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KRISPY KREME Hunt In Mansion!!

Jun 09, 2021
What's up guys? It's down bringing back an old Krispy Kreme scavenger


video inside the bucket brigade house this time the winner the winner gets a complete I'm getting flashbacks these are the best donuts I've ever had these are the better if you haven't done it accidentally oh yeah you're just throwing it in the back of my car how is the video going to work there are four boxes hidden alone in the house right now not outside one of you won't find them and they'll come out so which in each round will shrink, so if you don't find it for the trip, it is simply a crunchy royal cream, yes, the last two there will be a smaller box, whoever gets it wins the full box.
krispy kreme hunt in mansion
We are sharing it, we'll see, we'll see, that depends on the winner. I will definitely share it with all of you. I'll share. I can't eat it whole. I mean, I'd speak for yourself. Yeah, okay, in the first round. points down, it's good there you have it, yes, okay, everyone, you will have a camera with you four boxes, don't be the last, go, so it's a go, enter the house alone, not that one, not that alone, damn. It's so tempting that I feel like he'll be scared, you think he'll feel free, it's important to know that the movie is pretty short, so they can't be too high up, hey, home alone, home alone, well, the garage counts .
krispy kreme hunt in mansion

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krispy kreme hunt in mansion...

Also, but oh, I shouldn't have smelled it, think about this. Tyler freaks out on us just the other day, we got what we wanted. I've only seen Tyler angry three times. I feel like you were getting angry. I'm going to win you already found one you already have one zach it's I don't know zack it's something else dude zach it's such a disgusting sweat what are you doing looking for donuts oh look on your own become brother no, I'll look at my own terms? oh my god, yes, yes, james found one, oh, what's going on here?
krispy kreme hunt in mansion
No, he's trying, I'll tell you guys, hey, I'll tell you that a box was found in that box over there, no, it was already found here, so where is the Krispy Kreme box? Have you found one here in the supply closet that was good? I want to give you a hint about that, if I cut this room like this, there's a box facing over there, there's only one box, Jason, please, I won't tell. Anyone where is the damn box? I don't really know that you're dead to me. No, did you check this closet? I didn't check it clearly, ha ha, I knew it had to go out no way, let's go to the final round, guys, oh you guys.
krispy kreme hunt in mansion
I wish it was the final round, it's only semi semi, I survived hey, you made good progress, sure, who's alive, Mitchell and Jesse, the weather, what's up? I have to talk to you and Mitchell at the same time, you are the only two left. I just stole that one of you is going to make out that he is upstairs and on that side of the house, why did you have to stay there? I think he's somewhere in Jesse's room. I hate this game, just to save time. on this side no no no no no here not here here back here how did you hide this? okay brother, I don't know, it wasn't my intention to go to the next round, it was a good first round, now it is.
I need to hide again, we have Mitchell to help hide it, what are you going to do? Not bad, it sure is good, okay, second box, that's ah, yeah, you know, wait, wait, we should put this like this, then okay, yeah, okay. one more cabinet, dishwasher, dishwasher, it's not a cabinet, yeah, okay, okay, who's who? We have contestants here, three boxes alone in the house, we go and stable wins the race under the couch, no potential garage, oh I hope I'm not wasting my time, oh God. I wasted my time oh my god this is going away.
I'm wasting a lot of time. Okay, let's go upstairs. Trap my man. A great friend. He talks to me. Has anyone been up here? Here we are going to look for the Krispy Kremes. I need to do a quick chest workout. I'll have the six pack by December. Ah, there's no way to get there. Yes, there was no way to go back today. Check the well. Check the press room, but you can. check it again this is what I was saying oh my god smell go away hey it's my room buddy this is my room oh god I'm so sorry I'm starting to close I'll give you a hint it's in the The kitchen is your funny bone, yeah, it's one of the three that's here where the traffic is, brother disappointed in you, there's no way you're hitting it here, but I feel like I'm meeting in the circle, we're 15 feet of him. 15 uh, maybe 20 feet, those are cabinets, he already found them, he trolled you, nice try, damn, that's what you thought.
Well, next round I'll catch them when the two boxes are hidden, very good here, that's pretty good, yeah, this. It's a pretty crazy place right here it's the semi-finals it's got to be wild okay two boxes two boxes for all of you the bottom floor only starts on the inside only on the inside why would I hide one in the exact same place eh oh sorry? Hold something, take all the balls, oh you have a baby, do you know this place? Yeah, I've never seen anyone hide here, but when I moved in there was mold there.
I have a weird cosmic flex, that's a good bag, zach. You have to stop looking in the same places where you already found them. I'm not going to put them in the same place for you. I'm sorry, Mitchell. Nothing has been found yet. I think we'd give them a clue if he did. divide the house like this there's one on that side one on that side where did that go that was crazy another note some things like to fly and be above where they are normally it's on the first floor but it's upstairs is it upstairs or not? just somewhere that could be in the up attacks, what's up, it's a great movie, oh, is that right?
I think we're going to have to give a hint, group, group, group very quickly, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. the last one is in a common place the cloak you two are wandering it seems that there you go that's not like that I don't know how it got there that one isn't that one either to the wall we have to hide the last two go outside it's okay for the last place we're going to do some magic okay the final box for all the



s bottom floor only start cabinets no no cabinets no cabinets only bottom floor why are you walking so fast happy quinn am I going to go? the right way, you're taking a slow approach, I respect that, this is the last one so it's going to be tough, there are no ovens okay Quinn you're going to edit this anyway come on do you think I'd put in a final box in there? now me neither, okay, I'll give you a little hint, the box is smaller than you might think, it's a little bit bigger than this, I'd say, whoa, what's just changing the size of the box?
The other side of the house, since the last one was found, not in the laundry room or the dryer, so let's say not in a cabinet or a pot. I'm sorry, how did it turn out? I have no idea. Wow, you guys want to see the magic trick. I know I'm not really trying to do that, but I don't want to see them, it just floats around. Sorry, it had to be good. It's okay, Jesse, I'm so sorry. It's okay if you're not the first or the last. That's true. high for me, play boy, he deserved it, they can heat him up, that's what you know, yeah, what happened to the six-pack challenge.
I'll still have it, you want, you want to get, you want to share, you're just going to eat these. I may have a six pack by December. Still, thanks everyone for watching. I hope you enjoyed another Krispy Kreme scavenger


at Bucket Squad House. We have to do it in the other house, so leave a like if you want to see that, thanks everyone for watching. depressed, peace, I know you don't care

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