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Korean Pancake aka Jeon

Jun 06, 2021
It's time for the Awesome People Foodie Adventure Program! Jeon's Edition! ♫ That



jeon jeon jeon ♫ Now we realized that when we did our pajeon cooking show a couple of weeks ago, some people may have never seen us eat jeon before. That's how it is. jerk off! jerk off! jerk off! Penguin! Penguin! Penguin! Penguin! Penguin... Pen... How did he get here? So today we will show you one of our favorite places in jeon. It is really delicious and we will show you a bunch of sexy food porn photos as well. Everybody says 'what are we going to eat today?' (whispers) Shh, okay.
korean pancake aka jeon
Don't worry about that. Alright. Stop asking questions. Shhhh Spirit fingers. Alright, let's go eat something. I guess Penguin will be with us tonight, huh? Penguin? Nanananana! (upbeat music F.A.P.F.A.P) Well, this is the best of jeon restaurants. They have like all different kinds here. They have... They have pajeon, which is what we did before. They have pajeon hae mool, which is pajeon with seafood. They have kimchi jeon, which is personally my favorite, because it's spicy. They also have gochu jeon, which is one of my favorites. Yes. That's when they take the pepper and hollow it out and stuff it like a meat.
korean pancake aka jeon

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korean pancake aka jeon...

And then... And then they fry it in batter. ... they batter that, and then they fry it. Yeah. So today we're going to have a modeum jeon, which is pretty much a mix of everything modeum means mixed together, so. Yeah. So the top one here. Modeum means mixed? Modeum... It means as assortment, assortment, yes. OK. Or like a 'lot of options for a lot of different' So we're going to have a lot of different delicious ones. It will be $22, and it will be more than enough food for us to eat. That's how it is. like we brought Soozee and Leigh.
korean pancake aka jeon
Which we didn't do. Because we didn't want to share. If you eat jeon, most people will say, 'Oh well, you have to have magkoli with it because it's like a side dish? They go hand in hand, like chicken and beer, you could say. Yes, and magkoli is a rice-based drink that we had very bad experiences with from excessive drinking. We feel a bit traumatized. It's really delicious on its own, except we remember the trauma we had before so we never actually want to drink it. Never more. But we will do it for you. We will do it for you.
korean pancake aka jeon
You'll see us shrinking all the time. Yes. Modeum jeon. (speaking Korean) ... magkoli ... seong, not seng I thought it was seng, which means 'fresh'. My fault. No, that's because the one up here was seng. K, seriously guys, do you see this? Well. These are all the different types of magkoli here. Uh huh. I have no idea what they mean, except for the bottom one that says 'kiwi' or so it's basically a magkoli fruit cocktail. Yes, it's a cocktail. But we're trying to, like, these are different brands of, like, how do I know I didn't get like... You ordered the most expensive one, that's why?
Because I'm dancing, son! Eight dollar value. Eight dollars for a bottle of alcohol. MMM. Ooooh ahhh Dipping sauce. K, these things are just marinated onions, but they're marinated in something really sweet and vinegary, and they're delicious. Hmm. (crunch) Now, some sexy food porn shots. Oooh (gasp) I couldn't wait any longer! You cheated! Hmm. That is the best. That is the best. (broken record) Wh... Penguin? Well, now that the food is here, I have no excuse but to open this. Oh boy Simon. Oh boy. Did you give it a good shake? You always want to shake your...
I shook it a lot. ... magkoli. Yes, good. hold on. Oh the memories! This is what we drink. It's not a cup, it's a bowl. and it's actually a cold bowl, that's very good. Cooled. Ice. Cold. Freezing. Winter. Nitrogen. Alaska. Tundra. Lu.. (shakes for the word) uh Antarctica. You lose this round. I lost it. Ah, Simon. Oh God. oh oh god Because. What are you, new? I am new at this. Oh, Simon. It's like pouring everywhere... Simon made a mess! I have it in my pants. My pants. ♫ Put it here. I'm just, I'm just going to put that napkin down there.
And that's why we're not on TV. (Laughter) Ok, I'm going for the first one; It's a fungus. Okay. You know what I love about mushrooms in Korean? He totally sounds like a rapper-- (soy sauce drips) Oh sick Simon! That's totally your drink now. He dripped soy sauce. Why did you choose my dipping sauce? You get your own dipping sauce. Because I wanted to be affectionate and closer to you. (imitating) I want to be affectionate by stealing your food. You are in so much trouble right now. Seriously off my magkoli. Hello. Annyeong (hello in Korean). Hello. I'll go for the fish.
Are you going for the fish? ♫ Dindindindindindindindindindin ♫ ♫ Dindindindindindindindin ♫ ♫ It's the jeon fish ♫ Thanks, Ducky. ♫ It's the fishy jeon ♫ (choked) Too much! ♫ Dindindindindindindindindin ♫ Too much. ♫ Dindindindindindin ♫ (sings in Korean) Woow. Memories, running backwards. Actually... Do you know what this tastes like? This one doesn't taste as bad as the others we've had. No. Maybe, we're having the same one all the time. No no. I'll tell you exactly what this tastes like. That? Pepto-Bismol. It's okay, it doesn't taste like Pepto-Bismol. That tastes like Pep-- Come to Korea and drink the-- drink Pepto-Bismol. No, it doesn't taste like Pepto-Bismol. Oh really. Is it because you have soy sauce in yours?
Ok, I'm having my dubu jeon, which is just tofu. Mm. Juicy. Puffy and soft, I'm going to have the beef medallion here. And I'm not going to... The medallion of meat! It's a meat medallion! I'm going to move this out of the way for safety. Seriously, how do you think it doesn't taste like Pepto-Bismol? It has that choking, chalky feeling that coats your stomach. You know why? Because when he poured it, he made the mistake of pouring it too slowly, and then all the calcareous material was left at the bottom. Mine isn't very chalky, actually. Actually?
Mine just tastes fizzy. It's supposed to be mine. That is what happens. I go for the gul, the oyster jeon. You can see, they have little green peppers in the dough and stuff. It's not just like, 'I take oyster, I take flour, cold, okay, you have jeon.' Aren't oysters expensive in many countries? um. Could you say that in a more commercial voice? (hipster voice) Aren't oysters expensive in many countries? MMM. Yuck. My God. Yuck. Some people love it. Some people love it. Many of our friends, whenever we say we don't want to drink magkoli, they say 'you're crazy, it's delicious and lovely' and yes it is for many people, but for us it might just be because I have soy sauce in mine Mm.
They make really great kimchi jeon here. Oh. Man. Because? I do not like that. I don't like that at all. Now this is a bit weird that it might be hard to explain. This is kaennip, which is like a Korean sour leaf, but they actually fold it over and stuff it with meat, and then deep-fry it. Or fried, I should say. This one also has spam. It's got fake crab, spam, some green onion, and what's that? Mushroom? Is that mushroom here? It is? Mushroom! Yes. Notice how we are eating all things fried and avoiding the salad. (laughs) I'm eating the last of the kimchi jeon.
That?! Yes. That's not very fair. How many did you already have? One! Oh. I had two. Are you kidding me? Kaibaibo for the last piece. Ready? Kai bai bo. Hurrah! Is for me! Feed me with love. Do I have to do it with love? Yes. Can I do it reluctantly? No. Lovingly. Well. (deep voice) Hello, honey! Kimchi-jeon, okay? I don't know why I did a T.O.P impersonation for kimchi jeon's sexy feed, but that just happens. Feed me a medallion of meat. Feed me with love. Meat Medallion, Warrior, HUH (singing B.A.P's Warrior) ♫ Nuhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuh HUH HUH ♫ ♫ Nuhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuh ♫ ♫ Digagidadow digadigadow ♫ ♫ When I get down, I get down ♫ ♫ Ge-ge-ge-ge-get ya Feed it down ♫ . ♫ Get down, get up ♫ Oh, I'm sorry.
What happened there? That was weird. You are rude. Too much. (Laughter) Oh, I see how the tables have turned. So that's it for this week's Foodie Adventure Program for Awesome People! You will notice that we ate almost everything, which must be for 4 people. (laughs) And so Soozee ended up coming over later and ordered his own. Hae mool pajeon, and then we ate that too, so bonus round! Soozee came because she was hungry and then she got a plate of hae mool pajeon. Alright guys. I think I'm done eating for the rest of the night. We are?
We are? We are? I'm not sure. If you have tried any jeon before, please let us know which is your favorite jeon. I would like to know if my jeon is better than your jeon. Chocolate jeon! Umm, gross? :P (music theme) Penguin! Penguin! Penguin! Penguin! Penguin!

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