject was reputed to be the one who wrote posthumous notes enraptured ace of honey to obviously sell news but according to what is said in 1946 this journalist named José Joaquín Giménez had heard about an accident if it should be noted that the jump also sometimes takes life in very strange ways in that month of February 1946 A rental car, one of those taxis that I have told you about, that took passengers to the station, would have lost control and crashed to the bottom of the fall itself, carrying four people on board.
The remains of the car were there, some people, some brave ones, descended to Trying to help in some way this journalist approached, managed to get down and reached the shore of the lake from where he waited and watched for a long time, writing a shocking note where he spoke of the bodies destroyed in the remains of that taxi and makes a terrible show of a news scandals and totally bloodthirsty chasm would die three or four days later of pulmonary septicemia what this subject did not know is that that in that well in the famous lake of the dead the numerous corpses in the process of decomposing and being disintegrated by the water currents incorporated tiny particles loaded with bacteria and all kinds of contaminants that entered the mist in this mist that formed in This dew entered the respiratory tract, lodged in the lungs and caused his death, so the jump also took a toll, but it would not be the only death, there would be other even stranger deaths in 1963, many years after these incidents, the jump continued to take its toll. lives of many people, so the media continued to have some other correspondent out there one of these correspondents was a subject with the last name Ceuta Ceuta he was an impromptu correspondent what he did was sit there and wait to see if a suicide bomber arrived and then write notes press about the incident used to sit with her friend carlina carlina was nothing more than a woman who She sold fritters on the shore of the Tequendama waterfall, so the two of them would sit down, but it turns out that Carlina had also become a press correspondent, so when a suicide occurred, they would come over to see what it was like who was dressed and make a statement. complete writing by this time and the firefighters of the region of cundinamarca and soacha used to recover the bodies which had partly removed the mysticism but also the media had stopped publishing so many notes and had stopped making this kind of romantic boast about the people who jumped into the void like carlina adolfo ceuta they are sitting there one of many days when a young man appears, a young dark-haired man who approaches and eats something with them but while he is there he talks a lot and according to other people who were In the same place, that young man looked nervous and talkative excessively.
When he finishes, he begins to walk to go see what it looks like and when he arrives so or neutral adolfo neutral as carlina observe that the young man takes a small envelope from his back pocket that he places on the edge of the stones and puts a stone on top of it and jumps into the void falling noisily to the bottom at that moment both carlina and adolfo jump from where They are there and they begin to run like crazy like psychopaths like deranged to recover the small envelope that contained the posthumous message from that young man who had just jumped into the void upon reaching the site the first to arrive is Adolfo who takes the envelope but Carlina holds his hand and they begin to struggle until they fall into the same void where minutes before that young man had jumped of course everyone found their death there is no way to survive the impact of the fall during the following years the site would lose appeal for many reasons first because the press he would become aware of what he was doing and there would be no more romantically enraptured notes they would be limited to official reports according to because the pollution of the river would make it unattractive to visit the place the smell of pungent pollution the growing foam that formed in the lower part and that rose as a result of the ecological neglect of the place would lead to little by little people not visiting the site the hotel itself the shelter would cease to be a hotel in the fifties to later become a restaurant it will later be abandoned and then the stories would come many say that the hotel was not abandoned because of the smell or pollution but because of the ghosts of the current owner and in charge of conservation responsible for the building because it is currently converted into a museum and a beautiful place ensures that there is no such thing ensures that there are no ghosts there and that everything is a myth and a legend and annoyed responds that this harms the activity since the hotel belongs to an ecological protection foundation the ecological foundation el porvenir what is a fact is that Because during the 50s the hotel as such disappeared, it only remained as a restaurant later it became other things until it was abandoned in the 80s and it would remain that way for a long time, it would not be until the late 2000s when the recovery of the property would begin and its conversion now into a very beautiful museum the ghosts well there are two or three things during the years of abandonment during the more than 20 years in which there was no one there the visitors looted the building broken glass graffiti on the walls improvised bonfires that damaged the old wooden floors dirt grime it was used as a public bathroom so the place looked scary but at nightfall many of the neighbors who had to walk around or those who for some reason were in the area claimed two things first you could hear sound the sound of a party that continued even when there was no one there obviously the interior in frightening and det The dirt, the pestilence, was enormous, but those who were there in those early mornings in the middle of the fog narrated hearing the sound of music again, the sound of the glasses that clash, the sound of the beads on the necklaces at the moment in which someone is dancing the talks discussions more than one claimed to see these figures that in the middle of the fog move there in the viewpoint area of ​​course they can be just myths but there are also those who say that on the way those who returned and for some reason lost sight bus as ignacio ayala who narrated at the beginning of the 21st century in the year 2002 an experience lived and had left the truck had not been able to reach the last unit that would take him to the town above the waterfall so he had to walk as he arrived at this place the fog had made its own and all that was in solitude the food stalls that are usually bustling the souvenir stalls and other is They were completely empty, so he kept walking, reaching the curve before reaching the waterfall.
He observed someone who was coming down 23 people as he approached, he simply lowered his hat saying good night, good night gentlemen, good night gentlemen, but when he realized a detail impressive, he could not help feeling panic because as people passed by him silently without making any noise on the floor without hearing the shoe pressing on the rocks the small stones that are on the road on the shore suddenly when he turned his head he observed how they were getting lost as they were getting lost but he was also observing things that did not correspond to what this man described is that he saw people with a ghostly vivid appearance with old clothes with clothes that did not correspond and that were fading right behind him he ran out ayala would narrate this in repeatedly assuring that it was the worst experience he has ever had but behind More than him, others recounted the same thing, they recounted that when passing by the old tea house they heard this, they recounted that when they were upstairs waiting for a visitor or someone, they suddenly saw a figure walking, it is a strange place, without a doubt, it is a strange place.
The very old legend of the native peoples tells that in the past there were two brothers, a sagua in lancet, who crossed a sacred barrier and became spouses, the curse fell on them, cursed persecuted and far from their own family group, they ended their days forming like stones. in what is now the tequendama jump, so there are those who said that the jump actually charges a fee for blood there have been stories of ghosts there there have been many things the reality is that right now the museum that belongs to the ecological foundation the future is struggling to keep going they are doing a great job they have had some help from abroad they are fighting to keep the region it is a t meritorious work but in the world of the paranormal the place is very marked these phenomena that I have described to you where people without any intention suddenly jump where people who do not seem to have any reason kaim attracts attention but the jump has not ended with his share of blood does not, like many other places that seem to have this deadly presence, the jump continues and when there is no one who jumps into the void, he charges it in another way, do not believe me, see you May 27, 1996 a car leaves a house In the upper part there are seven people traveling on board the car, a meeting has ended, they are coming down, it is night when the driver loses control and the car falls into the void in the jump, the seven perish, only four bodies would be recovered, the press said that the The driver was drunk that they were coming out of a party and therefore that was what caused the accident, it had been said at first that it was a young man who was driving later it would be clarified that the person driving the car was a 30-year-old man that there had been no alcohol at the party but that it was a meeting and that all of them were perfectly sober the driver was experienced and knew the route perfectly and yet suddenly for For some mysterious reason, the car fell into the void in 2020, the woman and her child trying to take their own life, the relatives detected an intention, however, in that same period of time in November, two separate men who were visiting the place to see it tried to jump into the void. two claimed not to know why not having an intention was not what they were wishing for they did not want to take their own life but when they arrived at the place they could not help but feel this kind of attraction to jump into the void, could it be that there are places marked by death the ad hoc and will go down the forest of japanese suicide bombers supposedly populated by demons that lure people to their own death the golden gate d The famous bridge, the USA, one of the places with the highest rate of people who take their own lives and which they say was caused by the presence of corpses that were placed on the foundation of the bridge in a kind of macabre and demonic ritual during construction.
That has always been up for debate. As an engineer, I don't think there is anything there, but well, the myth says so or the Empire State, which reportedly had so many deaths during its construction that the spirits of those people continue to cry out for revenge, fantasy, myth, legend, you decide. the fact is that at one point in history in the 1940s there was a daily suicide at the tequendama jump motivated perhaps by a tabloid press eager to tell honeyed stories of romantic suicides and nonsense of that sort perhaps but in place very strange things happened and added to that if we add the ghost stories that have been going on for so long you will say now well we cannot close this program without wanting to invite you to feel sad depressed at any time if you feel anxious seek help do not shut up do not leave it there do notguardebusque help that simple almost in all countries there are institutions that offer some type of support at least in mexico there are some government telephones that offer help the life line calls you where people can request to speak with someone a trained trained person In matters of control and containment, you can support him, so our invitation is, I talked about looking for help and now to lighten the atmosphere a bit, what do you think if we go with the greetings and well, first of all, we want to send a heartfelt apology and congratulations to our dear friend Emilia, a faithful follower of the channel, a very close person in Argentina is always with us and it turns out that she had a birthday on Saturday and we did not congratulate her on time, so we are very sorry and we send her a big hug asking for an apology.
Happy birthday to our dear one, she is not alive also anita vital has been with us since we got to youtube and she is always there and it turns out that She also has a birthday on July 31 and we didn't congratulate her on time either, so we send her a big hug now that she is turning 15 springs, as we say in Mexico, we thank you very much for your company for María de los Ángeles Ramírez, she has a birthday tomorrow For this we send you a big hug at once so that Sandra Muñoz does not pass us by and she is already sending a very heartfelt congratulations to her sister Laura Muñoz Laura's birthday is on August 5, that is to say, in a couple of days for what we are sending A big hug to both of you, we thank you for accompanying us as sisters, it always gives us great pleasure to veto Morales from tumors, he always accompanies us with his family, so it is a pleasure to know that you are with us and that you are meeting to listen to these topics for Dennis Serena. dent and serena is a follower of the channel, by the way, with an impressive story that we shared a few days ago and she already sends a big hug and a loving greeting to luisa her daughter luisa and serena accompanies us n always on the program, so it's a pleasure to know that's why we send you a big hug and we haven't finished yet.
If you thought the greetings were over, we want to send a very very strong greeting to gaby martínez to francisca rocha who is in tamaulipas in victoria city to elvira lópez in nezahualcóyotl city in mexico city rocio huesca dorantes on land in the netherlands in holland good netherlands in what was before holland henri guevara which is in costa rica for health tinoco which is in uruapan in michoacán leidy cabrera holguín anahí ramos anais ramos we are going to send you a special message we wish you a lot of strength and encouragement in your recovery process and a big hug we are sending you strength recovery and for edgar hill who listens to us since his adolescence and now listens to us with his sons holy heaven édgar that it is right that they accompany us since those years on the radio when we were heard with all the static in the world or but it would also be in the middle of the night on those very pleasant days, by the way, it has brought us good memories.
We send a hug to all your family, Édgar, thanks for joining us.

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