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Knight Time at Noon 04/10/2023 -With Ashali Vise and Shane Hnidy

Apr 12, 2023
It's pressure it's a high pressure job so Theo is the man but if he has other people's playlists then he may be guilty or usually just puts them out like big booty. mix two friends two friends yeah that's how they're pretty good it's like new age jock jams they're adult jock jams yeah you kind of used the phrase worst of the worst right now. While we can, uh, I'll ask you the best and the worst, but first, what are the parameters here? Were you uh allowed to trim and cut since you made sure? When do the rules start where you can't?
knight time at noon 04 10 2023  with ashali vise and shane hnidy
Honestly, I never have. it's been one who really believes like if you shave it's like some kind of thing so you'll be fixing all your facial hair to fade this after


so i'll keep it tight up let my facial hair grow is what it is uh uh i think it's going to be i don't think either team can be like oh you can't do that you can't do that well i've seen others i know they shave their necks on the side because they can't let it grow out fully and they leave the goatee So. Who would have the floor?
knight time at noon 04 10 2023  with ashali vise and shane hnidy

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knight time at noon 04 10 2023 with ashali vise and shane hnidy...

Let's say there was a rule, yes, and you couldn't touch it. with the worst beard in the playoffs the worst beard in the playoffs would probably be yeah yeah it's like peach fuzz like on the side howden breeds fish yeah he's got a goatee it's good huh we should go , we should go count it right now yeah it's probably the only thing Zach White Cloud yeah a bad as gasoline Phil Petro is going to have a great one Phil sure the good marchies get on there huh Carl undercover but it's okay you can't unless you come close cause he's all blonde you know you see him from a fire like a good viking ale yeah well we can't let you go without tackling a belated birthday yeah the weekend that's right it was his eighth yes, against Dallas, how was that celebration? on anyone doing anything great teammates step up for you uh um howards got me an assist so there you go a nice apple for your birthday y'all like that uh i went to dinner um with some of the guys it was nice just going out and just being around them not being home alone for my birthday that meant a lot to me they turned out perfect you know happy belated birthday Keegan thank you thank you thank you for taking the


actually we saved the best for the end with Keegan. on the last night at


of the regular season uh the key is going to hit this beautiful evening and we'll be back abroad foreign be the boss welcome back to the night at noon from City National Arena Ashley Vice and Shane 90 here to talk about the last week of the regular season for the golden


s, but first, if you need a place to watch all these upcoming games, the Craggy Range at the Dollar Loan Center in Henderson is the perfect place to catch a game. before or after. -games food come watch your nights on one of the steep range large screen TV's or on the huge outdoor LED screen enjoy your favorite craft beer bourbon wine or all kinds of cocktails while enjoying the action you can find a Family friendly menu plus a full bar with 16 beer taps the rugged range Sports Bar and Grill is open daily no ticket required once again welcome inside City National Arena here at Studio 31 Shane it was great having Keegan crash joining us from the start but we have a lot the news that came out of skateboarding today wrapped up about 30 minutes ago and Bruce Cassidy just met with the media to get started uh Bruce Cassidy shared that Jack Eichel won't be playing tomorrow he was on the ice to skate Shay Theodore he's skating he wasn't with the team but he's skating he's not expected to play tomorrow but Zach White Cloud who we saw injured in that game against Dallas on Saturday won't play tomorrow but Bruce doesn't think it's long term because that's huge considering what exactly you saw visually. man and one last thing today was a maintenance day for alex petrangelo he wasn't there but doesn't that sound like a reason to worry ok so i guess let's start with zach white cloud he looked bad at the


oh, it really made it especially similar to his early injury that he had this year where I think Taylor Hall went down it was his other leg so you never like to see it's one of those plays you just can't avoid it's in the moment of the battle in the corner. unfortunate very good news hopefully not long term and you know give it its time to come back rest and be healthy.
knight time at noon 04 10 2023  with ashali vise and shane hnidy
He was playing very well and we've talked constantly since the All-Star Break, the biggest turnaround for this team. and that was Zach White Cloud's, he's the one who completed his top six coming back, you know, I think Theodore came back two games before the All-Star break and then right after that first game, they went back to their original six and uh those D's really are the backbone of this team that allowed them to do this amazing run, this put them in a great position. I doubt Zach White Cloud is still very much in at the moment.
knight time at noon 04 10 2023  with ashali vise and shane hnidy
Shay Theodore. It's great news to know that he's skating, but not yet. At the moment, what did you see when the six of them were together? Why does decoration make such a big difference? It is the experience. I think it's chemistry. McNabb and Theodore play together for so long that White Cloud and Hague have played together since their days. in the American Hockey League so you know when you have that communication and a couple of veteran players like Martinez and Petrangelo who are, just so you know, just calm and level headed and they've been through every situation so they have the ability if they made a mistake. rebounding right away and I think just as a group will allow matchups to be easier you've got it again you can rely on any pair against any line huh you've got offensive guys so with that being said though you know guys like Ben Hutton They've got Come on, Braden Pahall, who earlier in the year, Creighton Korsak, they've been able to come in and play really well and put up some good games, but overall, yeah, ideally you want to be healthy, but in the playoffs injuries happen too and you need have that depth. and I think one thing you learn when you go through the kind of injuries like the golden


s had in the last two years is you learn about your depth as an organization, you have guys step up and you know we've seen Pavel Dorothy.
I want you to know exactly what you want to see from a young player so you know that maybe that's setting the stage for these other guys to continue to improve their games as they get the chance right now. Ben Hutton is a player experience of the sort. NHL, yes, but what? it's been different this time this call what's been different don't call sorry to take into account the lineup what's been different so when I see Ben Hutton and I know John Stevens told us we talked to him he said when he moves his feet and if you look at Ben Hutton when he gets the puck, he doesn't sit still, he moves his feet to allow a break, he takes aim, so one of the things is to have been a former player who's been in that situation where you're out and you are working steadily you are in excellent condition and you know credit to the people you know the staff who kept him ready with certain drills he just looks confident but right now he looks fast on the ice when he moves he is patient with the puck he is doing plays and he's playing with confidence and you know it's coming I think initially he's successful scoring a goal again as now he feels a part of it so when you come back into the lineup you want to feel like you're a part of him immediately from the success and he's been able to do that and I think he looks in great shape I like the way he moves his feet he doesn't sit still he defends well that's number one for him but he showed the confidence to get up in the game and make the things happen offensively so it's been a good stretch for him and a lot of that is because he's a veteran player this is not a young player you know it can be more of a mental challenge to be those elastic games and then come back to come in he gets credited you know I congratulate myself on the way he's been able to handle it not just being out but when he comes in he just connects and he's an impactful player you talk about being in that situation yourself how impressive that it's their cool attitude and that's the hardest thing right to stay up every day and me and you know King Colster spoke I think one of the things we've seen this year from this group is that they're very close, um, and you know , I think everyone feels welcome, he said.
You know, the guys come from Henderson, whatever it is, so that's very important in a room if you want to be a good team is to have that chemistry at all times to make everyone feel a part of whatever your role is, That role adds to the success of the team and, you know, it's important to be able to understand that and make sure that guys who are in that situation know how much they're appreciated. and we also talked about this with Keegan, but now to get his take on Mark Stone joining the team, it's just an impulse, he's seeing his captain back and one of his best players back on the ice. , so you know, use the Bruce Cassidy word.
I think I'm using it more and more because he does it. from the timeline but just knowing that's one step closer when he starts to get back on the ice even though it's a different jersey the next one will be when he gets into a regular contact jersey and starts doing regular exercises but it's a big boost there's a look at the baby but yeah the players would be exciting to mention it was announced Bruce Cassidy said uh Stone uh he's rejoining the team to practice so I think anytime you can add some excitement and energy to a practice that certainly would you have seen this group before and after markstone what can you say about the impact he brings on and off the ice passion i think just leadership and you know the big question mark is how long It's tough taking Mark Stone to get up to speed and a lot of guys it's conditioning is getting you to know your foot speed and all that behind the only advantage a guy like Mark Stone has is an elite thinker on the ice one you know he's certainly in the top five in the NHL for hockey IQ in my opinion so he comes back faster than anything else he may think the game he's going to have to get replays touch whatever to get back to get back up but I think he's going to get back up to Pace because he thinks the game very well and you know everything else might take a little bit longer to catch up because positionally he just finds the puck going to the right areas he thinks the game is faster than people, so in a game that's all about speed we're talking about, you know how to skate with your feet, all of that he thinks he's so fast that he gets into very good positions and i don't think any of it has gone anywhere that will stay up the rest will be just for him you probably know that giving the physical aspect of playing the game is going to be the biggest hurdle for him we are going to continue down this path anyway this practice news because it was juicy huh all four goalies on the ice Jonathan Quick Lauren Bruce wall Logan Thompson and Aiden Hill Steve is crazy because a week before the playoffs you're in this has been the clear girl Soul has been crazy the whole season but you wouldn't have thought no I certainly wouldn't have and you know who's who's gonna know how long I'm going to have a couple guys that will need a little more time their first practice to get in bro it's been great I thought he played fast Fantastic in Dallas so they're options we were talking to King about internal competition and you know it's a problem now that they only have two games left so who bounces back healthy enough?
I'll find out tomorrow, but I figure it's probably brusois tomorrow, that's what I'd think, um, but then that last game of the year in Seattle, do you try and get someone healthy enough to get him at least one? -Rep of the game uh because after that it's hard to just connect uh you know a playoff situation or maybe it's not I don't know why the coaching staff Sean Burke the goalkeeping coach Bruce Cassidy I'm sure the law along with the The rest of the coaching staff will analyze, there will be some important practices and then how do you do practices with so many goalies because everyone wants them to be competitive players, they want the net not only in games? they want the network in practice they don't want to share yeah so it will be interesting to see how it plays out yeah I must say you only have two regular season games left there's no telling who's in, who's out, how healthy they are all. it really is but Aiden Hill went to Henderson at a Fitness Center over the weekend played two periods that was the plan he was never supposed to play all three periods um but good for him at least getting the job hopefully a good sign of his health and where exactly is it for him just to get back in the game because we talk all the time that you can't replicate game situations and I can'ttalk to how it is for a goalie but I guess you know you want to play in a game you know practice is great and you do all the drills and your angles and work on your rebounding and different scenarios but that's not a game you know that to be in a real game so we'll see that it's been a time where we've talked a lot about goalkeepers in this organization for years and there are so many decisions, though not just on goals that they hit on the front lines, but also as we've seen some people go in and out if and when it's big if the whole group is healthy then you have a lot of decisions well i think you know the problem is yes yes yes i think it's a good problem you know that those are those are Tough decisions, but those are decisions that the coaching staff wants, uh, that's what you want to have, you want to have the ability to look and that's why we've seen a lot of different line combinations.
I think Bruce Cassidy is kind of you. I know silently that he has liked it a lot and a lot of it is just for him to look at these pieces, how they play together, so if they get healthy, how is he going to plan them there and you? you know who is going to play how to mention dorothy the way brett howden has played you know his game you know paul cotter will get the chance these guys are these these are chances these are additions to show the coaching staff where you can fit in what you can do because you're going to need depth when you get to the playoffs if you want to make a deep run you have to have a lot of guys with the ability to step in you mentioned his name what differences have you seen in Brett Howden's game this last one I don't know month I like it I think it's a guy who needs to use his speed is quick and I think he has a little bit more of an edge this year in his game huh and part of that is I think you know that fourth line of whoever's been on that and he's been a big part of that's that this is your identity this yeah you have to play a straight line game I think he's always understood the defensive end but I think he's become a real good four checker I think he's getting tougher with the pucks, um, use his speed.
I think there's an offensive element to his game that he's still trying to bring out. We saw that the goal against Dallas was a high-level play. shot to finish it so I think those are plays that you know build confidence for a guy like him offensively but I just think his work ethic is you know when you're in that position that that line you have to bring the energy in everyone and every single turn, uh, you know, no knockdowns, and I think he's been able to do that and then when he can add plays like that, that beautiful goal that he scored on the birthday boy Keegan colossar feed uh that day is a great play and this is what I'm talking about there's being able to take that skate to stay you know it makes it look easy but that's hard to do at that level of speed so I think it's been another step I still do is for me. a young guy you know figuring out his game finding out you know his role and I think this year certainly gets you talking about the need for four lanes yes in the postseason but how do you think the four lane game is made for the playoff hockey of course? absolutely, I think what I like and we're saying is I think Keegan said it best, he says they understand that if they can take on the other team's top lines, it allows for better matchups for their players, so, um, you know, I think the fact that they take pride in what their role is to the team and they understand that, that's what the regular season is about, you don't know that you're trying to win games, but you know that within the game, the coaching staff is trying to defining roles for players who can go out there and execute that they feel is going to help the team overall and I think that's been the strength of this team is that fourth line, the way they've been able to play, you know, when Nick was in that. line who is a great center man Teddy pleuger has done a good job Brad Howden's last game was in the center so they have a lot of options I think it's great when you have so many options but none of them have deviated from the style of game or the identity of that line is expected to play in what I think is great for you you know it's pretty straight forward on how they should play how they should be defensively accountable probably more than offensive guys can get away with a few more mistakes when you're in that kind of lane you've got to be pretty sure you're out there and you're winning your wall battles your puck battles you're making sure you get pucks in you're not trying to create as much you're not going to see those guys do a lot of backhand sauce in the middle, uh, come on, um, they're going to play straight, they're going to chip, they're going to try to wear themselves down and you mentioned playoffs, you want to wear down the other team, it's a seven-game series , so if you have a physical control of four, you grind them, that adds up game after game, okay, let's talk more about what we saw from the team.
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You can do it during this break because we will be back. tonight at noon the regular season finale show here from Studio 31 at City National Arena Shayna I hope we hear Bruce Cassidy here soon to see all he had to say to the media but I want to touch on a couple of things in the League National Hockey, yes, the Boston Bruins break NHL history for most wins in a season with 63. What have you seen of them? It really is amazing what they have done. The league and the way they've been able to do it with that consistency and set a record like they know the NHL has been around for a long time. 63 wins is just unbelievable and they could go higher right now if I were them.
I'm resting everyone. I can there ain't nobody even close they got the president's trophy the flip side of that is and I've always said you work really hard to get into the playoffs to sit after this weekend those 63 whatever 64 wins don doesn't matter at all and you don't have to look too far in the past and you know what they did the Tampa Bay Lightning threw three four years ago and then lost four in a row in the first round to the Columbus Blue Jackets so yeah it's a it's an unbelievable unbelievable achievement by the bruins what a season what a regular season but it's funny how amazing it was all fades here pretty soon do you remember their first home loss this season and how long did that take? the golden knights were the golden knights of Las Vegas and Bruce Cassidy's comeback in Boston around three nothing in December it was late yeah they went up three nothing and then they tied it but they were able to win it was yeah I remember because no one thought what could. beat the Bruins at that point and no one has really done it this year it's been an amazing season what's it like you say talk about how nothing uh it doesn't matter if you don't play in the playoffs what's that like as a player what's that pressure like?
Do you think if you are a boss? That's the other thing. There is added pressure now. The expectations for them to win the cup are good. Look what you did in the regular season. being able to bounce all the way to the end, but it's not that easy, so they take the pressure. I think the pressure is stronger in the first round, the first round is where there is more pressure. it might be easier if you know the lower seeds to go in and play there's not that much expectation you're probably hearing in the league all your favorites to win so let's go in um there's so much parody I don't think there's an easy match anywhere when we get there going into the playoffs you know the Bruins won't even know they play it's the Panthers the Islanders the Penguins if they're playing a team like the Pittsburgh Penguins you're talking about a team that won the Stanley Cups still has that pedigree of veteran players in there that could turn it on, so it's fascinating to me some of these matchups how many good teams will come out after the first Tampa Bay Lightning Toronto Maple Leafs that's the one we know will be a series it's just I love the playoffs the best time of the year and that's almost We got here Bruce Cassidy agrees and he met with the media a while ago let's listen you looking good that's it I guess this is his next phase back in the game Recovery uh integrate with the team so again I don't know how long it has to be but uh step one we'll see how we respond tomorrow it's just nice to have them good I've always said once you're with the right group and at least hope you know when you're alone or not even skating it's hard so like I said I don't know um if we can hope to have them back but the fact that he doesn't have any hiccups again that he continues to the next phase is always like I said a good timing so oh I mean a good signal and being around the guys has to be good for him mentally as well and I think the guys get a boost from having your captain back, whether it's just having them in the room doing drills, whatever it is, it's always Well.
Jack didn't skate, so he won't be playing tomorrow. play tomorrow why won't you play tomorrow either no one else it's not a maintenance day for him a lot of work in dallas the other day he's getting old so um yeah john left early quick he went out and did some work on his own i think you know with four gold like he can't you know right we're prepping lb you know ready for tomorrow so Aiden and Logan took a nap you know they're trying to get going here kind of hilly got it uh two periods in to his credit Henderson so that was good no hiccups for him um again that's good news in that regard I don't think it's long term what I heard yesterday but I think it's his date I think this afternoon once our doctors look at them I saw him this morning he knows he wasn't too bad so hopefully it's minimal but he certainly pushed it up to tomorrow and then we'll see Thursday and then when to start off right we haven't seen him in a long time um playing very good hockey they are in Arizona tonight so we will see at least one pre-scout um fast team that is generating a lot of points on many of their Opportunities Very opportunistic team ends well.
Different guys in the lineup defend pretty well in terms of their analysis and we're very busy. They are a very hard-working team, so we have to be ready to play, but I think in the last two weeks. we've had a lot of good tests every night it looks like the teams are ready to go so I just have to be in the right frame of mind in terms of the opposition we haven't seen in a long time who could get up to speed in a pinch , we could play them in the playoffs, so it would be weird to play him twice, you know, I don't know if that's ever happened and then go straight to it, but it could happen, I mean, I think there's a lot of possibilities. we still have left I think outside of Edmonton there are some of the core leaders or it could be anyone so again I'm looking more at our own game let's get our game on let's keep getting our game on track and then maybe Thursday if it becomes more realistic then we would have to look good how can we use this game for the game plan for the first game?
Is it just a vanilla game that you don't want in? You've played 82 times, right? I think teams know what's coming, of course there's a power play setup or something that could change or some head-to-head plays, but I don't think there will be a lot of surprises in style or structure. Those things are probably just that I think most adjustments are made from game to game, well how did you get beat or how did you win and the other team tries to make up for that and you know that becomes a bit of the game of chess and maybe online games? uh, we talked a little bit the other day, we just ruled out teams like Colorado, Dallas, Minnesota, it looks like it's going to be one, two, three, it's going to be one or two, so you can't tell what I mean. some of them are off the list so for us I think it's Nashville Calgary if we finish the walk first you know we can have that Winnipeg side on our side The Seattle still too many teams to start with the pin you know sometimes you can start working like I think Toronto and Tampa started working with each other in February so they have that advantage on the other side you know you don't have that so it would be nice to have a little bit of notice just for the prep work the behind the scenes stuff that you do, but at the end of the day, I mean, there are a lot of years that end like this whereyou just know you get who you get last minute and make sure you're ready six years ago yeah that's interesting you're right um yeah I wouldn't have believed it to be honest as I read Eddie Olcheck comments, he doesn't think anyone will repeat what Vegas did by reaching the finals in his first year and those expectations. last year for Seattle it was probably Sky High because it's Las Vegas, so now they're already there in their sophomore year.
I think it's good for expansion owners, right? They want to get in the game. the rules were to remain the same. I think the way they've been able to build their teams is a huge advantage, maybe compared to whatever Nashville and San Jose is. I know with the protective rules I think it really helped speed up that process, Shane, what do you think has been different for Seattle in season two than season number one? I think they know they tried to go, they had salary cap space and they know they had money to do it initially and then they know this year it gave them credit is that they get a bunch of players it just goes to show how many good NHL players there are guys. giving the opportunity making the most of it they've been able to click this year you know and you're number two and it's been awesome for the Seattle fans to see you know the expectations are probably unrealistic in the first year because of what Vegas and the success that was here , which is unrealistic to ask of an expansion team.
I still shake my head like an amazing year, uh, year one here, but we got through it and, uh, you know, now it's uh, it's year six and the golden knights. they're a team that's expected to win every year now Seattle is going to have to take that on as they continue because they took such big sides this year but they know it's great for the league that it's hard to make the playoffs and when that's the goal every team is set up at the beginning of the year to make the playoffs and then once you're there it's a whole new season even beyond the first year even to make the playoffs five out of the first six years looking for what which is the third division. title that's yeah the ones that are great that's great is an incredible success that's happened here and you know everything was accelerated because of this group of players who joined in year one who wanted to prove themselves and they just did um that it was such a magical season that i like to reflect on it every once in a while just to take a walk and still shake my head that wow that really happened and the next thing you know you're in the stanley cup final not achieving the goal you you wanted but uh i've said it many times if this show shows other shows i think that's the only year you know every year a team is the only happy team at the end of the year i think that's the only year you I've seen where the golden knights team, the Stanley Cup losers, still surpassed their accomplishments because of what they were able to do in that first season, the most historic inaugural season in Pro Sport, in my opinion, we have the opportunity to do another race starting next week in transition. from hockey to another sport for a moment, attention fans of the golden knights, we need your help to welcome AFC Bournemouth to the Foley Entertainment Group aka the cherries.
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Become a part of the Nighthawks family and don't miss the action at the Dollar Loan Center in Henderson. 15 per ticket per game for more information on ticket venue parking and more visit and Shane we're going back to hockey because we're running out of time here at night at noon and um great news Conor McDavid's get to the 150 point mark only the sixth player in NHL history to do it so it's been an amazing season you know you're watching when the best players to play the game continue to get better every year it's dangerous , every time you have the disk. one of those people who gets people out of their seats because he's electrifying, uh yeah, 151 points, he leads in all categories, 64 goals leads and assists, he's out of 87. um, he joined even though we're 260, but you look around the league it's been a nine guys this year right now with a hundred Point Seasons um guys right on a cusp Liz Patterson is one point away I think Eric Carlson Mitch Marner two points that could possibly get there as well that you know the number goes up to 12 right away, but it's just you know, David's poster didn't hit the 60 goal mark when the Bruins won their 63rd game, there's been so many great stories, the level, the talent, the ability of the game is as high as ever and we are seeing these great athletes. uh unbelievable achievements but uh that guy Conor McDavid he's just good and as talented as these guys he's way ahead he's just extreme talent and is it scarier that he reached that mark or all nine players Have you reached the 100 point mark? three of them are members of the Edmonton Oilers, yes, and McDavid has been one of the two for a while.
The surprises here. Ryan who's at Hopkins Inc said it's his 12th year. on the Oilers they're so heavy they're top six they're very, very skilled you've got Zach Hyman having a career year up there with uh too, so yeah, a very dangerous offensive team if you can shut down their power play. which is I think on the cusp of setting an NHL record also how good this season has been um yeah sure anyone who matches the Oilers discipline is going to be a key factor if you want to be successful and why are you talking about that he is near. the game for quite some time when you were talking about ryan newton hopkins congratulations to phil castle who is the las vegas golden knights nominee for the bill masterton trophy for perseverance, sportsmanship, dedication to man hockey, It's been fun watching him keep going as Iron Man, what's he up to now?
I stopped keeping the games he's played as an incredible statistic. He said that he knows that he set the all-time record. just yeah, and what I like about him is you know he's a veteran guy, he's upped his game here down the stretch, he understands that he's won a couple of Stanley Cups, he knows what it takes, I just think he's the kind of player that continues to grow oh I can't see that far off what that is huh 1280 280 no that's his NHL this is where Dave Gosher that's why he comes in yes you have Darren I have Dave they know the exact numbers but he's tall and he's a record that I just don't see that Iron Man streak being broken so the team appreciates him and all he's done the team appreciates his fan too that's Fan Appreciation Week shady ha been going on, there's a really fun watch party at Lifeguard Arena over the weekend tomorrow.
It's fan appreciation night, so the players will remove their jerseys from their backs. We'll see who won seventh player of the year. t-shirt down the back and all with victory so hopefully that's the first thing that needs to happen then everything else will just make it more lighthearted we also know we're saying unite the kingdom our slogan is addressing. playoffs when everyone gets together and because of that there is fuel the kingdom on friday in the sky canyon area smith's uh one of the smiths gas stations in sky canyon people can go and get free gas which is such an understated understated thing the team is doing fantastic for fan appreciation week we're going to have to make sure dave gosher isn't allowed because he's going to try that note i think we'll wrap it up dave might be upset if you hear


say that so we'll leave Shane apologizes to Dave.
See you tomorrow when the Las Vegas Golden Knights take on the Seattle Kraken. Shane. Dave Gosher. Darren Millard will be at ATT Sportsnet. Of course, you can also listen to Dan Duva and Gary Lawless right here on Fox. Sports Las Vegas, thanks for joining us for the final noon night of the regular season. I have something true.

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