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Kylian Mbappe & Co. mit gnadenlosem Rachefeldzug: PSG - Guingamp 9:0 | Ligue 1 | DAZN Highlights

Dec 01, 2022
kilian i'm bad plus of course edison cavani and finally taking the three main stars in the starting eleven in paris st germain on the 21st in the home game against arabs and body and that's the team that is in last place in the league but ten days ago in the league cup in a completely surprising way I won 2 to 1 at the prinzenpark and so a competition for paris ended bse of course looking for revenge here the first long ball of dani alves takers prevails nothing done 10 1 to 0 in the 11 minute advantage for the leader of the table and taker with his goal number 12 of the season not offside but we solve it here against ecocho that this first cream has no chance for the goalkeeper who can no longer defend himself because the taker closes in the short corner so congratulations from lena everything as planned by psi at least until 13 minutes then there was this duel marco ferati who left the square with a face of pain after this together enruck after this contact with boa thomas tuchel with lines of concern and here you can see the ewo so come on who hit her on the left ankle and injured herself so badly that the italians can't continue they didn't get a thick ice bandage and Of course, its use is in the champions league where possible on February 12 at Old Trafford against Manchester United in danger, but PSE did even without who really did beyond a wonderful combination of MP with Taker and then closes with the young French world champion double one-two. and then he hit the fun once again with no chance to defend and therefore, in the 37th minute, relatively clear conditions against a bottom of the table that had nothing to oppose here and then there were also individual errors, of all people He, of all people, comes out in the box after he hits Cavani or Papa, before the break he makes the third three to zero for BSE and there he went to overr the semifinalists of the Cinderella League Cup here early all the lights go out they put out 30 so that was the first half the ref called for a tea break after that the weather got significantly worse it started to snow but teese's performance was even better chemist who came for advice with the opportunity immediately after the whistle to play his fourth hit, r misses due to kaya, whose best action in this game so far, julian draxler, as said, has come into play, hit another gaga box, the french director was in his thoughts Then the pass from Berns came and the matador hit here again the preparatory work of ex-Bayern Cavani without problems because from four meters he surpasses himself and messes up the result even more and PC has not had enough output from Di Maria double pass with one always has maria cavani first goal 50 double from him seventh goal v Orlage this season for the traffic lights Maria yes, here with a lot of feeling she shows signs of dissolution in the coverage of gaga in the middle and that even though the Bretons actually defended all the season with ten men at their sixteen but they didn't come into play at all so the reporting error shows the left back and there he goes very fast again neymar with the first opportunity and also the s 36 0 minute 68 mp with the next one is his fifth assist this season and for nena it was the 13th goal of the season he is also right at the top of the league top scorer list because sala de nord and pp de lille they had placed in the meantime and the next goal 70 75 minutes and again it's cavani cavani with his third goal of the day there there was even video evidence because kuchar was suspected of being offside but that didn't come true all correct goals de cavanis counted for him, the 14th goals of the season. and the lake wasn't full yet cavani rp and thought streich for the now intoxicated player in paris i'm wrong with his third goal that day now he leads the list of top scorers in france with 17 goals alone in the starting point of draxler cavani with the pass and since everything works because the opponent has completely given up since krakow you no longer see every shot a hit in this final phase and now of course it was about the highest home win in league history for bring was 18 0 against the last one is thick the 90 83 minutes that had just come on for thiago silva scored his third goal of the season and that was the end for gaudi they saved themselves from a double-digit defeat the bottom of the table now too he has a horrible goal difference gigi buffon acknowledges with a friendly smile paris hits with nine zero
kylian mbappe co mit gnadenlosem rachefeldzug psg   guingamp 9 0 ligue 1 dazn highlights

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