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Kyle Richards, Mauricio Umansky, Dennis Mckinley vs Maurice Scott, Gloria Carter, Michael Jordan

Jul 04, 2023
What's happening? I'm Rodney and I'm back. I just wanted to come and talk about some people. Okay, let's get into this mess. This is according to People magazine, so Kyle Richards and Mauricio. Y'all know Mauricio is my man, y'all know I'm still not over him laughing, kicking and laughing with uh PK and Dory, the rented door from Kentucky was she from Alabama, y'all think she's from the UK anyway, um, when They were laughing at uh Garcelle. son, but anyway, Kyle Richards and Mauricio have separated after 27 years of marriage, so again, this is according to People magazine, a source close to the couple's stories of people Mauricio has separated, they are still living under the same roof.
kyle richards mauricio umansky dennis mckinley vs maurice scott gloria carter michael jordan
I'm just trying to figure out what's next for them and their family Richardson 54. She met Mauricio 53 in a nightclub in 1994. At that time Richards divorced her first husband with whom she had a daughter, Pharaoh Brittany, she is 34 years old. Long story short, honey, they broke up when I saw him. I didn't gasp, I didn't clutch my pearls. I wasn't surprised because I remember last season, it was the last season, it was the last season or the second to last season where I started seeing people. I think it was the last season, I don't remember anyway. I remember seeing people, not People magazine, but I remember seeing uh uh how viewers and fans say that they were supposed to start looking into Mauricio's marriage and the cows, now I don't know.
kyle richards mauricio umansky dennis mckinley vs maurice scott gloria carter michael jordan

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kyle richards mauricio umansky dennis mckinley vs maurice scott gloria carter michael jordan...

I know if they meant that the producers were going to start digging, I didn't know they were going to turn it into a story, I don't know and after that I remember seeing Kyle doing interviews about whether she was coming back or not. to the show and then in my head I was thinking oh girl, what if the rumors are true and now she's basically trying to let it be known? Try me if you want. I'm leaving the show because I'm not. I'm not a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Observer like that, you know when, especially when you compare it to how I faithfully see Potomac um in Atlanta um.
kyle richards mauricio umansky dennis mckinley vs maurice scott gloria carter michael jordan
I've always watched episodes here and there. I always knew who Kyle was. I always knew who Kim was, I always knew who Lisa Vanderpump was, all those girls, right, but I never watched full seasons until season 10 basically when the black girl showed up, shout out to Garcelle Buffet, um, so I don't really I can talk about whether or not Cal hasn't talked about her marriage before on the show, but the times I've done since watching the show, Kyle really is like the bone bearer, she's like, you know, the Giselle of the group. , she just keeps the mess going.
kyle richards mauricio umansky dennis mckinley vs maurice scott gloria carter michael jordan
She never really talks about just her own situation, um, and then some people will probably argue, those who probably love Kyle, that she has paid her debts. I don't have a mentality like that. I believe in that girl only because you can excel at your job the first time. Five years, that doesn't mean you have a pass to start doing whatever you want anyway, girl, I'm not surprised that her and her Mauricio are separated. Just no, yes, I think Mauricio. his cheating, that's not the only reason people break up people 30 years is a long time to be with someone 30 years is a long time to be with someone maybe they just got over the relationship sometimes that happens to people too relationships grow up maybe they don't have anything in common, someone says something about someone named Allison, I guess she was at the beginning of Inception of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she said that once those kids grow up, they'll leave, they'll get divorced, so some of Everyone is saying that Allison was right.
I mean, we're not going to act like people aren't together for kids and those kids are damn, they're grown up. Who is the youngest Porsche? Well, how old is Porsha? What 14? 15 so she almost walked out the door. I think the other daughter was living at home, but I think she would eventually move out on her own, right? I don't know them all, but it doesn't surprise me. I'm not surprised, shout out to Mauricio, honey, girl, Kyle, if you don't want my mate tonight, you know I've been good, you know, I've been wanting a piece of Mauricio's honey for a long time, let me stop, girl.
I'm always trying to see what someone's married husband is, I mean we're all trying to see what a married man is, it's nonsense, okay let's get into this so some of you don't see, it's a show called Love and marriage Huntsville, um. I have seen all the seasons, all the episodes, we are in the sixth season, it is a show that airs on television, it airs on Saturday nights, there is a husband on the show named Maurice and he did an interview with Carlos King, Who is the producer? from the show, everyone knows Carlos King, we were introduced to the Real Housewives of Atlanta uh let me touch my dolls um we were introduced through uh real house uh through the Real Housewives of Atlanta um um so you know Carlos King has like a channel from YouTube that Maurice was on the show did an interview and in a few words he basically said Kimmy, who is his wife, who I believe is cancer free, now he is yelling at Cammy that when she was going through her journey with cancer, she would suffer. through suffering through sex, she will suffer through having sex with him because, uh, girl, it's even disgusting to repeat it.
He basically said that he was still having sex with Cami even though Kimmy didn't have a sexual desire even though Kimmy was going through one. of the most aggressive cancers out there, he was still hoisting her big ass on top of her and having sex with her even though he knew she had to suffer through it, girl, I'm telling you what he said, okay, it sounds So. It does not sound? Sounds like something I just made up, huh, because you'd think you didn't know. No one is going to come out of his fucking mouth and say something like that, but no, I don't. on my channel I don't lie you know the last person who lied was sued for four million dollars okay so if we don't lie here it's okay anyway a lot of people are rightly upset so even some of the men who are.
They're not even upset, which proves that girl like that is how you know you're not really when I'm not when the other elders say you're not, but the truth of the matter is that all of you still? Not so, it was in the comments section and this is according to neighborhood chatter. Porsha Williams, baby daddy, Dennis wants to fight. Love and Marriage Huntsville cast member Maurice Scott after his interview with Carlos King, his interview was disgusting so Dennis hit Maurice. his DMS and said less box for charity hashtag cancer 20K placed on both sides I will get sponsors to match 100K for charity and Maurice hit him back and said let's discuss all the details and this is what I said in the comments section okay ?
In my opinion, the actions of foreigners are worse. Dennis is not an honest man either. We remember you chasing PJ's mom and then someone hit me and said that's not the same and then someone else hit me too and said that's not the same. Then I responded to one of the people who called me and told him that an old is an old on a scale of one to ten, it's your rating, but at the end of the day it's still an old and I didn't say it was the same my first line was while Mauritius stocks are worse in my opinion I didn't say anywhere they were equal now I also responded to the other person and said where did I say they were equal literally I said while Mauritius stocks are worse in my opinion which means that I'm acknowledging in my opinion what Mauricio said the most what Maurice did was worse which means I'm also acknowledging that the actions are not the same saying this both still aren't then someone hit me and said you don't have to be honest to hold someone responsible.
Everyone has held him responsible for his actions. Dragged by his family. He apologized several times and still sees her as the grandmother of her son. I mean, I think she was referring to the boy's mother. Don't know. I don't know, he has nothing to do with the situation and then I said he's like a murderer calling a rapist. I mean, they're both horrible people. It's up to you to decide who is the worst. Maurice, right? Dan cheated on his baby mama while she was pregnant while she was going postpartum which we know is a big deal and no not everyone has the alias of forcing their cancer wife to have sex or cheating on her fiance during life aka postpartum so that's it for me.
I think what's going on is that Maurice is a dog and now the other dogs are like, oh my gosh I can't believe you did so well, the truth of the matter is with Dennis for example and everyone knows I'm not. , though Porsha. Williams likes that, but the truth of the matter is that depending on which lands you look at, dinner parties could still be on the same level as what Maurice did for people to say postpartum is a big deal but then try to act like it. if it wasn't. It is a very important matter.
I don't think you can do both because we know that postpartum is a very important issue. Women haven't survived themselves, they haven't survived their children, so we're not going to sit here and act like it isn't, even with Dennis coming out trying to. I guess he calls Mauricio girl so he's still not better than um Mauricio I mean Mauricio Maurice he's still not better than Maurice at all it's just that one isn't calling another old then it will be up to you to decide who is the bigger, but at the end of the day guess what class they're not both in.
Dennis was here cheating on Porsha while she was pregnant cheating on Porsha while she was going through postpartum depression and then he comes out and wants to try you mean another one, you neither? You cheated on the mother of your baby, your fiancé after she gave birth to your child and gave her your last name, you cheat on her while she is going through it and we all know Porsha. she was going through it because one thing I will get Porsha Porsche will always be together. I know Porsha was going through that and Portia started leaving the house with a fucking Steve Madden watch.
The clock dropped the song I said, oh, my secrets, going through that at the end. of the day for me Maurice is not Dennis, is he? It depends on who is talking about the situation. Some people will probably say that, kimmies, what Maurice did is worse than what Dennis did. Some people who have probably struggled. I really battled postpartum depression I would probably say girl now because I went through postpartum and I went through my man cheating on me and me in the house with a screaming baby and I didn't know what I was going to do girl that's something That's something too but I also believe this, so I think that once that show came out with Porsha, all of a sudden because everyone realized that Porsha wasn't too and now he had some old customs, all of a sudden.
I wanted to make Dennis the nice guy, no Dennis isn't at Porsche yet, but a lot of us already knew that Porsche wasn't about, you know what I say, anyway girl let's keep going, congratulations to the mother by Jay-Z. marries his partner in New York um wedding ceremony with Jay-Z Beyonce and Blue Ivy in attendance so girl it looks like it was a star-studded wedding uh Tyler Perry Kelly Rowland so Jay-Z's mom got married um this is according to um TMZ uh Tyler Perry Kelly Rowland Robin Roberts Corey Gamble and Beyonce's mom Tina Knowles and yes B and J were front and center for Gloria who said yes to marry her partner Roxanne Wilshire.
They told us it all ended around 1am so everyone had a great time so shout out miss Gloria Gloria I think it's a remake some of you girls act like shut me up I think it was a remake, only I know. it's by Jesse uh Powell even though you know he passed away a few months ago shout out to the girl Jesse Powell every time I sing a song and then say someone sang it there will be like five people in the comment section that will be like that it's not So. who sang that song they redid it right girl I don't know Chris yeah I know it sucks that's what I said she said I don't know if 15 people sang the song before him I know I was introduced to the song till the end .
Jesse Powell so I don't need anyone to come into the conversation oh yeah okay then Michael Jordan says he doesn't approve of his son Michael Jordan's relationship I mean Marcus Jordan's relationship with Larsa Pippin so the neighbors get into it This Michael Jordan is not happy dad Paparazzi met with the former athlete outside a restaurant in Paris to ask him about his son Marcus, 32, relationship with his former teammates and ex-wife Larson Pippen 48 and it's safe to say no. sorry that Lawson and Marcus have been doing. headlines last year for a very strange arrangement that tells the story of the ex-spouse and her father while leaving the restaurant Michael um Michael was asked if the two approved of the relationship between the two, which she laughed at and then told him they asked. her again and she shouted no for the whole crowd to hear.
Oops. It seemed like Michael definitely didn't give the couple his blessing. He probably said that because he doesn't like Scotty and Scotty doesn't like him, I mean, at the end of the message. girl of the day I think I think I think 100I think most of the 100 people thought it was weird when they started talking I'm just going to talk to myself I thought in my head I always thought Michael and Scotty were cool and what I had in my head was that like the wives they would probably date and , like lost, they would probably go out with Juanita and she would probably like to be at the house with the kids, so I thought that's what happened and then I thought this is weird, but then Larson comes out and says that the girl he never met, Juanita, she never dated them, she never knew them like that, so I say, okay, I guess, girl at the end of the day the girl lost her adult Michael grew up, I mean, Marcus already grew up, the girl lost, I have her own money, okay, so it's not like she's there just using Marcus for his money, um, oh, Michael's money, whoever the money is, is what it is.
Girl, I think it's going to last now. Larson and Marcus Jordan aren't going to last at all. He's 32 years old. she's 50. and Larsa girl you all always talk about the host not getting any man every time I look at the host she has a man girl I was going to get a man honey it's okay anyway I'm gone I'll talk with you guys later, bye, girl, it's almost like it's someone, honey, it's like someone who's like someone who steals from old people, right? and then you. you have someone you know someone who is not alive and then you have someone who took a woman to a hotel room and violated her right, whereas depending on who you ask, some people will put certain things like girl, this is worse than that, but at the end of the day, the truth of the matter is that they still aren't, while they could try, while the person who robbed and, uh, robbed old men in the middle of the day, like a girl, you want hit your thing, you want to sit here and try to judge this person for doing this girl, girl, you're bad too, you may not be on the same level, but girl, you're still a mess and I feel like that's what Dennis is trying to do.
Well yeah girl, I cheated on my baby. Mom and I know she had postpartum depression and I still cheated on her again but damn it wouldn't hurt to try to get my wife to have sex with me knowing she has cancer you're still a box of trash and depending on who Women who have probably never experienced extreme postpartum depression will probably tell you that you can't tell me anything because that was horrible and then some people who have probably never experienced postpartum depression will probably say that what Maurice did was worse because You've probably never had to experience anything like this.
God just saw something in the neighborhood chat or on one of the blogs from the day that this white lady broke down after giving birth the first time she gave birth um they were saying how she really went through that uh dealing with depression postpartum, but you know she got over it and that's why they were a little nervous about what happened the first time, the second time after having a baby, uh-uh, the second time after having a baby, she didn't did. I won't make it so I guess for those who try and who try to sweep what Dennis did under the rug it's not that bad no I'm not going to try to do that not in front of my face foreign I said what I said in my In my opinion, I think what Maurice is doing/did was worse than what Dennis did, however I'm definitely not excusing what Dennis did, although I feel like in situations like this it behooves us to point the finger at Maurice, unfortunately for me , for dentists. and all the other elders you can't say why you are even part of the conversation some of us can be part of the conversation but Dennis and the other elders can't be an elder and call another elder because you think he's a little older than you.
Hello anyway.

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